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Memes: Tips to Help Them Go Viral

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Many of them are memes—images or short videos combined with text that often depict a popular celebrity, figure, or phrase. Grumpy Cat , Bad Luck Brian , and Success Kid are all viral memes that have been remixed over and over again. Memes may seem like frivolous Internet fun, but they can be powerful viral marketing tools. Take The Walking Dead as an example.

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How To Use Memes to Promote Your Business

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A meme, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary , is “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.” ” Originally coined by evolutionary biologist and ethologist Richard Dawkins in the 1970s, a meme is something with which just about every member of a culture is familiar. For example, the simple act of swinging a hammer to drive in a nail would be considered a meme, or the way Bostonians pronounce the word “car.” Dissecting the meme. What makes a meme popular? Making Memes.

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Memejacking: How to Get Started Marketing with Memes

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Memes are one of those things. For most of us, memes are a trifling way to spend the day: a source of laughter or, albeit less frequently, inspiration. For marketers, memes may have come to represent something very different: an “in” with the “Internet culture” crowd. It would probably be useful to cover the basics first, such as: What’s a meme? Why Does It Work?

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Facebook Video and Facebook Live: The Future for Marketers

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Facebook video and Facebook Live are the two main products that will attract the most attention from marketers, but not before they identify a person (or animal, for that matter) with a robust following to participate in an engaging campaign across either platform. So what is Facebook video anyway? Paid distribution on Facebook is extraordinarily affordable for video at $0.85

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Seven Minutes To Viral Video Success

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Who would know better how to make an online video go viral than the person who is being paid to watch for trends on YouTube ? In this TED Talk , Allocca spends a little over seven minutes walking us all through the fascinating world of YouTube, viral videos and the longevity of a meme. Here's why videos go viral. memes. online video. viral video.

7 Ways the Sharpest Brands Are Using Videos to Engage Customers

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As brands worldwide realize how to use video for business, the focus has shifted from integrating video to developing visual content that’s truly engaging. The YouTube marketing specialists at Pixability recently conducted a major study of 200,000 branded videos on YouTube, and ultimately discovered that more than 50% had lunder 1,000 views. guest post Video brand content

Twitter Converts Vine Website Into Archive

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Twitter announced last October that it would discontinue looping-video application Vine , adding in December that Vine would be replaced by a pared-down app called Vine Camera. Jump into a classic meme , have a laugh or look up a profile. Vine may be gone , but Vines live on. That transition occurred Jan. Editor’s Picks. Playlists. from 2013 through 2017.

Five Steps to Create a Viral Video


I hear from my friends in the video content marketing business that they’re frequently asked to create a viral video. To tell the truth, you can’t actually create a viral video. You can create a video, and it may or may not go viral. But, there are a few things you can do to help your video go viral. Tie it into a major current event or meme.

Twitter Kit Adds Support for Vine Videos

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Developers using Twitter Kit can now seamlessly incorporate Vine videos into their applications. for Android, their apps will automatically expand Vine videos in their timelines and play loops just as they appear within Vine. He wrote: At the start of this year, we extended Twitter Kit’s media support with an enhanced video player , and we were delighted to see video and GIFs from Twitter bring the stories in your apps to life. Twitter Kit product manager Ben Ward announced in a blog post that once developers upgrade to v2.3 for iOS or v1.14.1

Twitter to Live-Stream ELEAGUE Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Semifinals, Championship

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Another day, another Twitter deal for live-streaming video , and this one is for eSports. In addition to the live streaming, the @EL Twitter account will offer real-time highlights, GIFs, memes, statistics, score updates, Periscope content featuring ELEAGUE on-air talent and behind-the-scenes footage with players. Twitter reached an agreement with ELEAGUE, a professional eSports organization formed by Turner Sports and WME | IMG , to provide live-streaming coverage of the semifinals and championship featuring Valve gaming title Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. ET Friday.

Speakin' Like Them

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The first one that struck me was this Promoted Tweet I saw when I clicked on the trending topic "International Talk Like a Pirate Day": The link takes you to a little YouTube video from Arby's: Okay, so it was perhaps a clumsy play on words - but it was cute and in the tongue-in-cheek style of humor that struck so many of our collective coworkers and online friends today. Here be t' link.

All About Internet Memes [Infographic] | pamorama


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact All About Internet Memes [Infographic] by Pam Dyer on August 31, 2010 Share Here’s an infographic by Online University that does a good job of describing Internet memes and the sites that host them. The infographic presents a great mix of some of the funniest, most popular memes in Internet history.

A More Elegant Question About Facebook

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These include: Video. Big, big steps away from news feeds, status updates, emoticons and a place to share our memes and pictures of food and cats. video. Facebook wants to connect everybody. . That was the plan when Mark Zuckerberg moved the online social network out of his college dorm room, and into a business/something more substantive. Whether he knew what Facebook would become is questionable, at best (who could know that Facebook would have the profound effect that it has had on our society?). At the time, Facebook was not a better mousetrap or something original.

