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90 Percent of Small Business Use Social Media

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A survey of 600 small business owners across the United States indicates that 90% are actively engaged in social networking sites and 74% perceive social networking as valuable — if not more valuable — than networking in-person. Media infographic metrics

Got Value? Stop Using Social Media.

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Social media posts expire very quickly. One takeaway is you must be memorable and analytical in every social media post. Another takeaway is to stop using social media for sharing big thoughts — and to blog about it instead. Media blogging

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The ROI of Social Media

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Pam Moore created a Twitter chat last night and asked people to explain the return on investment of social media. Some responses: One thing I'll offer off the bat: ROI is vital, but not every social activity should have ROI.

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How Social We Are With Social Media

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They say we lack social skills. Technology Does Make Us Less Social. As more and more technology enters our lives, primarily social media, are we actually becoming less and less social? In some ways, social media brings us closer.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right

Why Alps Bethneck is 5 Years Old

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From Singapore I’ve watched the social media world develop its identity and characteristics. Often, friends from the “real” world gave me passage to the social media world. Most social media user interfaces remind me of miniaturized strip malls.

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Saying Goodbye to Digital Marketing: Meet the New Me

Ari Herzog

I led national conference panels on social media marketing. Looking back at my blog archive my answers were staring back at me: diluting social media , using the telephone , changing blog layouts , leaving Flickr Pro , unfriending , unlinking , and going dumb.

Why 84% of Your Facebook Fans are Lurkers

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How many times has your social media consultant, the local chamber of commerce, a conference presentation, and your favorite blog encouraged you to create a Facebook fan page? “It’s the largest social networking site, and you’d be crazy to ignore it!”

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Why You Should Unfriend Facebook Friends

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One of my interest lists comprises 79 people (and climbing) in the social media marketing industry. You can subscribe to my list of social voices and view digests in your news feed. When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls

Why I Killed 61% of My LinkedIn Friends

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That’s when I thought the only way social media could connect us is if we connected to each other. The same goes for other social. After LinkedIn involved social media in. Media LinkedIn networking

When I Was Hired Sight Unseen

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Why I Want Weak Ties Strategies and Tips on Social Media Marketing. Media

Non-Facebook Users: Please Comment Here

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When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. by Danny Brown Related Stories Why You Should Unfriend Facebook Friends How Flickr and Google Help Us Remember 90 Percent of Small Business Use Social Media. Media comments Facebook

Bring Balance to Your Social Media

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Penelope Trunk once wrote about portraying yourself on social media : Each of us is multi-faceted. With a selection of media to choose from, we can express different parts of ourselves in different ways. Follow my blog to read my insights on digital media.

6 Guest Blogging Emails That Suck

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Increased exposure to social media? Hi Ari, It’s interesting that your focus is on emerging media, because I own/operate a very popular forum and blog; Ari Herzog is currently seeking a full time position in social media.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

Why Your Online Friends Are Not Friends

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Every story about social media eventually mentions Dunbar’s number , a theory popularized by psychologist Robin Dunbar about the relationship between the size of your brain and the size of your average social group. It is therefore irrelevant how many friends you claim to have on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media sites. Media

Facebook Followers: Profiles vs Pages

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There is no silver bullet strategy when it comes to social media, and sometimes less can be more.” Media Facebook With over 39,000 fans today, Jon Loomer struggled to create a Facebook page.

SLAPPED! LinkedIn Warns Me For Being Friendly

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Related Stories Strategies and Tips on Social Media Marketing Be Wary of Absent Ties Why I Want Weak Ties. Media LinkedIn networkingImagine my shock when I attempted to invite someone (who I did not know) to join my LinkedIn network: Huh?

Feature Friday: Social Media Marketing Across Global Cultures

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The Social Network might have hammered the Facebook brand even further into the public consciousness but, even without this rush of publicity, the bigger social media sites are difficult to avoid. The benefits of social media marketing.

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media

Mobile Technology and Your Small Business

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They (and you) believe in the creation of the social web and mobile technologies are the key reasons for this substantial climb. With the increase in social media and technology, this has opened the window for small businesses to gain an edge again.

