Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) | Safe or Not?


As the name suggests, Free and Open Source software (FOSS) is a crossover between Free Software and Open-Source Software. To understand all of this in-detail, let’s first understand what is an Open-Source Software? What is an Open-Source Software?

Social Media Lessons from the “Open Source” Movement

Convince & Convert

Chris Moody , Senior Marketing Manager at Red Hat , joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss “open source” as the original social media on the internet, why Red Hat is the #3 place to work according to Glass Door , and (shockingly) why Google+ is a better platform for his business purposes than Twitter. Chris Moody, Red Hat @cnmoody.


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Is Proprietary Or Open Source Better For Business?

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Many people continue to use his computer systems in an open source world despite their distinct proprietary nature. Some people would rather use the Barnes & Noble Nook over Amazon Kindle simply because the former uses the ePub format for its books, which is open source. Google’s open source Google Connect can be found on many websites, but it is far from being anywhere near as popular as Facebook. Is it proprietary or open source?

Open Source is a feature, not a benefit

The Way of the Web

Open source is a wonderful thing. But reading Matthew Ingram’s post last week about the lack of adoption for an open Twitter alternative highlighted the key reason why so few open source projects become mainstream success stories at the level of WordPress or Firefox. It’s because they break probably the biggest rule of marketing, advertising and promotions. marketing open source marketing lessons open source success

Is Open Source the new black?

The Way of the Web

Live cross-platform mobile gaming arrives → Is Open Source the new black? July 15th, 2010 · View Comments It seems as if Open Source is becoming fashionable, particularly when it comes to maps. Although I believe open source is a very useful and viable way to work, I do worry about companies leaping into it without some careful planning and research.

Client solves Ecommerce for WordPress via Open Source

The Way of the Web

And the other is that it’s one of the first times I’ve been working on a project which is delivering something via Open Source, rather than using OS products as an end user. The benefits of a true Open Source Ecommerce solution. I don’t often write about clients on my blog for various reasons, but I wanted to spread the word about Jigoshop, which is a great Ecommerce for WordPress solution that I’ve been working on for a couple of months now.

OSSCamp Summer Edition

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OSS Camp is a platform for promoting Open Source Projects from India. Name Topic Abstract 1 Sonali Minocha MySQL Optimization 2 Kinshuk Sunil Open Source Game Development A look at Tools & Technologies facilitating Indie and Open Source Game Dev 3 Vishwajeet Singh Subversion 1.5 Home About In the Media – A Unique t-shirt selling hub YoMacha: India’s Hot or Not ? June 20, 2008.6:57

On stage for Jigoshop…

The Way of the Web

I recently popped along to the WordPress London Meetup on behalf of my client, Jigoshop, who provide a free, open-source WordPress eCommerce platform. As part of a double act with Lead Developer Robert Rhoades, I attempted to explain a little about how Jigoshop operates as a business based on a free download, open source code, and working with the WordPress community, whilst Rob explained some of the tips for working with the software as a designer or developer.

If you’re in or near Nottingham tonight or Birmingham tomorrow…

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Regardless of the opinions that he may be difficult to get along with, or whether we should be calling it Free Software or Open Source etc, the fact is that without his work and inspiration, we might not have any of the amazing software which has been produced under the range of ‘Copyleft’ and similar licences, enabling anyone to work with, change, adapt and modify code and evolve it.

The two ‘gadget’ purchases I need to make in 2011

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And it’s been fairly familiar for the tech crowd, with 3D TVs and Camcorders, the continued rise of smartphones and ‘super’ phones, the growing plethora of tablet computing, and possibly the most suprising news being either that Ford launched an electric vehicle at CES rather than a motor show, or that Acer is phasing out of the netbook market in favour of tablets. Digital Culture open source technology

Thank you and some free books for Christmas reading

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Blogging books ebooks free books gaming hacking inspiration marketing open source pdf Virtual Worlds WritingIt’s the season of goodwill, so it seems a perfect time to say thank you to everyone that’s visited my blog, followed or message me on social networks, or kindly referred me to potential new clients.

8 Critical SEO and Digital Marketing Opportunities

Adam Sherk

So I put together a round-up of current SEO and digital marketing trends that offer good opportunities for publishers. The open source nature of AMP is a plus but I’m not a fan of having to create separate URLs. The use of sponsored content and native advertising also continues to increase as publishers look for additional sources of revenue. Related posts: Search Marketing Dwarfs Social Media in Interactive Marketing Budgets.

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The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools

Webbiquity SMM

Looking at the most significant social networks for the coming year, Upfluence contends that “Twitter remains a must-use for content distribution to boost visibility and drive follower growth in niche or specific communities,” and that while both B2C and B2B marketers extensively use the platform, its performance is slightly stronger on the B2B side. ” — Marketing Insider Group (Arsenal). Marketing Insider Group (Arsenal). Marketing Insider Group (Startup).

