The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

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Several also provide features like competitive benchmarking, follower demographics, key influencer identification, sentiment analysis, campaign impact, and reporting. Sample review: “If you want to do general research on Facebook Stats use Socialbakers.” Sample review: “Netvibes is a tool that even the biggest automation skeptics can get behind. Sample review: “Find interesting content on ANY topic.

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The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools

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Here are nearly three dozen tools that can help grow your following, increase engagement, monitor brand and keyword mentions, benchmark competitors, research accounts, analyze sentiment, schedule tweets, and more. A powerful multi-purpose Twitter tool that enables you to monitor your personal/brand mentions, retweets, relevant keywords, and hashtags; track competitor mentions and compare performance; switch between multiple Twitter accounts; and report on results.

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The Free Social Media Reporting Template for Marketers

Long-term, quarterly reports offer a larger sample size for true data analysis and meaningful takeaways, but take longer to put together and typically require a full presentation. Avoid drawing conclusions or making dramatic changes in your strategy due to small sample sizes.

Sneak Peek into Facebook Audience Insights Beta

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The breakdown of topics includes: Sample Public Posts- pulls in actual public posts with the topic in the text; however, any user information is removed to keep anonymity. Top hashtags. Post sentiment- aggregated feelings about your topic. Bacon has an 84% positive sentiment. Sample public posts and photo concepts can inspire new content ideas. Facebook recently made an exciting announcement for marketers.

6 steps to create an org-wide social listening strategy

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Improve sentiment around customer service. Topic queries are the bread and butter of listening, and creating strong ones depends on the platforms, hashtags, keywords and phrases you include or exclude. Did the same sentiment come up often? Social listening is on the rise.

B2B Employee Advocacy Best Practices


Give an overview of your social media goals, target audience, competitors, content tactics, custom hashtags, etc. You can use our employee advocacy sample survey as a starting point to create your own questionnaire. Brand Sentiment. With half of buyers trusting a company’s employees as sources of brand information, advocacy can help drive up positive sentiment. Employee Advocacy Sample Survey. Table of Contents. What is Employee Advocacy.

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The ultimate social media listening guide for marketers

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Social media listening can be performed at a lower cost than traditional research methods while returning a potentially wider sample of individuals. A brand analysis ranges from an overall company sentiment to a product-level sentiment. Another valuable source of information is the sentiment report. In Sprout’s own Sentiment Summary, as shown above, there you can easily view percentages and the trends over any course of time.

Social media SWOT analysis: what it is and how to do it

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This means not only measuring hard numbers associated with your brand and business but also feelings and customer sentiment (think: feelings and emotions associated with your marketing). Additionally, hashtag monitoring and social listening can clue you in conversations that result in praise or criticism from your audience. To wrap things up, let’s look into some sample scenarios where SWOT analysis would be particularly useful.

How to efficiently set up your content planning for 2019

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Here’s a sample of my editorial roadmap for you to understand what I am talking about before I go into more detail: As you can see from the above screenshot, the roadmap may help target two important dates, i.e. Thanksgiving and Pubcon conference, within one content asset. You can grab a copy of the sample content roadmap here. Sentiment (if those are branded searches ). Content marketing has been steadily growing for several years now.

How to build your social media marketing strategy for 2019

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Sample Social Media Goals for 2019. Digging through your social channels is nearly impossible without monitoring or listening to specific keywords, phrases or hashtags. Hashtag performance. What were your most used hashtags on your own side? Which hashtags were most associated with your brand? Or what hashtags created the most engagement? Sentiment. This is the measurement of how users reacted to your content, brand or hashtag.

13 Competitor Analysis Tools to Spy on Your Competition

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In addition to finding all your brand mentions, you can track discussion and sentiment around the latest topics emerging in your area. Here’s a sample dashboard after running a domain analysis for FreeCodeCamp : And here’s the piece of the analysis which provides a by-the-numbers view of who’s competing for their keywords: This is an invaluable tool for understanding who your competition is from a strictly SEO perspective. What are their top-performing keywords and hashtags?

The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook

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Abusing Twitter hashtags during a crisis.

The 17 Best Social Media Management Tools

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Sample review: “Mobile networks or Utility companies love Hootsuite as it allows them to delegate customer messages to different team members and these can be managed overall by an administrator. Sample review: “Buffer is a great automation tool. Publish posts across social networks and accounts; analyze trends and sentiment with analytics; monitor brand mentions; and automatically trigger customer service cases and tech support tickets.