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Marketing, Jacking and Mining Memes

Geoff Livingston

Image by MeMe. One bubbling trend in online marketing is meme marketing. Memes are ideas, behaviors or styles that spreads from person to person within a culture. Now guerrilla marketers and companies want to create their own memes. So right out of the gate, meme marketing seems to be a respun version of viral marketing to bamboozle companies into shelling out dollars.

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Bring Your Own Meme to the #LiftOff Book Giveaway

Waxing UnLyrical

Yesterday, I posted a challenge in the Social PR Posse group : to come up with your OWN quick meme and share it in the group. Once again, here it is: all you have to do is come up with your own take on a popular meme. Founder and publisher of Waxing UnLyrical, Shonali Burke helps smart businesses make bank by taking their communications from corporate codswallop to community cool™.

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Facebook Video and Facebook Live: The Future for Marketers

SocialTimes Facebook

Some industry experts say we are living in a post-dot-com age where “homeless media” is the future of content publishing. This rise of a new kind of publisher that doesn’t require a homepage or an application and syndicates content through social media and other channels is opening up a plethora of voices and content–think Arsenic TV, NowThis and BuzzFeed.

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Journalism Is Not Content Marketing

Twist Image

Once all of this research was gathered, these journalists would draft, write, edit (and, with the help of an editor) re-edit and toil away to make their works (once published) resonate. After writing for magazines and newspapers, I started publishing a few of them. This is where I started seeing the broader scope of media and publishing. publishing. I'm a rare breed.

Good News for Publishers: Facebook Continues to Reward High Quality Content


Earlier this week Facebook published a FYI update about more updates that they’ve been making (and are about to make) to what will show in users news feeds (thanks to Jen at FBAdslab for the tipoff). Facebook to Start Showing ‘Related Articles’ The next part of Facebook’s update this week is pretty interesting for us as publishers. Social Media

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The Changing State Of Blogs

Twist Image

meme that seems to be back in the public zeitgeist (the show will be published in the coming weeks). In the early days of blogging (I started Six Pixels of Separation in 2003), I defined blogs as a personal publishing platform that enabled anyone to write something, hit the publish button, and instantly have it distributed to the world for free (and fast). We would use independent RSS readers, web browser-based readers or email add-ons to have these pieces of content delivered to the reader, the moment that they were published by the writer. publisher.

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The Meme to End All Memes

Geoff Livingston

The anti-social media guru meme received a death wish from Shel Holtz last week. And we thought to ourselves why just stop with the anti-social media guru meme, there are so many rehashed tired conversations that could stand for a shorter shelf life. With that, this is the meme to end all memes! In any year there are only 175,000 titles published in the U.S.


With 4 Days Before Blogger Social, I Bring You the 4×4 Meme

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Personal > With 4 Days Before Blogger Social, I Bring You the 4×4 Meme With 4 Days Before Blogger Social, I Bring You the 4×4 Meme by Tamar Weinberg on March 31, 2008 Share As I was traveling on my last of three conferences, Chris Kieff tagged me on the 4×4 meme that’s going around. The idea of this meme is somewhat like previous memes , but it’s four times full of fun. Then, you need to top it off by tagging four people. and Las Vegas.

5 Reasons Snackable Content is (Still) Awesome

Visually SM

This social media content category might be composed of small, easy-to-consume chunks of information—think a tweet, or a Facebook video, or an Instagram meme—but it is nonetheless a mighty force for the good of your brand. If you’ve ever heard the expression “big things come in small packages,” you already know a little something about snackable content. Puh-lease.

Everyone Has Written a Book!

Geoff Livingston

This meme references the seemingly endless proliferation of social media books published. But in reality, the meme isn’t true. Having completed four books (two business published, two unpublished novels), these texts took almost three years to write… Before editing. Publishers figure the blogger can actually put in the effort necessary to succeed.

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The Technology Part to Your Content Marketing Plan

Razor Social

If we want to consistently publish well-performing content without spending all our time managing the process, we need something that will make our lives easier. Its robust capabilities, such as content analytics and social media publishing, make it more than just a content calendar tool. Meme Generator. If you’re looking to add some humor to your content mix, try using memes!

Are Podcasts Worth More Than An MBA?

Twist Image

There's this meme-like image that resurfaces every now and again online that features a quote from me. I was publishing music magazines, and had to make the tough choice of dropping out and moving forward as an entrepreneur. publisher. publishing. How you learn may not be as important as where you learn. The truth is, that I don't think it came from my mind (I may have stolen it), but I truly can't remember where I first heard it. I never graduated university. I started it. I did about a year. I dropped out. Candidly, I was never very good at school. I love books.

Watching Me Blog

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In the comments section, Peter Petrovski said: "Would love to read more about how you draft, write and publish posts." While the idea of tagging a blog post as a way to start a meme has all but died, I'd love to see people like Seth Godin , Chris Brogan , Amber Naslund , Jeff Jarvis , Mark W. blog meme. publishing. Blogs are one of the most valuable marketing tools ever created. I believe that. I don't just say it. I mean it by walking the talk. I started blogging in September 2003, and since then I have written almost three thousand posts. Only me. apple.

