Once upon a time, I Believed in the Fairytale of Klout


Klout has made some dramatic changes in the past few weeks, which has led the Social Media ecosystem to ask many questions about Klout’s brand credibility and business agenda. Many are left feeling as if Klout was one Fairytale Gone Bad. KLOUT TRANSPARENCY.

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How to Increase Your Retweets, Twitter Followers & Klout


The message sent did not have your Twitter username in it. Another thing that is less shocking, but understandable, are sites where the retweet button lacks the basic functionality to shorten the URL, include the title with the post, and include the blogger’s Twitter handle.

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Klout and Kred – Social Influence Comparison

Akamai Marketing

In particular, I’ve aimed my arrows at Klout. But within the last year, there is a new player, Kred, which hasn’t quite caught on the way Klout did. Recently, several high profile social media people have removed themselves from Klout all together.

Solving Klout’s “Warren Buffett Problem”

Convince & Convert

Matt Thomson, Klout @daddymention. Matt begins the podcast by addressing Klout’s so-called “Warren Buffett problem.” via Klout. Klout is not meant to be one more platform that users have to curate, and that is something Klout will always strive to avoid.

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How to Use Competitive Social Monitoring on Twitter

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Here’s how to mine Twitter mentions for marketing opportunities. The second is that they receive outsized mentions when compared with their Twitter audience. MailChimp provided content while Shopify hosted, and each company got positive outcome from the interaction.

The 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men Reprise

Webbiquity SMM

Today, Tom Pick ( @TomPick ), Online Marketing Executive at KC Associates , who blogs at his award winning B2B Webbiquity , and I ( @ckburgess – Blue Focus Marketing @BlueFocus360 ) present 50 remarkable men on our 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men list.

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HOW TO: Gain Twitter Influence


Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Small business Business Advertise Network Blippr iPhone App Mashable France MashDeck Twitter App Mobile Site Social Media Events Twitter Guide Book Facebook Guide Book Partners App Development WordPress Experts MaxCDN Content Delivery Dynect Managed DNS Rackspace Hosting Intridea About Us Submit a Tip! Kawasaki has more than 300,000 followers on Twitter.

Why Online Influencer Outreach is Overrated and How to Fix It

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Public relations firms and/or in-house communication apparatchiks take the same concepts and mechanics of celebrity endorsement and bring them online, using Klout scores in lieu of celebrity Q scores , and blogger ID software like Group High in place of Hollywood agents.

31+ of the Coolest Social Media, Search and Web Tools of 2010

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Don’t want to follow Twitterers who aren’t following you? Klout. A free tool for finding the relative influence of any Twitter user. For those accustomed to getting stratospheric scores on standardized tests, Klout can seem a bit harsh.

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“Reclaim Blogging”: Why I’m giving up Twitter and Facebook


Home Buy Art Here Stormhoek Winer(y) Hughs Book Daily Cartoon Email About Contact/Connect Home Hugh MacLeod Cartoons drawn on the back of business cards August 19, 2011 (3 days ago) “Reclaim Blogging&# : Why I’m giving up Twitter and Facebook. Twitter.

This Is Being Recorded. By You

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We post tweets on Twitter , we check-in on Foursquare , we publish pictures of our daily lives on Facebook, upload videos to YouTube , and much more. The founding host and producer of CBC 's Definitely Not The Opera and the current host of Spark (a radio show and podcast about the intersection of technology and culture) spent this past year digging deeper into self-tracking and what this means about our society and who we are. The Klout effect. klout. twitter.

Klout, the Super Bowl, and Our Addiction to Shooting the Messenger

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Two weeks ago, I received a Klout Perk to be part of the Social 46, a gathering of Indiana’s top social media influencers. I do not know how many of the 46 were “found” by Klout versus already known by the committee, and it’s not particularly relevant.

3 Simple Ways to Find Relevant Twitter Followers


If you’re running on a self-hosted WordPress site, I would suggest you take a quick peak at your.htaccess file and make sure there isn’t anything out of the ordinary in it. Simply answer these questions, and do the following to build your network with quality Twitter followers.

