Powerful Storytelling Secrets from National Geographic Travel – Lindsay Smith [SSM028]

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With more than 25,000,000 adoring fans across social media, National Geographic Travel is a poster child for the power of storytelling in marketing. This is the approach that National Geographic Travel takes to every one of their stories. Nat Geo Travel on Instagram.

New Media Artist-in-Residence Program for Lanai

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I’ve been meaning to write more about the innovative travel blogger program I am doing with the L?na?i I started the conversation here with some advice for travel destinations. Six of the seven are currently in the top 100 Travel Bloggers.

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Plane crazy

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And I have to admit, not being privy to the joy of travelling across the Atlantic in under 3 hours, that I was a bit surprised it wasn’t a little more glamourous. technology air travel concorde duxford functionality glamour internet planes

Double Your Facebook Likes in 10 Minutes a Day [Infographic]


The most popular prize categories for Facebook contests are travel, entertainment, music, technology, and fashion gifts. Use your Facebook page info in all of your marketing materials — brochures, posters, media kits, collateral, and other promotional items.

Understanding the Instagram Algorithm: 7 Key Factors and Why the Algorithm is Great for Marketers

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travel, food, fashion, sports, etc.) With the level of photo recognition technologies available now, I believe it’s possible for the algorithm to categorize posts into simple genres such as travel, food, fashion, and more — and possibly even more sophisticated genres.

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7 Content Marketing Poop Scoops

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My youngest child is 150+ months, so I chose “24+ months” and without clicking a thing, I was offered tips about children interacting with pets, snacking, creative art projects, air travel with kids, preparing for preschool, and playdates. With it you create a movie poster starring your cat.

Why Your PR Should Be Running Even if Everyone Else Isn’t

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Not to repeat this ad nauseam, but I’ve been traveling like a whirling dervish recently (still in Boston today, as a matter of fact). When I travel for speaking engagements and presentations, it’s virtually impossible to see and meet everyone I want to catch up with.

Some Perspectives on Pinterest

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You've probably heard that Pinterest is here and in a big way. If you're not already familiar with it, take a look and see if you can understand what the fuss is all about. The site has been around for a couple of years but only recently took off.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2011

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

travel,” or “jewelry”). By doing research among a social audience, communicating with your designer, getting outsiders’ opinions, including links, and publishing the infographic with all of these considerations intact, your infographic can travel far.

Rise Of The Indie Brand

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The brands that are in this book are people who started a business out of pure passion and they tend to opt for the road less travelled. They have also published two best-selling books - The Indie Rock Coloring Book and The Indie Rock Poster Book ). "We the indie rock poster book. The art of marketing is a fascinating beast. Last week, I had the pleasure of delivering the opening keynote address at The Art of Marketing in Toronto.

Best Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics of 2011

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Frequent best-of contributor Adam Holden-Bache reviews 15 helpful tools for managing Twitter, including Twtpoll for polling, Tweetreach to see how far your tweets travel, and Backtweets for better Twitter search.

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The Nifty 50 Top Women of Twitter for 2011

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Paul Pioneer Press as well as the Features/Travel editor for the newspaper. She’s also a frequent guest-poster who’s written bookmarkable pieces like 9 Ways to Sell Social Media to the Boss.

Getting Back on Track

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In fact, my doctor cleared me to travel, so as you read this, I’m getting ready to leave for Lincoln, Nebraska, where I will be speaking later today at the University of Nebraska. Many thanks to all my guest posters for helping out… and thank you for hanging around!

Social Business: Where It's Been & Where It's Going


Posterous. Travel Schedule. Logic+Emotion. About Me. About You. About My Employer. Visual Thinking. Speaking. Foursquare. Twitter. Linked In. Google Plus. The Fine Print. David Armano is EVP, Global Innovation & Integration at Edelman Digital.

Mobile Necessary Now for Brand Relevancy

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This was evident throughout SxSW and the travel between DC and Austin; mobile media was everywhere. Further, mobile platforms like Tumblr and Posterous make publishing quick on the fly video, photo and text based mini posts easy!

Deconstructing Your Social Business Plan For 2011


Logic+Emotion About Me About You About My Employer Design Strategy Visual Thinking Speaking Slideshows Foursquare Posterous Twitter The Fine Print David Armano is SVP at Edelman Digital.

What's the R.O.I.? A Framework for Social Analytics


The complete guide for businesses to build and measure success on the social web Click here for your favorite infographics…now in 22 x 28 poster format! link] Social Media Marketing for Travel Brands and much more… | Best of the Week | Position² Blog [.]

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Digital media etiquette: Where do you stand?


Comments should always be applicable, unique and have value for the poster or other commenters. With more and more people working from home and traveling for work purposes, conference call services have become a major hit for businesses.

The Fifteen Classes of the Social Business Software Suite (Q4, 2010)


For example, a single individual may have accounts on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Posterous, YouTube, etc.

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List of Social Media Management Systems (SMMS)


Think I'll return in 5 years time to see how may of these posters shilling their wares are still in business.

Q & A: How to Solve Every Blogging Problem You’ll Ever Have

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It started as the incredibly true adventures of myself and my husband travelling the canals and bringing up two very young children. I’m pretty much the “poster boy” (I hope I’m using that phrase correctly) of having a random posting timetable.

Social Media in Action: Twitter and Emergency Response | Social.

