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Just get us the Millennials! #Marketing #Fail

Janet Fouts

“Just get us the millennials” This mind set is short-sighted and mindless old-school marketing at best! Millennial’s are just one demographic in your potential market and you need to think carefully before you focus entire marketing campaigns on them. Simply basing marketing on demographics alone is simplistic and patronizing. They’re social.

Why people don’t get Google+

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” Even with the downgrading of Google Authorship in search results, the data Google is mining from conversations on the network gives them unprecedented knowledge of your value and the market that is likely to be interested in your goods and services. Google+ is a great social network. Maybe it’s because you just don’t get how it works or how to use it! Get in some circles.

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Influencers! Must read > New Facebook guidelines for branded content

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An influencer must have a verified Facebook page and tag the marketer's page in any post that mentions a third party brand, product, or sponsor. Facebook Social Media Networks Social Media Tips and Tricks Content Marketing Facebook ads influencer outreach

Marketers- Stop multi-tasking social media

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Here are a few tips to make the time you spend working on social media marketing tasks, and your entire day, more useful to everyone. What you learn here will inform everything you do in marketing. We all *think* we’re doing great when the Twitter alerts are rolling, Email’s pinging, Facebook is always open and your RSS feeds are pushing you new content to share.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls

Social Media is Not a Direct Sales Channel

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Any good sales person gets to know their market first and how their product solves their pain points. Let’s think for a moment about how great– really great –sales people deal with initiating a sale. Do they just walk up to someone at random on the street and say “Hi, my name is Jill and you’ve GOT to buy this product!” No, they never do that. Why not? Bottom line?

Advertising Is Not Content Marketing

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And Content Marketing is not Advertising. It’s a hard thing to beat into a marketer’s head sometimes. Many brand marketers believe their goal in life is to write tasty copy that extolls the virtues of their products and nothing more. Most bloggers intimately know their market. And their market knows what to expect from them. We get it all the time.

Twitter’s enhanced analytics dashboard

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If you are marketing an app be sure to look under the tools menu to manage your app promotion, learn more about the App card ads to target your ads for better conversions. Twitter has been slowly improving their analytics features for profiles and ads and it’s been very interesting to see. No more! Thank you Twitter! Twitter cards. These things are effective! Tools.

How to Participate in a Tweet Chat

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It is not OK (in most cases) to use a tweet chat stream to market your own product or services. Twitter chats, sometimes known as a Twitter party or a tweet chat, happen when a group of people all tweet about the same topic using a specific tag (#) called a hashtag that allows it to be followed on Twitter. This post is to give you a quick overview on how to join a tweet chat. How to listen.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations

4 things you need to do in 2016 to be a better content marketer

Janet Fouts

4 things you need to do to make 2016 the year you rock content marketing. Social Media Tips and Tricks Social Media Tools Content Marketing

14 step bare-bones guide to influencer outreach

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Lots of people will tell you ”Social Media Influencers” are the key to social media marketing but what does that really mean? Is influence based on number of connections? Klout , Peer Index or Kred score? A combination of all of the above? How do you identify them and what do you do with that information once you think you know who they are? Will you share their blog posts?

How social media is like spaghetti sauce

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As marketers we are often focused on the end goal, to make our product appealing to consumers. One third of the US market wanted chunky tomato sauce and it wasn’t even on the supermarket shelves! When Prego released a chunky sauce they took over the market. The food industry started to market varieties more and one-taste-fits-all products less. Probably not.

What Online Marketers Can Learn From the Red Bull Jump

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It’s also a great lesson in how marketing on and offline has changed. Even the chevy ad that got such great coverage in this case, and potentially supported a big part of the marketing expenses for Red Bull. Keep consistently creating engaging content as part of your marketing program. Yesterday was a momentous event in advertising history. Red Bull on Twitter. Facebook.

