Spotting Trends in the PR Industry


Trend spotting in the PR industry is a bit like trying to capture lightning in… Read More.

26 Disruptive & Technology Trends


26 Disruptive & Technology Trends 2016 – 2018 from Brian Solis. Featured Social, In Theory Industry InsiderFrom Brian Solis. Oh and check out slide 27-28. ——— ( photo credit ).

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Tradeshow Trends for 2014


20+ Tradeshow Trends For 2014 & Beyond from Jeff Hurt. From the Trenches Industry Insider …by the always excellent Jeff Hurt. Stick this in your pipe and smoke it!

Technology Trends in Associations


Technology Trends in Associations from Informz on Vimeo. Featured From the Trenches Industry Insider Nice webinar from Informz , Brightfind (formerly Syscom’s web services + Personify Interactive), Higher Logic and Tom Lehman.

3 Trends in the Daily Deal Industry


With Facebook phasing out its daily deal offers, Yelp scaling back its own, and Groupon still working towards an IPO, there are a lot of questions regarding the daily deal industry. Here are 3 important trends. Daily coupon fatigue is settling in.

Internet Trends for 2014 Report is a must read

Dave Fleet

The latest annual Internet Trends Report from Mary Meeker , venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers , is one of those, and it’s a must-read for those of us in digital marketing. KPCB Internet trends 2014 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Tweet.

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How to Predict Industry Trends Before Anyone Else


Have you ever wondered how some CEOs, executives and other leaders always seem to know… Read More. Media Intelligence

How Brands in the Pharmaceutical Industry Stack Up


However, for some industries like Pharma, the number of regulations around publishing content makes maintaining a solid social media presence complex. We’ve tracked the trends in the pharma industry and best practices for social content publishers.

How to Use Trending Triggers to Create Contagious Content

Convince & Convert

Trending triggers are a very powerful way for brands to connect with their audience. There will always be news concerning any brand’s industry, providing a limitless source of content for brands to make use of and get audiences to engage with them. Topical/Industry News.

PR Trends for 2015: 7 To Watch

Waxing UnLyrical

So when PRSA asked me to author a guest post on PR trends for 2015, initially I scratched my head a bit. PR Trends for 2015. Industry groups (such as PRSA and AMEC) have really ramped up efforts to educate pros on smart measurement. You know I’m not much of a forecaster.

6 Social Media Trends That Will Take Over 2017

Sprout Social

There was no shortage of changes to the social media industry in 2016, which included several new features, consumer preferences and brand opportunities. Looking toward 2017, social media trends will continue to evolve and surprise us.

Myths Keeping Social Media out of Regulated Industries

Adam Sherk

Breaking news and trending topics – when news is breaking or a topic is trending in search and/or social media, maximize the visibility of your related content by coordinating promotion through Twitter and other social vehicles. By monitoring trend tools you can discover what topics are hot and how users are searching for and discussing them. By now Twitter is an important part of most publishers’ audience development and content promotion efforts.

Influencer Marketing: How to Co-Create Content with Top Industry Influencers

Pam Moore

One way you can gain immediate traction and competitive advantage is to work with influencers in your industry or niche to create partnered content with them. Times are changing.

How Google Trends Helps Employers and Job Seekers

Convince & Convert

Google Trends can help answer those questions. Google Trends will tell you what gets searched the most and whether it’s growing, flatlined, or declining. What related terms are trending? Derek Jeter is trending most popular in baseball.

Watching the Content Marketing Trend Fade to Black

Geoff Livingston

Content isn’t going anywhere, but the content marketing trend may be disappearing much quicker than we think. This trend movement more to do with marketers failing to deliver results with general content than the role branded content has on the Internet.

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4 Internet Marketing Trends That Every Marketer Should Know


But why whole industry is turning away from banners? The most affected industries are Gaming, Social Networking, and Tech/Internet. The advertising industry has forgotten the definition for that phenomenon as well: Content Blindness.

Online Marketing Trends & Strategies For 2017-18

Social Media Marketing

2016 has given a hike to the Internet and it's marketing services and the industry is gradually increasing. Marketing is a field dominated by those who plan ahead, anticipate changes, and jump into new trends before competitors do, so we suggest you follow five digital marketing trends and strategies in 2017-18: Lets's jump into them: Content Marketing: Content will always be on the top "Google loves content" and so do the audience. It is one of the oldest marketing trends.

Become an Advocate (Not Just a Leader) in Your Industry


To keep up with your ever-changing industry, you have to move beyond the traditional “business leader” position and adopt the role of “industry advocate.”. As an advocate, you’ll shape the trends, procedures, and legislation that will affect your future success.

8 New B2B Video Content Marketing Trends

Convince & Convert

Like any other industry, video started out with a few companies, a few YouTube personalities, and has now grown into an industry where any kid with a smartphone can gain massive success with their tutorials on how to play video games.

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How to Get Ahead of This Year’s Social Media Trends

Convince & Convert

In this ever-evolving industry, key social media networks consistently pivot, refresh, or introduce new features that require social media marketers to change their strategy on the fly. Get Ahead of the Trends for Success in Social Media Marketing from Lauren Teague.

