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Is Privacy Important?

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Copyblogger podcast radio host Robert Bruce interviews Copyblogger CEO Sonia Simone about privacy and other content matters. So the question is, is privacy important for marketers and small business owners? But online privacy goes beyond your ability or willingness to share your clients’ information. Real privacy is also about protecting that information from all sources. That’s the deepest level of privacy protection. So how do you protect your clients’ privacy information? I think it is. Have you thought about it?

Chase Ignores Domain Name Whois Privacy, Sends Credit Card Offers to Web Host

Bill Hartzer

When they encounter whois privacy on a domain name, they are disregarding it and alternatively sending the credit card offers to the domain owners’ web hosting companies. If Chase Bank has a credit card offer for you, and you have whois privacy set on a domain name you own, Chase may send that credit card offer to your web hosting company’s mailing address.

New Feature On Pinterest Gives Users More Privacy


If a company is planning to launch a new product or host a special event a Secret Board can be created in advance, along with content, images, and descriptions for each pin. Pinterest recently launched Secret Boards. Pinners will appreciate this new feature and it will encourage more personal users to join as well. Each pinner is only allowed three Secret Boards at this time.

How to be a Rad Podcast Host and Avoid your Guest’s Pet Hates


As a podcast host, a guest, and from working with hundreds of podcasters, I’ve seen almost everything. So I thought I’d sit down and give you a heads up on what makes a good and terrible podcast host. Disrespecting my privacy. Many hosts have taken the fact I’ve sat down in an interview with then as the go ahead to add me to their mailing list; without my permission.

Why Host a Blog on Your Corporate Website?

› Home › Column › Search › SEO Why Host a Blog on Your Corporate Website? 120 Broadway, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10271 | Legal Notices, Licensing, Reprints & Permissions | Privacy Policy. Mark Jackson | August 18, 2010 | 0 comments ); //]]> Share Tweet My company has recommended blogging to many of our search engine optimization clients. White papers?

The Do Not Track Button

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go and get yourself your own email server and hosting and you won't miss a beat (except you're going to have to pay for it). Odds are that you want personalization, but you also want to maintain your privacy. privacy. What kind of experience do you want? Marketers have abused the anonymity of IP addresses for too long and now consumers (and journalists) are fighting back. and they're fighting mad. Everything you say and do online can and is being used against you in the online world. Think that Gmail is free? No, it is not. Don't like it? Gmail is free. Nothing? again.

Unlock Facebook With a Physical Security Key?

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Security keys can be purchased through companies like Yubico , and the keys support the open Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) standard hosted by the FIDO Alliance. Facebook announced support for physical security keys with certain web browsers and mobile devices. To add a security key from your computer, you’ll need to be using the latest version of Chrome or Opera.

Facebook Privacy: Everything You Need to Know in 6 Minutes | pamorama


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Facebook Privacy: Everything You Need to Know in 6 Minutes by Pam Dyer on July 20, 2010 Share Remember earlier this year when the media was dominated by coverage of Facebook’s privacy policies? Did you know that Facebook’s privacy policy is longer than the U.S. Constitution? Michelle Lee.

Twitter: 360,000 Terrorism-Related Accounts Suspended Since Mid-2015

SocialTimes Twitter

Over the past six months, we also attended government-convened summits on CVE hosted by the French Interior Ministry and the Indonesian National Counterterrorism Agency. Privacy/Security Twitter Account Suspensions Algorithms followers France French Interior Ministry Imams Online indonesia Indonesian National Counterterrorism Agency Languages law enforcement Parle-moi-d'Islam Spam terrorism Terrorist Attacks The Sawab Center Transparency Report True Islam U.K. We have also made progress in disrupting the ability of those suspended to immediately return to the platform.