BrainDump: 101+ Things You MUST Know About Social Media For Business

SocMed Sean

I get a lot of questions via Facebook , Twitter and my email contact form and many of the items listed below come straight from those questions, my experience in social media strategy, years of researching platforms and best practices and…well…tinkering with social media.

Have You Survived The Kloutpocalypse?!?!

Jason Yormark

Round up as many Facebook friends and Twitter followers that you can! You would literally think it was a zombie outbreak the way people are responding to the latest Klout score changes. In fact 90% of those I work with don’t even know what a Klout score is.

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Have You Survived The Kloutpocalypse?!?!

Jason Yormark

Round up as many Facebook friends and Twitter followers that you can! You would literally think it was a zombie outbreak the way people are responding to the latest Klout score changes. In fact 90% of those I work with don’t even know what a Klout score is.

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Reuters, Rogers and social dashboards

Sherrilynne Starkie

The Klout 50 ranks the most social CEOs in the USA by influence. This may or may not be a uselful feature, depending on how each user defines ‘influence’ Reuters has more than 3,000 journalists around the world and many are on Twitter.

How To Monitor Your Three Essential Internet Marketing Strategies

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Let’s imagine your blog, brand, or business operates a wide variety of social media from the likes of Facebook and Twitter to StumbleUpon and Instagram. A great tool to collect this kind of data is a site called Klout. This is a guest post by Andy Havard.

Fans, Followers, or Subscribers: Which Are Better For Brands.


Twitter or Facebook? Facebook or Twitter? According to a recent report (PDF) from digital direct marketing firm ExactTarget that compares Facebook and Twitter to e-mail, “e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter offer unique strengths to marketers and consumers alike”.

Social Pros 14 – Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer

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We use Argyle Social for our social engagement; we use Infusionsoft for our email; and Jim is our guest host for the podcast and a smart guy). Jim’s been a guest host with us before, and he’ll be chiming in shortly. I’m not saying Klout is good, bad, or indifferent.


The Battle Between Opting In and Out

Ari Herzog

Danny Brown presents a solid argument that Klout , a social influence website, should never have created a profile for my friend Naomi without Naomi authorizing its creation. Yet, because she has a Twitter account, Klout assumed she would want a Klout profile — and here it is.

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50 Inspiring Tech Savvy Leaders Over 50

Janet Fouts

Follow them on Twitter, read their blogs. Consultant, educator, podcaster, author of Return On Influence, Born to Blog, and The Tao of Twitter. Founding Editor, @MarketingLand &@SEngineLand, covering Google, Facebook, Twitter, SEO, SEM & all things digital marketing, search marketing and search. Social Media Marketing Blogger,Strategist & Speaker,Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer 2013,Huffington Post Top 100 Business Twitter Accounts.

Internet Fame and the True Impact of Influence


Maybe you’re starting to think that influence is not about how many followers someone has on Twitter. Do apps like Klout or Twitalyzer really work to automate this? Klout & Critics: Time to Close the Door or Kick it Wide Open?

Eloqua, TopRank, Demandbase and More – OMS Minneapolis Wrapup

Webbiquity SMM

Don’t overlook the value of native searches on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Technorati. Tools like Klout and PeerIndex are good for measuring your “cool factor&# but not really business results or the quality of your content or interactions.

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Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Since I can’t read everything written by the Internet Marketing community, I ask my Twitter and Facebook followers for their own recommendations. Twitter. This post explores YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. Twitter.

“Community Manager” Confusion

Waxing UnLyrical

Among more traditional community managers, there is talk about how Facebook and Twitter are “ruining&# community management, and that companies seeking community managers should avoid looking for candidates on social media job sites. Guest post by Maggie McGary. Are you confused.

Interview with Social Media Influencer: Tom H. C. Anderson

Social Media Citizens

You can follow Tom on Twitter , Linkedin or Facebook. If the blog is hosted as part of the same domain as the rest of the information and service offering of a large company, trade directory etc. As for Twitter, well clearly Followers are a pretty good indicator of influence.

