Track Your #Hashtags More Easily With HashAtIt

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There’s a new social search engine in town: says they can make it easy to combine all the metadata tags (those # symbols followed by a word or unspaced phrase) and look them up. This means any trend you want to follow on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter can be monitored on all sites at once. It’s got a user-friendly interface, and you can create #hashtag boards to embed on your sites for your own followers.

Everyone’s a curator now…

The Way of the Web

You can already do easy sharing to a number of those sites even via older phones and services – for Flickr and Youtube etc I tend to use the built-in service on the Nokia, but I know several others exist for publishing – just not for pulling it all back together).

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Are you designing for findability?


Twitter whitepaper pdf – they added metadata to help it come up in search, and it worked (despite it being a pdf – eww.) Whoe LOC team helps add metadata to online docs #uxredux. Jill MacNeice – Design for Findability: metadata, metrics and collaboration on

5 Essential SEO Tips For Magento Ecommerce Stores

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However, there is no harm in knowing about how SEO works on the Magento platform and what the CMS offers to make your ecommerce site search engine friendly. Do not use the same metadata for all pages. You should have a metadata that describes every product page differently.

What Associations Need to Know About Facebook’s API Changes


With this change, links will automatically populate from your site’s meta data and you will not be able to edit the title of the page/article, the description or the image. Changes to Facebook Metadata Customization.

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3 New Features to Help You Achieve Online Sales on Pinterest

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Product pins are pins that are mass-generated when a catalog has been uploaded to Pinterest and includes product information from metadata.

5 Must Haves for Every Good Blog Post


While there is a lot to say for skillfully curated content (entire SITES are built around skillfully curated content) if you’re trying to craft a good blog post, our professional say – make sure you’re sharing something new! Make sure you read about the importance of metadata and SEO.

[DIGITAL TIPS] Combining SEO And PPC To Advance Your Marketing Strategy

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SEO or PPC The SEO is the process of increasing your site’s ranking in search results for specific keywords and high-quality content. Essentially, Google is driving inexpensive traffic to the site because it recognizes that the content fulfills the needs of those searching for it.

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#HashAtIt: Now You Can Search Hashtags Over Multiple Social Platforms

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Enter ; the site bills itself as “the first social media search engine that gives users a way to gather information on any metadata tags (#hashtags) from popular social networks.” The site features customizable #hashtag boards, created and tailored by users.

Is Twitter Media Studio Twitter’s Best Kept Secret?

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Choose from ‘visit site’ or ‘watch now’ and add a link. Add Metadata to your videos and images, this adds a description below your media when you Tweet it. You can add metadata to your media without Tweeting.

6 Ways Emerging Technologies Are Set to Change the Use of Social Media

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This is made possible by the use of metadata, which can recognize a face and then provide the details of a person from his or her social media profile. Have thoughts on how new technology might enhance (or hinder) our social media interactions on sites like Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks? Today’s guest post comes from Maria Jones, an expert consultant on emerging technologies.

Fluency of Culture, Not Language, Is Key to Winning Big in Global Online Markets

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This strategy delivers incremental traffic to a brand’s translated global site, which is a key to its success. The company replaced this English-language Open Graph metadata with Arabic content. The site’s homepage promotions didn’t “feel” like they’d been crafted by native copywriters.

[Cool Social Tools] IssueLab: To Unlock PDF Jail, Share What You Know


We realized this was a problem 10 years ago when we saw that customers of a website-development business we ran at the time were jettisoning valuable research from their sites to streamline their design and save money.

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Three Words That Will Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

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Three simple words (OK…one of them is a acronym but you know what I mean): Crunch Cache CDN If you aren’t crunching and caching your images and storing them on a Content Delivery Networks (CDN), you aren’t getting the absolute most speed out of your site.

Building a New Kind of Cruise Community

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I love to cruise, but it’s frustrating that there’s no site or app to help me discover the wide assortment of cruises that are a good match for my travel style and budget – and to help me book the right voyage to the right destinations. Most travel ecommerce sites are old school with big toll-free numbers plastered everywhere and butt-ugly web pages crammed with banner ads and deals-deals-deals. Guest Post by J.D. Lasica.

