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Seven Ways to Increase Your Brand Influence

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Brands also need influence in order to directly affect the behavior of their customers and make them more likely to identify with, relate to, or define themselves by the brand. Check their Amazon app or social media sites for reviews from other customers.

How UGC Improves Ecommerce Website Accessibility 


Yet many users still feel sidelined on some websites – whether due to unfriendly brands, inauthentic marketing, and/or inaccessible content. Luckily, user-generated content (UGC) has turned the tables and allowed for real customer voices to be elevated online. UGC shapes accessible SEO.

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How Brands Can Collect Higher-Quality UGC


It’s common for even experienced marketing teams to fall into a state of a lull with templates and repetitive elements. User-generated content (UGC) can help solve the content lull. So the challenge is, how can you collect higher-quality UGC you need to constantly grow your business? .

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How BOPIS and UGC Go Hand in Hand


To build social proof in these customers and promote BOPIS, top brands opt to feature both user-generated content (UGC) across their marketing channels. As a result, both marketing strategies work to increase conversion rates. eCommerce Marketing

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22 Best Places for Finding Content to Share on Social Media

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Whether you fill up your social media calendar months in advance or post content on the fly, you will need to have a steady source of content to post on social media. Consistent content is a challenge for many social media marketers.

Dos and Don’ts of UGC Curation 2021 


In today’s digital landscape, user-generated content (UGC) has become more important than ever as 64% of customers will not only value online reviews but will actively seek them out before making a purchasing decision. But like any other form of marketing, it has to be executed strategically.

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How to Repurpose Influencer Content for Your Brand

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When it comes to asking whether or not your brand should be repurposing its influencer-generated content – there’s really no question about it. If you search the internet for “influencer marketing success” it doesn’t take long to find articles like Forbes ’ “ Love It Or Hate It: Influencer Marketing Works ,” which cites studies from TapInfluence , Deloitte , Tomoson , and McKinsey on just how powerful influencer marketing can be during the buyers’ journey.

5 Reasons Listening to Influencers Will Better Inform Your Content Strategy

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Of what use can influencers be to our brands? This is an important question, but one that rarely yields a response beyond the obvious, they have influence. In efforts of helping you articulate the subtler advantages to be had through influencer cooperation, we’ve compiled this list of five surefire reasons that listening to influencers will better inform your own brand’s content strategy. Influencers Understand the Audience You Want to Target. “So

10 Social Media Tactics to Leave Behind in 2022

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In this case, we are talking specifically about social media strategies and trends for brands. Let’s dive in and see what our experts here at Ignite Social Media have to say: 1. The industry disrupter us social media experts can’t stop talking about.

Tips and Best Practices for Enhancing Your Social Media Community

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2020 has created many challenges for the average person, but it may have created even more challenges for social media community managers across the nation. population uses social media. Ambassador ) 54% of users report using social media to research products.

Social Media Week 2022: Trends & Recap


Adweek’s Social Media Week 2022 brought the industry’s sharpest minds together in NYC to share knowledge on the trends shaping social media. Creators Are Essential to the Future of Brand Social . From UGC to Creators, Brands No Longer “Own” Social Content.

How To Integrate Influencer Marketing With Email Marketing


One of the core social media marketing tactics businesses rely on is influencer marketing. Benefits of Using Influencers for Email Marketing. Businesses can reach a diverse group of consumers through their connections with influencers.

No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Social Media Following

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But when it comes to social media, organic reach is all about the influence content has without paying to boost it. Also, most social media platforms are vigilant about clearing out fake/spammy profiles. I know it’s obvious that you need visual content to make an impact on social. Hashtags are basically a social platform’s way of labeling content so that it’s easier to find in searches, like how keywords work in search engines.

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Travel Brands that Are Doing Social Right

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Social media’s impact on the travel and tourism industry continues to grow stronger. Pairing this with the rise of travel blogging and the highly-visual nature of social media, especially Instagram, social networking platforms have transformed into a top destination for wanderlusters and adventure-seekers. When it comes to reaching these users, here are our top travel brands on social. A key part of our social strategy is the curation of UGC.

