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Is SMS Marketing Still a Viable Strategy?

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

SMS, really? In terms of rate of response, the simple SMS dominates the market. When you break down the figures involved in SMS marketing , the results can be quite staggering. Of all the SMS messages sent on a daily basis, 98% are opened, with 83% opened within 3 minutes. Flexibility : The variety that SMS marketing offers is almost endless. Platform.

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Android Facebook Messenger Users Can Send, Receive SMS Messages

SocialTimes Facebook

Facebook is giving Messenger users with Android devices the option of accessing their SMS messages via the application. Users who choose to activate the feature will see their standard Messenger messages in blue and their SMS messages in purple, and those SMS messages will support text, images, videos, stickers , emoji and location sharing. Select “SMS” from the list.

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Why Your Business Needs an SMS Strategy

Bill Hartzer

With the power of mobile marketing set to reach a peak over 2014, there has never been a better time to get your business a piece of the SMS action. However, as well as the obvious efficiencies involved, there are a number of other clear benefits of opting for SMS marketing. Sending an SMS is a direct and dynamic way of reaching your target market. The element of surprise.

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Ten Social Media Truths About Chatbots

Spin Sucks

Google analytics Google's Allo internet browsing IRC MMS news feeds PR nightmare SMS social media management social media platforms Tay by Microsoft ui user interfaceFacebook recently announced that chatbots will be incorporated into Messenger. To understand the growing power, here are ten social media truths about chatbots.

SMS Marketing: a Grossly Underrated Marketing Tactic


Text message or SMS marketing delivers insanely higher ROIs and ridiculously higher sales than any other digital or conventional media. Take a moment to let these figures sink in: Papa John’s SMS marketing campaign boosted sales by 33% and generated an ROI above 500%. Silverstone, a British motor racing circuit, drove a 680% ROI from its integrated SMS campaign. per text.


Facebook Open-Sources Community Cellular Manager

SocialTimes Facebook

They described CCM as a software management and deployment suite that enables the operation of small-scale cellular networks, adding that it is compatible with the OpenCellular platform the social network introduced in June, as well as with third-party radio-access-network solutions and saying: CCM is designed for reliable operation in environments with unreliable power and backhaul, providing fully disconnected operation for local voice and SMS services. Facebook announced the open-sourcing of a solution aimed at furthering its mission of connecting the world.

The Mobile Imperative

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" ) and get them to see mobile as a consumer platform instead of an advertising channel (or to think about mobile from a utilitarian marketing perspective). There's a sad truth about mobile, but I don't want to hear it. Making things even more complex are the telco companies who are still charging confusing fee structures for mobile data. Beyond that (as if that's not enough!), brand.

Five Forms of Mobile Media

Geoff Livingston

1) Short Messaging Service (SMS) : Second generation or 2G digital cellular networks (PCS) enabled SMS, which was the death of pagers in the 90s. Texting is also the primary form of donations on mobile platforms (thanks to Apple’s Machiavellian attitude about mobile app donations ). Image by Paul Swansen. Primary Communication Methods. Long live the mobile page view.

Should Businesses Use Twitter As a Marketing Channel? [Infographic]


Tweet With the Internet becoming a competitive universe to operate in, social media platforms are regularly innovating and trying to establish themselves as commercially viable. It is also a good idea to assess a network’s position as a communication platform and identify a usage pattern. One of such platforms whose value for business and utility is being questioned is Twitter.

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A New Look at the Marketing Mix: Paid, Owned, Granted, Leased, Earned

Convince & Convert

Who controls the platform. Content created by the brand that’s distributed to an audience developed by a third party via a closed platform controlled by the third party. Content created by the brand that’s distributed to an audience developed by the brand via a closed platform controlled by the brand. Image via Who developed the audience. Paid Media.

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Show 377 - How to make your brand reach the next billion

Engaging Brand

Jana has created the first large-scale mobile platform to enable global organizations to engage directly with emerging market consumers in over 85 countries. SMS marketing through free air time. Jana has created the first large-scale mobile platform to enable global organizations to engage directly with emerging market consumers in over 85 countries. This weeks The Engaging Brand podcast is ready! - The free audio podcast for business covering social media, managment skills and marketing tips. Jana's CEO, Nathan Eagle , is a former Harvard professor with a Ph.D.

[COMIC] The Complexity Of Social Media Communications

SocMed Sean

But are we prepared for the vast range of communication channels that are available as new social media platforms launch? It all remains to be seen how humans will filter and process the massive amounts of data that are being thrown at us via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SMS text messaging. Social media…it’s a whole new shift in the way we communicate, right? Cheers!

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17 Productivity Tools for the Ultimate Business Gain

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

It’s also cross platform (the Android/iOS app looks beautiful). Ever been so busy doing something on your computer that you wanted to send a SMS message from your computer without having to pick up your phone? “SMS” lets you send SMS messages from your phone to a desired contact. (It In short, I work remotely. Let’s dive in.

