17 Plugins to Improve Your WordPress Blog

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Simple Trackback Validation is gobbledygook that reduces spam trackbacks by confirming the IP address of the trackback sender is equal to the address of the web server the URL is referring, and then checking the remote web page and ensuring that page has a link to this blog. Top Commentators ascertains who are the top people who wrote comments over a given period, with links to whatever URL they wrote when commenting. Plug photo by Adam Mulligan on Flickr.


10 Tips to Build Better Converting Twitter Traffic

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It’s not that easy because Twitter users are lurkers. However you can export the stats to an Excel file and from there, play with the data: Sort the spreadsheet to see Tweets with most clicked URLs on top. Here are a few click-triggering phrases that may convince more of your followers to engage with more of your URLs: Download: Research from Twitter showed that Tweets in timelines that ask people to download increase URL clicks by an average of 13%.


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23 WordPress Plugins I Use: Part 5

Ari Herzog

WP Ban simplifies the amount of time it takes me to weed through comments Akismet treats as spam, by banning anyone by IP address, host name, user agent, or referer URL. Contact Commenters , the subject of an earlier article illustrating how to turn a lurker into a user , enables me to send targeted email messages to people who comment on specific posts or haven’t commented in a given period of time. Three notes before continuing.


The Ultimate List of Social Media Definitions You Need to Know


It can also be used in your personalized URL for each social network. For example, Hootsuite’s handle is @Hootsuite, and the Twitter URL is twitter.com/hootsuite. Lurker. A lurker is someone who watches a social media feed or belongs to a social media group but does not engage with the content with a like or reply. —M—. When clicked, a Pin directs users to the source URL of the image. Social media is a constantly evolving field.


Blogosphere Trends + Effective Calls to Action


You know that most of your readers are lurkers, but how do you lure them out to become an active part of your community? You might be saying, “I’m a blogger, not a sales person. I create content. Why would I need to worry about calls to action?” But if you are, I’d encourage you to adjust your thinking. Making money from your blog, growing your business, and getting readers to interact will be next to impossible if you can’t effectively motivate your audience to take action.


Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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link] [link] Kirsten Khire #7 – lurkers or inactive accts? Lots of lurkers. Lots of lurkers.


The Social Media Analytics Compass: What and How to Measure

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In an audience you will typically have the following: Lurkers – People that monitor what you share but don’t interact. If you use a custom URL, you can track traffic generated from a specific link you shared. Custom Links – If you want to track the traffic that is generated for specific links, you can use Google URL Builder to create a custom link and then track activity on this link in Google Analytics (see How to track links shared on social media ).