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Top 10 WordPress Theme Frameworks in 2016


WordPress theme frameworks provide website owners with a theme’s basic functionality and allow them to modify its look and feel. If you have been using WordPress for maintaining your website, you’d probably know how popular and useful these WordPress frameworks are. Ultimatum is not only a WordPress framework but also a complete WordPress Suite. Ultimatum. Avada.

WordPress Tips for Creating the Perfect Bio Page


Making the perfect bio page in WordPress is very important if you are looking to make conversions. Whilst being a simple idea, it’s not easy to implement in the standard WordPress editor, and a couple of plugins I highly recommend are great for making the job quick and easy. It has also been proven that those without a bio page often make fewer sales. Rich Text HTML Plugins.

6 Social Tools to Use Immediately After You Hit “Publish”


published it. In fact, publishing your article is just the first step. I have shared some of the most essential steps to take right after you publish an article which include: Email those who helped you write it (If you were using any expert quotes). But it’s not required to do that for each article you publish: Maybe once in a while run the tool and keep it mind.

Take Advantage of Additional Google News Opportunities for Publishers

Adam Sherk

Google News continues to be an important source of traffic for publishers, in particular from the news OneBoxes that are frequently included in regular Web search results. 7) Spotlight – the Spotlight section and the module on the home and channel pages is algorithmically generated, but if you regularly publish longer-form articles and opinion pieces you have a chance of being pulled in.

Add Tweetable Quotes in WordPress Blog Posts

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Create Tweetable Quotes with WordPress Plugins Create “tweetable quotes” with the help of a WordPress plugin makes it a little more convenient because you don’t need to leave your admin panel. Image Credit: Shutterstock The post Add Tweetable Quotes in WordPress Blog Posts appeared first on Spin Sucks. That’s it! Related Stories Content Overload: Get “This.”

How ‘Google AMP’ & ‘Facebook Instant Articles’ Integration With WordPress Will Transform The Internet?


WordPress has been one of the blessings as far as speed is concerned. The websites powered by WordPress are simplistically created and load faster when compared to other hefty platforms. It would be worth noticing how Google AMP and Facebook Instant articles behave with WordPress, and how the wonderful combination of these three would transform the internet. Any guesses?

Optimizing WordPress Excerpts for Maximum Clickability

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As I’ve been paying more attention to blogging—not just the writing thereof, but the look and how the posts come across—one of the fields that I believe is little-used is the “excerpt&# field in one’s WordPress blog. This is WordPress’ built-in Excerpt field.). What about the blog post excerpts that are published, say, to Facebook? Why should you care?

Blogger to WordPress – Why Make The Change?


Recently a lot of websites and blogs have made the transition from Google’s Blogger service to an independently-hosted WordPress installation. It can be a tricky process, because transferring isn’t easy when you have hundreds of posts published already. So, what’s so great about WordPress? WordPress can run an entire website. Wordpress 3.0

How to build a WordPress website for your nonprofit


You’ve decided that you want to start using WordPress as your nonprofit’s website. You’ve outlined a blog strategy, defined specific goals, decided on topics, and have determined who will publish content. Where would you begin if you wanted to start blogging with WordPress today? WordPress has a great list of hosting providers that support WordPress.

How I Set Up My WordPress Blog In 2 Hours

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It may look a little bare after other blogs you’re used to… especially if you’ve been publishing another blog for a while. Blogging Blogging for Grasshoppers Social Media getting your blog started spicing out wordpressThis isn’t a trick question. But really, how many blogs does a gal need? Apparently, ’tis not the case with me. Love eating it.

7+ WordPress Plugins For Every Website


WordPress is one of the best website content management systems out there – and not just for blogs. Just browsing through the WordPress Extend database, you’ll find lots and lots of plugins out there that each change the functionality of your website in their own way. Definitely one of the most popular WordPress plugins out there. The Absolutely Necessary. The Cool.

Optimizing WordPress Excerpts for Maximum Clickability [Redux]

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I originally published this post on April 21. As I’ve been paying more attention to blogging—not just the writing thereof, but the look and how the posts come across—one of the fields that I believe is little-used is the “excerpt&# field in one’s WordPress blog. This is WordPress’ built-in Excerpt field.). Aargh! So I decided to republish it today.

Popup Opt-in Forms: Case Studies, WordPress Plugins, and Alternatives


In this post, I’m going to share my research into popup opt-in forms: who’s using them, case studies, WordPress plugins, and the alternatives for building your mailing list. Popup Opt-In Forms for WordPress. Pippity is becoming a popular WordPress popup opt-in form plugin. More Popup Opt-In Plugins for WordPress. Back then, I was definitely not a fan.

70+ Resources on How to Start a WordPress Blog


While there are many platforms to choose from, I always suggest that if your purpose for blogging is anything related to branding, business, or making money online, then you want to go with WordPress on your own domain. Sure, there are other blogging platforms and content management systems you can use on your own domain, but none are quite as popular or powerful as WordPress. KnowEm.