Tools 213

Cool Presentations on Marketing

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36 am Cool Presentations on Marketing Jump to Comments I’ve been going through some nice SlideShare presentations on evolving subjects of Viral Marketing, WOM & Social Media Marketing. Marketing 2.0 Word of Mouth Marketing Viral Strategies & Buzz Marketing Share this: StumbleUpon Digg Reddit Leave a Comment Filed under Presentations Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

7 Mind-Numbingly Easy Marketing Changes You Probably Haven’t Made Yet

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Nobody in a sane state of mind can say that marketing is “easy,” but the truth is that sometimes we overcomplicate things. The truth is, you probably already know most of the things you need to know to be a great marketer. The average email gets opened by 30 percent of your subscribers. Your email subscribers are really the life-blood of any inbound marketing strategy. There’s also a free, open-source alternative with its own rudimentary exit-intent technology.

21 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2014

Writtent Blog

What if a marketer was only as good as their content marketing tools? The brands that succeed at content marketing are those that take an agile stance. While some of the content marketing tools trending in 2014 are familiar, many of the rest are brand-new and probably worth adding to your program. I’m well aware that pretty much every list of content marketing tools ever includes Evernote, but did you know you can use it to record audio and turn it into text?

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The Complete Guide to Using Stock Photos in Your Marketing

Buffer Social

In this post, we’ve teamed up with Unsplash to bring you the complete guide to stock photography and answer the ever-illusive question: should you be using stock photos for your marketing? When it comes to finding the right images to use in our marketing efforts it goes far beyond simply finding an image that simply “looks nice.”. As a marketer, the images you choose for your campaigns or to company content can help you to stand out from the noise.

12 Time-Saving Tools for Content Marketers

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Content marketing is the ultimate way to build brand awareness and connect with your customers. Fortunately, there are lots of great, time-saving tools out there that can dramatically increase the impact of your content marketing efforts. Coming up with electrifying content ideas is one of the hardest parts of content marketing. Luckily, no one ever said you have to do it alone—blogs, online magazines, and newspapers are all great sources of inspiration.

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6 Web Analytics Tools to Help Strengthen Your Content Strategy

Visually SM

Web analytics tools are the marketer’s primary weapons. Data – from analytics reporting traffic and conversion rates to engagement performance metrics – has become as much a part of a marketer’s job these days as working on actual marketing campaigns.

50 Amazing Mobile Marketing Statistics That Will Move You to Action

Writtent Blog

It’s no exaggeration to say that smartphones and tablets are the biggest thing to hit marketing since the internet appeared. Mark Donovan, SVP of Marketing at ComScore recently stated “this pronounced shift in consumer behavior is simply too large for [companies] to ignore.” Image credit: Watchakarun/ Source: HubSpot ). Source: The International Telecommunications Union ). Source: Juniper Research ). Source: Nielson ).

Why Lean Principles Can Yield Remarkable Content Marketing Results

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What do manufacturing best practices have in common with content marketing? While cutting back on your time spent creating content is likely to lead to a drop in quality, analyzing your marketing processes to eliminate waste and increase efficiency could have exactly the opposite effect. And what content marketer doesn’t want that? In the realm of content marketing, that means someone who’s dedicated to checking analytics and other measures of success on a consistent basis.

Cab Drivers as Word-of-Mouth Marketers?

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44 am Cab Drivers as Word-of-Mouth Marketers? Jump to Comments Imagine the cabbies playing the dual role of a ‘driver’ and a ‘product-marketer’ Recently, I had read in a blog-post that the company that sells ads on the outside of cars in London would now secretly pay money to the car drivers for product marketing. Reply Boxing » Cab Drivers as Word-of-Mouth Marketers? It depends on the product category and market.

Apple vs Microsoft: Tablet Market Clash between iPad and Windows 8


But the open source firmware enjoys a clear edge over iPad in escalating popularity. As noted above, the new iPad may have advantages like early availability, record breaking screen resolution and the market supremacy. So as to promptly gain ground in market with enough apps, Microsoft has even allowed third party open source developers to post apps on Windows Store.

iPad 110

Market yourself as an individual

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53 am Market yourself as an individual Jump to Comments Long ago, somewhere in the streets of Nigeria, there used to live a young guy. Wise men refer/referred to this concept as marketing. Image source [link] ) Share this: StumbleUpon Digg Reddit 5 Comments Filed under Innovative Marketing 5 Comments mita August 8, 2007 at 10:42 am I highly appreciate your writing skills. Home About In the Media Discussion forums still alive.

#Hashtags Hit Facebook – #WhatDoYouThink

The Social Media Incubator

As hashtags have been a big part of the Twitterverse for quite awhile, Facebook’s adoption of them will make the ability to search the two biggest mega-databases easy and effective especially those using social media for business marketing. The major difference between the two platforms using hashtags is that Facebook will still utilize it’s privacy settings defined by the user even if a hashtag is used while Twitter is completely open-source.

The three skillsets of highly effective marketers

The Way of the Web

Marketing has evolved rapidly in the last few years to try to keep up with the digital world. One sign of this has been recent calls for a change from Chief Marketing Officer roles to becoming Chief Marketing Technologists. On the whole that’s a good thing – the role of technology in marketing has changed massively, whether it’s in product/service creation, communication or delivery.