15 Amazing Women Bloggers You Should Get to Know

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She’s smart, she says it like it is, and her insights on business and marketing are spot on. Naomidunford Naomi is one smart marketer. She calls herself a “micro business marketing consultant”meaning she loves to help small companies get the most out of their marketing without spending a ton of money doing it. Amber Naslund. Naomi Dunford. CJ Brasiel.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

Social Media Efficiency for Nonprofits

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They get the relatively manageable expense of leveraging social media to raise visibility for their nonprofit, find funders, advocates, and volunteers when compared to more traditional marketing channels. I talk to nonprofits about various aspects of social media just about every day. By and large people get the value of building community around their cause.

What is your Reach on Facebook? (Any why you shouldn’t care)

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To me it seems like a marketing ploy to put the reach as the one big graph in your “insights” tab and not the “people talking about” tab. A client contacted me this morning, upset because her “reach” seems to be seriously declining on Facebook. Here’s how Facebook defines reach. People might see your content through more than one of these channels. How bogus is that?

Grow Your Twitter Following With Chats

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If you’re an author and you want to learn about how to market your book. Oh boy, another “ how to grow your Twitter following ” post! If you came here looking for an easy way to get thousands of followers without lifting a finger, move on. You’re in the wrong place. You’re going to have to work for it. What’s a Twitter Chat? Why a Tweet Chat? PR Chat.

CEOs-Roll Up Your Social Media Sleeves

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It may sound like a recipe for disaster for any CEO edgy enough to take center stage in a content marketing strategy…except when it works. The lesson is clear: CEO’s that are active in social media and content marketing efforts ignite conversation. By Frank Strong. His sleeves were rolled up. His tie was loose. He swore. It was all public. Armed with $9.8 Not especially.

Content Marketers, what are your new years goals?

Janet Fouts

Corporate Social Media social business Content MarketingI know, I know, those new year resolutions are everywhere, aren’t they? Feeling a little overwhelmed? Guilty maybe? Yeah, I get it, but if you just pick one of these to focus on it’s a start toward a better content plan for 2017. My favorites include: Focusing on people, not channels. Actually writing down your […].

How can using social media as an employee help my company?

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Look for questions about features your customer base would like to see and be the first to bring it to market. Let’s say you’re not looking for a job. You’re happy in your company, so why build a personal brand through social media? Why expand your Linkedin profile beyond an out-dated online resume? Professional development and networking with peers. Recruiting.

What Makes a Business Social?

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Now before you jump on all the social sites spewing out canned marketing messages in the vain hope people will see them and flock to your business let me reiterate. They couldn’t give a flying crap about your marketing message. A social business could be most simply defined as a business which engages with it’s customer base socially. Social business and evangelism.

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Social Media for the Busy Sales Person

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Next week, on Tuesday January 22 at 1 PM PST I’ll conduct a short 45 minute web class just for people who work in sales and want to understand how to efficiently use social media tools to learn more about their market, turn prospects into leads, monitor the competition. I’ve gotten quite a bit of great feedback on my last post, the 5 traits of the social sales person.

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Marketers, what’s your story?

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As marketers, we often have an idea of who we believe our market to be, what they want, and what kind of messaging will work for them. mindful social social business Content Marketing MarketingBut are we really just talking to ourselves? We can be too close to the product and too specific about details our audience doesn’t understand. Maybe we know […].

5 Top Social Media Professionals on Google+

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I’m sure many in the search marketing world will echo the sentiment that Google+ participation has initially felt like an obligation because of the potential impact on search visibility. Search Marketers must know the details to properly advise clients. There’s been a lot of noise about Google+. Personally I’ve got a love/hate relationship with Google+. Twitter.

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Looking into Facebook Audience Insights for Ad Targeting

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Facebook supplies a free tool called Audience Insights we can use to learn more about our market without wasting money to narrow the field down to a reasonable size. Social Media Tools Facebook Facebook ads

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Social Media Doesn’t Make Sales – People Do

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There’s a deep, dark secret that the social media marketers don’t want you to know. Just one of the tools you should have as part of your online marketing. It doesn’t matter what your social media strategy is unless it includes what you expect the prospect to do after they find you through social media. Whaaat? It’s how you use it that counts. Social Media

5 Traits of the Social Sales Person

Janet Fouts

Understands competitors their products and markets. Willing to listen to what the market wants and what their issues are. Understand competitors, their products and markets. Listen to what the market wants and what their issues are. This is different than knowing what you want to sell to the market. I love dealing with a talented sales person. Asks good questions.

