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17 Tweetchats for Social Media, Marketing and PR folks

Direct Marketing Observations

I thought I might condense it a bit and focus not only on Tweetchats that I was familiar with, but also those that would benefit the Social Media, Marketing and PR folks out there, and which also had solid participation as well. 2) #4change is a monthly tweetchat on how social media is helping to create change.

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Stories From Smaller Nonprofits: VolunteenNation

Diva Marketing Blog

Traditionally, December has been Diva Marketing's Holiday For Small Nonprofits Series. As The Fates would have it, just as I was feeling sad that I didn't have a nonprofit to share with you, once again social media came to the rescue. Read more Diva Marketing Stories From Small NonProfits Simon Bernstein.

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Entrepreneurs: Be Different

Jon Loomer

Understand that a portion of this relates specifically to my niche, social entrepreneurship or info marketing. Particularly in this info marketing world, I’m continuously confronted with strategies that make me feel uncomfortable. What did they share on social media? How did they use their websites?

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