Best YouTube Name Generator


Whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist, have a large cookbook, or want to showcase your technical knowledge with computers, YouTube is a great opportunity for your business to bloom. Fortunately for you, we compiled a compelling list of the best YouTube name generators you can find online.

Using YouTube for B2B


YouTube reigns over online video sharing. With the ability to transform a mere Canadian child – Justin Bieber – into a worldwide household name, YouTube carries sizable clout in the modern world. YouTube will even help you to generate new leads.

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Social Media Trends, Prospects, and Challenges in India


It’s a network of very talented people who possess great knowledge of social media in their local context – one of them being Nishanth Krish from India who shares his insights into the social media trends, prospects and challenges in India right now. Focus on Social Mobile.

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Social Networks See Majority of Traffic Coming From Mobile

The Realtime Report

Mobile is accounting for a huge portion of social networking use; for newer platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Vine, use is “almost exclusively mobile.” LinkedIn and Tumblr are the only two social networks seeing more desktop use than mobile.

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9 YouTube stats to inform your marketing strategy in 2019

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When YouTube first arrived in 2005, few likely had any idea how valuable it would become. By 2010, YouTube was generating more than two billion views each day. billion active users on YouTube. billion active monthly users logging into YouTube. YouTube

With IGTV, Instagram is Becoming Television for the Mobile Generation

Buffer Social

Five years ago, an Instagram product that focused purely on longer-form, mobile videoes may have been met with skepticism. News and TrendsThe way we consume content has always been driven by technology. In the early 20th century, cinema was the clear leader, with 65 percent of the U.S.

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The Content Marketing Trend Literally Worth Watching

Convince & Convert

But I figured, “jeez, maybe I should put my content marketing trend prediction not just in the articles, slideshares, and ebooks of others, but on my own blog!” The 2016 Content Marketing Trend is Low-Res Video. Rise of mobile video, per Nielsen.

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Digital Marketing Trends you NEED to Know About


If there’s one thing you can count in when it comes to digital marketing trends it is change. Here are 7 quick digital marketing trends that you should be thinking about right now. With #Mobilegeddon now past, you could have seen a change in your website’s ranking on mobile devices.

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The Mobile Imperative

Twist Image

There's a sad truth about mobile, but I don't want to hear it. Making things even more complex are the telco companies who are still charging confusing fee structures for mobile data. How long will mobile ubiquity take? mobile. mobile app. mobile data.

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themarketingblog@wordpress on Mobile

The Marketing Blog

16 am themarketingblog@wordpress on Mobile Jump to Comments There was a time when mobile version of a website used to be a rarity. The trend appears to have changed now and today’s development-teams have to consider the compatibility of their website/blog with mobile phones. The process of creating a mobile version of your site/blog is pretty easy and takes less than 2 minutes – thanks to a company called MoFuse.

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Is The Content Right On Your YouTube Ad?

Small Business Mavericks

One of the trends in online marketing is the increasing use of video. People just love to watch stuff, and as wireless services expand and mobile devices multiply they will be watching more stuff in the year to come. Helena Clark’s recent Search Engine Watch post has some practical tips for getting the content right on YouTube ads. “ There are two types of ads available to us on YouTube: . Video Marketing adwords for video content YouTube

The Mobile Commerce Chicken And Egg Conundrum

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Beyond the riot police and YouTube filming of customer stampedes, fisticuffs and people behaving badly, these two days act as a key indicator as to how the holiday shopping season is going to roll out. For years, I've been on a "mobile-first" rant. In short: your mobile experience should be better than your desktop experience (think about Instagram , Snapchat , Tinder , Uber and beyond). The argument against mobile-first. Mobile continues to grow in marketshare.

The Best Tools for Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis and Trending Topics

Adam Sherk

To help with that, I’ve put together a list of the best options for keyword research, competitive analysis and monitoring search and social trends. Google Trends. Editorial teams like using Google Trends because there is no sign-up or login required. Search Trends.

Snapchat Attempts to Stay Relevant and Instagram Introduces Private Photo Collections | Social You Should Know

Ignite Social Media

Snapchat and Instagram have recently released new features, while YouTube expands live broadcasting to channels with 1K subscribers. YouTube Expanding Mobile Livestreaming. YouTube has expanded on this to encompass people with a smaller audience.

Personal branding trends to tap into on social media

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However, before you get too carried away, you should be aware of the following social media trends (and to some degree, expectations) — they’ll greatly impact how you’ll want to launch and run your personal brand campaign.

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Facebook Revamps Their Offers Section and Instagram Stories Gains Traction | Social You Should Know

Ignite Social Media

Facebook recently launched a new offers section, YouTube is rolling out some new non-video features and Instagram Stories is Snapchat’s new rival, all in this week’s Social You Should Know. YouTube Rolling Out New Non-Video Features.

3 Quick and Easy Short Video Tools for Mobile Animation

Socially Sorted

You can do it in many forms – the whole she-bang on YouTube, Facebook Live or short video on Instagram or Facebook. Adobe Spark has become one of the go-to short video tools for many small business owners to create visuals via desktop or mobile.

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Content Marketing in a Nutshell for Business

Pam Moore

Conversations, LinkedIn company page posts, LinkedIn video, YouTube videos, Instagram Stories, Instagram Posts, podcasts, live video streams, Facebook posts, Facebook messenger bots, Tweets, Instagram images, Snachat snaps, Facebook live video, iTunes podcasts, and the list goes on. Content.

The Most Impressive Trends In Digital Media

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Marketing nerds (like me), wait for Mary Meeker to deliver her annual Internet trends report. The Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers venture capitalist has been putting together these annual trends for a long while, and they are - without question - the definitive view on what''s happening online (and how this affects business). It should come as no surprise, that the biggest shifts are happening in two spaces: Mobile. Mobile usage and growth is very strong. mobile.