Facebook Users Prefer to Share Funny, Inspiring Content (Infographic)

SocialTimes Facebook

More than one-half of Facebook users log in multiple times per day and share content from third-party publishers at least once per week. By contrast baby boomers are most likely to share political content and least likely to share satirical news or memes. A report from content marketing agency Fractl provides some insights into what kinds of content people share on Facebook.

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5 Keys toward Creating a Killer Twitter Audit

agora pulse

Learn more about your publishing habits to better engage your followers. If this works for your brand, post GIFs and memes to your timeline to add humor to posts. Is it time for a Twitter audit? Probably so. While juggling other business demands, it’s easy to neglect your social media accounts. That’s why it’s important to conduct an assessment of your Twitter marketing efforts.

What Kind Of Content Do Buyers Love [Infographic]

Social Selling Masters

Publishers who use infographics tend to see a 12% increase in traffic than those who don’t. Memes. Memes are a popular way to express humor through the art of parody. Memes with GIF content usually go viral on social media quickly, so don’t be afraid to use humor to your advantage. When it comes to content, buyers tend to prefer visual content. Why is this so?

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8 Tools to Curate Content for Social Media

SocialFish This content curation tool will help you find, customize, and publish content on the web or social media in a zap. Finally, all you have to do is schedule the posts and publish it on any platform you like. Type a keyword in their search engine and find stories (relevant news, live events, popular campaigns, conversations, and even memes) worth sharing on the topic.

Harambe Live: Secrets to blowing up your company’s social channels

Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla that became the biggest Internet meme of 2016, is now the subject of a tribute and viral marketing event. Target audience: Businesses, brands, digital marketers, advertising agencies, SEO specialists, entrepreneurs, educators, journalists, Web publishers. Meme that refuses to die comes to London as a marketing workshop. Register here.).

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7 Warning Signs That Your Blog Needs Better Social Media Management


Inspirational quotes, memes and links – someone told them that these get the most likes so this is all they share everyday. When you’ve identified a few related (or competing) blogs that share great content, add them to Feedly so you can see when they publish new posts. There is no one way to do social media right, but there are a million ways to get it wrong. Boring! Good luck!

The 20 Best New Social Media Tools to Try in 2017 (And How to Use Them)

Buffer Social

Here’s what makes Rocketium so wonderful: You can choose to publish in different aspect ratios (portrait, landscape, and square) and Rocketium will automatically resize your captions for you! With its one-click meme feature, you can turn a video or a gif into your favorite meme in a blink of an eye. At the moment, only the “Deal With It” meme is available.

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Facebook News Feed Algorithm Changes: 5 Must-Reads


By Joe Lazauskas This week, the media world has been abuzz about Facebook’s early Christmas gift to publishers: Articles are being given a higher priority in its news feed algorithm, and publishers are seeing a serious increase in traffic. This week, Facebook announced more changes to its news feed algorithm. Read all about how these will affect your page in these must-reads.

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Facebook is Now the Leading Publisher of Web Display Ads


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Facebook is Now the Leading Publisher of Web Display Ads by Pam Dyer on May 18, 2010 Share Thanks to steady traffic growth and an ad-friendly redesign, Facebook’s ad impressions took off in the first quarter of 2010. According to comScore, it’s now the leading publisher of display ads in the U.S.

101 Marketing Tools and Technology Tips for 2017

Razor Social

Update the content, change the publish date, and re-release the post. Create your own memes. Memes are everywhere, and online marketers are predominantly using them to entertain and engage their audience on social channels. Memes are a great way to generate an immediate reaction from your followers, and you can create them easily with one of the many available meme generators.

Facebook’s Organic Reach Decline: How to Respond in 4 Steps


Then in a December, 2013 blog post , the company said it would begin to place more articles from publishers in the news feed and that it would favor “high quality articles” over “the latest meme” According to a Social@Ogilvy report that analyzed over 100 brand pages, Facebook organic reach was around 6% in February, 2014 — a decline of 49% from October.

Essential viral marketing tools

Target audience: Businesses, brands, digital marketers, advertising agencies, PR pros, SEO specialists, entrepreneurs, educators, journalists, Web publishers. Welcome to the Internet is a Facebook page that scrapes the Web for brand memes, enhancing your likelihood of getting shares. Hillary Clinton’s “Between 2 Ferns” interview got 9.2 With 2.6 With

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Facebook Audience Optimization: Better Engagement and Insights for Pages

Jon Loomer

When creating your post in the publisher, click the crosshairs icon to use this feature. Use trending memes and hashtags. The suggestion of trending memes surprises me a bit since Facebook at one time punished memes in the news feed. Provide better metrics to understand which groups of people engage and in what ways. Audience Restrictions. Audience Insights. Technology.

Why Alps Bethneck is 5 Years Old

Ari Herzog

The constant parade of new verbs and nouns has been interesting: texting, “going viral,” mashups, memes, flashmobs, friending, unfriending, likes, retweets, crowdfunding, “add me,” rickrolling, circles, FollowFriday, hash tags, Pandora, Instagrams. For writers and artists is it better to have an individual account or let the publisher/gallery/sales site handle it?

