Facebook Open-Sources Surround 360 3-D 360-Degree Camera System

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Facebook introduced its Surround 360 3-D 360-degree camera system at its F8 global developers conference in April, and this week, the social network open-sourced its specifications. Readers: What are your thoughts on the open-sourcing of Surround 360?

Client solves Ecommerce for WordPress via Open Source

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One reason is simply that it’s a really good product which I can easily recommend – as part of research I played around with the alternatives and I can honestly say that I’d already decided to use Jigoshop to power a couple of future projects before working with them.

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Social Media On The Farm: Crisis Management, Market Research, Education And APIs

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Some farmers report that they are now getting more market intelligence from Twitter than from traditional sources such as the USDA. A group called Open Food is collaborating on an open source API to share data about food.

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Facebook Develops Custom 360-Degree Video Stabilization Technology

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Other announcements by the social network at @Scale included the open-sourcing of its Zstandard compression algorithm and the deployment of its MyRocks next-generation MySQL storage engine based on RocksDB. Facebook announced at its @Scale Conference 2016 in San Jose, Calif.,

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Why aren’t there more women in open source (and what are you gonna do about it?)

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I’m a big fan of open source and as a woman who mangles a line of code here and there, I’m constantly amazed when I see how few women there are working in the field. Instead it’s a celebration of some very cool women who work in open source right now and an invitation to you who might be thinking about working on an open source project, or making the choice to support open source projects and developers yourself.

OSSCamp Summer Edition

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OSS Camp is a platform for promoting Open Source Projects from India. Name Topic Abstract 1 Sonali Minocha MySQL Optimization 2 Kinshuk Sunil Open Source Game Development A look at Tools & Technologies facilitating Indie and Open Source Game Dev 3 Vishwajeet Singh Subversion 1.5 Home About In the Media Xtees.com – A Unique t-shirt selling hub YoMacha: India’s Hot or Not ? June 20, 2008.6:57

Hashtags, the Good the Bad, the Oh So Ugly

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It can’t be over-stated how important it is to research a hashtag before you use it and to give a little thought to what people may do with it once you unleash it on the world. Twitter Open Source (@TwitterOSS) March 18, 2014.

FamilySearch.org To Discuss Living/Dead Relationship Technology With New RootsTech Conference

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One of my favorite things to do is research my family history. In fact, I even have mockups from before Facebook was popular on a way to take my previous Open Source project, Jeans (the original platform for this blog, in fact - click to see my very first post!), open source Technology social network Internet Archive Hewlett Packard Brewster Kahle social Facebook phil windley Family history

45 Free or Super Cheap Tools for Creating Amazing Visual Content

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Researchers believe that around 65% of the population are visual learners, who are able to best process information that’s relayed in images, infographics and video. The world’s leading open source program for 3D visual content creation, this program is only as limited as your imagination.

Personal Learning for Learning Professionals - Using Web 2.0 Tools to Make Reading & Research More Effective

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Open Source eLearning. Tools to Make Reading & Research More Effective : eLearning Technology. tools to do a better job reading and researching topics. Reading & Researching Rough Definition of Use Cases. And, yes, its sharing your reading and research.

Access.is that our greatest asset?

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Ideas used to be controlled and protected however some of the most innovative companies are using open source a competitive advantage. Market research used to be owned by a function. Ownership has in the past been the main plan for business.

Wikipedia rules the waves

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Wikipedia has grown to be the number one source for students. In fact, many students will stop research and change topics if it’s not on Wikipedia. This infographic highlights how Wikipedia has revolutionized research and how it has become a reliable fountain of knowledge.

How to create mobile-friendly content with Google’s AMP


AMP is a Google-backed open-source project that launched last February as an open standard to make it easier for any publisher to have pages load quickly on mobile devices. Facebook allows users to open pages without leaving the Facebook environment.

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The Future of Twitter

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Source Triggertrap eport.) Source: Forbes.com). Twitter is an essential commodity that benefits the State Department, Open Source Intelligence (NSA, NRO, CIA, FBI), and Corporate Intelligence (NASDAQ, DOW, etc). Q: What about those of us who use it as a news source?

50 Amazing Mobile Marketing Statistics That Will Move You to Action

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Source: HubSpot ). Source: The International Telecommunications Union ). Source: Juniper Research ). Source: Nielson ). Source: Loyalty360 ). Source: Nielson ). Source: Akamai ). Source: Google ). Source: ElectroIQ ).

[INTERVIEW] How the University of Chester’s first-class social strategy gets them to the head of the class


What research do you do into the people you’re targeting, whose tastes will likely change each year? We work closely with our market research team, which has conducted a prospective student survey every six months since about 2013.

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Free Culture and Attention as Currency

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Most web assets from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Tumblr, Foursquare and a gazillion others appear to be free, opening floodgates of content, ranging from the genius of Wikipedia/ Ushahidi to the apparently innocuous LOLcats. ” With “openness” (coders, rejoice!)

21 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2014

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When it comes to paid tools for keyword research, SEMRush is pretty much the best of the best. For a sneak peek into how we approach our keyword research process from start to finish at Writtent, I recommend Keyword Strategy the Right Way.

