A Blog is a Better Social Media Hub Than Twitter


If you’re relying on Twitter as your social media hub, you’re limiting your potential for impact and influence. Twitter is excellent for distribution , but if you’re going to communicate original ideas, you’ll need a blog (or something similar). The most influential people on Twitter are either already celebrities, create their own content, or both. Your blog can cater to a sub-group of your Twitter friends or a different audience altogether.

12 (of the) Best WordPress Guides and Plugin Reviews of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

JT Pedersen provides a short list of his favorite plugins for personal and corporate (non-ecommerce) blogs, including both popular favorites (the AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget, BackUpWordPress) and some interesting but lesser-known add-ons (Twitter Mentions as Comments, and WP Smush.it

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The Medium Is/Is Not The Message

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When social media took hold - the early days of Blogger and Movable Type - it changed everything for me. He then went on to help launch Twitter. movable type. twitter. Finding the right place to get your content to resonate has never been easier. Still, finding the right place for your content to resonate has never been harder. Let's go back. Let's go way back.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Hawaiian Relaxation & More


Ranting and deciding something about Twitter. 8 business lessons learned from using Twitter. 6 tools to cartoon yourself for Facebook and Twitter. 25 Twitter backgrounds of famous bloggers. How I will add 1,000 Twitter followers this year. Is Movable Type’s new dashboard too similar to WordPress ?

Turned six months old & Freed.in

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Last Week OSS Camp was a great success and I made some new friends out there Kinshuk , Pratham Kalia , Kurund , Ravi Shankar , Vineet and more… Ann & Jeremy have written insightful posts on Twitter tips for Marketers. Update : Just noticed that Gurunandan Bhat has a presentation on Using Movable Type 4.0

Dear Blog Comment Spammer: I Think Your Comment Spam Tool is Broken

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The information processing view of humanity

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Blogs and more instantaneous tools such as Twitter both provide us with far broader inputs than we had before, and also a ready output for what we have processed from these vast information inputs. Captcha: Type the characters you see in the picture above. About Ross Dawson.

Why Google Loves WordPress | Bare Feet Blog

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I often get asked which blogging platform I recommend, combined with “what about Blogger, Squarespace, Movable Type, etc?&# at the Rotary Club of Honolulu Sunset May 28-30: Social Media Skills for Musicians: Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, & Podcasting at the N?

Micro Persuasion: Turn Gmail Into Your Personal Nerve Center

Buzz Marketing for Technology

How to get real-time news updates in Gmail (Gmail+ Google Talk + Twitter). Further, I have become a fan of Twitter - a micro blogging tool which you can control using Google Talk and other IM clients. Some enterprising folks have taken data feeds from the BBC and CNN and ported them to Twitter. So, as long as you have Gmail open, Twitter will IM you the latest news when it hits. This works if you blog on Blogger, Wordpress, Moveable Type or TypePad.

278: Evolve Don’t Revolve Your Blogging


People sharing their stories, sharing their experience, disagreeing, and encouraging, those types of things have really improved the content that I was creating. She puts it on Twitter 15 times in the first month. These types of things, many of us get petrified by these things.