Does Google Freshness Update Make Online Reputation Management More Difficult?

Adam Sherk

But for individuals and organizations, does the freshness update make online reputation management more difficult? A fundamental part of online reputation management (ORM) involves pushing down those negative listings and getting more positive or neutral results better entrenched on page one.

How To Manage Your Online Reputation By Using Google Alerts

Almost Savvy

In addition to the wonderful feedback to my post last week about 3 Mistakes You’re Making Online , I also received questions about my third point – using Google Alerts to monitor your reputation online. keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams.

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Socialympics: How Social Media and Blogging Has Boosted Sports Media

Convince & Convert

Sports have been played, enjoyed by spectators and covered by the media since well before the advent of smartphones and social media. But it’s no question that the development of social platforms has changed how we play, enjoy and cover sports. Twitter is the new sports ticker.

Top 10 Reputation Tracking Tools Worth Paying For

Home Social Media Business Entertainment Tech Web Video Dev & Design Apple Mobile Social Good Jobs Social Media News Twitter Facebook Foursquare YouTube MySpace Google Microsoft Humor & Culture Now Trending : HOW TO: Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy December 29, 2008 Dan Schawbel View Comments Top 10 Reputation Tracking Tools Worth Paying For email share email share Do you like this story? Reputation management is essential to both individuals and companies.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2011

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

The 4 Layers of Online Brand Marketing : With your brand as the core, you then have a website, then content development and off page SEO, and finally social and reputation management. It’s my birthday and I have some great news!

Redskins Need to Rebrand

Geoff Livingston

I am a Washingtonian of 20+ years, a Nationals partial season ticket holder, and a regular at many local sporting events. Sports Dan Snyder indian name change native americans NFL racism racist Redskins Roger Goodell The Washington Redskins need to rebrand.

Rare engagement and Kinect Sports

The Way of the Web

I was lucky enough to be invited along to an event held by games developer Rare , to play Kinect Sports (aff link), which has been developed for the new Kinect peripheral for the Xbox. And part of that is down to the fact Kinect Sports is really nicely done.

NHL Skating on Thin Ice With Many Supporters Post Lockout

Social Media Strategery

Here are five ways the NHL can start the process of repairing its damaged reputation: Start communicating with fans NOW MORE. Public Relations bettman brand branding fans hockey image lockout nhl pr prweek sports

Motives behind Lance Armstrong’s confession

Sherrilynne Starkie

None received the expected reputational boost from the exercise. He had been cheating his fans and his sport since the beginning. A public poll undertaken by SurveyUSA since the Oprah appearance shows that only 21% of Americans think that Lance can now restore his reputation.

#SocialPR Spotlight: Dinean Robinson

Waxing UnLyrical

I’ve been in the game for 12 years and have worked within food & beverage, sports, entertainment, non-profit, health & wellness, and LGBTQ sectors! This week, I’m psyched to introduce to you a very special Social PR Virtuoso: Dinean Robinson.

30 Resources and Tips for Using Pinterest to Market Your Business


Sports memorabilia, carnival glass, stuffed animals, you name it. People like to collect things. Pinterest , the new social-media darling, took note of this behavior and created an easy-to-use site where people can share their interests in the form of pictures.

Is Social Media the New TV for Brands?

Simply Measured

It’s not surprising that, with these numbers and a desire to capture seemingly elusive millennial and generation Z cohorts, sports brands are among some of the first to jump on social streaming.

Harlem Globetrotters Press Release: Not Sure Why I Got It, But I Kind of Like It

Adam Sherk

To be fair I do write about PR and I occasionally cover sports and social media, so it’s not completely off base. Last week I received a press release from an unexpected source: the Harlem Globetrotters.

Social Media is Going Corporate [Infographic]


Keeping a blog up to date does require a fair amount of time investment, but it offers a great opportunity for companies to display their ideas, discuss industry issues and establish their reputation or maybe to draw attention to other social media campaigns on other platforms.

Five Signs the Future Belongs to User-Generated Content

Waxing UnLyrical

Creating a sport around your brand may be the most sophisticated gamification on the planet. Disclaimer: Pic-n-Post is a client of RedShift Writers. Hello, WUL readers! Remember me? I used to write here all the time.

Can Ottawa’s NBL franchise recover from a branding disaster?

Sherrilynne Starkie

So says Ken Evraire , the Ottawa branding consultant for Bytown Sports, according to an Ottawa Citizen story last week. By Wednesday morning the president of Bytown Sports, Gus Takkale, was on CTV Ottawa announcing the name would be changed and apologizing for any offence.

4 Social Media Mistakes Easily Prevented By Common Sense


While claiming that the elephant was harming the crops of a village, and the African villagers sport GoDaddy apparel while celebrating the dead animal, PETA wasn’t amused. After a while in the social media game, you should be building a strong reputation.

Is Instagram Ruining Photography?

Geoff Livingston

In that vein, Andrew Keen made his reputation with the now timeless rant embodied as the Cult of the Amateur. Some globally respected photographers and critics think Instagram destroys the integrity of quality images.

How badges help news websites build community, make money | Poynter.

Why badge systems work As the badge giver, you create a reputation system, which can structure and reinforce people’s behavior. Imagine if you could promise an advertiser that their sporting goods ad will be shown to readers who have earned your high school sports badge.

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8 Tips for Using Social Media for Political Campaigns

Almost Savvy

Democracy is not a spectator sport and I applaud your willingness to spend so much time in the service of others, let alone spend the time it takes to just get elected. Doing this well will build your reputation and visibility.