The Importance of Local Activation on Social Media: India


Statistics from Internet and Mobile Association Of India reveal the growing number of India’s population using social media. Unique Mobile Users: 590 million – a penetration rate of 46%. Mobile Internet Users: 159 million – 45% of all internet users.

The 5 Most Important Social Media Trends to Watch for in 2020


If you want to be successful on social media in 2020, you need to base your strategy on the latest real-word data and social media trends. This gave us multiple perspectives on the social trends that matter most in the year ahead. Top 5 social media trends for 2020.

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Video is The New King of Content Marketing


It’s not just the blue chips and consumer giants that need to get behind this trend; SMEs need to embrace the possibilities of video content marketing as well. YouTube racks up over one billion unique visitors a month. Video content is taking over.

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87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012

Webbiquity SMM

What will likely be the hot trends in social media over the next couple of years? Looking at five leading social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest), Fortune 100 company names are mentioned more than 10 million times per month. e-Strategy Trends ).

Wondering If Mobile Technology Kills Creativity

Ari Herzog

Over the last decade we have seen a rise in mobile technology and mobile applications like never before. At the same time, mobile apps have moved from apps of convenience ( satellite tv streaming , staying on top of sport scores , etc.) This is a guest blog post by Jordan Mendys.

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2018 Social Media Trends Report: 10 Key Insights Into the Present and Future of Social Media

Buffer Social

To succeed on social media, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve and understand the latest social media trends. Together with our State of Social 2018 report , we put together a comprehensive social media trends report. Top 10 social media trends to know for 2018.

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The Most In-Demand Skills of 2019 (According to LinkedIn), YouTube Advertising, Our Ultimate Facebook Engagement Guide, and More!

Buffer Social

Each week on the Science of Social Media we cover some of the most important trends, news, research, and insights in social media marketing. Part II: Why we’re bullish on YouTube advertising in 2019. Mobile App Development.

Best Video Editing Software for YouTube


. With the YouTube competition growing day by day, it’s becoming extremely difficult to choose the best video editing software for YouTube. Features to look for in video editing software for YouTube. . Best free video editing software for YouTube.

Where Social Media Is Headed in 2017: The Biggest Trends to Watch For

Buffer Social

So let’s take a look at some of social media’s biggest platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter) and discuss where they’re heading and what trends to look out for in 2017. Facebook is trying to be the go-to place for news and trending stories (aka, Twitter).

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5 Ways that Social Media Marketing Software Can Fail You

Pam Moore

Do you have an avid, engaged YouTube following and you need to stay on top of those comments? Platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook Groups can be a wildcard. . 5 Ways that Social Media Marketing Software Can Fail You.

9 Social Media Statistics Every Marketer Should Know


As marketers, it’s imperative to stay up to date on the latest trends and research in order to know how to adjust strategies or where to shift budgets. The top three most popular platforms among teens are YouTube (85 percent), Instagram (72 percent), and Snapchat (69 percent).

Kick-Start 2014 with Trends and Insights from Mitch Joel

Writtent Blog

Y ou say the mobile is the wa y of the future. And my theory is that it’s not about mobile or web, tvs, or tablets – it’s about the fact that screens are everywhere, they’re connected …[but] the only thing that matters is that the screen is in front of me.

Three New(ish) Trends In Digital Media

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Life after Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and YouTube ? Pushing this trend forward will be the increase in influence marketing. According to the Business Insider article, There Is Now A Socially Acceptable Way To Call Someone Ugly Or Attractive, And It's Sweeping College Campuses : "It's more or less a socially acceptable, mobile version of Hot or Not. What are some of the newer trends that have surprised you? digital media trends. mobile device.

3 Tough Questions About the Future of Social Video


This summer, Instagram launched IGTV, creating a dedicated hub for long-form video, while Facebook continues to invest in its YouTube challenger, Watch. Will Facebook ever approach YouTube’s level of discoverability? Social networks are doubling down on video.

5 Steps to Build a Rock Solid Personal Brand for Business in 2020 [podcast + FREE worksheet]

Pam Moore

Publish a new YouTube video. Record and post a short video story to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn. Personal branding can not be ignored in 2020. It is a foundation for anyone who has any sort of goals for their life and business.

20 Ways to Bust through the Digital Noise with a More Human, Relevant Brand

Pam Moore

Ready to launch a new podcast or YouTube video channel? Example would be targeting them on YouTube over the weekend while they are watching videos related to their favorite hobby.

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Defining Social Media Success, Objectives, Goals, and KPIs in a Nutshell

Pam Moore

Too many bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, live streamers and more spend their life touting how easy it is to make money using social media. Have you been spinning your wheels trying to utilize social media to grow your business?

Power of Trust and Intention in Earning Attention of Your Ideal Customer and Audience

Pam Moore

Digital marketers want us to watch their Facebook Live and YouTube videos, listen to their podcast, read their blog, follow them on Instagram, connect with them on LinkedIn, download their white papers and the list goes on.

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Humanize It: 10 Tips to Make Your Tweets More Human

Pam Moore

Provide your audience massive amounts of value via your tweets and content you create on other platforms such as your blog, YouTube channel? Are you speaking to your audience in a way that they understand? When you tweet do people listen? Do they take action?

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PR Trends 2010: Video

Proactive Report

YouTube is now the 2nd biggest search engines after Google. People search YouTube to find videos about the subject they’re interested in. There is no doubt that we’ve become a visual lot.

A Year in Review: Top 3 Social Media Themes of 2016

Ignite Social Media

While Periscope & YouTube Live have been available for a few years, live streaming really gained popularity this year. If you plan to implement this trend for your brand, we recommend taking a look at our Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Live Streaming first.

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