7 Reasons To Add Amplify To Your Social Networks

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My friend (and client, but he’s a friend first) Shashi Bellamkonda is, I think, genetically-wired to try and talk about new things – no doubt why he’s Network Solutions’ “social media swami,&# and he mentioned it. Plus there are too many networks.

Top 25 Blogging and Social Media Posts on Kikolani


This first list is a compilation of the top posts on Kikolani, as determined by PostRank ’s engagement analysis. Social Media. Learn about the benefits and ways to be more accessible on social media. What is PostRank? Best of Social Media on Kikolani in 2009.

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Six WordPress Plugins to Install on your Site Today

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PostRank – This nifty plugin rates your posts on engagement, sharing and some other variables and was recently acquired by Google. WP Greetbox – This plugin allows you to give a custom welcome message to users entering your site from different social networks. Image: Wikipedia.

WOM: What's Really Behind The Buzz

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There’s one area within today’s creative industry that is not only comparatively new (when compared to more traditional disciplines), but is taking a growing foothold via a clear aptitude for maximizing effective use of the ever-expanding world of social technology.

Which News Sites Get the Most Social Media Engagement?

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Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Which News Sites Get the Most Social Media Engagement? In recent years many larger news organizations were still coming to terms with the need for a social presence and the nature of their participation.

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You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure! Social Media Analytics

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The client wants to know if their social media campaign is working! They want to understand how social media marketing will meet their goals before they commit to a budget allocation for a “mythical campaign&#. SocialToo : Creates social surveys and manage Twitter Follower.

How does your brand look on social media?

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It used to be this would return a list of scholarly papers, some nasty pictures of you at a bachelor party, a random smattering of form posts about cupcakes or software and possibly your connections on some social networks. Postrank Analytics.

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How to Audit Your Social Media Efforts: 20+ Questions to Ask Yourself

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

If you look around the social web a lot like me, you will agree that most social media campaigns suck. Some people think social media is just fun. What do you think about using social media for business? Custom landing pages can increase your social media efforts.

Increase Traffic and Authority by Listing Your Blog


Submit yourself and your sites to the following networks. Adding your blog to the PostRank system (if it’s not already there) and under particular topic categories, you can get ranked in the top blogs on that topic based on your blog’s social engagement. Social Profiles. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to add your blog to your social profiles on any network you belong to. Blogging Networks.

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Election 2010: GetUp Tony Abbott Mashup

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In 2007 I blogged on Kevin07 portal: We will see more of ‘static portal hybrid hosted social networks’ for a while – companies and government distancing themselves from the challenges of social networks by outsourcing to social network platforms.

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Let Your Freak Flag Fly

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So, I did what I knew: I told them that one of the best ways to tap into social media could be done by channeling Jimi Hendrix (you can view the un-animated version here ). Music is a great way to help the social networking medicine go down.

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Successful Blogger Outreach – What to Do and What to Avoid


Look at their latest posts, archives, comments, and social engagement. Check out their blog on Postrank to see what topics get the most engagement. Promote the blogger on your own network.

Weekly Roundup: The Gerald Durrell Edition

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Social media&# or “social networking&# – which term is correct?

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Weekly Roundup: Unsung Heroes

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Why: Jen is one of the finest people it’s been my privilege to meet through social media. Social media as the new support group?

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Walking the Social Talk

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It was Robin Ferrier’s Social is as Social Does , where she asked, point-blank: You know the difference between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs. You know the standard refrain: Social media is about talking with – not talking to – your audience.

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8 Best Practices for Collaborative Blog Groups


In the last few months, I have had the privilege of becoming a regular contributor on several multi-author blogs such as Search Engine Journal , Famous Bloggers , Social Media Examiner , Search Engine Watch , and Stay on Search. Therefore, one of the most important way a multi-author blog group could be used is to encourage all contributors to help push posts on social media. Please share on the following networks! PostRank*.

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Snapping at Synapses: Why Digital Death Sucks

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Blink The thing with social networks, particularly one such as Twitter, is that the streams move so fast, you barely notice someone’s absence. Mark as read Approve comment When I first heard of this campaign, the focus was on the celebrities not using social media.

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Fetching Friday – 22 Marketing Links


This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, SEO, and social media on kikolani.com. Social Media / Social Networking.

Socialnomics Book Review | jasonyormark.com

Jason Yormark

jasonyormark.com Home About Me My Videos My Resume Contact Me Browse > Home / Book Reviews , Social Media / Socialnomics Book Review | Subcribe via RSS Socialnomics Book Review August 30th, 2009 Posted in Book Reviews , Social Media Tweet Share I debated whether to post a book review as I experienced flashes of high school busy work, but Socialnomics is certainly relevant to my world, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Related posts: Social Media Book Package Giveaway!

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5 Tips To Avoid New Job Burnout

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Don’t let your social media activity die. Clearly, your new employer might have guidelines as to when you can get online and on social networks and when you can’t. Even more important, you need to continue to build and maintain your networks.

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Five Productivity Tools for PR Pros

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Plaxo: contacts, calendar and e-cards As a social network, I think Plaxo is pretty dismal, no matter how much it tries to Face-Twit-book-terify itself. I don’t like their default settings, which make your card “social&# (i.e.

44 Blogging Questions and Answers


Last week, I was given the opportunity to do a live question and answer session on Social Media Examiner ’s Facebook page. Social Media Examiner’s Live Blogging Q&A. Also, it’s not all about what you do on your site or your social media.

Creating a Custom RSS Feed for Guest Posts


Figuring out how to do this with particular systems might pose a specific challenge, especially if those networks only allow you to import one RSS feed. <description>Blog posts and articles by Kristi Hines on social media, blogging, search optimization, and online marketing.</description>

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Fetching Friday – Resources, SEO Blogging Contest & Sheep LED Art


How social are your customers ? See your Facebook invite history – a link on Facebook that I didn’t know about, but is kind of interesting when it comes to seeing who you’ve invited to the Facebook network. 75 local SEO meetups – great networking opportunities! Calculating ROI on Internet Marketing – measurings your return on investment for PPC, organic search, and social media with Google Analytics. Social Media / Social Networking.

Lessons to learn from Blekko and T-Shirt marketing

The Way of the Web

I’m not a heavyweight tech blogger, and tend to be somewhere above average on most of the ranking services I’m registered on – e.g. AdAge, Technorati, Wikio, PostRank etc, etc.

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Google Analytics Social Reports Provide Huge Metrics Edge

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I’m not on social media to kill time; I’m there to build a business and find my customers. And the ability to make data-based decisions and assign ROI to social actions is what enables me to do that. We lacked a uniform way to compare activity on different social media sites.

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28 Resources from My Internet Marketing Toolbox

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Other cool features include allowing people to subscribe to your blog via email, and being able to add email and social bookmarking links to the bottom of your posts. Postrank I have been using Postrank Analytics for about 3 weeks now and find it really impressive.

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

Convince & Convert

Yes, social media applies to B2B. In fact, social media can be MORE transformative for a B2B company than a B2C company. Are there differences between B2B and B2C in social media? Creating and calibrating a social media strategy for any company should follow the same process. You need to determine why your company should be social, for whom your efforts are intended and where your audience is in the buying cycle, and how you’ll measure success.