Interview with Social Media Influencer: Trey Pennington

Social Media Citizens

HubSpot ranks his Facebook profile as one of the most influential in the world and his Twitter profile in the top 0.01%. You can follow Trey on Twitter or Linkedin. On the other hand, I am impressed with Klout. He’s repeated the keyword catchphrase often enough that it’s become true: Klout is the standard of influence. I lean heavily on Google Alerts and a host of columns on Hootsuite. Other than FB, Twitter and LinkedIn).

33 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Resoures of 2012 So Far

Webbiquity SMM

Raymond Morin presents both Klout’s 12-type matrix of social influencer types as well as Lisa Barone’s simpler model of five types, including the networker (“one who has the biggest contact list and found on all platforms.

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An Interview with TweetDeck’s Richard Barley


Being on the road gave me lots of time in the evenings to get addicted to Twitter and start using TweetDeck. going to compete with Twitter? Is this a deal directly with TweetDeck or did it get pulled in via Twitter? Twitter has a page about promoted tweets here.

Twitter-ups the future of events, sponsorship and event marketing

Akamai Marketing

Does anyone else think its interesting that Twitter, the hottest social media network today, is generating events? Prediction: tomorrow’s event, event marketing and sponsorship opportunity is with “Tweet-ups” where like-minded Twitter-peeps meet up to meet each other in person. Here’s the great thing: by their very nature, Twitter-peeps share something in common, making it a very powerful marketing tool. You can’t sponsor Twitter – but you can sponsor Twitter-ups.

Got Kred? When Andrew Grill Visited #measurePR

Waxing UnLyrical

guest hosts #measurePR? Well, she did such a great job the last time (when she moderated a lively discussion about Kred and Klout), that the folks at Kred got interested in participating in the chat. 2, 12-1 pm ET, when your favorite guest host, Jen will be back in action!

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Digital PR: Finding Brand Ambassadors

Proactive Report

But in most cases a brand ambassador is likely to be someone with a decent following online, either on their blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social news sites like Digg , Reddit or StumbleUpon. You can start with Peer Index and Klout. Twitter.

50 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011 (So Far)

Webbiquity SMM

Expand Your Social Media Mix: Twitter Alone is Not Enough by Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang. ** 5 STARS. Beyond the obvious (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube), Cara Friedman makes the case for adding social networks like Flickr , Tumblr and Meetup to your social media marketing mix.

A Conversation About Social Media Influence #SMSHI

Bare Feet Studios

In the spirit of transparency and speed, I am posting the notes I made as moderator of the Social Media Influence Panel at the Social Media Seminar being hosted by Technology News Bytes with their nonprofit partner, Social Media Club Hawaii Chapter. Please add your opinions/question in the comments or on Twitter; we are using the hashtag #SMSHI. Find me on Twitter @roxannedarlin g. Read his blog at BrandSavant.com and follow him on Twitter @webby2001.

Why Char-Broil’s Blogger Outreach Program Gives Me the Warm and Fuzzies

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They set target goals such as Klout score and traffic. In addition, Char-Broil hosts an annual event with the All-Stars to cook, compare notes, discuss the brand, and check in.

How to Grow Your Blog by Interviewing Influencers


By ProBlogger Expert Jerry Low of Web Hosting Secrets Revealed. You could locate influencers via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Klout. Klout was at the forefront of the trend to measure influencers with metrics.

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On Alice in Wonderland and Social Media

Akamai Marketing

The Mad Hatter Tea Party: Alice stumbles upon a tea party hosted by the Mad Hatter and a range of other curious characters. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Subscribe via Email Meet Tara Coomans Recent Posts Klout – What’s it all About?

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The Three C’s of Social Content: Consumption, Curation, Creation


On Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, et al., The 3C’s, Consumption, Creation, and Curation Bucking the trend of growth in the “creator&# category, Twitter, for instance, grew by 30 million users in the last few months.

100 Media Monitoring Tools for PR


On Actionly you can monitor what people are saying about your brand, products or industry terms on various social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Google Buzz, Blogs, and News. Monitors Twitter, Blogs, Flickr, YouTube, Yahoo Answers and many others.

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