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Who will win the video app wars?

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We all know video is wildly popular across the board and people love the experience of sharing their life experiences with others in real time.When Meerkat launched in March it got a huge bump from social media marketers who created live video in real time from the South by Southwest conference. I’ve been writing this post for weeks. Remember Qik (say “quick”)? link] />.

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Making Google+ Worth Your Time

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Steve Farnsworth Has lots of good tips about social media, marketing, PR and business. He calls it “New School Marketing” Debra Askanase Is on top of what’s going on in the non profit sector and online community building. This morning I had a conversation with a friend about Google+ and it’s a conversation I used to have about Twitter. Get set. Share.

Mindful Social Business

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Better awareness of the needs of your market. The concept of mindfulness in business is not new, but in this age of complexity it can’t be over-emphasized that we need more of it. Especially in social media, taking the time to actively notice what’s going on before engaging can lead to a more focused, enlightening and productive experience for everyone. What your customers want.

Social Networking to Advance Your Career

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Global Social Media Marketing, Cisco Systems. We talked a bit about Vine and how it is being used by a broad scope of people, from filmmakers to big brands and marketers, even some Twitter and Vine resumes or request for product information. See the photos from DJ Cline here. I moderated this panel of tech rockstars. LaSandra Brill Sr. Erica Lockheimer Sr. Efficiency. Twitter.

Is Brand Engagement Over on Facebook?

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Use Facebook as just another social media network in your toolbox but not as the be-all end-all of your marketing campaign. Every brands needs are different of course, and if you need help evaluating how your brand is using social media as part of your marketing strategy let me know. The news about Facebook lately has been pretty grim. The Wall St. Here’s an example. Too pushy?

Content Marketing and Social Business

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Content marketing is the new buzzword on the lips of every marketer these days, but what does it mean for your newly social business? That last one is a trick by the way, you need to know that content marketing is a long-term strategy. The easy answer is that depends. It depends on what your goals are and how you plan to measure your success. Where do we get content?

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Free images for your content marketing

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Looking for free or close-to-free images to use in your blog posts and social content? Here ya go! These are not like your ordinary stock images either. Enjoy. Social Media Tips and Tricks Social Media Tools copyright images

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Are Google+ Business Pages Replacing Facebook Pages?

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This includes the CEO, the marketing team and your engineers. I speak a lot about Google+ as a tool for business. In fact I’ve just written a book called “ Google+ for Business Tweet ” and I’m presenting a second Focus.com Roundtable in February. And there you’d be mistaken. Here’s the thing. No way. User interface editing abilities. Notifications.

Easy guide to the Periscope video streaming app

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If you are broadcasting location specific, from a conference or to market your restaurant, think about putting the location in the title. I did a search today on Google Trends comparing Periscope and Meerkat. For the moment at least, it looks like Periscope is getting more traction. What’s new. A lot has changed with Periscope since my last post on streaming video apps. Choose wisely.

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Are you an intentional marketer?

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Are you intentional with your social marketing? Most marketers will say yes–or at least most of the time, and hey, nobody’s perfekt right? Because your market is there? Setting up those intentions will help you keep your marketing on track and align your messaging with your mission. Corporate Social Media Marketing mindfulsocial Because your competitor is?

Getting real engagement on your Facebook page

Janet Fouts

Quit marketing. What a missed opportunity to learn more about your market, what they like, and what value they might be able to add to your Facebook community! Many Facebook page owners are disappointed with the results they are getting from their Facebook pages. Hooey. This just doesn’t happen unless you’ve got a vibrant community and are expanding it to Facebook. So what do you do?