How to Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media for Stronger Campaigns

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Is your email marketing on an island by itself? Consider integrating email marketing and social media to make your campaigns stronger and richer. A strong social media strategy can help your clients or company reach an impressive list of goals.

Three Key Reasons Why User Generated Content Works for Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing and user generated content (UGC) are rapidly becoming the most widely-used online marketing strategies. With rising rates of ad blocking, the adoption of mobile-first everything, social media app use, and declining rates of TV viewership, brands and marketers of all industries are realizing just how critical digital influencers are to an effective, comprehensive, and multi-platform marketing strategy.

45 of the Best Social Media Analytics Tools

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We’ve culled the best social media analytics tools to save you the time and pain of sifting through everything out there. How do you measure your brand’s progress on social media and make sure you’re on track to reach your marketing goals? Zoho Social.

UGC + Social Distancing: Bringing the In-Store Experience Online


So the question presents itself; how can companies adapt to social distancing and deliver more personalized online shopping experiences? One answer is with user – generated content (UGC). UGC is 35% more memorable than other media, and 50% more trusted.

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10 Influencer Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid


Fighting for your audience’s attention share on social media is harder than ever before. To stay competitive, many brands partner with content creators and influencers to seamlessly engage their audiences, and even grow their reach with relevant individuals. Micro-Influencers .

The Social Influence Surge—Are You Prepared?

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The New Rules of Social Engagement. With social media now mainstream, we’re experiencing a surge of consumer influence from “social shopping”, consumer reviews and online word-of mouth-marketing. Though this may seem surprising, it’s really not when you consider that 90% of consumers are influenced by the opinion of family and friends and a whopping 70% are influenced by the online reviews of strangers !

3 Tips for Brands Targeting Brides on Social Media

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As a social media marketer, it was amazing to see how the wedding planning process has evolved across social media. With that, my experiences over the past 17 months have led to several insights for brands targeting who are brides on social media should be mindful of. My advice to brands: Sponsored influencer content is hands down the way to go. Influencers have a tendency to tell a story that brides can find relatable. Weddings.

How to Use Esports Influencer Marketing to Boost and Promote Your Brand


Among the many niches of influencer marketing , esports is one of the areas that’s gaining traction. For brands looking at social media channels to enhance their reach, esports has proven to be a massive opportunity. Currently, the global esports market is valued at $1.08

Social Media Stories: What Brands Need to Know About Ephemeral Content

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Social media stories, originally popularized by Snapchat, have seen significant growth and adoption across nearly all major social networks. A recent report from GlobalWebIndex found that Instagram and Facebook users are increasingly viewing and creating social media stories.

10 Ways to Boost Your Social Media ROI

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Social media ROI is a bane for most marketers. In fact, it is the biggest concern of 55% of marketers, according to a Sprout Social survey. Out of the 2000 marketers surveyed, most said they have no clue how to define, measure, or report social media ROI.

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2019 Social Media Trends to Watch

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2019 Social Media Trends to Watch. Now, as the year wraps up, it’s a good time for social media marketers to re-evaluate their social media strategy with fresh eyes. As user behavior and the platforms themselves continue to evolve, it’s imperative to adapt to the social media landscape. With that in mind, here are the 2019 social media trends to watch. Social Media Strategy

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47 Social Media Statistics Every Marketer Should Know


Social media statistics can be a useful tool for informing your strategy and planning your future content. From influencer trends on Instagram, to audience stats on Pinterest, and Facebook shopping behaviors, there’s a ton of great metrics to pay attention to!

Think You Can Apply a SWOT Analysis to Social Media Marketing?

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Businesses, non-profits, and even social groups aim to stay relevant and desirable to their customers, members, and target audiences. Why apply SWOT to social media strategy? Although the SWOT model has been used for years with business strategy, it can be applied in other ways, even to your social media strategy. It is tempting not to have a strategy and just keep social accounts updated. What are your social media strengths and weaknesses?

