Social Media for Event Planners: Harness Social Media to Hype Your Upcoming Gig


To hype your upcoming event, knowing how to use social media properly is important. The post Social Media for Event Planners: Harness Social Media to Hype Your Upcoming Gig appeared first on Devumi.

Increase Twitter Engagement with Hashtags and HASHCORE


Did you know that tweets that include one to two hashtags have a 21% boost in engagement according to Buffer ? This could be due to the topic of the tweets, people who follow specific hashtags, trending topics, or the apps that pull tweets based on topic such as

Hashtag Inventor Chris Messina, Partners with Bourn To Bring Hashtags-Inspired Art Exhibition to NY

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Hashtag Inventor Chris Messina, Partners with Bourn To Bring Hashtags-Inspired Art Exhibition to NY. 25 Artists Will Explore 10 Memorable Hashtags. Hashtags have sparked conversations, inspired change, and brought awareness to important issues we’ve faced.

#SproutChat Calendar: Upcoming Topics for May 2017

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Wednesday, May 24: Engaging & Growing an Audience With Hashtags. Hashtags are a powerful way to engage your audience and tap into relevant conversations. That’s why brands are utilizing hashtags. We’ll discuss all things hashtag from analytics to the difference between branded and community hashtags. This post #SproutChat Calendar: Upcoming Topics for May 2017 originally appeared on Sprout Social.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Ugg Boots & Upcoming Vacation Time


Great advice which I have taken into account for my upcoming 2 week break (see more under the Fetching Friday Notice section).

#SproutChat Calendar: Upcoming Topics for January 2017

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Simply follow the hashtag every Wednesday from 2—3 p.m. This post #SproutChat Calendar: Upcoming Topics for January 2017 originally appeared on Sprout Social. Cheers to 2017! We’re excited to get this year started with #SproutChat. Check out the topics for January and join in on the conversation on Twitter. CST to engage with Team Sprout and our broader Sprout Community. Join our Facebook community for weekly notifications or take note on the topics and dates below.

Why Engagement On Your Social Platforms Is Important For Your Next Trade Show

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Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to advertise your upcoming trade show appearances. In order to maximise this kind of engagement and keep conversation in one easily accessible place, it’s essential to make good use of hashtags. Guest post by Reno Macri.

What’s More Important: Social Media Fans or User Generated Content?

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Pop culture design site Look Human encourages users to take Instagram photos of their newly-purchased merchandise by including a branded hashtag on a coupon for an upcoming purchase. Using a tool like Agorapulse can help you track hashtags on Instagram and Twitter.

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Social Media News Ticker: Instagram Launches Bolt, Foursquare Debuts New Logo, Facebook Drops Gifts

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Twitter testing easier-to-use hashtags – Twitter is testing a feature that will better organize hashtags; it adds an expanded label to some hashtag searches, giving the hashtags “ a sense of legitimacy and order as related to a certain event or subject” (The Wall Street Journal).

New Instagram Embedding – Great News for Businesses on Instagram!


You can include your hashtags, and really start building cross referencing between your business Instagram account and your websites. Instagram hashtag marketing instagram marketing online marketing social media marketing

Will Election Day Tweets Help Determine the Outcome?

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Whether on Facebook, tumbling, tweeting or texting, an opinion can generate emotional triggers and sway judgment, which in some cases might determine the outcome of a situation; cue upcoming election. Taking part in twitter talk using hashtags gives you an instant common ground with strangers and non-strangers alike. Nowadays, in just a few seconds through cyberspace, the latest dimension has been added in the communication process; the emotional dimension.

Increase Instagram Engagement With These 6 Tips


Hashtags. Hashtags are a great way to connect your content with people who are interested in your product/service/industry. Jot down terms you would use to describe your business and then search those hashtags on Instagram to see what is trending.

How Netflix’s social media strategy dominates the online streaming industry


From posting updates on upcoming movies and shows to engaging its audience with witty comebacks, Netflix manages to fulfill the purpose of its existence on social media as it does with its streaming video content – pure entertainment.