Marketing, Social Media & Branding Blogs in India

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37 am Marketing, Social Media & Branding Blogs in India Jump to Comments What XML feed of some of the best Social-media, Marketing and Branding blogs in India Why Thoughts inspired by Age of Conversation’s Douglas Karr. Who All blog-readers who enjoy following trends/thoughts/insights/analysis on social-media , marketing and branding trends in India.

Brands 100

What is OpenVPN | OpenVPN Explained


But What is Open? OpenVPN as a protocol is an open-source protocol and contains rules and procedure to setup a secure connection by encrypting and creating a secure transport for the data to get transmitted from one place to another.

CentOS 8 Discontinued | CentOS 8 Replaced by CentOS Stream


Because Red Hat is open-source, CentOS simply used the scripts of Red Hat Distribution and made a new OS, which was, in fact, available for free. “CentOS project board announces the end of free CentOS line of Linux Distributions a.k.a. Distros and CentOS 8 will be the last of its kind.

Google Spreadsheets Update: Blessing in Disguise for Marketers…

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10 pm Google Spreadsheets Update: Blessing in Disguise for Marketers… Jump to Comments Web-based productivity tools have been around for quite a while, but their usage and focus has primarily been limited to a very niche audience. On digging deeper, it appears that the update has solved a big problem for market-researchers and statisticians. A fantastic utility and must add to any marketer’s kitty.

Now Might Be the Time to Switch from Internet Explorer

The Social Media Incubator

Firefox is an open source web browser, which means there is an entire community of volunteer Web developers working on improving the code all the time. Google Chrome is faster than your average Web browser, as long as you don’t have open too many tabs. Most business web users, however, can benefit from getting rid of Internet Explorer and picking one of the several alternative web browsers on the market.

Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office Word


In the world of technology where Microsoft’s products dominate the market, it’s extremely hard to find suitable software to edit text or write compelling papers you can later use for personal and commercial purposes. Standardization is tricky, so make sure that the platform you’ll use can also be opened in Microsoft Word. With all of this in mind, here’s a list of the best free Microsoft Office Word alternatives currently available on the market. Open 365.

Social Media Marketing Without Brand Awareness Can Kill You.

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Marketing , Opinion , Social Media > Social Media Marketing Without Brand Awareness Can Kill You Social Media Marketing Without Brand Awareness Can Kill You by Tamar Weinberg on July 8, 2007 Share Social media marketing can be very effective if done the right way, but if it backfires, the fallout can be pretty undesirable. Social networks like Digg are open source???

Google Knol Is Dead

Small Business Mavericks

It’s been 3 1/2 years since Google opened up its Knol pages to the public. I’d say that Annotum appears to be an open source endeavor being pushed by for-profit companies like Solvitor LLC and Crowd Favorite. Small Business Internet Marketing google knol pagesGoogle has finally decided to kill its Knol pages. The big question is, Why?

Google 130

Tools That Will Help Your Marketing Become More Efficient


Digital marketing is peculiar in its wide array of tasks that need completion in order for it to be effective. Likewise, each of these assignments requires a specific set of tools, making digital marketing a jack-of-all-trades in that regard. So, without further ado, here’s a list of some of these tools to get you covered for each aspect of digital marketing. Being up to date with the latest news and trends is essential for any successful marketing endeavor.

Piwik: The Google Analytics Alternative

Small Business Mavericks

For the longest time Google Analytics was the only free open source analytics program. Many online marketers opted to use a paid analytics program so they could keep their information private and away from Google’s eyes, or they had other reasons. But there is a new alternative to Google Analytics that is free and open source and is picking up speed. I am saying it’s a useful alternative to Google Analytics , if you are in the market for one.

Microsoft Office vs Libre Office (Full Comparison)


You can open traditional MS Office file formats like Docx and XLS and can also run many more formats than any other office suite available in the market. Also, Libre Office is an open-source tool which means that you can customize Libre Office to suit your needs any which way you like.

Leverage Multi-Social Media Platforms to Tell Stories

Direct Marketing Observations

The advent of open source blogging platforms like a Drupal or a WordPress, and the creativity that Youtube has allowed, have given users the ability to tell these rich verdant stories of their lives, our lives, and the myriad ways in which they touch us and we connect with them. There are good marketers and Ad people that make a difference digitally. Marketing multi-media social media

Best GameCube Emulator For Android in 2020


It’s an absolute free & open-source video game console with the ultimate compatibility from Windows to Linux & Android. Like the Dolphin emulator, Nds4droid is also an absolutely FREE & open-source GameCube emulator you can ask for.

Best Gmail Alternatives in 2021 ( For Security and Privacy)


Open-Source Email Service Provider. It has really made a place for itself in the market and is now considered as one of the best Gmail Alternatives in 2021. Open Source. That’s why our code is open source and basic ProtonMail accounts are always free.”