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For one thing, it’s hard not to be impressed when the cover was shot by Annie Leibovitz – puts all the talk of ‘rock star’ marketeers and developers now into perspective! Books bill gates futurism technology predicitions the road aheadAt least it is while I’m reading my latest book purchase. I always love looking through charity shops to see what people once wanted but have let go due to changing tastes, changing fashions etc.

Where Social Media Is Headed in 2017: The Biggest Trends to Watch For

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This trend appears to be on many marketers minds, too, with 30% of respondents in our State of Social Media survey saying Facebook video is the #1 channel they’re looking to add to their efforts in the next 12 months. Eighty-three percent of marketers also said they’d like to create more video content if they didn’t have restraints such as time and resources. And a lot of that has come down to the way they’ve marketed the product. Social Media Marketing