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Customer Loyalty in a Changing World

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Customer loyalty is akin to a really solid marriage—committed, enduring, and monogamous. “Generic” brands have gotten better, customers have become more empowered in their purchase decisions, and customer loyalty has radically changed. Customer Loyalty to Variety. I have no loyalty to anything, except variety. Customer Loyalty Facts You Can Take to the Bank.

Brand Consistency Engages Employees and Creates Loyalty

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Here are top industry strategies to maintain brand consistency with the help of the whole team of your employees. First of all, you’ll want to have a small group of workers who create your branding strategy. Both new and veteran employees should be well aware of the strategies for delivering on the brand promise. By Monique Craig. Establish a Brand Consistency Team.

How an Effective PR Strategy Can Boost Your Brand Visibility

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Your PR strategy needs to deliver trust and credibility to your customers. The post How an Effective PR Strategy Can Boost Your Brand Visibility appeared first on Spin Sucks. Delivering a mix of paid, earned and shared, and owned media (PESO) is the best way to put your brand on your customers' map. Nikhil Saini has more.

The New Kind of Customer Loyalty Your Company Needs

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In order to stay competitive in the era of experience loyalty, brands must restructure their strategies and make local customer engagement a priority. To effectively harness customer experience, brands must stop thinking “big picture” and start building their strategy around understanding the customer’s needs and an individual’s path to purchase. Image via Unsplash.

7 Customer Loyalty Lessons from Lady Gaga

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She did so by engendering immense loyalty from her fans through her music, her message, and the community she has built around them. To anyone in the business community, this sounds like a classic case of loyalty marketing and customer cultivation. Leading with values is not easy, but when done with integrity and commitment, customers will reward you with their loyalty.

4 Tactics to Influence Brand Loyalty through Social Media

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A dog is known, not only as man’s best friend, but for its enduring loyalty. When we, as consumers, feel understood and cared for, a similar reaction occurs, resulting in our own loyalty to the brands that we feel really speak to us, and our wants and needs. Fortunately for you, we’re here to share with you four essential tactics to influence brand loyalty through social media.

Develop a Bare Minimum Brand Strategy

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When it comes to brand strategy I see this all the time—expressed by clients large and small as some variation on, “We don’t have time for brand strategy… and there’s no money for consumer research … so let’s just get to the communications, all right already?” It’s important to actively involve the larger leadership team (department heads, for examples,) in your brand strategy.

Why is your content strategy failing?


It is important to understand that it is not enough to just have a content marketing strategy in place. Planning out an effective strategy that does both the jobs well can be difficult, and may not necessarily hit all the right chords amongst your consumers. Sit with your content marketing team regularly to discuss and chart out new content strategies. No content optimization.

18 of the Best Content Marketing Strategy Guides of 2013

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The first step toward content marketing success begins with (or at least should begin with) creation of a content marketing strategy. What are the best practices and frameworks for creating such a strategy? What are the critical elements to include, and pitfalls to avoid, in developing a strategy? Content Marketing Strategy Guides. But where does one begin?

Burn your social media strategy


Burn It Down, Start From Scratch And Build a Social Media Strategy That Works. The key to success is to stop most of what today passes for social media strategy and rebuild social plans from the ground up: First, create and measure a new definition of WOM. I recently came across an amazing post that I urge everyone to read about the current state of social media. Then read it again.

5 Reasons Your Mobile Strategy Isn’t Working

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Whether you completely neglected to build a website for your mobile platform or there’s a lacking call to action, there are common mobile faux pas than can result in lost loyalty, brand following and even support.

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Your Marketing Strategy Needs to Keep Pace with Digital Culture

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It can make all the difference in customer engagement and loyalty on one level. So they go after a quick fix and rush into responsive design without any real thought, strategy or testing behind it. Innovation Corp Culture Digital Marketing Marketing Strategy Personalization Posted in Innovation. And it’s often what keeps customers happy and coming back year and after. Not much.

Klout and Peerindex – social network loyalty cards?

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Measuring influence or just tracking loyalty? The same is generally true with content – if you create something truly amazing and share it, things can suddenly get very big, but in general content is a medium to long-term strategy built on quality and consistency. Tancredi, headphones and promo information all via Peerindex. and Flickr. Sharing a lot of content all the time.

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Is SMS Marketing Still a Viable Strategy?

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The marketing strategy must be relevant and timely while meeting the customer’s individual needs. It can add real value to a marketing strategy and continues to grow with the decline in consumer spending. If you already have a database of customer details, a simple profiling campaign can boost a marketing strategy and increase the amount of customer data you hold at the same time.