25 Experts Share Top 3 Content Marketing Trends for 2017

Writtent Blog

Content marketers who keep track of the current trends will have an advantage when it comes to planning for the future. Some see the focus shifting towards writing longer, better quality, more in-depth content, while others think that the trend of too much bad quality content will continue.

9 social media trends to keep your eye on in 2012

Akamai Marketing

I’m putting my Carnack hat on and writing down the trends I see in social media for 2012. We won’t quite be universally using the same ROI model, but as an industry, we’ll be closer to agreeing to some best practices. ROI social media Trends

Social Business Trends and Next-Gen Ecosystems


A lot of this is corporate jargon, but don’t think for a second that the association industry is not paying attention to these social business trends – a lot of what we and others are presenting at AUDC reflect the themes in this slide deck.

3 Social Media Trends in Fashion that Retailers Should Leverage

Ignite Social Media

When social media shakes up the fashion industry , what do you do? At Ignite Social Media, we know a thing or two about social media trends in the fashion and beauty industry, being Social Media Agency of the Year and all. Looking for more information on social media trends?

2015 to 2017: Black Friday Trends


In this example, we were excited to demonstrate the evolution of trends and participating audiences. The industry winners are? The post 2015 to 2017: Black Friday Trends appeared first on Audiense.

New Year, New Trends Roundup For Ya!


It’s that time of year where everyone is talking about trends. Here is a roundup for you of those I consider to be most interesting, most accurate, or most data-driven – and read down to the bottom, where I list my five trends for the association industry.

Twitter & Industry Experts Share Advice on Social Customer Care

Sprout Social

To help tackle the growing trend, we gathered a group of seasoned experts during our recent Sprout Social Hour in New York City. This post Twitter & Industry Experts Share Advice on Social Customer Care originally appeared on Sprout Social. Customer care is an integral component of any social media marketing strategy but many brands don’t know where to start when it comes to developing a well-rounded approach.

Review of the Online Group Buying Industry


Group buying is a trend that had incredibly growth throughout 2010. As you can see, another player in the group buying industry, Tippr, does not even come close to the number of monthly unique visitors from LivingSocial and Groupon throughout the period April to December 2010.

Eleven Digital Trends to Watch In 2011


Out of the many social media-related trends and predictions posts I’ve been skimming lately, this is by far the one that makes the most sense to me from a social business standpoint. Eleven Digital Trends to Watch in 2011. Featured predictions trends

16 Smart Inside Sales Trends In 2016 [Infographic]

Social Selling Masters

Selling effectively entails keeping up with industry updates and trends. In this post, we’ll be examining the smartest sales trends to emerge in 2016. We’re already seeing disruptions taking place across several industries. They are smart, savvy and follow trends.

5 Exciting Social Media and Marketing Trends to Know in 2017 – Noah Kagan [SSM055]

Buffer Social

What if you could predict the future and gain access to the latest social media and marketing trends that will eventually make a huge difference in your business? 5 Exciting Social Media and Marketing Trends to Know in 2017. “The bar has been raised across the industry.

Three Digital Marketing Trends for 2014 and Beyond

Convince & Convert

They asked me to share a few digital marketing trends that were beyond the tipping point. I get it, but I don’t think we – in the digital marketing industry – have really defined it and provided the rationale for a more steady state of Real-Time Marketing.

6 mobile app trends to watch in 2017

Here are six trends that will impact mobile and contribute to its continuously staggering growth. Every year, the mobile industry seems to outdo itself. The mobile trends of 2017 are laying the foundation for another all-star performance. Post by Andrew Gazdecki.

How to Determine and Prioritize Social Media Marketing Goals and Objectives

Pam Moore

Achieving measurable social media ROI is very similar to teens and sex. Everyone is talking about it but very few are actually doing it!

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Is the Financial Services Industry Poised for Market Disruption?


If the financial services industry is to keep up, it needs to: embrace and acquiesce to the new customer mindset. Digital is Turning the Industry on its Head. I come from the financial industry. This is, by far, the most onerous hurdle for one of the oldest regulated industries.

B2B Blogging Trends [white paper]


and see what other industry experts think!

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CEOs and Social Media – Trends and Effective Practices


Here are my slides from the presentation I did last week to the board of directors–all manufacturing company CEOs–for SPI , the plastics industry trade association. This trends-based presentation might help.

The Best Way to Keep Up With Marketing Technology and Trends

Convince & Convert

With data from top social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and WordPress, DataSift powers hundreds of applications and analyses across a wide variety of industries. marketing education marketing trends technology

Internet Trends for 2014 Report is a must read

Dave Fleet

The latest annual Internet Trends Report from Mary Meeker , venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers , is one of those, and it’s a must-read for those of us in digital marketing. KPCB Internet trends 2014 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Three New(ish) Trends In Digital Media

Twist Image

Pushing this trend forward will be the increase in influence marketing. " This power of this trend could lead to search losing a little bit of its traditional steam as contextual content is matched with location and immediacy. While Tinder may only be the tip of the iceberg, just thinking about the ability to leverage location and mobile with a level of user-directed context will open up a whole new industry within the digital media sphere. digital media trends.