3 Social Media Promotions to End Your Fiscal Year

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Social promotions are an easy way to show success as you wrap up this year, and here are 3 different social media promotions that you can execute on a fairly quick turnaround. Beyond social paid media, one of the best ways to generate awareness and impressions is with an influencer program. Influencers can help you efficiently reach your target audience, and expand your reach to new audiences.

13 Instagram Marketing Tips from Social Media Experts


Looking for some expert Instagram marketing tips? Here are our top 13 Instagram marketing tips — backed by social media experts: Tell Your Story. For most marketers on Instagram, driving clicks and sales is the most important part of the job.

What’s New at Pixlee: 6 Features that Redefine UGC


One month into 2019, we can tell this year is shaping up to be impactful in the world of visual marketing. The challenge: Creating content that converts in social media ads can be expensive and consequently hard to scale. Again, not easy to scale when you’re trying to quickly drive more conversions from your paid social efforts. The solution: With the Pixlee platform, users can send UGC straight to the Facebook ad platform to scale their ad content.

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10 Social Media Predictions for 2019

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For social media managers this time of year is less about decking the halls with boughs of holly and more about planning for 2019. The social media landscape is changing fast and with tougher KPIs, changing technologies and new techniques, it’s more important than ever to stay ahead of our game. At Contentworks Agency we’ve already planned next year’s social media strategies for our clients. GDPR Seeps Into Social. Takeaway: Invest in UGC.

The 5 Things Social Media Marketers Need to Know about Mental Health


Social media helps us connect with friends, family, and even strangers from halfway around the world. However, social media can also breed negativity, which can affect people’s mental health. That’s why your brand’s role in social media marketing is so critical.

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8 Places User-Generated Content Thrives – Beyond Social Media


Social media is a massive piece of marketing today because of the diverse user-generated content (UGC) that’s shared across these platforms each day. Sharing UGC Today. 8 Innovative Ways to Reuse UGC. Brand Marketing

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How Professional Sports Teams Can Use User-Generated Content and Influencer Marketing


Many organizations are getting creative to adjust to new social norms. In sports, it is already expected that teams should have a strong social media presence as fans are looking for more creative ways to engage. . Celebrate Fans & Discover your Micro Influencers.

2019 Influencer Marketing Trends for Brands


Influencer marketing has proven to be one of the most effective forms of connecting with a community. But there are key trends that brands should be aware of if they want to expand success in their influencer marketing strategy in 2019. Instagram Will Remain a Key Influencer Marketing Channel. Also, the platform will continue to be the leading one for brand-influencer collaborations. Trend#3: UGC Will be King Across all Marketing Channels.

7 Brands With a Killer Social Media Campaign


Looking for social media campaign ideas to take your marketing strategy to the next level? More than ever, brands are setting themselves apart on social media with creative campaigns — and seeing big results. UGC is a great way to humanize your brand.

You Again? Avoid Spamming Your Followers on Social Media

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As an experienced social media marketer, you’ve seen your fair share of spam. From fake accounts to misleading posts, social media spam creates unnecessary noise that drowns out authentic content and engagement. Related: Download your FREE social media calendar.

The Complete Guide to Instagram Stories for Brand Marketers

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It’s no question that Instagram Stories have become a major component of every brand’s social media marketing strategy. As a social media agency, we strategize, create, monitor, and analyze Instagram Stories for many of our clients.

6 low-hanging social media optimization strategies to boost engagement

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Optimization doesn’t have to be a scary word in digital marketing. Or maybe you associate optimization with stripping any sense of creativity from your marketing. Social media optimization (SMO) is an entirely different ballgame. Social searchability optimization.

8 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2022


billion people use social media globally, and it is only predicted to increase to a massive 4.41 When examining brands that advertise, social media advertising was seen used by about 83% of marketers and ranked second in success behind SEO marketing.

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