Content vs. Community: How Online Publishers Can Nurture Both

As a result, publishers and bloggers of all sizes are constantly bleeding site content to social channels in order to encourage crucial engagement and interaction outside of their homepages. As publishers continue to rely on the outside social web to foster their communities, they often witness dire consequences. I beat WordPress into submission for my choice of CMS. Used it?

WordPress Themes 101


Entering the world of WordPress for the first time, you may feel like Dorothy walking through the farmhouse door into the colorful world of Oz. It’s easy to see why small businesses love WordPress. WordPress boasts more than sixty-eight million WordPress sites, with notable users including companies like CNN, Ted and UPS. sites used WordPress. Free Themes.

Supercharge WordPress: A Little Known Way to Increase Pageviews & Conversions

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The two most popular ones for WordPress are W3 Total Cache and WP Supercache. What this does is run all your uploaded images to WordPress through various stages of lossless compression (meaning you don’t lose image quality) to reduce the size of your files. I see speed optimisation as something you can do over a weekend for your WordPress blog, rather than a fortnight.

15 Uncommon WordPress Plugins To Enhance Your Blog’s User Experience


Here I will showcase 15 different WordPress user experience plugins that will help you create a great user experience for your visitors. You can receive the reports for the broken links via emails or in the WordPress dashboard directly. The current WordPress pagination is pretty basic. Breadcrumbs are a theme feature in WordPress and most themes have support for them.

Make sure you upgrade to WordPress 3.5.2

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WordPress version 3.5.2 The new WordPress version fixes 7 security issues, and also contains some additional hardening measures, which is important given the recent spate of brute force attacks on a huge number of WordPress sites. If you’re struggling with WordPress, give us a shout and see if we can help! The post Make sure you upgrade to WordPress 3.5.2

Install Your First WordPress Plugin


WordPress is a platform that’s rather easy to use, for the most part. Publishing new posts is easy, creating new pages is easy, and moderating comments is—again—easy. As Matt Hooper explained earlier today, in his post What Your Need to Know Before You Start a WordPress Blog , no web development or programming skills are required. Installing a WordPress plugin manually.

How to import Posterous to self-hosted WordPress

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With the news that Posterous will be closing on April 30, 2013 , many people are now looking to export their content and start to publish on a different platform. WordPress is particularly suited to self-hosting, as it’s so widely used and most hosting services will offer a simple one-click install to get you up and running. Hopefully that will work for you nice and easily.

12 Best Comments Plugins To Consider For Your WordPress Website


WordPress has emerged as the best blogging platform-cum-CMS that has empowered various online businesses to turn their name into a brand. Utilizing the exemplary features of this platform, WordPress developers have created the most remarkable websites so far. Let us take a look at the best available comments plugins that work wonder for your WordPress site. It’s interactivity.

The Blogger’s Essential WordPress Guide: 13 Top Tutorials


Over the last couple of months, we’ve taken a close look at WordPress here on ProBlogger. I know that many readers do use WordPress—either the free or paid version—and it’s the content management system of choice for many high-profile sites. The articles we’ve published have covered many of the essential aspects of blogging using WordPress, from choosing the service that’ll suit you and weighing up different themes, to securing, posting to, and making money from your WordPress blog. Set safe, secure user roles on your WordPress blog.

How to Select the Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Blog


Selecting a WordPress theme is one of those tasks that seem fairly easy at first How hard can it be? You simply go to Google, type in “best free WordPress themes” and you’re good to go, right? Long story short, almost all free WordPress themes include some kind of strange code in their structures, usually in the footer section. I’m speaking as a WordPress developer. So let me take you through the most important elements of the decision-making process, so you can select the perfect WordPress theme for your website or blog. They are evil!

HOW TO: Move a WordPress blog from one domain to another

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Shuaism is now JoshSPeters and I’m going to kick it off with a post about the 5 step process of moving your WordPress blog from one domain to another. Install WordPress on The New Domain. Install WordPress on The New Domain. Most hosts have a quick and easy WordPress install that only takes a button click or two. The domain transfer is done! Prep Work. Prep Work.

Google Publisher Plugin For WordPress

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Google has developed a WordPress plugin for publishers that does two things: Allows you to add AdSense ads easily to your WordPress blogs and websites. The only value this plugin adds to the business of being an online publisher is the ability to verify your website at Webmaster Tools with one click. Speculation aside, I think what Google is doing here is 1) giving a stamp of approval to WordPress sites and 2) laying the groundwork for being of more value to publishers. You are a publisher. I have a feeling this is just a start.

How to Consistently Publish Great Content While On The Go


Since publishing content and interacting with my audience is a huge component of my business, those were the apps I downloaded first. I want to show you which smartphone apps I love and recommend, and exactly how I use them to stay productive and publish content consistently while I’m on the road. The best smartphone apps to track and publish content consistently.

