7 Ways to Find Inspiration: Think Outside the Blog


Given that I’m a reporter, you might think this would be a no-brainer, but as Darren and Kim at Regator have both pointed out, if you’re going to write about trending topics, you’ll want to offer a unique perspective. Like so many other industries, there is little job security and those who are still employed are doing twice as much for half the pay. A Guest Post by Amy Parmenter from The ParmFarm.com.

What Traits Define a Social Media Marketer?

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

You hire a marketer because they understand the people, products and culture surrounding the industry you are trying to enter. Unlike many other industries, the leaders aren’t too busy to participate.

How a 3 Month Old Website Received 958373 Visits from Google

Viper Chill

Regator is another good source for trends as well. And you can pretty much scale this to any industry or niche that has a community-based following that holds events. Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!"