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SMS Marketing Trumps Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

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A recent infographic by Mogreet , a leader in mobile video and MMS messaging, stacks up the usage and engagement of SMS & MMS mobile communication against social media’s top players Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. What does this mean for marketers? According to the infographic, 98% of all SMS and MMS messages are opened. Yes, you can see that now.

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Is SMS Marketing Still a Viable Strategy?

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

SMS, really? Experienced marketers will tell you that customers are much more likely to respond to campaigns that engage them on a personal level. The marketing strategy must be relevant and timely while meeting the customer’s individual needs. In terms of rate of response, the simple SMS dominates the market. Calls to Action’ are essential within marketing texts.

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7 Tips to Leverage the Power of SMS Marketing

Convince & Convert

Not all SMS marketing campaigns are created equal. There are some companies who fully integrate SMS marketing into their business strategy and others who see it as a side project. Given this, which company do you think will have a more successful marketing campaign? Create an SMS Marketing Team. Large SMS marketing campaigns aren’t DIY.

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Everything You Need to Know to Run a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign

Convince & Convert

Image via If you haven’t started looking for ways to add SMS text message marketing to your marketing mix, now is the time. One of the great things about SMS is that nearly 100% of all devices on the market are SMS enabled , making it the mobile channel that offers the widest reach possible. Have you tried using SMS yet in your business?

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Six Surefire Ways to Grow Your Business Using Text Marketing

Spin Sucks

However, many people don't seem to realize the power of text marketing. Sophorn Chhay shares ways to use text marketing to grow your business. The post Six Surefire Ways to Grow Your Business Using Text Marketing appeared first on Spin Sucks. Texting is not a new concept. Did you know 95 percent of all text messages are read within three minutes of being delivered?

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The Digital Marketing Streams Of 2013

Engaging Brand

Over the past couple years there’s been a huge increase in the amount of buzz surrounding certain types digital marketing. Companies are spending more money now on key digital marketing streams than ever before and it’s clear that this is only the beginning. Social Media Marketing. The goal with social media marketing is to engage with your customers instead of selling to them.

How To Start A Mobile Marketing Strategy

The Realtime Report

How To Start A Mobile Marketing Strategy. Have you considered mobile marketing as part of your advertising strategy? Here is how you can embark with a successful mobile marketing strategy. App Based Mobile Marketing. That is why you should certainly consider app-based mobile marketing. SMS Marketing. In-Game Marketing. QR Codes.

Google Acquires Twitter Assets Fabric, Crashlytics, Answers, Digits, Fastlane

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Other assets going from Twitter to Google are the Crashlytics crash-reporting platform, mobile app analytics tool Answers , SMS login system Digits and development automation system Fastlane. Fabric and Firebase operate mobile platforms with unique strengths in the market today. During the transition period, Digits, the SMS authentication services, will be maintained by Twitter. Google announced Wednesday that it acquired several technology assets from Twitter, most notably its Fabric mobile application development platform. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Marketing Automation, Set It and Forget It

Puzzle Marketer

This obviously allows you to match your customers with sales transactions, but more importantly for marketers it allows you the option of layering on a marketing automation system that can deliver targeted messages at the right time without continuous management by additional personnel. If you’re like many companies, you employ a marketing individual or team to collect your contacts information and execute campaigns in somewhat of a batch and blast situation. Marketing automation, what is it? Turn your marketing into a 24/7 sales generating machine.

8 Marketing Trends to Implement in Your 2012 Marketing Plan


What a year was 2011 for social media and marketing! I watched and experienced first-hand the marketing and social media landscape change, consolidate, focus, develop and evolve all at the same time. As I’ve said before, social media needs to be INTEGRATED into your overarching marketing plan. And other important marketing tactics must not be ignored either. Be real.

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The History of Marketing [Infographic]

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If you’re looking for a quick and easy Marketing 100 class then look no further than this great infographic created by HubSpot and designed by BlueGlass. Quick summary: It’s amazing to see how marketing has transformed over the years and even more impressive is the rate in which a single message is distributed instantly to millions or billions of people. SMS messaging on mobile phones gets introduced in 1992 and twenty years later is still at it’s infancy. Google launches in 1998 and launches paid search marketing through Adwords. Anyone? from 2011.

5 Tips for a Fantastic Marketing Conference

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I recently attended a marketing conference in Indianapolis, IN called Connections - “Inspire the Future” The event was put on by ExactTarget , an international email marketing service provider. The event pulled together 4,000 marketing clients and industry thought leaders all learning together. Content Marketing Email Marketing Online Advertising Social Media conference event event marketing keynotes live mobile sms speakers statisticsStart off by introducing the problem. Mostly likely your audience is in the same boat.

49 Tactics to Atomize Your Content Marketing

Convince & Convert

Content atomization (a term first coined by Todd Defen from SHIFT Communications) as defined in our workshop means: Content atomization = Taking a strong content marketing platform or theme, and executing it in many, strategically sound ways. For anyone serious about content marketing, I believe some form of atomization is a requirement, for three reasons: 1. SMS messages.