How to Optimize Events with Social Media [Infographic]

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In order to generate social media buzz on your business’s upcoming event, create and share content in the weeks leading up to it. It’s important to post company updates of upcoming events, and include updates from important trade shows or industry summits. Guest post by Dave Landry.

10 Useful (and Fun!) Ways to Use Instagram Stickers

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And you can choose from lots of different sticker types, such as: Hashtag stickers. Location , hashtags , and mention stickers make getting found in Stories shared by other accounts easier—whether by an influencer adding your post to a Story or the location of an upcoming live event.

How to Spring into a New Season with Fresh Content

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Spring on a Relevant Hashtag. However, using hashtags that are relevant to your brand and audience’s interest can be beneficial when it comes to creating fresh content. An example of using a relevant hashtag can be seen here in fashion retail brand Altar’d State’s post.

7 Great Reasons to Get Really Excited About Bulk Publishing

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You won’t have to worry about keeping hashtags consistent. Whether you use a set of branded hashtags for your tweets or your team has created a handful of hashtags for an upcoming campaign, you’ll want to keep these terms consistent with every scheduled post.

4 Inspiring Tips and Examples for Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Marketing

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Also, note that Fair Trade Certified makes great use of hashtags in this social media example. Post About Upcoming Events and Highlight Past Ones. Often, special events will have a hashtag that will help gain added visibility.

How to Participate in a Tweet Chat

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Twitter chats, sometimes known as a Twitter party or a tweet chat, happen when a group of people all tweet about the same topic using a specific tag (#) called a hashtag that allows it to be followed on Twitter. You can also follow a hashtag in your Twitter client like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite.

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The 5 Best Tools for Twitter Chats

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Twitter chat is a conversation or a discussion about a certain topic organized by Twitter users.The topic is defined by a unique hashtag and you can take part in the conversation by following that hashtag. Hashtag of the conversation is automatically added to the tweet.

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How to Use Instagram to Market Your Restaurant or Cafe

Well-researched hashtags: Hashtags were all the rage back when apps like Instagram first came out, now although the fire has simmered down. But that doesn’t mean that hashtags are useless now. Incorporate such hashtags in your caption for maximum visibility.

How Instagram Influencers Use the Paid Partnership Feature

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Hashtags Might Not be Enough. Some influencers started adding in hashtags such as #sponsored, #sponsoredpost, and #ad to keep themselves out of trouble with the FTC, but sometimes hashtags aren’t considered a transparent enough declaration of a relationship.

How to Host A Twitter Chat That People Will Tweet About

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If you have a Twitter account, and know how to tweet with hashtags , you are ready to go. Do your hashtag research. ALWAYS check a hashtag you are thinking about naming your Twitter chat prior to any other form of advertising for your event.

8 Key Steps for a Successful Instagram Takeover

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From the comments in the post below, you can see that followers of Sweety High are already excited to engage with upcoming takeover guest Lauren Orlando. Create a Branded Hashtag. This is when you’ll be glad you created and used a hashtag with your Instagram takeover.

What (and When) to Post on Facebook

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MondayMotivation is a great hashtag to use today. WednesdayWisdom is a popular hashtag among thought leaders and business experts, so add your voice to the mix. Another great trending hashtag which can really showcase your brand if you think about it.

Four Seasons #IgniteTheSpark Campaign Brings Romance To Social Media

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The app invites users to enter details of their upcoming trips, and then offers customized status updates to the user and their travel companion’s walls, as well as allowing users to share travel plans with their friends.

What You Can Learn from 4 Hotel Brands on Facebook


On both networks, the brand shares lots of user-generated content with hashtags like #ExperienceFS and #WakeUpWithFS (breakfast in bed, anyone?). All of its upcoming concerts, fights, awards, and comedy shows are listed under the page’s events tab.