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Development Social Media Social Media in Action: Twitter and Emergency Response Tue, Sep 23, 2008 Social Media If you were reading the news or traveling by plane today, you probably already know about the JetBlue evacuation of JFK airport in New York today.

The Perfect Blogging Output Level


This might work very well if you run a “my thoughts on the world” type of blog, or are into self-improvement, or have a blog documenting your travels. To be a successful guest poster you’ll need to wise up to these little style cues on another blog.

Seven Tips to Start Your Travel Blogging Journey


This guest post is written by Matthew Kepnes of Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site. So you want to be a travel writer? In fact, I can’t think of one person who wouldn’t love to get paid to travel. To try, lots of people start travel blogs. In 2008, when I started my travel blog, I could count the number of travel blogs on one hand. So how can you create a successful travel blog that moves beyond the clutter, gets you noticed, and helps fund your travels?

Social Media From A to Z: A Glossary


Posterous : Posterous is a blogging and content syndication platform that allows users to post content from any computer or mobile device by sending an e-mail.

7 Truths About Social Media Marketing

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Once you fire up your social media strategy, it doesn’t travel as fast as that silver bullet either.

The Secret to Growing Your Blog Twice as Fast With Half the Effort

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I also write a very specific type of post here at ViperChill (in-depth, and from personal experience) which I don’t think many guest posters could really replicate. I have the big picture idea, the rest I will sort out as I travel this path. Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!"

Social self-importance: Why content curation will never be king


Share it on StumbleUpon Share this on Technorati Add this to Google Bookmarks Post this to Posterous { 1 trackback } The curation for what ails us? If I were to start curating on that theme, it would be received far more eagerly than, say, content about how to make it as a travel writer.

How I Wrote a $30000 eBook (And You Can Too)

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I’ll probably be checking out Cloud Living after I get back from travelling as I’m sick and tired of working in an office and desperately need a change. Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!"

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7 Ways Guest Posting Can Boost Your Reputation


Equal parts business blog, travel guidebook, and sports nutrition cheat sheet, it’s an eclectic mix of different subjects joined to create a very popular, very acclaimed blog. But what makes it so great isn’t necessarily the mix of styles, nor the quality of the content, but the fact that despite technically being one man’s blog, it’s been opened up to a range of high quality , no-nonsense guest posters. This guest post is by Mathew Carpenter of Sofa Moolah.

Government Use of Social Media - "In Addition to," Not "In Lieu of.

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Blogroll Andrea DiMaio Andrew Wilson's Posterous BlogWrite for CEOs Business As I See It Buzz Bin Chris Brogan Clay Shirky Common Craft Corporate Hallucinations Digiphile Dion Hinchcliffe DorobekINSIDER Enterprise 2.0 Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0

Monetizing Your Blog with a Clean Design, Tribal Headhunter Warriors, and Fine Art Nudes


My website has an embedded ecommerce feature using a Photoshelter platform to market my travel stock photos. I’m also a novelist and, yes, I blog well-written quality content with dramatic photos from my travels to keep the viewers coming back for more.

I Started a Blog But No One Cared | Social Media Strategery

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But I do it anyway for multiple reasons: posterity…because I’ve got relatives who have kids who might want to know my stories…because I feel that writing offers the benefit of my observations…finally, to spiff up my own writing ability.

The “Getting Started with Government 2.0” Guide | Social Media.

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link] coach I love travelling so much that I often surfing on many journey forum to learn knowledge about trip, and I think this forum is the best, from where I got the newest information about journey. Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0

Southwest Airlines: When Offline Meets Online

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Southwest seems to be the poster child for this transgression. It’s funny and somewhat ironic, but if it were not for social media, the perception of Southwest Airlines as the gold standard for airline travel would probably be pretty intact.

How a Collaborative Critique Changed My Brand … and My Future #QLDBLOG


Also, each of our guest posters was given a “Gal” nickname—one of our friends who covered outdoor activities was AdventureGal, one who had a thing for Italian ice cream was GelatoGal, another was CruisinGal, for example. Not only did the reader not know our real names right off the bat, when they’d land on an individual article or the home page, but it wasn’t clear if a “Gal” was a blog owner or a guest poster. This guest post is by Kara Williams of The Vacation Gals.

Partnering With Another Blogger: The Complete Guide


If you’re traveling and you need to decide whether to have a coffee at the empty place in front of you, or the packed place next door, you will probably choose the one that has the crowd. This guest post was written by Jove Welner of App Champ.

Web freelance writing opportunities

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You could end up as a travel, health, fashion, automobile or entertainment writer, to name just a few general categories. Blogger and forum poster : This could be an interesting niche, which is not very high-paying but may help build a network of clients, fellow writers and editors. Before the internet age, freelance writing was an almost unknown profession.

10 Vital Stats for Blog Health—and How to Track Them


I’d rather know as I go whether my posts are having an impact and whether things are travelling in the right direction. I like to keep an eye on these stats particularly after I release a post, publish a guest post on another blog, or have a guest poster on my blog. This article is by Dan Norris of Web Control Room. As an active blogger, I’m always looking at various stats to help me understand how well I’m doing.

Who Owns Social Media? Everyone and No One | Social Media Strategery

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the-boate [link] coach I love travelling so much that I often surfing on many journey forum to learn knowledge about trip, and I think this forum is the best, from where I got the newest information about journey. Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0