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45 Marketing Tools to Consider for 2017

Razor Social

What are the hottest marketing tools you should be using in 2017? This may not be the definitive list of all the best marketing tools out there, but it is the contents of our well-equipped toolbox, and it’s definitely worth your consideration. Marketing Automation. In just two years, marketing automation has grown from being a $500 million industry to a $1.2 billion one.

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Top Tools for Mobile Marketing


The world of mobile marketing has been in development for several years now and businesses of all stripes have “gone mobile”. The organizations that invest in mobile marketing are the ones who will see the most success. Okay, so you’re ready to launch a mobile marketing campaign for your nonprofit. And that includes nonprofits, membership associations and organizations.

The Mobile Imperative

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It's too small for most Marketers. " ) and get them to see mobile as a consumer platform instead of an advertising channel (or to think about mobile from a utilitarian marketing perspective). I often lament this moment in time as being one where us Marketers are trapped in media purgatory. This doesn't diminish or change what's happening for marketers in-market now.

Top 6 Rules of Digital Marketing: Learn from Matomy and Other Masters


It’s easy, in our web-dependent world, to think that—especially if we’ve been doing this awhile—we know all there is to know about digital marketing. Without further ado, here are today’s top 6 rules of digital marketing. In fact, with so much of your competition concentrating on SMS, now is the best time to make sure that your emails (and list) are greater than they have ever been.

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Now People Can Join Your Facebook Fan/Business Page via SMS/Text.

Saying It Social

Saying It Social Your Social Media Marketing Resource Home About Polls Our Services Testimonials Now People Can Join Your Facebook Fan/Business Page via SMS/Text Message Just found out about a neat new way to get more “Likers&# to your Facebook Page, via text message! « Previous | Next » About Saying It Social, LLC provides Social Media Marketing & Local SEO Services for Franchisees & other Small Businesses. The best part is you can incorporate this method with your offline advertising. Have a local radio spot? There are a few stipulations.


Top 5 Social Media Apps that All Marketers Need

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Marketers are attached to their mobile devices and finding new ways to access information on-the-go, especially through social media apps. The ability to reach out to others in your field, posting or searching for new job opportunities, and self-publishing or conversing in groups make this channel imperative for marketers. Mobile Marketing social media managementLinkedIn.

Direct marketing is dead. Long live direct marketing!


———— Direct marketing is all about communicating directly with people. This might be through a direct mail campaign, some banner advertising or SMS marketing (see GlobalMessaging for more information on this). Like most forms of marketing, direct marketing has changed over the years and the old way of doing things is most certainly on the way out.

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The Surprising Places Marketers Plan to Increase Budgets in 2014

Convince & Convert

Marketers are evidently enthusiastic heading into 2014… about everything. A fascinating new study was released this morning from Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud (a client of Convince & Convert ). Called 2014 State of Marketing , insights from over 2,500 global marketers , the report is full of data about marketers’ outlook and plans for the coming year.

Five Forms of Mobile Media

Geoff Livingston

Here are the five forms that most marketers use or experiment with today. 1) Short Messaging Service (SMS) : Second generation or 2G digital cellular networks (PCS) enabled SMS, which was the death of pagers in the 90s. Marketing via text message is not the easiest activity. Plus there is the whole tablet market. Marketing centric applications rarely take off.

How advanced marketing automation tactics can increase sales

Razor Social

In this article, we take a look at some of the advanced automation that is provided by one of the top European marketing automation providers, SALESmanago. SALESmanago’s), you could start tracking behavior within the app and then generate personalised messages based on this behavior (in-app messages, SMS, emails etc). RFM-based marketing automation. See the next point!

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The Untapped Potential Of Emojis And Their Role In Social Media Marketing


Nokia 3310 with its smileys ruled the way we communicated, almost every SMS sent out had a ‘smiley’ attached. But how does all this connect with the marketing strategy in the digital age? So, as marketers, if you want to speak to them, and be relevant to them, you have to learn to talk their language. The impact of emojis on marketing. Emotions and Generation Z. And bam!

Show 377 - How to make your brand reach the next billion

Engaging Brand

The free audio podcast for business covering social media, managment skills and marketing tips. Jana has created the first large-scale mobile platform to enable global organizations to engage directly with emerging market consumers in over 85 countries. The opportunities in emerging market trade. What are emerging markets? Are we talking about marketing opportunities of existing products or localisation of services and localization of products? Are differences in markets purely cultural? SMS marketing through free air time.

5 Ways To Maximize the Marketing Budget

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Just as consumers respond to a bad economy by not purchasing things and by hanging onto every penny they earn, businesses may do the same thing by refraining from advertising or marketing. That can have more dire consequences than what the company might face when spending their marketing budget as wisely and as effectively as they can. 5) Mobile Marketing. 1) Hear What.

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A New Look at the Marketing Mix: Paid, Owned, Granted, Leased, Earned

Convince & Convert

We need new language and a new framework to describe marketers’ various channel activities to bring greater clarity to the marketing mix. When defining owned media this way, it becomes clear that many of the activities that occur in social media, email marketing, and other digital channels don’t belong in this media category , as control is far from absolute. Paid Media.