10 Things Google will Love About Your Website you Probably Don’t Have


Keywords are the terms Google picks out in queries and runs through their algorithm to find sites that relate to those words. But site rankings are not built by keywords alone! Google also rewards sites that make it easy for their search engine spiders to do their job. The key to getting a high ranking on search engine result pages is to prove to Google that your site is the best one for a given keyword set. Site Audit. Site Speed.

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Types Of HTML 5 Content | Small Business Mavericks

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fully entrenched and almost every website these days taking on social features, these content categories will likely become more widely used as HTML 5 makes it easier for web developers to incorporate them into their site designs. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site.

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The Complete Guide to Social Media Video Specs in 2020


Tips: If the camera you recorded your video on automatically includes 360 video metadata with the video file, you can upload the video like you would any other video. A List of Free Stock Video Sites for Social Media.

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11 best social media listening tools


The mentions tracked via the Synthesio Social Listening Platform are enriched with robust metadata about the content, author, and tone. The tool searches for mentions of your brand across all social networks, blog articles, and reviews sites.

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WordPress 3.6 is now available

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As always, we’d recommend backing up your site before starting any upgrade procedure, which is a process we undertake for many of our clients. Developers also benefit from a new audio/video API with access to metadata like ID3 tags, HTML5 markup for more elements, better filters for revisions, and a long list of additional changes. We’ve already updated this site to 3.6 and some other test sites, and haven’t experienced any substantial problems.

50 Ways Marketers use Social Media to Improve Their Marketing

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Learn how tagging and other metadata improve your ability to search and measure the spread of information. Don’t forget early social sites like Yahoogroups and Craigslist. Turn your blog into a mobile blog site with Mofuse. Then, mash it against competitors’ sites.

Twitter and Facebook Both Quietly Kill RSS, Completely

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The link to the RSS in the profile page metadata (ie. It would seem that Facebook has again removed the ability to subscribe via RSS on Pages, completely removing any ability to subscribe via RSS on the site (also in favor of their proprietary Graph API).

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Old-Fashioned Organic SEO Wins the Day After Google Penguin Update

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After all, who cares about your site if no one can find it? You know, when we search, we want to see a real business or a real answer, not some spam site trying to sell us crap or embed a virus on our computer! Most sites start at a 0-2 ( Google loves WordPress! )

Pinterest for Business: How to Get Started & Be Successful

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From there you may confirm your site. When you click confirm site, you will receive your tag. Wondering whether or not your site is confirmed? Rich Pins show metadata right on the Pin itself, giving Pinners a richer experience and increasing engagement.

Toward a New Knowledge Society

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We support embeds from Youtube, Google Videos, BlipTV, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Viddler, Yahoo Videos and several other approved sites only. content author, publisher, classifier) Distributed metadata â?? metadata models â?? analogy: personal information [link] Slide 36: Metadata Slide 37: What Will We See? (beta). My Slidespace. Upload. Community. Widgets. Latest. |. Most Viewed. |. Most Embedded. |. Featured. |. Most Favorited. |. Most Downloaded. |.

Optimise Your Blog with Google Search Console: A Treasure Trove of Traffic


Whereas Google Analytics tells you how your users reached your site, the Google Search Console tells you how the Googlebot sees your site. Adding Your Site in Google Search Console. Google needs to know that you are the site’s owner, webmaster, or authorised user.

So You Want Traffic? This Is NOT Gonna Help


You stuff your metadata with keywords. You must know which keywords get you traffic, analyze the sites that bring your traffic (it could be your comment or a killer guest post) and so on. This is a guest post by Jane Sheeba. Is your blog traffic THIS empty? Photo by Jason Hines ).