Facebook Users Prefer to Share Funny, Inspiring Content (Infographic)

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Men and women both like to share funny videos and news content. By contrast baby boomers are most likely to share political content and least likely to share satirical news or memes. Facebook Infographics Baby Boomers daily active users DAUs Fractl Millennials News Photos Politics Referrals Shares VideosFractl surveyed 2,000 people about how they share content.

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The Internet Will Break Your Creative Block

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Pushing beyond memes, Buzzfeed and Upworthy. Look no further than your Twitter or Facebook feeds for hours and hours of animated GIFs, useless YouTube videos and Reddit randomness. memes. Writer''s block? Creative block? Can''t come up with something to create? Steven Pressfield hates the words "writer''s block." " He believes that we''re all just fighting the "resistance" to create something (writing, that new startup, a project, whatever). I believe that some days the creativity simply flows better than it does on other days. Be the infovore.

YouTube Tuesday: Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral for Smart Water


Today’s YouTube Tuesday video is the clever Jennifer Aniston Smart Water spot featuring nods to many popular viral videos and memes. Which memes would you have liked to see included in the video? Video URL: [link] ]. I think the Old Spice and Bed Intruder guys would have made great additions.

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5 Reasons Snackable Content is (Still) Awesome

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This social media content category might be composed of small, easy-to-consume chunks of information—think a tweet, or a Facebook video, or an Instagram meme—but it is nonetheless a mighty force for the good of your brand. By breaking an infographic, for example, into a series of memorable quotes and videos, you gain: A longer shelf life for content on social media. Puh-lease.

With 4 Days Before Blogger Social, I Bring You the 4×4 Meme

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Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Personal > With 4 Days Before Blogger Social, I Bring You the 4×4 Meme With 4 Days Before Blogger Social, I Bring You the 4×4 Meme by Tamar Weinberg on March 31, 2008 Share As I was traveling on my last of three conferences, Chris Kieff tagged me on the 4×4 meme that’s going around. The idea of this meme is somewhat like previous memes , but it’s four times full of fun. Then, you need to top it off by tagging four people. and Las Vegas.

Quiz: Social Media and Voice

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Naughty – cheeky funny, viral, memes. Online Communities social media funny videos voice Social Media & Voice: In the Attention Economy, if your content is boring (or at least not educational in some way) your engagement is going to suck. And if engagement sucks, social media pays it no never mind. Types of Voice: Educational – how tos, tips, etc. Competitions etc.

Sh*t Social Media People Say


The sh*t people say meme won’t die. Let’s take a look at some of the top videos about what “social media people” say. And that’s okay. People are saying some funny stuff. I may be guilty of saying a few of these things myself. Sh*t Social Media Experts Say. Sh*t A Social Media Community Manager Says. Sh*t Social Media Pros Say.

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Social Media Campaigns Kick-Off 2014 World Cup

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Memes will also play a large roll on the site; a new tool allows users to either design their own art or remix existing illustrations, and share them across different social media platforms. The campaign’s official video features global football sensation Lionel Messi, along with a new Kanye West track.

The Technology Part to Your Content Marketing Plan

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Meme Generator. If you’re looking to add some humor to your content mix, try using memes! Memes are a great way to entertain and engage your audience on social media, and you can create them easily with one of the many available meme generators. If you don’t have the budget to hire a creative agency to create animated videos for you, use GoAnimate! Feedly. Quora.

2015 Social Media Predictions

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A New Meme Will Backfire. Most recently, Bill Cosby’s team learned that a time when rape allegations are resurfacing and getting more media attention than ever is not really a great time to invite the public to meme you. There will be a request for a “ viral video.”. By Eleanor Pierce. It’s officially been snowing on much of the Arment Dietrich staff for weeks. All this?

Viral Videos, Internet Memes And The Value Of Online Anonymity.

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Funny Business: The Best Digital Marketing Humor, 2013 Edition

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One of the greatest aspects of being a marketer is that, in most professions, sitting around the office thinking up bad puns, penning snarky double entendres, or storyboarding cat videos would be considered goofing off. Thanks to the ‘What I really do’ meme, everyone gets a voice! In marketing, that’s called “work.” by Bit Rebels. 31 Jokes for NERDS!

4 Social Media Management Strategies for Mobile Consumers

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Give your audience an opportunity to share that inspirational quote, funny meme, or 20% discount code. Larry Kim , founder and CTO of WordStream, says, “Photos, infographics, memes, illustrations, and videos are just a few forms of visual content that are having a huge impact on the way people consume information. Videos can demonstrate how to finish a task.