Should Businesses Use Twitter As a Marketing Channel? [Infographic]


Also, since most global companies recognize the need for geo-targeting, it would also be of great value to know which platforms are popular in your target market and which locations generate the maximum traffic on it. Launched in 2006, Twitter is popularly called the “SMS of internet&#. One of such platforms whose value for business and utility is being questioned is Twitter.

Small Businesses Online Marketing Efforts Surge in 2012 [Infographic]

Blue Focus Marketing

As marketing dollars flow from traditional to social media , more small businesses are leveraging social platforms in order to drive traffic and increase visibility. Nearly 60% of small businesses surveyed plan on spending as much or more in 2012 as they did in 2011 on online marketing efforts , according to the 2012 AT&T Small Business Technology Poll. LinkedIn & Facebook.

Show 384 - Inside Mobile Marketing

Engaging Brand

This week's The Engaging Brand podcast covering social media , business ideas and brand marketing tips , is ready to download. Alex Meisl , Chairman of Sponge which he has developed into Europe's market leader on Mobile Marketing with operations in 20 countries, joins Anna Farmery to discuss . What is mobile marketing? What is the difference between marketing to the different devices? How a mobile website is about access, mobile apps are for loyalty and engagement, then how mobile CRM is about creating the marketing conversation.

How to Improve Email Deliverability [Infographic]

Puzzle Marketer

If one of your digital marketing tactics is email marketing then you understand that the most important aspect is actually getting your content to your subscribers. This is one of the most common questions from marketers. Pure360 is an email & SMS marketing provider based in the UK, who specialize in helping businesses get the best results from their campaigns.

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How Social Media and Mobile Technology Impact the Customer Experience [Infographic]

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Email Marketing Mobile Marketing Online Advertising Social Media customer experience customer service engagement infographic media channels mobile marketing social mediaIt’s easy for technology start-ups and web service companies to understand the importance of communicating with customers through channels such as social media and mobile technology.

Don’t Let Thumbs Dominate Mobile Marketing

Convince & Convert

Enemies that operate with such stealth that we fail to see the power they wield over the majority of our marketing efforts today. To catch a glimpse of these marketing enemies in all their crooked glory, just slowly glance down your arms to your. Click to read more » mobile email marketing Jeff Rohrs mobile marketing SMS


Permission, Targeting and Segmentation in Mobile Marketing

Social Email Marketing

Mobile telephones have been used for marketing purposes since a long time, think about mobile text/SMS messaging campaigns for instance. Mobile email Mobile marketingConsumers don’t only massively embrace social media. They increasingly use mobile devices and media. Many businesses have developed or consider developing mobile.

Is the Financial Services Industry Poised for Market Disruption?


evolve the existing systems and processes that aren’t in sync with the market expectation. This requires the banking industry to heed these market triggers and begin to determine how to implement a more customer-focused strategy. The ability to develop effective conflict/resolution solutions based on the expectation of the market will be difficult. Leaving a bank was difficult.

How to Market Banking to Gen Y


Despite stepping up their marketing efforts, investment companies claim that they cannot get the attention of Gen Y. Last but not least, showing how to market banking/investment to Gen Y. – Facebook and Twitter are not Ways to Market Online Banking/Investment to Gen Y. – How to Market Banking/Investment Offers to Gen Y: Email. Meanwhile 4.2 million followers.

A Few Fresh New Ways of Looking at Digital Marketing

Simply Measured

I’m at the Argyle 2016 Leadership in Digital Marketing conference right now. Sophisticated digital marketers from a wide range of organizations are here to consume actionable content. Jen Jones, the Director of Industry Product Marketing at Oracle, gave a presentation entitled “The Path to Adaptive Marketing: Creating Data-Driven, Individualized Customer Experiences.”

One More Reason To Start Marketing Online

Small Business Mavericks

Just like CDs killed the cassette tape and electricity killed the kerosene lantern, the Internet (e-mail, SMS, Twitter, et. This truly is good news for any business because the truth is you can get more effective marketing for less investment online. The benefits to marketing online are going to get better. I’m not saying you should shift your entire direct mail budget to online marketing right now, but you should be considering an online marketing plan today. postal service direct mail marketing. The U.S. postal service is dying. The bad news?

CheatSheet: 4 Mobile Ad Platforms That Work

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Whether your brand is B2B or B2C, marketing to your consumer is becoming more and more difficult, fragmented, and sophisticated. Click to read more » mobile flash banners mobile advertising mobile platforms mobile targeting off madison ave + spinsix rich media SMS streaming radioBecause of media fragmentation as well as the on-the-go nature of today’s consumers, it is important to leverage all mediums possible to reach your target audience, including mobile. The challenge is what type/platform of mobile.


Getting to Know the Ghost: The Complete Beginners Guide to Snapchat

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This post will give you the lowdown on Snapchat, from the basics of how it works to 5 super-actionable tips for brands and businesses from marketer, Everette Taylor. Getting to Know the Ghost: A Handy Guide to Using Snapchat for Marketers. This is hugely exciting and could open up a wealth of opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to use Snapchat as a marketing channel.

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