31 Expert Guides to Maximizing Online Brand Visibility – WPO

Webbiquity SMM

As long as you stick with reputable sites that keep up with Google’s latest guidelines, these are great avenues for extending the reach of your content and increasing overall online brand visibility.

Monitoring vs Analytics [Infographic]

Buzz Marketing for Technology

They also provide SocialSense Categories which are “cores” based on popular segments like Moms, Autos, Consumer Electronics, Sports, Politics which are like Google Trends but only on these topics.

101 Vital Social Media and Digital Marketing Statistics for (the Rest of) 2013

Webbiquity SMM

Social media users are more social than non-social-media-using-internet-users in real life too: social networkers are 18% more likely to work out at a gym or health club, 19% more likely to attend a sporting event, and 26% more likely to give their opinion about politics and current events.

Content Promotion Strategy: 23 Proven Ways to Explode Website Traffic

Writtent Blog

Belinda Little defined the three following types of queries: Pure Fan Engagement: Which sports team are you cheering for in this weekend’s big match? Ask about sports, career, weekend plans, or anything else to simply spark conversation. “If you write great content, people will find it.”

HOW TO: Properly Use Badges to Engage Customers

Expressing Trust in Badges Sometimes badges can provide a critical proxy for a trusted interaction that may be difficult to express — these are called reputational badges. Join the conversation by adding Mashables Pete Cashmore to your Circles on Google+ Close Welcome to Mashable!

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5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics

Monitor Social Media Reputation. The Twitter spreedsheet stops at the 7th of Feb… and on the Reputation management a lot of the twitter boxes say “cannot read propery “url count” from undefined… confused… February 14, 2012 15:11:23. Sports Lists. Sports. sports. Top Stories Photo & Video Galleries Top Lists Trending Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video More Topics. People Recommended Mashable Staff More people.

Our Very Worst Social Media Fails: The Expert Roundup

agora pulse

I managed the social accounts for a large professional sports team with hundreds of thousands of followers across all social media channels. Sports an emotional industry and sometimes you can get lost in the support of the team’s fans and the action on field.

Point of View Marketing: How Taking a Stand Wins Raving Fans

Buffer Social

Sport England’s This Girl Can. Sport England launched “This Girl Can” to encourage women to exercise, regardless of their fear of judgement, embarrassment, or looking “unwomanly.”

How to Run Social Media Contests That Actually Increase Revenue

Sprout Social

Do your research to make sure you’re only submitting your contests to reputable and high quality sites. Sporting goods brand Salming found an innovative way to use the power of Instagram contests to expand its reach and land a new brand ambassador.

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100 Media Monitoring Tools for PR

The Verismo methodology captures the essential elements of successful communications: Visibility, Reputation, Influence and Sentiment. BrandsEye not only traces and assesses your online presence but provides you with a real-time Reputation Score for both you and your competitors.

Tools 49

What to Look For When Hiring a Community Manager

Failure to meet this goal can make or break a social campaign, and possibly damage a brand’s online following and reputation.

In Memoriam: Don Bartholomew, Godfather of the Measurati

Waxing UnLyrical

It’s one of my favorite memories of all of us, and of Don; he’s second from right, in the sport coat over the dark blue shirt. And if you didn’t know him, even by reputation, know this: the Barcelona Principles and AMEC’s valid measurement framework that are making the rounds? From Katie Paine’s Facebook Page on June 2, 2015: “The measurement world lost one of its pillars today.

Meeting Google’s Quality Guidelines: Will Google EAT Your Content?


When the website says one thing about itself, but reputable external sources disagree with what the website says, trust the external sources,” advises Google. Recommendations from expert sources, such as professional societies, are strong evidence of very positive reputation.”.

107+ Blog Post Ideas for a Rocket Start

Writtent Blog

Sport and exercise is a hugely profitable market… your readers will love to get the feeling you’re looking out for their wellbeing. Make a list of your favorite sports to attract attention, and promote your own wellbeing as well.

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What Marketers can do for Teachers

Engaging Brand

Even for colleges and universities with weak-to-middling sports teams, students and alumni tend to be proud of their teams and, by extension, their schools. .

Affiliate Marketing: Cult or Cash Cow?


Apart from my brief cult phrase, I struggle to fit in with a sports team or mother’s group, a church group or political affiliation. Hitching your reputation. Becoming involved in affiliate marketing means hitching our professional reputation to another’s.

Paywall for and Online Community Social Media

Laurel Papworth

Are you happy with stories being taken from victims and sold from behind a paywall, or will you “pay” the original source in respect and reputation by being a “view” on their blog or vote on their heartfelt YouTube video?

5 Proven Strategies for B2B Social Media Marketing

In this case, a blog full of useful and targeted content, enhanced by syndication across various social sites and subsequent interactions with its community, led to Delivra increasing SEO and growing a reputation for trusted e-mail marketing advice. Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Android Mobile 2.0

B2B 39

5 Proven Strategies for B2B Social Media Marketing

In this case, a blog full of useful and targeted content, enhanced by syndication across various social sites and subsequent interactions with its community, led to Delivra increasing SEO and growing a reputation for trusted e-mail marketing advice. Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Mobile 2.0

B2B 39

Four Traditional Marketing Tactics That Work Well Online

Small Business Mavericks

Sponsoring sporting events, schools or charities made good sense – you were out there shaking hands and making friends with the world. You still make friends, shake hands (like, follow), and socialize to gain a good reputation. Marketing has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Over those years the format and approach has changed, and to a certain extent, has become quite scientific.