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Want better results? Start with social testing

Sprout Social

Developing a test with statistical significance requires a large enough sample size (for example, testing a variable using 100 messages rather than 10) and a clear control. Sample 5-step social media test. This will be an A/B test where I compare image-based posts vs. metadata posts. A/B testing. Execute the test.

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How to Sell on Pinterest: 7 Simple Steps


Pinterest has made a sample spreadsheet available here. For example, you can generate Rich Pins, which use the metadata on your site to create standalone pins primed for discoverablity in search. Then, Pinterest will analyze your site’s metadata to make sure it syncs properly. You also need to host your data somewhere.

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Cryptocurrency should appeal to regulators

Buzz Marketing for Technology

“When you cut interest rates—whether it’s to increase spending or borrowing, or boost investment in equities or consumer confidence … whatever—you’ve got to wait a few months to randomly sample retailers and check in with banks, these types of things, to see how credit books have grown. And that means that your response to things are slow.

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The Complete Guide to Social Media Video Specs in 2020


Tips: If the camera you recorded your video on automatically includes 360 video metadata with the video file, you can upload the video like you would any other video. Audio specs: 2 channels, PCM or AAC codec, 192 minimum kbps, 16 or 24 bit only, 48 KHz sample rate. Recommended specs: MP4 or MOV, H.264

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The New Social Currency, a research from Social Listening to Audiences Analysis


Doing this is challenging, certainly if you are to attempt it manually, with limited samples, or using a listening tool that’s meant for top-line volumetrics. But Audiense simplifies much of this process, visualizing the user network and providing many ways-in to understand the people who are driving a certain conversation.

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Working with Social Media Data: Content

Net-Savvy Executive

The challenge is that the new media sources generate a lot more content, so you need to sample the data or automate the process to keep up. Finally, most content sources include hidden metadata, such as topic tags and author information, that adds context and clues for analysis.

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How to Trace an Email Back to Source IP Address


You can easily trace an email address only by looking at the email header as the header of the email contains email metadata and routing information. However, routing information and metadata are the things we never cared about while receiving a spam email. How to Trace an Email Address.

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