Online Tools that Help with PR

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Life has recently become a little more intense because you now also have to be your own publisher. Anytime a new article is published, it appears in your account. When they publish something new, you’ll see it in your Feedly page and can read and share from there. WordPress. By Gini Dietrich Running a small business isn’t easy. Canva to the rescue! Feedly.

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Google Publisher Toolbar—a Must-have for AdSense Publishers


This guest post is by Kevin Muldoon of WordPress Mods. Many top AdSense publishers such as Zac Johnson and Spencer Haws have had their accounts banned and their last month of earnings withheld. The AdSense Publisher Toolbar is an official Google Chrome extension that adds a publisher toolbar to your Chrome browser. The Publisher Toolbar. Google publisher toolbar.

How to Build an Inbound PR Campaign

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Here’s what you need: Content creation: AnswerThePublic for ideas generation, Canva for visuals, WordPress for publishing. Communication PR #PRstack anewstip answer the public canva cision content marketing googlge analytics GroupHigh Hootsuite inbound marketing iris keyword planner leadin leadpages lissted Mailchimp Moz talkwalker traackr unbounce WordPressBy Iliyana Stareva.

Blog Smarter: 5 WordPress Plugins to Help You Make Money From Your Blog


You need to register for a Kontera account first but that is quick and easy, and gives you your published ID which is then entered in the plugin setup. All images taken at the WordPress Plugin Directory. Blog Smarter: 5 WordPress Plugins to Help You Make Money From Your Blog. Blogging for Dollars make money blogging profitable blogs wordpressWhy do we blog? Ad Rotator.

Split Testing Made Easy with the ConverThis WordPress Plugin


ConverThis is a WordPress plugin that makes A/B testing simple. Once you have entered the pages you want to test, you will click the Publish button to complete the campaign. ConverThis is a great plugin for WordPress that can help you do some simple split testing. The post Split Testing Made Easy with the ConverThis WordPress Plugin appeared first on Kikolani.

Six Things to Do Before You Build Your New Website

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Taxonomies in CMSs such as Drupal and WordPress are incredibly useful, especially in the backend when developers need to surface categorized content. Set your marketing team up for success by choosing the right CMS—they need to be able to quickly publish and make updates to the live site. By Emily Miller. Plan For Your Website Launch. A great website is the result of smart planning.

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Millions Of Blogs On Pause Due To Back-End Outage


Most of the 18 million publishers trying to access their back-end are currently receiving this error message: “We’re experiencing some problems on and we are in read-only mode at the moment. Wordpress Wordpress Blog Stats wordpress ddos wordpress ddos attack wordpress down wordpress hack problemsStay tuned.

22 PR Tools From the #PRstack Community

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It has published 48 how-to guides written by more than 35 community members covering different areas of the public relations workflow. WordPress. WordPress is a platform that any PR practitioner or student can use to build an online portfolio for themselves, to either showcase their own skills, interests and knowledge or their business’. By Stephen Waddington. Anewstip. Canva.

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Getting the Most Out of All-in-One SEO Pack WordPress Plugin


This can be especially useful in the event that you forget to include a description before publishing the post. What SEO plugins do you use with WordPress? Mobile Blogging – How to Make Your WordPress Blog Smartphone Ready. WordPress Thesis Theme Customization Part One: Options. WordPress Thesis Theme Customization Part Two: Plugins. Additional Options.

Weekend Project: Set Safe, Secure User Roles on Your WordPress Blog


One of the final steps of the famous five-minute WordPress installation is to set up an Admin account. This account, by default, is assigned to the role of Administrator, which is the most powerful user role in WordPress. WordPress user roles sounds like a boring topic. What are WordPress user roles for? User roles in WordPress. What’s all this for? Author.

This Blog Is Dead

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It was a technological and publishing breakthrough. Suddenly, the cost of publishing plummeted to zero and publishing to the world was almost as easy as it was to print up a document from your word processor. Suddenly, anyone with connectivity could have a thought and publish it in text for the world to see. For a person like me, publishing a regular blog enabled me to build an audience, to have a direct relationship with people who liked the same sorts of things that were turning my crank. " The comfort of publishing and sharing. publishing.

WordPress 3.8.2 now available to download and install

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The latest version of WordPress is now available to download and install. Privilege escalation: prevent contributors from publishing posts. Hardening) Prevent possible cross-domain scripting through Plupload, the third-party library WordPress uses for uploading files. There’s more information available in the WordPress Codex. As always, before any significant WordPress or plugin update, it’s always best to back up your site. The post WordPress 3.8.2 Blog security update wordpress CVE-2014-0166. CVE-2014-0165.

Publishing Content Beyond Your Blog

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Most online businesses publish content in two places – their website and their blog – it’s a standard online marketing strategy. You will often see references to publishing content in article directories, Facebook, HubSpot, Squidoo and perhaps even on other blogs as a guest author. As your business grows, there are more opportunities to publish content – on site rather than off site, and by doing so, you deliver a more professional appearance to visitors. Content doesn’t need to be published in the same repository all the time.