Reddit Marketing Strategies for Those Who Don’t Have Time for Reddit Marketing

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Reddit is one of the most vibrant communities on the Internet and a powerful source of attention. A positive Reddit mention can mean thousands of visits to your website or your product. About Reddit Marketing. Reddit is one of the most vibrant communities on the Internet.

Reddit Seeks Series D Funding To Fuel Your Meme Desires For Years To Come

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Reddit is seeking a few hundred million on a near 3 billion valuation in its upcoming Series D round. Money! Memes! Moderation! NASDAQ:FB

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Reddit Blog Marketing 101


Reddit is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. It’s hard to classify Reddit as a type of site. Reddit is made up of a number of smaller reddits. The reddits are simply different categories you can post your content to. When you have an account, you can add certain reddits to your frontpage, so that fresh content and hot links from those categories appear on your Reddit homepage. But then I found Reddit. Why Reddit can help you.

The Long Tales - The Best In Business Innovation Content - Issue #3

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In the last few conversations that I have recorded for upcoming episodes of Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Podcast , I always ask my guests to define Amazon. Reddit And The Struggle To Detoxify The Internet - The New Yorker. So how did Reddit become one of the largest websites on the Internet? In fact, scratching much further beneath the surface, what, exactly, is Reddit anyways, and why should we care? reddit.

10 Brand New Books That You Should Read

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Plus, look for an upcoming episode of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast where we discuss Die Empty. I''m really curious to read this book (which also comes out on October 1st) from the co-founder of Reddit , Hipmunk and more. if not, he''ll get mauled on Reddit. reddit. Suddenly, I don''t know where to start.

Great Examples of Videogame Social Media Marketing

As you can see, the image doesn’t really communicate much, but the gaming community was expecting a big announcement to come from Rockstar Games, and were well aware of how the company promotes upcoming games—which explains why the post made the front page on Reddit within minutes of being posted.

Minnesota’s Social Media Event of the Summer

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Microsoft Acquires Synsup Labs Domain Names

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In an interesting move that might indicate an upcoming acquisition or a major project in the works, Microsoft has acquired 47 domain names related to Synsup Labs. Share this on Reddit.

10 Tips For Taking A Vacation From Social Media

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I hope these are helpful to anyone preparing for an upcoming vacation. Share this on Reddit Stumble upon something good? I’m making the official call. Social Media is ubiquitous. If you don’t know what that means, it means that everywhere you turn, social media is there.

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Using Social Media to Speak *With* Your Audience.


Whether it’s Starbucks using customers to improve drink options , Pepsi letting the democratic process define entirely new products , or President Obama’s recent foray into a Reddit AMA the trend of tapping into your audience for guidance is already upon us.

B2B Marketers Fate Rests in the Hands of a Few

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At the recent ITSMA Marketing Leadership forum I was stunned by a presentation given by Sean Geehan CEO of the Geehan Group author of the upcoming book the B2B Executive Playbook. Share this on Reddit.

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Does convert for B2B Marketing – a case study

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Hopefully it will inspire you to use similar tactics for you upcoming events. Share this on Reddit. The short answer – heck yeah! On December 19, 2009 Avaya completed the acquisition of Nortel Enterprise Services.

Generating a Buyer Persona with Facebook Advertising

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Let me know if you have tries this and how it worked out for you – who knows you might even be a case study in my upcoming book! Share this on Reddit.

How to Create Effective Social Media Guidelines for Your Business


This includes private information about coworkers, private communications, financial disclosures, research and development news, upcoming products, or any other sensitive information. Twitter, Tumblr), discussion forums (Reddit, Quora), enterprise tools, and more.

13 Social Media Experts Share Their Biggest Piece of Marketing Advice

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Hailley : Social media is now a key piece in the decision-making process for consumers , particularly among upcoming generations such as Millennials and Generation Z. When in doubt about your marketing strategy, turn to the social media experts.

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Book Review: Social Media Marketing

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She provides an excellent taxonomy of the social media landscape, categorizing the different types of social media tools into: • Social News Sites (Digg, Reddit, Kirtsy, etc.). Eventful, Meetup, Upcoming, etc.). Share this on Reddit.

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Update: Microsoft’s Synsup Labs Domain Names

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What is also interesting is that and has not been registered, so if this were some sort of upcoming brand or company name then I might expect to be registered, as well. Share this on Reddit. Last month I first discovered that Microsoft had secretly acquired 47 domain names related to a brand called “Synsup Labs&#. Those domain names had previously been pointed to the search results for a keyword search for SynsupLabs.