Social Media News Ticker: Twitter Launches #FirstTweet, Facebook Paper Teams With TED

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Twitter rolls out easier, faster video playback – it just got easier for Twitter users to watch videos; a new platform for hosting video on Twitter gives iPhone and Android phone users previews of video clips in their feeds, and allows them to play clips with a single click (NY Times). Facebook. Twitter. Any social media updates that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Facebook: Reclaim Privacy Security and Safety

Laurel Papworth

Social networks will take a lot of abuse from community hosts. Facebook: Reclaim Privacy Security and Safety is a post from: Laurel Papworth- Social Network Strategy. Technorati Tags: diagram , Elliot Schrage , Facebook , laurel papworth , Online Communities , privacy , reclaim privacy , reclaimprivacy , settings , social media , social networks. I kid you not.

Jing Project: Visual conversation starts here. Mac or Windows.

Buzz Marketing for Technology

s something we want to give you, along with some online media hosting, to see how you use it. Privacy Policy Weblog. Send Feedback. Video Tour. Capture, record, share. Communication is evolving. Capture Images. Snap a picture of anything on your desktop. Record Video. Record video of what you do, or what you see. Share Online. Instantly uploaded. Share in email, IM, or blogs. Download. For Mac OS X. Download. For Windows. What is this thing called Jing? Video tour. The concept of Jing is the always-ready program that instantly captures and shares images and videoâ?¦from

How to Set Your Facebook Privacy Settings If You Don't Want Your.

Saying It Social

Saying It Social Your Social Media Marketing Resource Home About Polls Our Services Testimonials How to Set Your Facebook Privacy Settings If You Don’t Want Your Personal Profile Searchable Why would you want to do this? To avoid having people requesting to be your friend with the result of being ignored making you look like a jerk, it is advisable to set your privacy settings so that the profile cannot be searched out or inadvertently stumbled upon. In the upper right hand corner click on Account>Privacy Settings. update). That’s it. You’re done.

GoDaddy Released Personally Identifiable Information To Spammer Without Permission

Bill Hartzer

If you fill out an abuse claim form, turning in someone’s website because it violates a web host’s Terms of Service, do you have a reasonable expectation that your personal information won’t be given to the person you’re complaining about? If they didn’t use whois privacy on ALL domains at all times then they’ll find you. - Now this is bizarre.

Best Facebook Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tools of 2011, Part 2

Webbiquity SMM

best fan photo of something specified), highlighting a “fan of the month,” post product reviews, host a panel chat, and offer fans-only coupons. As it approaches one billion users, Facebook has evolved from a site where friends and family share photos to an online marketing juggernaut rivaling Google. What common mistakes should marketers avoid? ” The solution?

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Five Reasons to Begin Podcasting Today

Spin Sucks

It all started with Inside PR , a 15-minute discussion about PR, social media, and communications and how they intersect and on occasions diverge, hosted by Gini Dietrich , Martin Waxman , and Joseph Thornley. Take Inside PR for example: Gini, Martin, and Joe recently discussed the privacy issues behind Pinterest. Today’s guest post is written by Kristine Simpson. .

The Perfect Family Tree

Stay N' Alive

It should be 100% open (perhaps with privacy controls just for living individuals - still need to work that one out, but we already have many examples to learn from). The system hosting the "family tree" should be 100% open source - this ensures that anyone else who wants to host a compatible system can host it with no worries. It's the essence of open.

Cool Social Tools: BigMarker


At BigMarker, members can attend, upload, share, watch and host webinars. They can also host video conferences for organizations, company meetings and general online conferences. On the opposite end, BigMarker offers private conferences where you need permission or a link to enter to ensure privacy. Site: Enter, BigMarker. Before Your Conference. photo credit ).

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44 Powerful Marketing Tools for Facebook Ads, Websites, CRM and More

Jon Loomer

The host is also able to control whether customers are able to reschedule or cancel — which I definitely don’t want to allow (and I couldn’t control previously). I’ve been using ShortStack for nearly all of my four years, but previously it was to manage and host my Facebook tabs. Libsyn : I use Libsyn to host and distribute my podcast to iTunes and Stitcher.