45 Marketing Tools to Consider for 2017

Razor Social

SalesManago is an automation platform we have recently tested out, and this is the one to watch! You can use it to automate your email campaigns, send automated SMS messages to your email subscribers, quickly create and test email capture landing pages, or for functions like lead scoring and routing, task management, and more. Marketing Automation. Let’s look at some numbers. Zapier.

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Getting to Know the Ghost: The Complete Beginners Guide to Snapchat

Buffer Social

Snapchat is the latest platform taking the social media world by storm. Instead of purely spontaneous content, Snapchat can now be used to share much more thoughtfully — similar to the approach you’d take with platforms like Instagram and Facebook , where the content you post doesn’t disappear. From here, you can also send an SMS invite to anyone who isn’t currently on Snapchat.

49 Tactics to Atomize Your Content Marketing

Convince & Convert

Content atomization (a term first coined by Todd Defen from SHIFT Communications) as defined in our workshop means: Content atomization = Taking a strong content marketing platform or theme, and executing it in many, strategically sound ways. SMS messages. 3 Reasons Content Atomization Isn’t an Option. Atomization is resource efficient. Atomization helps win the relevancy wars.

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Top 5 Social Media Apps that All Marketers Need

agora pulse

LinkedIn has evolved from an “online resume” platform to a full-fledged, professional social network. Did you know WhatsApp, an SMS-based platform, has more users than Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest combined ? We live in an increasingly-mobile world. Here are six social media apps I suggest you add to your repertoire! Facebook Messenger. LinkedIn. Snapchat.

Tips To Get You Started On TSU [For Personal Use, Business Use, Brand Use] - Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

First thing first get to know the Social Media Platform: TSU is pronounced as 'sue'. The idea is that content creators, not just the platform provider, deserve to reap the monetary benefits that come with having an active user base. ​ You may wonder why TSU when we already have many other Social Media Platforms where we have our set of Friends and Relatives already. Opportunity to do just the same things you already do on other Social Media Platform just that here you will be rewarded not just be another person in the sea of people. ​​ Over 3.5 What Is TSU?:

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3 Unbelievable Lessons and Sessions from Social Media Strategies Summit NYC

Simply Measured

It can come from SMS t ext messaging. People don’t always like posting everything about their personal life on social platforms. A daughter might share her desired holiday gift with her mother via SMS. New functionality means a new chance to game the platform. I brought some serious lessons back with me, but I don’t want to keep them to myself!

The Future of Social Media Is Mobile. Are You Ready?

Simply Measured

Almost all of these apps have messaging capabilities that have the potential to shift messaging away from straightforward, text-based SMS to more expressive, creative, and immersive forms of communication housed within apps. Social channels are also influencing this trend by prioritizing video and making it a more native experience within their platforms. There are currently 2.6

Will India See a Rise in Digital PR?

Waxing UnLyrical

With such alterations in the media industry, PR agencies have a window to get more creative and embrace newer avenues, such as social media platforms, more aggressively than before. With this shift in the media landscape to digital platforms, digital PR needs to catch up to the trend. Ed: A version of this post originally ran on September 20, 2013 on Sixty two!

Facebook Stories: Everything You Need to Know About Facebook’s Latest Feature

Buffer Social

By popularizing visual, short-lived visual interactions on mobile, Snapchat started the ball rolling on the trend of camera-first communication and almost every platform is now following suit and prioritizing visual, in-the-moment content. Whereas a few years back we may have sent an SMS or IM to our friends to share interesting and fun moments, many now default to our cameras to share this moment. Facebook has today begun to roll-out testing of Facebook Stories to a number of new countries. Now, Facebook users can share stories within the main Facebook app. Over 1.7 Over to you.

Top Tools for Mobile Marketing


EachScape : A drag & drop platform which allows you to create and manage your app for iOS, Android and HTML5. TextMagic : A bulk SMS service for businesses, whose features have been used to benefit charitable organizations and foundations as described in the case studies on their website. And that includes nonprofits, membership associations and organizations. And, with 1.5

How advanced marketing automation tactics can increase sales

Razor Social

SALESmanago’s), you could start tracking behavior within the app and then generate personalised messages based on this behavior (in-app messages, SMS, emails etc). Most marketing automation platforms are focussed on B2B and are not really designed for B2C environments. This links to a blog post on your website. They see a link to a blog post and visit your website. Summary.

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SendinBlue Review – Small Business Pricing with Enterprise Features


Just recently, I saw a long conversation on Facebook where someone asked if there were any good email marketing platforms outside of the top two or three that everyone seems to be using. This person was looking for a platform that had not been pummelled by hackers lately, keeping well-known email marketers down for days at a time. SMS marketing. SendinBlue. Campaign scheduling.

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Why Twitter is Trying to Turn Itself Into Facebook

Convince & Convert

They’re concerned with making the platform sticky. Even though Twitter owns Vine, it’s exciting to see its own native video platform coming to life, similar (again) to Facebook. SMS was the original way to tweet, and the SMS limitation was 140. But nowadays, fewer and fewer users are using SMS to tweet, so why not increase the limit? joelcomm Tweet This.