A Comprehensive List of Social Media Tips, Guides, Plugins.

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of upcoming trends [link] Seesmic – Twitter & FB app [link] Twitterrific – Mac & iPhone app [link] TweetDeck – Twitter, FB & MySpace app [link] Power Twitter – Firefox Add-on Twuffer – schedule tweets for later!

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Keyword Advertising Search Patent Portfolio to be Auctioned

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This portfolio will be available at ICAP Ocean Tomo ’s upcoming Spring 2011 Live IP Auction March 31st in New York City. Share this on Reddit. A patent portfolio related to keyword advertising and conventional search will be auctioned off on March 31st, 2011 in New York City.

Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Training in San Francisco Bay Area

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Here are the upcoming dates: * San Ramon – February 22-26, 2010. * Share this on Reddit. The Bay Area Search Engine Academy has officially opened their enrollment and registration for approaching Search Engine Optimization classes and internet marketing training for companies. Registration is limited to fifteen people in each of the training classes being held in San Ramon and Santa Clara (near San Jose), California.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Quora Ads

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These answers also tend to be of a higher quality than other sites like Reddit. In an upcoming post, I’ll share all my Quora experiences — from the ads we ran to the results.

How to Audit Your Social Media Efforts: 20+ Questions to Ask Yourself

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in a few months, I’m going to work in redrawing myself and my whole strategy due to my upcoming brand persona and after an agency launching… be sure some of the considerations of the philosophycal stage will be supported in this enlightening questions.

23 Reactions to the New Digg, and It's Not Good » Techipedia.

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Why can you read everything on upcoming and homepage but not on your profile? Through upcoming? Yes, casual users could still get noticed on upcoming + friends + sharing. I Digg stories in upcoming from casual users all the time.

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A Review of the New Digg Images and Universal Taxonomy.

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If it’s a news story, you can even choose a thumbnail (that will appear on the upcoming list or on the top right corner) if Digg is able to locate one for you. Here are four news stories on Digg’s upcoming list with and without thumbnails.

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My Contribution at

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Share this: StumbleUpon Digg Reddit Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) Facebook & India IS THE WEBSITE DEAD? RetrackMedia is an upcoming ad network , Best Alternative to Google Adsense …! Home About In the Media Dear Airtel: It is about Customers & Conversations Facebook and India August 3, 2010.6:07 07 pm My Contribution at Jump to Comments I was given a kind invitation by Padmaja Nagarur from Paul Writer Strategic Services Pvt.

Social Media Terminology: Social Media Words You Need to Know

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A brand advocate is literally “a helper” that shares positive reviews about your company, extols its virtues, shares excitement about upcoming events, posts content about your brand, and, at the core, cares about your brand’s well-being. Reddit. Brush up on your social media terminology, and even learn some new lingo via our helpful social media glossary. New to the world of social media? This glossary can help you better understand all the different social media terms.

Search Engine Optimization Training Now in Washington DC

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Search Engine Academy – DC , the first search engine optimization (SEO) training school in the Washington Metro area, has begun enrolling students in its upcoming certification courses. Share this on Reddit. Classes are designed for people with little or no previous experience in SEO and for current search engine optimizers seeking the most current optimization skills and SEO certification.

Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?


we announced Dan Norris as a keynote at our upcoming ProBlogger Event (with a very cool video), and also revealed there will be a larger focus on podcasting than in previous years – it’s really come into its own for bloggers in the last few years.

goATDee Alternatives & Similar Sites


While there is no official explanation for the collapse, one post on Reddit suggests the possibility that the Canada-based website was shut down by their government for copyright issues. The bane of subscription services is that you often have to pay for a bunch of stuff that you don’t need.

Independent Hawaii Musician Kenneth Makuakane Thrives on Social Media

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You can follow and connect with Shane on Twitter , LinkedIn , Flickr , The Reef , Viddler , Facebook , Upcoming , and at his neglected blog. Upcoming & Recent Events Join Us on The Reef Recent Visitors to Our Site © 2009 Bare Feet Blog Powered by Thesis , Wordpress and Thesis Themes

OSSCamp Delhi

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For Registration Click the link below [link] Homepage [link] Share this: StumbleUpon Digg Reddit 2 Comments Filed under Events , Unconferences Tags: delhi , foss , open source , osscamp , osscamp delhi 2 Comments daksh December 10, 2007 at 6:44 am Apologies Suchi, I had copied the venue from Upcoming here. Home About In the Media Speaker Tips from The Masters ATM Redefined December 5, 2007.12:41

World Cup 2010 By The Numbers


Sum offered by a Spanish businessman to rent Paul for an upcoming food festival in the small village of Carballino. Share this on Reddit. This World Cup edition was full of excitement, amazing long-range goals, and a psychic octopus!