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9 Things to Include in Every Speaker Request

Almost Savvy

While I love the actual speaking part of each engagement, it can be a bumpy road leading up to the event, especially if the host or sponsor hasn’t taken the time to clearly define their goals. Facebook Groups: Privacy Bait and Switch? I’ve been doing a lot of speaking lately. It is a huge compliment to receive so many requests. I love public speaking! Go figure.

18 Expert Guides to Using Google+ for Business

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For those who are new to Google+ (or who struggle to see results with it), Scott Buehler provides an excellent 10-step guide to understanding circles, generating activity, formatting posts, using hashtags, hosting hangouts, creating company pages and more. making it a critical component in an overall web visibility strategy. Building an audience and networking? Using Hangouts? by SteamFeed.

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20 Tips for More Efficient Google Searches

Buzz Marketing for Technology

define:dumb] will give you a whole host of definitions from different sources, with links. About DLM | Creative Commons, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use | Submit an Article | Advertise | RSS. Subscribe via RSS. Subscribe via Email. Welcome to Dumb Little Man. Each week we provide a handful of tips that will save you money, increase your productivity, or simply keep you sane. Either/or.

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As a Blogger on The Global Internet, What Laws in the World Apply to You?


Your domain name is hosted with GoDaddy in Delaware in the United States, your website content is hosted with a local provider. You might also have advertising, affiliate agreements, use a hosted online store, or have a drop ship arrangement out of Asia. Another way to reduce your risk is to consider local registration and hosting. Hosting and CRMs. Blog Content.

Fans, Followers, or Subscribers: Which Are Better For Brands.


Host videos on your Facebook page. pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Fans, Followers, or Subscribers: Which Are Better For Brands? by Pam Dyer on September 21, 2010 Share Which one is it? Twitter or Facebook? Facebook or Twitter? These aren’t the only choices in social media platforms, but many brand marketers seem to vacillate between the two.

5 Surprising Reasons To Reconsider Google+ (That You Can Act On Today)

Buffer Social

Double check that the privacy for your introduction and sites is set to “Public” or whatever you are most comfortable with. It looks more likely that people enjoy using Google+ to host their photos, with 1.5 Has the same been true for you? Sharing to Google+ natively was too much of a stretch from my regular routine of scheduling everything in one place. Is there a catch?

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SEO Mega-Checklist: 75 steps to increased visibility for your site (infographic)

By publishing the usually static Privacy, Contact Us, About Us pages, you can improve your site’s visibility and rank higher in search engine result pages. Bonus) Avoid Downtime By Choosing Reliable Host. The right hosting can make all the difference between success & failure of your website. Choose a suitable web host depending on your requirements. Search SEO

IBM Social Computing Guidelines

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Be mindful that what you publish will be public for a long time—protect your privacy. You should also show proper consideration for others privacy and for topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory—such as politics and religion. But also be smart about protecting yourself and your privacy. but also proper consideration of privacy and of topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory—such as politics and religion. Privacy. Skip to main content. Country/region [ select ]. IBM Social Computing Guidelines. Introduction.

Best Practices For Facebook Live Broadcasts

Ignite Social Media

Make no mistake: hosting a live video is nothing like posting a video that has spent hours being edited. If you set the privacy settings of the stream so that only you can see it, you will be able to do a test run and see how everything goes. Since 2015, Facebook has seen an increase in videos-per-person posted on their site. Think About Production Values. Practice Makes Perfect.

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Your Guide to the Google +1 Button


They have a link to their privacy policy, which you will probably want to read (if you’re into privacy) before you click on one of these little goodies. This is for self-hosted versions of WordPress only – it does not apply for blogs on If you haven’t heard, you have probably seen it popping up in Google search results and on websites.

Facebook’s risky new approach to (forced) sharing

Danny WhatMough

True to form, yesterday Facebook rolled out a whole host of new features at its F8 developer conference. PrivacyPrivacy has often been an issue for Facebook and the reason for this seems to lie in the fact that Zuckerberg’s vision – where everything should be seen by everyone – is at odds with what most users want and also how the site was initially constructed.