Facebook LinkedIn Twitter in 2013

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Of the three largest social networking sites in the United States, I plan to use Facebook the most, LinkedIn the second-most, and Twitter the least. When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. That is the order of my priorities in 2013.

The Death of Blogging: Part 271

Ari Herzog

Ari Herzog is currently seeking a full time position in social media. Media bloggingIt seems that every month there is a newspaper article about the death of blogging. Editors talk.

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How a Brand is Born Online

Ari Herzog

Thank you for reading my blog where I write and explore digital media. On the first day of 2014 I launched a series of social media channels under this name. People continually ask me for advice on growing their social media fan bases and they ask me how long it takes for certain milestones to be reached. Meet AriHerzogDotCom. Follow my brand on this Twitter page. Follow my brand on this Facebook page. Follow my brand on this Google+ page.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations

10 Tips to Be Successful on LinkedIn

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For instance, I’ve received job offers as the direct result of answering questions on groups about social media and PR. Stop Using Social Media. Media LinkedIn

Feature Friday: How to Increase Web Traffic

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Use social media and bookmarking sites. Social media and social bookmarking sites, such as StumbleUpon , are other online space where you can meet with great number of people. Tunnel picture by pixelplacebo. The following guest article is by Steven Papas.

How Necessary is a Social Media Plan?

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Gabrielle Medecki, marketing director for Wolfgang’s Vault (a kick-ass 9-year-old music website if you’ve never visited) questions whether the creation and guidance of a social media plan (also called a social media policy or a social media strategy) is a sound business decision.

Interview with Storyteller Susan Murphy: Monday Muse #3

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As an instructor of a social media certificate, how do you define social media; and how has that definition changed since you first entered the scene? I am an old timer when it comes to social media. The social media bubble is still alive and well.

Bloggers Unite Today Around Food

Ari Herzog

Ari Herzog provides social media marketing and editorial services. Media blogging cultureI blogged in 2008 about poverty. I blogged in 2009 about climate change. I blogged in 2010 about water. This year this blog is about food.

My Story About Living My Life

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I helped small business owners, large business managers, nonprofit directors, and anyone in between with social media. Inclusive of social media, the role is more than that. And, next week, I’m on the agenda at a social media conference at UMass Boston.

Why (and How) I Forced 912 People to Unfollow Me on Twitter

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But moreover, in the age of social influence ranking systems such as Klout and Peer Index , I want to be current. I always blog about my social media actions as a way of 1) charting my own evolution; and 2) helping you discover something new. Media Strategy Twitter

Stop Dividing Marketing and Media

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Why are we creating schisms in marketing and media? Social marketing. Social media marketing. Digital media. New media. Online media. Social media. What are the elements of online media that differ from social media?

Mark Schaefer on The Tao of Twitter

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I had been teaching some social media classes and developed a little guidebook to help my students remember key ideas and terms. Ari Herzog is currently seeking a full time position in social media. Media books Twitter

INFOGRAPHIC: Every 24 Hours Online You…

Ari Herzog

Ari Herzog is currently seeking a full time position in social media. Discover more articles on new and emerging media. Media infographic metricsEver wonder what you and your friends do every 24 hours on the internet? The folks at MBA Online created a graphic to visually tell your story. Have a look… Please continue reading INFOGRAPHIC: Every 24 Hours Online You… and leave a comment if inspired.

Stop Producing Noise

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Mike Beauchamp elaborates : I think a major issue going forward for Facebook, and other social sites, will be finding a better way to sift out relevant posts from noise. 8 Social Media Tips to Memorize Now. Media culture

Hello 2015, Goodbye Comments

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You are sharing posts with friends and colleagues through social media. I am disabling blog commenting on this post and into the future. My reason is simple: You’re reading but you’re not commenting.

Why You Should Care About Klout

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The recent addition of LinkedIn to the mix of social media considered when calculating a Klout score has left many wondering about Klout, how to raise your score, and whether it matters after all. Klout is becoming that thing by which you will be judged in social media.

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How Twitter Gentrified a City Intersection

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Designed by Finnish illustrator Kustaa Saksi and painted by Canadian street artist Patrick Thompson, beer company Molson M commissioned the artwork near the Toronto intersection of Church and King Streets to complement its social media campaign, “ Paint With A Tweet.”