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Why and How You Should Analyze Email Marketing Auto-Replies

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Matt Benati argues that mining your email marketing auto-replies is one of the simplest, most effective strategies with the biggest bang for your buck. The post Why and How You Should Analyze Email Marketing Auto-Replies appeared first on Spin Sucks. Comments Comments Related Stories Does Account Based Marketing Live Up to the Hype?

The Effect of Brand Loyalty in the Costco and AmEx Breakup

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Over the years, American Express has cultivated more brand loyalty than any other credit-card issuer. Social Media StrategyFBI Announces They Can Hack on Their Own. It has been a month since it became public knowledge that the FBI was locked out of an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino killers. In further analysis of this emoji usage, and represent sentiment found in tweets.

4 Psychological Ideas for Creating a Stellar Content Strategy

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Here are four psychological principles you need to leverage to craft a killer content marketing strategy. A number of brands are using this strategy in their digital marketing campaigns to attract users. Brands are leveraging this theory to build loyalty. Image via highlight to tweet). The Halo Effect. The halo effect also applies to your content marketing.

6 Steps to Creating a Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy

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In fact, you’ll need to devise a detailed strategy that’s aligned with your brand’s identity. Also, having these goals will allow you to quickly alter your strategy if you find that it is not working for you. The most common goals for using Instagram are increasing brand awareness, interacting with existing and potential customers and building consumer loyalty. Host Contests.

How to Fix Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Over the years, Convince & Convert has continued to refine its social media strategy process. I’ve pasted the slides below, but also included a short summary of the eight steps in our social media strategy process, as the slides are more visual than descriptive. Social Media Strategy in 8 Steps (Summary). Loyalty and retention? highlight to tweet). Awareness?

9 Reasons Why Hilton’s Social Media Strategy Succeeds

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Unless the user has some loyalty towards your brand — then, he or she goes directly to your website and books a room. So how do you build this loyalty and keep your brand top of mind for customers online? Reaching out to customers and engaging with them directly on social goes a long way in building brand loyalty. What you do think of Hilton’s social media strategy?

Social media loyalty: me like you long time (but me hard to get)


This post is not about movies but about “the loyalty&# of fans, followers and all those other labels we give to people on social media. If the company’s figures are more or less correct one can see the great challenges that a brand faces on, amongst others, social media: how do you earn and maintain the loyalty of people in the enormously competitive world of “new” media?

How to Choose the Best Mobile Strategy for Your Business

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These days, mobile strategy is an imperative for marketing departments across every industry. Developing an app isn’t the right solution for everyone, so how do you determine what mobile strategy makes sense for your business? Apps can do just about anything, but a mobile strategy is essential to determine how a mobile app could best serve your needs. Punch-Card Loyalty.

What Makes Customers Loyal to Brands?

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In 2016, brands should be doing everything possible to promote customer loyalty. The respondents were questioned on some of their favorite brands and what strategies they have introduced to keep them on board. The survey found that 75% of Americans think brands should implement better strategies in order to encourage brand loyalty. Image via Trust. “I

Four Phygital Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

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There is a new buzzword doing the rounds—phygital marketing. Have you heard of it? How about phygital customer? More and more consumers now expect brands to combine the physical and digital experiences. If you haven't tried it yet for your business, James Pointon has four ideas to get you started. The post Four Phygital Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business appeared first on Spin Sucks.

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9 Things to Note Before Launching a Facebook Coupon Offers Campaign

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Below is a quick list of some possible coupon campaigns: Customer loyalty. According to Digital Strategy Consulting : Facebook promotions that perform the best are from brands that are getting increasingly more ambitious and sophisticated when coming up with new and creative ways to engage consumers across social media platforms and influencing their path to purchase through the use of coupons and vouchers. Before running a full campaign, ensure that you run a split test long enough to ascertain what strategy actually works for your brand. Exclusive social fans.

6 Tips for Building A Sustainable Social Strategy


Sustainability is critical to ongoing success with your social media marketing strategy. Bribery is not a long term strategy. Reward them for loyalty. Is your social media marketing strategy sustainable? Here are 6 tips for building a sustainable program: 1. Avoid burnout. Time, energy, money and people are finite resources. Use them wisely. Work toward realistic goals.

6 Types of Iteration Every Content Strategy Needs

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It’s not something you do once to kick the tires of a new call-to-action page, either—it’s a critical best practice that should be part of your strategy on an ongoing basis. But don’t let mass user trends dictate your strategy—every audience is different. Look for long-term loyalty with metrics on unsubscribers, email opens, and repeat buys. That’s where iteration comes in.