Social Media News Ticker: Facebook Acquires Pryte, Instagram 6.0, Vine Comes To Xbox One

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Vine makes the jump to the TV screen with upcoming Xbox One app – Vine is coming to TV for the first time, as a dedicated app for the Xbox One; it will initially be available only in the U.S. HashAtIt: Now You Can Search Hashtags Over Multiple Social Platforms.

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What New Social Media Management Features Did Agorapulse Release in 2018? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Instagram business profiles are allowed more functionalities than personal profiles — all in preparation for the upcoming API restriction of personal profiles. Instagram Hashtag Search Update. Read this Hashtag Search API article for help.

20 Creative Instagram Story Ideas to Engage Your Followers


Use a branded hashtag. Pro tip: Post a motivational quote in the morning with hashtag #morningmotivation. This is an incredibly popular hashtag that many people follow. An upcoming sale.

7 Ways to Use Social Media to Create Buzz-Worthy Events

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Actively promote the event hashtag and invite users to share their content on Twitter and Instagram. Social Media Marketing World has a healthy mix of attendees and speakers consistently adding content before and during their event using the hashtag #SMMW.

From #HungertoHope on World Food Day

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So when Geoff Livingston asked if I’d share the word about an upcoming Razoo/Yum! If you can’t, help spread the word, and participate in the conversation as you can, e.g.: Twitter: official campaign handle @WldHungerRelief and official hashtag #hungertohope.

Social Media Tools and Resources for Social Learning


Even if your association isn’t in the healthcare space, take a look around Symplur to get an idea of the ways organizations and individuals use hashtags to connect and share information and ideas around specific topics.

Instagram Stories Stickers: 8 Features That Are Perfect For Businesses


Instagram Stories Stickers #3: Hashtag Stickers. Much like location stickers, when you tag your story with a hashtag sticker, other users will be able to see and engage with your story on that hashtag’s page. .

Prepare yourself and your team for the future of Sales #SalesStack15

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I’m happy to announce that I will be speaking at the upcoming Sales Hacker event In San Francisco. Event hashtag: #SalesStack15.

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Sharing the NTEN Awesome: November is NTEN Member Appreciation Month


Like this one by yours truly…: Speaking of #NTENThanks , the hashtag will be used all month long. You can check out the full list of upcoming NTEN webinars at [link]. (

The Not-So Secret Guide to Twitter Lists

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These may be potential customers or competitors I want to keep an eye on, or hashtags I want to follow but not make a big deal on my profile about. Hashtag lists. When I go to a conference I use the hashtags relevant to that discussion. What are Twitter lists anyway?

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16 Instagram Stories Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind


For example, if you’re teasing an upcoming campaign or even a new blog post, you can paint your screen with the brush tool and then use the eraser to share a few details about what’s to come. Instagram Stories Hacks #9: Hide Your Hashtags.

What to Post on Instagram When You’re Fresh Out of Ideas


For example, at @latermedia we use our branded hashtag #laterfeature to highlight interesting ways that businesses are using social media and the Later app. . All you have to do is type your branded hashtag (or any hashtag!)

Use Instagram to Create Visual Engagement


Showing previews of the production of upcoming design launches gives followers something to look forward to and also drive traffic to the online shop, as people will check in to see if the t-shirt they want to buy has been released.

How to Host a Successful Instagram Takeover in 7 Easy Steps


Choose a hashtag. This step could be optional, if your takeover is part of a bigger campaign that has a hashtag already. But a hashtag can be a useful tool here! Now for the fun part: sharing your upcoming takeover with your audience! Don’t forget to include your hashtag!

The Best New Pinterest Marketing Strategies Working Today

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Upcoming dates and events on the Pinterest content calendar for 2019 ( via ). Use the right hashtags. Pinners use hashtags to find trending topics and to index and search the site. One of the most powerful and effective social media channels you can be on today is Pinterest.

6 Reasons to Unite Your Customer Service and Marketing on Social Media

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The effort is called Force Of Nature : It tells the stories of women outdoors, features female-oriented adventure gear, and of course, boasts a hashtag. Marketing keeps support up-to-speed on upcoming posts and big brand events, both internal and external.