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Eight Common Facebook Issues And Steps To Resolve Them

SocMed Sean

Facebook Messenger Keeps Displaying a Notification of a New Message, But There Isn’t One. It’s a consistent issue on the Facebook mobile app. These often go missed, so the notification should disappear when you clear them. From there, just clear the notification as normal. A privacy restriction can also block a post.

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How to Use TikTok on Desktop (PC or Mac)


TikTok is best known as a mobile app, but the platform’s desktop version includes many of the same features on a larger screen (and significantly less neck pain). TikTok’s desktop version works similarly to the mobile version, but because desktops have more real estate to work with, you can see more of TikTok’s features via a single screen.

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How do I deactivate my Snapchat account in 2022?

SocMed Sean

This way you can reduce the number of notification messages you receive from Snapchat but continue to use Snapchat’s core functionality. Deactivating Snapchat notifications without deactivating Snapchat. You can turn off Snapchat notifications on your phone while still being able to use all of Snapchat’s other features.

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Social Media News Ticker: Twitter Launches New Profile Design and Buys Android App Cover

The Realtime Report

Facebook tests new privacy tweaks – Facebook is in the process of rolling out “slight tweaks” to its privacy settings, including updates to the drop-down menu that lets users choose who can see each post, and short privacy surveys to learn what features users aren’t comfortable with (re/code).

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How Privacy Breach Notification Law Affects Your Blog


If so, do you have professional practices in place to ensure the protection of that information and the privacy of your customers? Then ask not for whom the bell tolls, as it tolls for you—Privacy Breach Notification Laws are here. New Zealand is set to overhaul its privacy laws through the course of 2012 and beyond.

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WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy Change & What It Means For Brands


If you’ve not gotten the notification yet or simply clicked Agree without reading, here’s some news, WhatsApp is changing its terms and privacy policy. Interestingly, Facebook plans on launching its own mobile ad network. Watch this space for more news on what the new privacy policy means for brands.

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LinkedIn: Difference Between “Share an article, photo, or update” vs. “Write an article”


You can manage your Twitter settings from the Profile section of your Privacy & Settings. BUT it also sends a notification to your connections to let them know about your new post! Connections get a little red number next to “Notifications” for a new post. It’s nearly identical to the mobile app’s Me section.

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