This Week in Social Media – 6/12/2013

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What''s prompting users to spend more time on social sites in Australia ? Now, most of this is purported to be more innocuous metadata, such as frequency of calls, numbers dialed, countries, etc. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

Detecting Deception in Social Media

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A third step is to allow users to blacklist a site altogether; once you know it's not what you're looking for, there's no need to rely on the spam-scoring engine. Consider the source (site) Where was the data posted? What do you know about the site? Is it a content-scraping site?

How to Promote Your Content Across Owned, Earned, and Paid Media

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Incidentally, it’s a good idea to add Twitter Card and Facebook OGP metadata to that page. As far as efficacy, these can very from “Oh, that’s nice,” to driving site-crashing levels of traffic and corresponding increases in sales.

With the New Design, Twitter Kills RSS, Literally

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The debate lies with the fact that more and more people are starting to use Twitter, Twitter lists, Facebook, and other social means to just get the news from the streams they follow on these sites rather than typical RSS Readers like Google Reader.

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How to Optimize Your Content for Authorship Success


Convince and Convert suggests that the sweet spot of curation (non self-promotional) vs. self-promotional linking to your site 25-50% of the time generates the best results. Metadata on Twitter. To set up your Twitter card, add a few lines of HTML to the backend of your site, and voila!

3 Tools For Managing a Killer Multi-Author Blog

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On Social Fresh we create author pages, allow them a link back to their site, and prominently feature Twitter follow buttons for them above each article. Links – Can they link out to any site? Jason Keath is CEO of Social Fresh, a social media education company.

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Solarmovie Alternatives


The rise of Netflix and other paid services have coincided with the shortage of free movie streaming sites that offer quality content. Few free online streaming sites can match the amount of content or the organization of the Solarmovie platform. Related: 10 Best Sites Like FMovies.

Traffic Technique 6: Backlinks


Without links between sites, the web would be a lot less of a “web”—it would probably be a strange collection of isolated pages. That wouldn’t be much help, because we’d have no way of moving between those pages—either on our sites, or between sites.

12 kinds of Knowledge Workers

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From my home site upper left corner link to Organica which has found some sites that link to me, and how recently. They provide a sociality-driven incentive for bloggers to apply metadata tags to their posts. Metadata has never been more fun!". Well, thats perhaps an exaggeration, but Im personally much more interested in metadata that means something for people other than me. How many are in Blogdex or the other community sites?

6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Blog


Use Snappy Social Metadata . It’s really important that you include OpenGraph tags in the metadata of all your posts. There are plugins that can help you do this, such as WPSSO , which allow you to determine how links look when they are shared on social media sites.

How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO: an Easy-Peasy Guide

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While the exact details of Google’s algorithm are top-secret, many SEO xperts believe that websites with a high bounce rate – defined as a visitor leaving without visiting a second page on the site – are heavily penalized. Add Metadata.

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eLearning & Deliberative Moments: The present and future of Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

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PLEs are meant to simplify managing these artefacts, creating meaning through aggregation, linking and metadata tagging (eg comments, keywords). On the other hand, in Europe more sites use inhouse and open source implementations (Vuorikari, 2003). eLearning & Deliberative Moments.

Measuring Engagement

Proactive Report

Feedback (via the site). Social media sharing / participation (activity on key social media sites, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc). Tagging (user-generated metadata). Time spent on site (by source / by entry page). How many of these do you offer on your site?

Blog Content Strategy 101


Content strategy might seem like the domain of giant content sites and big-brand online publishers. A content strategy is a plan that helps your users achieve their goals, and helps you to achieve your own goals, through your web site’s content. Content strategy treats content as an asset that can be used, or combined with other informational or interactive tools, to help users achieve their aims on your site.

3 Tools For Managing a Killer Multi-Author Blog

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On Social Fresh we create author pages, allow them a link back to their site, and prominently feature Twitter follow buttons for them above each article. Links – Can they link out to any site? Jason Keath is CEO of Social Fresh, a social media education company.

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Measuring Engagement

Proactive Report

Feedback (via the site). Social media sharing / participation (activity on key social media sites, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc). Tagging (user-generated metadata). Time spent on site (by source / by entry page). How many of these do you offer on your site?