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Three Elements Of A Social Strategy

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Similar to a fishing expedition, creating an online social strategy greatly benefits from these three elements: Purpose. Gathering an audience of listeners is truly the definition of social strategy. But remember, immature brands (the one’s relying very heavily on social strategy working to improve their awareness) require a bit more strategy. Placement. Process.

Four Benefits of Charitable Content Strategies

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That is why, as a marketing consultant, I always recommend fitting in a good cause when creating a content strategy. Drawing from my experience on content creation and promotion, following are four reasons your business should start weaving a good cause into your content strategy and how you can do it. Brand Loyalty. Today’s guest post is written by Adria Saracino. .

Are you using old skool strategies with new media tools?

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When a conversation with a corporation like Whole Foods feels like I’m talking to a person who cares about me and my little problem it results in building loyalty to the brand. Learn Mindful Social Media Strategy. Do you really talk to a brand? No, you don’t. Whether through social media or other means, you talk to a person who is representing the brand. I blog about it.

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Four Key Strategies to Reclaim a Branded Social Experience

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With the steps below, you can launch marketing campaigns that are inherently social in nature, and showcase the depth of your brand reach and loyalty. To build influence, Lilly Pulitzer also features gallery submissions in email marketing and paid social programs for a modern multi-channel strategy. How can you accomplish this goal? It’s simple.

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Social Media Marketing Strategy: Starts with Who

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Let’s start with strategy. However, it’s important to understand strategy as something more than just an abstract concept. Successful brands don’t simply speculate about their strategies, they visualize them: What is Strategy? In its most basic form, strategy is the process of determining the best way to get from Point A to Point B. What does it actually mean?

3 Simple Gamification Ideas for Your Brand Strategy

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If you want to reach recent college grads and their fun-loving parents, here are a few gamification ideas for your brand strategy: 1. Airline companies have been building brand loyalty for years by allowing their customers to earn points when they fly that will ultimately allow them to take trips for free in the future, once they've accrued enough points. This is a gamification strategy, and it works. If you want to add an element of competition into your overall gamification strategy, you'll love leaderboards. Let customers earn points, badges, and rewards.

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Will The Marketing Agency Of The Future Look Nothing Like The Agency Of Today?

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First, when it comes to the online channels, consumers see loyalty in a whole new light (check out my article from yesterday: Consumer Trust Is Not What You Think It Is These Days ). Third, simply being great at creative and/or strategy has become commoditized in our world. Agencies need to provide superior customer experience strategy, mapping and deliverables. Agencies will not differentiate on strategy and creative. Where does strategy and creativity fit in this business model? brand loyalty. loyalty. strategy. That has come to pass.

Do You Know How to Create the Perfect Content Marketing Strategy?

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But it is important to create a content marketing strategy specific to your goals and audience. Whether you are starting a content marketing plan from scratch or just need to refine your strategy, below are some things to consider. What Do You Want to Achieve in a Content Marketing Strategy & Why? There is no content strategy without measurement strategy.

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Seven Tips For Jumpstarting Your Visual Storytelling Strategy

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Similar to how people grow relationships with each other, visual storytelling offers companies meaningful opportunities to deliver positive experiences that build brand awareness, trust, loyalty and engaged communities. General Electric leads by example in this category, with highly personalized strategies for all of its channels across the themes of science, technology and innovation.

How to get approval for marketing strategy shifts

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Does your company have the COURAGE to TRUST your customers and prospective customers to deliver awareness, sales, loyalty and advocacy EVENTUALLY ? Social Business marketing operations marketing strategy pilot programs youtility In each of these situations, I received the same question from an audience member: “I work at a big company with entrenched marketing processes.

10 Ecommerce Predictions for 2013

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Retailers Start to Love Loyalty Programs - It’s not just for frequent fliers anymore. are launching loyalty programs—and integrating data into comprehensive customer profiles—to offer the next level of personalization and service. Posted in Behavioral Targeting Customer Experience eCommerce Mobile Social Media. Every year, Cyber Monday will beat out the last.

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How to Use a $5 Twitter Ad to Redefine Your Facebook Strategy

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But on Twitter, $5 can buy you something a lot more valuable — a data mine that you can use to redefine your entire digital strategy. Here is our “$5 Twitter Ad Three-Step Method” to optimize your brand’s Facebook advertising strategy. Here is how you can use a $5 Twitter ad to redefine your Facebook advertising strategy… Click To Tweet. Your Turn.

4 Retailer Tips for Marketing to Consumers

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It is important to consider a few key things when evaluating customer loyalty strategies. Retailers need to communicate with their customers, make the purchasing process for the consumer enjoyable, go above and beyond for the consumers, and finally, provide loyalty programs to keep them coming back for more. Loyalty is Key. Image via Keep It Simple.