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A/B Testing: The Staggering Success of Presidential Optimization and How to Do It Yourself

Simply Measured

Perhaps the team’s greatest contribution was the development of Quick Donate, which allowed users to “donate with a single click through email or on the web, and even through SMS.” Because Marketo is a full-scale marketing automation platform. In the early morning hours of September 24th, 2015, Kyle Rush sent a simple Tweet. Odds are you haven’t heard of Kyle Rush. In the end, 1.5

This Digital Agency Saves Hours Each Week Using Agorapulse

agora pulse

Social Media Solutions (SMS) is a Qatari digital communication agency that builds and manages reputations for nonprofit, retail, healthcare and retail clients. Habiba El-Harthy, Acting Deputy Head of Social Media at SMS, tried a handful of social media management tools to publish her clients’ social content across social channels. It was honestly perfect and easy to use.

Small Businesses Online Marketing Efforts Surge in 2012 [Infographic]

Blue Focus Marketing

As marketing dollars flow from traditional to social media , more small businesses are leveraging social platforms in order to drive traffic and increase visibility. This marks a significant jump, but the more telling statistic lies not in how many small business owners are using these platforms, but in how many actually think location-based services will help them.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Strategy for Your Business

Convince & Convert

Consumers expect brands to address their issues immediately through a variety of platforms, including (but not limited to) email, online chats, and social media. If that’s too complex, you can solve the same problem simply: Create an app that allows them to reach a customer service rep immediately via SMS. Think about your business challenges. Calling Customer Service.

How to Contact Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Other Social Networks


Confirmation Code SMS (Text Message) Issues. Platform Policy Checklist Translation Request. SMS/text messaging. Do you have a burning question you want to ask the support team at a popular social network, but you gave up because you couldn’t find the actual contact form through the endless maze of self-serve support documentation? How to Contact Facebook Support. Mobile.

Social Media for NonProfits: Not Strictly Unprofitable


In fact, they were some of the earliest adopters of social media because it was a free platform to spread awareness. This is considerably cheaper than other promotional activities like sending out flyers, SMS etc. We have some amazing examples of social media campaigns by non-profit organizations. However to gain all these benefits, you need to take certain actions. Measure Benefits.

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Twelve Steps to A Strong QR Code Campaign

Spin Sucks

They also can make use of the GPS, phone, SMS, Internet connection, and more. Help them out by listing a few QR Code scanners that work on multiple platforms. Be sure to test using different types of smart phone platforms and QR code scanners/readers. Stephanie True Moss is the founder and chief creative officer of True Moss Communications, Inc. and editor of

Get Your Business Moving: 9 types of Mobile Marketing

Harp Interactive

SMS: (short message service): Also known as ‘texting’: Advertisers can send relevant marketing messages in form of texts. The applications comprise of managed platforms, virtual machines, native applications and widgets. Your customers are not confined to their homes or offices. Why should your marketing be? Smartbooks and Tablet PCs: You got it—Ipad is one.

22 Twitter revenue streams – monetizing tweets

Laurel Papworth

SMS other social networks are built on SMS revenues such as SMSFun. Twitter has probably done their dash with doing SMS deals by now. There are some plug-and-play virtual item platforms now. Clip of the UGC Sale members make “pixel products&# or “virtual goods&# for other members and Twitter offers the platform for the trade. Customer Pays Twitter .

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Facebook Home – The Pursuit of Social WOW for Brands

Blue Focus Marketing

The First has many new features , perhaps the most exciting of which is the inclusion of the immersive new mobile platform Facebook Home. The Facebook Home platform aims to do just that. For brands hoping to remain vigilant in their community building efforts, the Facebook Home platform helps to remove several barriers to communication. Leave your family at the table. Features.

Top 10 Apps for Windows Phones


One of the few great Windows apps we’ve found that’s not ported from another platform, Musix Match is a lyric search system that gives you access to over five million songs. Input your details once, then send them quickly and easily via SMS or email to new contacts. Lyrics by MusixMatch. Price: Free. Download Lyrics by musiXmatch. Reflections. Price: Free. Handyscan.

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How To Have Value Added Conversations In Social Media

Social Media Network Marketing

We all hear about having conversations on Social Media platform. The medium could be phone like telecon, SMS and so on, it could be over net like GTalk, Yahoo chats, emails, Social Networking Sites and so on. We hear about have 'engaging' conversations. Involving humans to converse, share, comment, post and so on. Thereby creating better value added networking environment. Lets just step back and understand what is the meaning of conversation. The essence of conversation is broken down by the 'sending' and 'receiving' criteria. The reasons are plenty.

19 productivity and time management apps for 2016


This cross-platform app has been designed particularly for taking down notes, archiving documents/files, and organizing them. Todoist lets you collaborate and manage tasks both offline and online from over 15+ platforms. The app will do the reminding work by alerting you of all the upcoming tasks- and events via e-mails and SMS/text messages. And, rightly so! Basecamp. Dropbox.

[Case Study] Have you crossed the mobile threshold?


Assessing our technical environment and capabilities, we felt responsive design provided a mobile experience that was as ubiquitous as possible, spanning the greatest number of device classes and user types and doing it all without relying on a device detection platform. A data point from an SMS campaign was another trigger for our approach to responsive design. Contact us.