2012 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Bloggers


Not only are some of the things on your digital wishlist on sale, but you can start shopping in the privacy of your own home without waiting in long lines worried about whether the doorbuster you came for will still be in stock and without feeling guilty about the poor employees who had to interrupt their Thanksgiving to get the stores ready. Web Hosting. Courses. Ebooks. Blogging

Facebook Live: How to Stream a Webinar

Jon Loomer

They provide the ability to stream the host’s desktop, typically featuring a series of slides. Install aside, though, there are other issues involved with hosting webinars elsewhere. It tends to cost $1 or more to get a registrant for a typical webinar hosted elsewhere. Of course, there are also some potential disadvantages of using Facebook Live to host webinars.

Domain Name Scam Alert: ICANN Does NOT Provide Domain Name Appraisals

Bill Hartzer

Our company is in a web hosting business. The only reason the domain name exists is to host this fake Google answers page. There is domain privacy on the domain name. There is a pretty nasty domain name appraisal scam going around that you need to be aware of if you own domain names. Here’s how this domain name scam works. - Switzerland. Basel. Great!

Top 3 Employer Review Websites Of 2013


The job listings come from other sites, but the reviews are hosted directly on the platform. However, private individuals are protected by the privacy offered by the platform. Searching for a good employment position is no easy feat. There are several factors that come into play – such as the work/life balance, company culture, and benefits. Indeed. Glassdoor. Vault.

Best Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

Among the 12 best Twitter chats chosen here by Daniel Newman are Blogchat, hosted by Mack Collier ; GetRealChat, moderated by the exuberant Pam Moore ; and LeadershipChat, hosted by my fellow Lebronian Lisa Petrilli and Steve Woodruff. Twitter Growth Skyrockets, Settles Privacy Case With FTC by MediaPost Online Media Daily. Nearly 3/4 of active Twitter users are bloggers.

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How to Get the Word Out When You’re on a Budget


Ello, for example, is an up and coming social networking site that is trying to combine all of the best stuff of Twitter and Facebook but without all of the gross advertising and privacy issues. There are lots of different types of events that you can host but the easiest and most cost effective is a concert. Passive Signage. Social Media. You could be a snapchat pioneer! Team Up.

Blogger: Redirecting

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This blog is not hosted by Blogger and has not been checked for spam, viruses and other forms of malware. Yes No Home | Features | About | Buzz | Help | Discuss | Language | Developers | Gear Terms of Service | Privacy | Content Policy | Copyright © 1999 – 2010 GooglePush-Button Publishing You're about to be redirected The blog that used to be here is now at [link] Do you wish to be redirected?

Blogger: Redirecting

Buzz Marketing for Technology

This blog is not hosted by Blogger and has not been checked for spam, viruses and other forms of malware. Yes No Home | Features | About | Buzz | Help | Discuss | Language | Developers | Gear Terms of Service | Privacy | Content Policy | Copyright © 1999 – 2010 GooglePush-Button Publishing You're about to be redirected The blog that used to be here is now at [link] Do you wish to be redirected?

70+ Resources on How to Start a WordPress Blog


The following are resources for starting your own blog on WordPress including choosing a domain name, purchasing your domain, hosting, WordPress installation, themes, plugins, settings, essential pages, backups, updates, and more! Network Solutions – Domains are cheap (or even free) but only if you get a one year annual hosting agreement along with them. Hosting Your Domain.

4 Facebook Live Mistakes You Want to Avoid

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I co-host a monthly Facebook Live broadcast for Constant Contact , and I’m happy to share four tips on Facebook Live mistakes you want to avoid: 1. Set up your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and create a test broadcast with your personal Facebook profile – change the privacy settings on the post to “Only Me” if you don’t want anyone to see your test. Having a weak Wi-Fi signal.

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