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Before you get started with blog directory and RSS submission, here is a list of assets you’ll need to have ready in order to make your submission work productive. Regator (not all blogs accepted). Over time, the top source of traffic for most blogs is search. The two keys to search success are great content and links. Assuming you’ve already got great content, there are many places to get links (e.g. social networking profiles, social bookmarking sites, other bloggers).

Blogosphere Trends + Digging Deeper


This column is written by Kimberly Turner from Regator (a great tool that gathers and organizes the world’s best blog posts). Each week, we look at the ten most blogged-about stories of the last seven days, as provided by Regator (which is turning two years old on Saturday!). Going out and employing a hands-on approach will always get you better results than sitting at your desk waiting for press releases or review products. You can find her on Twitter @kimber_regator.

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Blogosphere Trends + Readability Scoring


To get a sense of what different grade levels look like and the results you’ll get, let’s take a quick look at the scores of posts about the month’s most-blogged-about topics, according to Regator : (they are, in order, Osama bin Laden , Royal Wedding , Birth Certificate , Easter , Donald Trump , PlayStation Network , Lady Gaga , Tornadoes , Libya , and Japan ). Econbrowser ’s “ Saudi oil production and the Libyan conflict ”. Do you know your blog’s readability score?

Blogosphere Trends + Encouraging Comments


This column is written by Kimberly Turner from Regator (a great tool that gathers and organizes the world’s best blog posts). That’s why, as we look at this week’s ten most-blogged-about stories (trends provided, as always, by Regator ), we’ll also pick up some tips on how to encourage readers to interact with content: 1. and “buy my product!” Kimberly Turner is a cofounder of Regator.com and Regator for iPhone as well as an award-winning print journalist.

Blogosphere Trends + Being Opinionated


This column is written by Kimberly Turner from Regator (a great tool that gathers and organizes the world’s best blog posts). But I report the list, I don’t decide what’s on it (neither does Regator —it just calculates what’s being blogged about most this week). One advantage of sharing your viewpoints is that it opens the door to the opinions of your readers and provides a venue for productive conversations. You can find her on Twitter @kimber_regator.

Blogosphere Trends + Effective Calls to Action


His latest video on making money online encourages bloggers to build products, and for good reason: according to his blogging income breakdown , 40% of his February income came from ebooks and another 9% from membership sites such as Third Tribe Marketing and ProBlogger.com. Don’t assume that readers will comment, that they will tweet your posts, that they will buy your products, or that they will take the actions described in your posts if you never ask them.

Monthly Trends + How to Instantly Triple Your Post Ideas


As always, Regator has calculated the ten most-blogged-about stories of the last month, and we’ll be using posts about those popular stories to demonstrate the power of choosing the right angle. Kimberly Turner is a cofounder of Regator , as well as an award-winning print journalist. Find her on Twitter @kimber_regator and visit Regator’s widget site to get free widgets for your blog.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #27

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First, the 1947 Christmas classic, Miracle on 34th Street , may be the all-time best product placement, with actors vowing loyalty to the store on the silver screen. Matter What You've Heard - The Regator. the regator. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see?

What Traits Define a Social Media Marketer?

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In the many paragraphs that follow, learn from many of the experts and hear what they consider success when using social media to engage with consumers about products and services. – sometimes, other people’s products are better.

How a 3 Month Old Website Received 958373 Visits from Google

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Think along the lines of natural disasters, sports results, holidays, reality TV results, new products and so on. Regator is another good source for trends as well. I learned more from this one post that I’ve learned from many paid information products. Home What the F ?