Creating Passionate Customers: Brand Evangelism and What it Means.

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Provide them with inside information, such as your upcoming product line or new services to be launched. Kirtsy Likaholix LinkedIn Mahalo Mento Mixx MyBlogLog MySpace Plurk Pownce Propeller Reddit SEOmoz Sphinn StumbleUpon Technorati Toluu Twitter Wikipedia Yahoo!

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Interview with SMSsummit Anaheim Keynote Melinda Byerley of TimeShare CMO

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Breanna: I’m really looking forward to your keynote at the upcoming SMSS Anaheim, where you’ll be sharing how you collaborated with DVD Netflix’s Vanessa Fiske to build their influencer marketing program. For example, If you sell a brand new kind of ink, look for the thriving and passionate community of writing pen, bullet journaling, and hand lettering fans on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Pinterest.

I Started A Social Media Marketing Program Two Months Ago, Where.

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Share this: StumbleUpon Digg Reddit May 18, 2010 - Posted by akstout18 | Uncategorized | social media marketing , social media marketing ROI , social networking , social networking for business One blogger likes this post 40 Comments » [.] Pingback by Upcoming Events for Growing Companies « Small Business Center | July 4, 2010 | Reply [.]

Snapchat, Launching a Podcast, Social Ads, and More: Behind-the-Scenes of Social Media at Buffer in May

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Numbers six through ten were Google+, StumbleUpon,, Pocket, and Reddit. Finally, I’d love to share a few of the upcoming social media blog post ideas we’re considering. It’s been an exciting month at Buffer – Tons of fun social media initiatives, experiments, and thinking ahead on innovative ideas to continue to grow on all of our channels. Ideas like: How can we best market our new Buffer CultureLab podcast ? What does our audience enjoy on Snapchat ?

How friendfeed Can Teach You About Your Friends

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This way if I go to digg/reddit/SU before Friend Feed, I don’t see duplicates. Kirtsy Likaholix LinkedIn Mahalo Mento Mixx MyBlogLog MySpace Plurk Pownce Propeller Reddit SEOmoz Sphinn StumbleUpon Technorati Toluu Twitter Wikipedia Yahoo!

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36 (of the) Best Facebook Guides, Stats and Rants of 2010

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If you know that and have an upcoming event in that region, you could send separate wall posts in French and English to your Quebec fans based on the language they prefer. Share this on Reddit. It’s hard to overstate the impact of Facebook.

Announcing the Newest Social Media Prince

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Hopefully we’ll see little David on social media sites in the upcoming months. Kirtsy Likaholix LinkedIn Mahalo Mento Mixx MyBlogLog MySpace Plurk Pownce Propeller Reddit SEOmoz Sphinn StumbleUpon Technorati Toluu Twitter Wikipedia Yahoo!

The Unfortunate Investment of Social Media (and its Consequences)

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These are the users who are familiar with networking on Digg (finding friends with similar interests) and checking not only the front page of Digg but the Upcoming page as well (which is far more important). Maybe 1 or 2 per day while I pay my dues) What is happening in the upcoming section is frustrating! We need those diggs from the upcoming section to push us over the edge, but they’re not coming any more.

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I’ve been asked to explain a bit more from time to time, so I will do that via this blog, Myrland Marketing Minutes, and through my upcoming enewsletter, Myrland Marketing Memo, which is in the development stage. Share this on Reddit Leave a Comment Previous post: 2009 LMA CONFERENCE TWEETSTREAM FROM KEYNOTE PETER SHEAHAN Next post: TWITTER NOT EFFECTIVE FOR LAW FIRMS – NOT SO FAST!!


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I would also love to have you as part of our community by signing-up for upcoming blog posts in the upper-right hand corner of this page.

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010

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and 30% said it was to get updates on upcoming sales. Share this on Reddit. For anyone in marketing or PR being asked to make “data-driven&# decisions “based on the numbers&# (and doesn’t that include pretty much everyone in marketing and PR these days?),