Leveraging Twitter: From Tools to Tweetchats

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Best Twitter Guides, Tips and Tools of 2010

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As adoption skyrockets, marketers are striving to optimize their use of the world’s most popular microblogging platform. Which are the most helpful third-party tools for Twitter? Twitter Tools. 20 Top Twitter Monitoring and Analytics Tools by Pamorama.

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20+ Cool Social Media and Web Tools

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How about a real-time search tool to see what’s being said about your company or any topic of interest right now? You’ll find all of this and more in this collection of tools and reviews of some of the coolest free or low-cost social media monitoring and web tools so far this year.

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What’s the Best Social Media Monitoring Tool? It Depends

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A simple tool like Google Alerts would pick up most stray citations. The explosion of social media has led to a corresponding need for more sophisticated monitoring tools that can crawl the hundreds of social networking and bookmarking sites and millions of blogs across the globe. A rapidly proliferating collection of tools are being developed to meet the need. blogs, microblogging sites, social networks, etc.).

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Twitter Lists Are Life Changing, Threaten Yammer & Others


Of course this would lead to more complex features (or maybe a professional features superset that Twitter could sell) like list management tools, list invites, public and private lists, etc.

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Most Twitter users don’t tweet-Is that a problem?

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It’s actually good news for them and those of us that use ALL aspects of Twitter that contribute to it being one of our primary tools for: Networking. Tags: Twitter microblogging

Businesses Use Vine as a Creative Marketing Tool


The popular mobile app Vine created a new genre in social media called video microblogging. Vine is great tool for stop-motion capture videos because its pause recording feature is easy to use. Guest post by Amy Winters, who just graduated with a degree in marketing.

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50 (of the) Best Twitter Guides, Stats, Tips and Tools of 2010 (So Far)

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71% of business users now say Twitter is a useful tool, up from 59% a year ago. Which tools are most helpful? You’ll find the answers to these questions and many more here in 50 of the best Twitter tools, posts, how-to guides and rants of 2010 so far.

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A Review of Google Social Media Tools


When asked about Google social media tools, the average person will immediately mention Google+. Google Buzz was a social networking, microblogging and messaging tool developed and integrated into Gmail so that users could share links, photos, videos and messages.

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Time-Saving Tools and Apps for Social Media Management


So without further ado, here are eight social media management tools and apps that will help you enhance productivity while cutting down time: 1. HootSuite is hands down the most commonly used tool for social media management by profits and non-profits alike. Raven Tools.

10 Social Media Tools To Help With Your Crowdsourcing Efforts

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

There have also been doctors that have used social networking tools, like Twitter, during surgery. Here are ten social media tools that can aid you with crowdsourcing: Twitter It is already being used for many crowdsourcing efforts. Good list, use most of the tools.

Facebook Notes- Thoughts

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It looks like a great tool for establishing thought leadership. Just imagining how this tool can be used by many CEOs to express their thoughts and establish tought leadership, not just that ideas can be invited and discussed as well. Tags: Digital Discover Digital Feature blogging facebook notes microblogging twitter A few days back I penned down some thoughts on facebook notes and while doing that I found facebook notes really useful.

The Lance Armstrong Effect

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But, in the world of the real-time Web, mobile devices, Twitter , Facebook updates, YouTube videos and the like, what once was a brand's most powerful tool to communicate directly with consumers, suddenly becomes its worst nightmare. Much has been said about Lance Armstrong lately. Not much has been said by Lance Armstrong, himself. It used to be easy to lay low, even if you were a celebrity.

Best Social PR Guides and Tips of 2010 (So Far)

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Read on to learn how social media is changing PR, how pitching bloggers is different from traditional media outreach, how to optimize press releases for search and online distribution, which tools should be in your social PR toolbox and more here in some of the best articles and blog posts on social PR of 2010 so far. Specifically, 89% said they turn to blogs for story research, 65% to social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and 52% to microblogging services such as Twitter.”

Tool for Social Media Network and Online Reputation Management

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Microblogs e.g. Twitter. Online Reputation Management comprises various elements. Together they start to form a complete picture and enable our stakeholder’s experience to percolate within the system. We understand that there's a high degree of correlation between good customer / stakeholder experiences and their willingness to associate with the same organization, brand, product and service. The various points of influence are: • Traditional/mainstream websites.

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88% of Twitter Users Follow At Least One Brand

The Realtime Report

The highlights: 60% of Twitter users access the microblogging platform on mobile devices. According to Bain, Twitter’s marketing tools have so far seen “not only incredible engagement” but have also led to “even better outcomes.”

How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

As you bring out in the post, there are many methods of broadcasting, sharing, engaging with customers on this platform, with lots of tools available to configure however you like. Very thorough and great for usage as a training tool.

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Monitoring What Others Are Saying About Your Organization


Tools to Monitor Your Brand and Your Competitor’s Brand. There are a lot of great apps out there, both low and high in price, with which you can monitor major social media platforms, blogs, news sites, articles, microblogs, TV and radio—and some even print.

How can multiple people use one Twitter account? | Shuaism

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Home About eBooks Social Media and Internet Marketing Speaking Twitter Says You Are Here: Home » Microblogging , Social Media , Strategy , twitter » How can multiple people use one Twitter account? Written on January 18, 2010 by Josh Peters in Microblogging , Social Media , Strategy , twitter 1 Comment - Leave a comment!