How to Bring Humor to Community Management

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Following a hilarious video on improving your private life, in which the company introduces guru Fille Güte, Ikea Singapore took to Facebook to launch the Shelf Help Guru Contest. Although a seemingly simple idea, what makes this campaign shine is the clever use of memes and puns both in the Facebook post creative as well as the comments. Include a visual or video response.

Video: 2009 in Social Media


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Video: 2009 in Social Media by Pam Dyer on December 30, 2009 Share Rob Cottingham, of the “ Noise to Signal &# Web comic, produced this terrific 8-minute video retrospective of 2009 through the lens of social media. (It’s If you’re unable to see the video, you can watch it here.)

What Kind Of Content Do Buyers Love [Infographic]

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Retail sites with video content tend to increase conversion by up to 46%. Memes. Memes are a popular way to express humor through the art of parody. Memes with GIF content usually go viral on social media quickly, so don’t be afraid to use humor to your advantage. YouTube sees 100 hours of video uploaded every minute. Why is this so? Infographics.

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What you haven’t heard about Rebecca Black and “Friday&#

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Here’s some things you probably do not know about the second most discussed video ever uploaded to YouTube, the music video for "Friday" sung by Rebecca Black and created by Ark Music Factory. Before I talk about why the video became such a popular meme, the Ark Music Factory business plan and the knowing winks the editors inserted into the video, I’ll recap the history of the video. They advertise for musicians without original material, offering to provide them with a song, video, photo shoot and image consultation.

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6 Creative Social Media Tactics to Produce Better Content

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Showcase Your Personality With Images, GIFs & Memes. Memes. If you do stick to static media, sometimes a well-timed meme can help your content resonate with viewers. A meme is an image, video or phrase that sometimes has a hidden meaning about a popular culture reference. Additionally, most memes have short lifespans so move quickly. Happy Friday!

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The 20 Best New Social Media Tools to Try in 2017 (And How to Use Them)

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Here’s what a Product Hunter has to say: — From our recent State of Social Media survey, we found that 83% of marketers would like to create more video content if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget. The following are a few video creation tools to help you with that — some of them are free! Videos, images and stories made in minutes. Panda 5.

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Harambe Live: Secrets to blowing up your company’s social channels

Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla that became the biggest Internet meme of 2016, is now the subject of a tribute and viral marketing event. ” It’s a meme-heavy presentation that combines the two things Vincent is passionate about: social media and Harambe the gorilla. Meme that refuses to die comes to London as a marketing workshop. Register here.). 447751695005.

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101 Marketing Tools and Technology Tips for 2017

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You can upload several images to combine into one design and then share it on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as a GIF or a video. Create your own memes. Memes are everywhere, and online marketers are predominantly using them to entertain and engage their audience on social channels. Video Marketing and Live Streaming. Use Animato to create animated videos.

The Art of Visual Storytelling

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We’re still drawn to stories and storytellers today but the ability to reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people with visuals in the form of viral videos, GIFs, or memes. Adobe Spark – I’m a brand ambassador for Adobe Spark because I love using their app on my iPhone, iPad, and desktop to create fantastic graphics, animations, and even videos!

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Social Media: Tracking Its Exponential Growth [Stats, Video]


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Social Media: Tracking Its Exponential Growth [Stats, Video] by Pam Dyer on May 10, 2010 Share Many of you are probably familiar with Social Media Revolution , a fantastic video created last year by Erik Qualman that examined the explosion of social media onto the modern scene. You’d better. I love it.

How Nonprofit Pros Use Twitter


Be visual ; use properly sized images to grab attention and experiment with 30 second videos, such as interviews with staff, donors and volunteers — or a trailer for a longer video linking to your website. Don’t be so quick to jump onto trends and memes — they usually *aren’t* the right way to engage your community. This post originally appeared on Pitman.

Essential viral marketing tools

million downloads in its first four days and is one of the top viral videos on this week. Welcome to the Internet is a Facebook page that scrapes the Web for brand memes, enhancing your likelihood of getting shares. Here’s another topical resource, and perhaps a better one: , a site that aggregates viral content, whether it’s a video, image or text.

20 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for Storytelling

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Produce a long Facebook video. Perhaps you can consider videos if you have the resources and time. As Facebook videos can be up to 120 minutes long, they are great for longer stories. Furthermore, Facebook is tweaking its News Feed algorithm to prioritize longer videos that engage viewers. For example, we did a Facebook video for Thanksgiving last year. Instagram.

Why Alps Bethneck is 5 Years Old

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I was the creative director for a company doing online video and games. The constant parade of new verbs and nouns has been interesting: texting, “going viral,” mashups, memes, flashmobs, friending, unfriending, likes, retweets, crowdfunding, “add me,” rickrolling, circles, FollowFriday, hash tags, Pandora, Instagrams. Left Blank shared videos. Maybe.

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