The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools

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Here are nearly three dozen tools that can help grow your following, increase engagement, monitor brand and keyword mentions, benchmark competitors, research accounts, analyze sentiment, schedule tweets, and more. 4: The 14 Best Content Planning and Research Tools. #5:

The three skillsets of highly effective marketers

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It’s where research and behaviour data can go from numbers to a tangible advantage by being used creatively and produce something which markets itself to some extent. Marketing has evolved rapidly in the last few years to try to keep up with the digital world.

Building the Bambu Mobile App in React Native

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On top of all this, React Native is open source, allowing for it to grow and maintain a strong community of developers. In the course of our research, most teams we heard from were confident in their decision to use React Native. The open source community supporting React Native is also strong. This not only allows us to reduce maintenance going forward, it also opens up the number of engineers that can support and improve the app.

What the Future Holds for B2B Social Media Marketing


On the contrary, a lot of these companies have found social media to be extremely useful in generating leads, performing market research and establishing themselves as thought leaders. Another 49% said they used social networks to generate leads, 46% for customer feedback, 35% for advertising and 29% for market research. The company has two primary options for getting feedback from them: market research or social media.

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The Top #Nifty50 Women in Technology on Twitter for 2012

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This year, colleague Cheryl Burgess and I changed things up a bit, opening the award to nominations but focusing specifically on outstanding men and women who work for technology companies and are active on social media. A year ago, the #Nifty50 honored 50 remarkable men and women on Twitter.

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5 Examples of Inspired Checkout Processes That Bring Results

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According to research by the Baymard Institute, the average checkout flow has 5.08 Open source ecommerce platforms like PrestaShop have these clean and aesthetic one-page checkouts as plug and play modules, making a switchover to such layouts super simple.

Creating and Sharing Videos Online – Quick Guide

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From webcams and smartphones to RED cinematic cameras for motion pictures, the possibilities have never been more open. The cost of creating videos has dropped dramatically in recent years, leading to an explosion in the footage being shot and uploaded across the web.

Create a World-Class Online Community for Your Business


“We think that if you give [leaders in corporate social media use] a little more time, you won’t even have to do research,&# says Cecilia Edwards, Telligent’s senior director of strategy.

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The 23 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

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That said, however, it’s amazing how much can be done without spending any money—or even leaving whatever web page is currently open in your browser. Too many tabs open in Chrome? Sample reviews: “Suddenly find yourself with a zillion tabs open? Great for research.

7 Steps to Creating Million-Dollar Web Apps (And a Big Announcement)

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On the launch page I call it the premium WordPress plugin for bloggers who get it because once you understand the concept and how many doors this software is going to open, you’re going to see it’s an essential tool to have in your arsenal. Step #2: Market Research.

From Atoms To Bits To Atoms

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Putting aside the incredible resources and decades of research and development, red tape and more that needs to happen for commercial space travel, it's equally incredible to think about what it takes to build and engineer a commercial space craft. Anderson's latest book, Makers - The New Industrial Revolution ( Crown Business , October 2012) tells the amazing story of how 3-D printing coupled with open source design and the entrepreneurial spirit is beginning to take hold.

Content vs. Community: How Online Publishers Can Nurture Both


I think one of the core problems is that most content being produced simply repeats the latest trend or latest piece of research – it doesn’t examine or challenge as this piece does. It’s now a question of thought-leadership, and being the source of good texts.

5 Tips for Great Content Curation


If you pick up someone’s work and put it on your blog, or mention a fact without crediting the source, you’re not building shared credibility. Also your sources are part of your value, being able to find sources and content that others in your market don’t is key.

Interview With American Marketing Association CEO Russ Klein

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When you have a knowledge-based enterprise like the AMA competing in a world of open sourced innovation, a sharing economy, and lateral economies of scale, there are tremendous downward pressures on the costs of information. There''s a new dude in town.

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HOW TO: Properly Use Badges to Engage Customers


I find myself keeping gameday open on my laptop while I watch the game on TV, just so I have the opportunity to collect the badges. Join the conversation by adding Mashables Pete Cashmore to your Circles on Google+ Close Welcome to Mashable! Sign in with Facebook or Twitter to get started!

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Entrepreneurial resources

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Open Community Case Study – GoPlow


Brian believed they couldn’t do that until they had a open community website generating solid content. We can’t expect to have closed communities in a more open global environment. I think the openness of these sites only serves to contrast and illustrate the value of membership more.

5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics


Track your as well as your competitors’ Pages using the script, and the numbers will update each time you open the spreadsheet — easy! I have just started a new research campaign on the great tools to build off of and this is like walking into a Las Vegas casino and putting in a dollar in the first slot machine you see and the bells and whistles go off… JACKPOT!! Open Source Lists. Research Lists.

The Fifteen Classes of the Social Business Software Suite (Q4, 2010)


Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang Home About Speaking Research Media Contact Subscribe via RSS Connect with Jeremiah: twitter friendfeed linkedin flickr technorati Connect with Jeremiah on twitter A few years ago, critics said Blogging was a fad.

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What to Look For When Hiring a Community Manager


Another factor to consider is the type of brand (or campaign) you’re marketing — is your brand involved in awkward, sensitive or taboo subjects that should be addressed via open dialogue? Article Source: Hilton Barbour [.]

Making Data Relevant: The New Metrics for Social Marketing


12 of the Best WordPress Guides, Hacks and Plugins of 2010

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WordPress is no longer just the leading blog platform , but is now the most popular open-source CMS (content management system) as well. The English is broken but the list of free template sources, like Wp Mojo , eBlog Templates and ThemeLab is excellent.