Twitter Business Guide

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The microblogging site that allows you to update in no more than 140 characters at at time is deceptively complex and nuanced - especially for a newcomer. Twitter Business Guide As with any tool or platform, this should be seen as just that.

StumbleUpon Etiquette Guide and Best Practices

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

I’ve personally found StumbleUpon to be a great tool to find good and exciting content, and I’ve even made some friends through the “toolbar.&# Do you know of any tools for businesses, or even individuals who experience the same issue?

50+ ways to search Twitter

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However, having the right tools sure helps a lot.

PLEASE Don’t Visit My Google+ Page! Here’s Why.

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Its functionality lies somewhere between Facebook and Twitter as a microblogging service that also allows permission controls over who can and can’t see your updates.

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Everything You Need To Know About Social Media


Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « 4 Tips To Start a Blog Big Mashable Social Media Meetup in Antwerp » Everything You Need To Know About Social Media Posted by Anne Herngaard Jun 24th, 2010 Tweet We have stumbled across this useful resource made by the Candadian marketing company Eloqua.

57 Social Media Policy Examples and Resources

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Use of social networking, microblogs and other third party websites. Policy Tool for Social Media. Over time I’ve found myself doing more and more foundational work for organizations looking to dip their toes into social media. One of the key elements of this work, in my opinion, is creating a social media policy that fits well with the organization’s goals, culture and risk tolerance. But where to start?

Social Media and the Contact Center for Dummies (Wiley)

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One of the biggest challenges for organizations today is managing the flow of information about their brands, products, and services that occurs in social media channels, including microblogs (such as Twitter), social networking sites (such as Facebook), blogs, and online forums.

How to Write a Social Media Policy for Your Company


A social media policy is a crucial tool for any organization that uses social media. In fact, it’s a crucial tool even if your organization doesn’t use social media. and “microblogs.”).

Journalist Social Media Usage Increases, Concerns About.

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A similar difference exists for microblogging sites like Twitter. Newspaper journalists were the most likely to report using no social media tools (21%).

How to Create Effective Social Media Guidelines for Your Business


It may include etiquette tips , helpful tools, and links to important resources. Social media guidelines should provide them with the tools they need to engage positively, respectfully, and inclusively. WhatsApp, Messenger), microblogging networks (i.e.

Automatization of Digital Marketing with the Help of Services

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Microblogging subscribers trust their publications more, which has a positive effect on the conversion into a purchase for advertisers. It is a different level of marketing, which is already used by large companies and now such a tool becomes available even for microbusiness.

Top 20 iPhone Apps for Bloggers


You’ll find it’s an awesome tool for organizing your digital life. If PayPal is the official financial service of bloggers, Twitter is the official microblogging service. In fact, it’s not a microblogging service anymore. A useful tool for getting the latest news from your favorite sites and blogs, which you can use as a reference for blog posts, new ideas and outbound links. Blogging Tools and Services

Book Review: Social Media Marketing

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As she notes in her introduction, Li’s book is organized around four main themes: Research: start by using search and social media monitoring tools to discover where your customers and prospects are congregating.

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Social Media for the Boardroom

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It all starts with the Pulse Report that Chevron had produced by Edelman (their PR firm) using their Alterian’s SM2 social media monitoring tool.

Mapping the Social Internet – what part of the world is the most.


According to the article, blogging is a vehicle for keeping in touch with family and friends and probably not seen as much as a broadcasting tool like we do in the western world.

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Social Media Ostriches – The Corporate Hypocrisy Of Blocking Employee Access To Facebook and Twitter

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Flash forward to 2009, when every company realizes that email and Internet access are key tools for most back-office employees in the company to do their job. In some cases, you don’t have to invent the tool that makes the change, you just need to determine how to make it work for you.

7 Important Steps to Great Business Communication


Enterprise 2.0 Success is About the Players, Not the Field

Social Media Strategery

Over the last few years, I’ve seen dozens of failed wikis, blogs, microblog platforms, forums, and idea management deployments, and I’m sure I’ll see many more. There are numerous conversations among senior leadership about how to mitigate the risks of your employees using the tools “as a dating service,” to “goof around,” to complain about everything, or editing things they don’t know anything about.

Improve Organizational Efficiency via Social Media-Part I


Drive for Show, Putt for Dough – a Lesson for Enterprise 2.0 Platforms

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implementation – be it a wiki, a blogging platform, discussion forums, microblogging, or Sharepoint – fail miserably because they forgot to focus on the fundamentals. I can’t wait to get them using all of these cool tools too!

Measuring the Impact of Social Media in B2B Marketing

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Microblogging (i.e., Few marketers say that they can measure the impact of social activity on sales lead productivity&# reinforce the value of social media as more of a PR-like tool than a direct marketing channel.

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It’s 2AM, Do You Know Where Your Organizational Information Is??

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no blogs, wikis, microblogs, etc…)? Are YOU embracing internal and external information tools that will allow your employees to share information more easily and provide customers with more ways to serve themselves or seek assistance? Tweet Sean R.

Enterprise 2.0 Isn’t About Social Business, It’s Just About Business

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” She went on to say that instead of talking about social media, social business, building communities and why your organization needs to use blogs, wikis, and microblogging, you should be talking about increasing sales, increasing productivity, and cutting costs. Paradoxically, sometimes the best way to implement social tools are to not refer to them as social tools. tools into the actual business. Last night, while flying home from the Enterprise 2.0

50+ ways to search Twitter | Shuaism

Josh S Peters

However, having the right tools sure helps a lot.