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Content Curation Strategies for Social Media Managers

Spin Sucks

You also have to decide on the content curation mix and type of posts you’d like to publish on your social accounts. Other tools such as Newsle help you find content published by influencers in your niche. Visual content tools such as Canva are of great use if you simply want to quickly create a pin for your Pinterest board or even a meme for Facebook.

Why Facebook Should Stop Judging Content Quality

Convince & Convert

TechCrunch put an article out on August 23, 2013 reporting that Facebook will soon begin to punish “LOLCats-style memes” in the Facebook newsfeed. Facebook believes memes are low quality, but did not explain why, and I completely disagree. Even though you interact with these memes, we’ll help you be more sophisticated by not showing them to you.” What do you think?

Meme 30

Five for Friday

Jeff Esposito

Pentagon Will Track Social Media Movements, Memes – earlier this week a lot of folks were creeped out that the government was tracking things on social media along with memes. If you look at the uprisings in the Middle East and how social media played a big part, it would be stupid of any government not to look at what the social generation is publishing free for anyone to see.

LinkedIn Etiquette: Are You Breaking The Rules?  

agora pulse

Links to your published articles, presentations or portfolio. Share this to save a puppy” style memes. Do: Use Agorapulse To Publish To LinkedIn. Managing all your social networks can be time consuming which is where the new publishing tool from Agorapulse comes in really handy. Like every social network, LinkedIn has its own official rules of conduct. Do Post These.

The Psychology of Change: How We React When Our Favorite Social Networks Shift

Buffer Social

And the memes started flowing. In 2014, researchers from Penn State and UC Irvine published a study on how users react to major changes on social networking sites. Instagram changed its logo on Wednesday, and as with almost any significant change to a popular social network, the internet was split. Some loved it. Others disliked it. And how do users react? Let’s find out.

Putting the Art in Article, Part I: Beginner Thou ART, Teach I Shall

Waxing UnLyrical

Memes and GIFs. Very loosely: * A meme is any image or set of images , usually taken from a movie or previously published content, with words over the top. Before you criticize me in the comments, I know this is not really a meme , but it is what everyone is calling it these days. * Guest Post by Alicia Lawrence. Image courtesy Alicia Lawrence, used with permission.

Meme 53

RIP Spammy Twitter Marketers (#RIPTwitter)

Geoff Livingston

A Twitter meme — #RIPTwitter — took the social network by storm over the weekend. The meme was so overpowering it caused founder and current CEO Jack Dorsey to make a statement and allay concerns: Hello Twitter! And it would force brands to invest in real conversations instead of simply publishing. The angst was inspired by this BuzzFeed post reporting the change.

Meme 22

The Significance of a Social Media Revolt: How Binders Full of Women Exploded

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Moreover this is an educated audience, with 81% of Facebook users having completed at least an associate’s degree, according to a study published in Mashable by And the Internet went crazy with Binders Full of Women memes, with and a Tumblr account with the same name displaying hundreds of images poking fun at Romney and his new catch phrase.

You Must Read This!

Twist Image

It turns out that we are a nation no longer interested in depth and discourse around the topics of the day, but would much prefer to share a meme that involves an obscure character from the cult classic film, The Princess Bride on Facebook than we are in sharing an article about the advancements in micro 3D printing that could lead to many massive implications in terms of both how we manufacture products and how we can improve healthcare. Is it any surprise that flashy headlines and fake celebrity death memes on Twitter get so much attention? online publisher. publishing.

Exclusive Interview with Adnan Ebrahim: Founder of “Top Gear for the Facebook Generation”, Car Throttle

Viper Chill

Car Memes, which he also owns, has 1.4 A few years ago it wasn’t uncommon for media publishers to be under Google’s thumb and rely on high rankings in SERPs, and then of course Panda and Penguin meant most of the scale-play, thin content sites took a huge hit. In 2013, memes worked. You could post a meme on Car memes and easily see a thousand likes in a few minutes.

Meme 44

Are You Missing out on These Facebook Business Page Tips?

Sprout Social

You can easily schedule Facebook posts through Sprout Social’s social media publishing tools. Additionally, Sprout offers its ViralPost publishing tool, which finds the best times in the day to post your content. Take the stress out of knowing the best time to publish and allow Viral Post to do the heavy lifting. With 1.09 Define Your Facebook Goals. Long Description.

4 Internet Marketing Trends That Every Marketer Should Know


The report says that internet publishers lost 21,8 bln dol. On the other hand those banners may be the only source of money for some publishers. The brands and publishers are wasting millions of dollars in ads that consumers don’t recall seeing and don’t remember. Banners were a huge step forward in the history of Internet Marketing. There are three reasons.

Everyone Can Now Create Twitter Moments: Here’s All You Need to Know

Buffer Social

Pull in your content and publish. Once you’re happy with the tweets in your Moment and the story you’re telling, it’s time to hit publish and share your Moment with the world. The ability to create Twitter Moments is being rolled out to all users. Twitter Moments enable users to stitch together multiple tweets into slideshow-like stories. Viewing and sharing Moments.