Three Overlooked Ways to Improve SEO Results

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To keep up with changes on the SEO landscape and make sure I’m consistently utilizing the most effective techniques on behalf of clients, I read a lot of articles and blog posts about SEO. While there are several benefits of business blogging beyond SEO, the ability of a blog to enhance an organization’s presence in search is substantial. The major search engines are increasing incorporating social signals into their search results.

SEO Starts And Ends With Great Content

Small Business Mavericks

When it comes to SEO for small business, it all starts with a good content. There is a third group, and this is the group who will look at whether or not your content is good, great or ‘killer’ That group is made of your peers and those who have websites related to yours. This is the group that will, initially,’vote’ your site up by linking and using social bookmarking tools. Business Writing consumers content SEO

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How PR and Social Media Can Work Together

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Social media and PR would seem to be natural allies. So why do corporate PR and social media efforts so often appear disconnected and out of sync? To be sure, some agencies and companies get it, and do an effective job integrating social media and PR efforts. But many organizations in both groups still treat the functions as separate silos—or worse, mix them awkwardly, damaging both efforts. The social media release is used for blogger outreach.

BrightEdge Awarded Patent for Operationalizing SEO

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BrightEdge , a company that provides enterprise SEO, has been awarded its first patent issued by the United States Patent Office. This unique and now patented capability allows companies to discover the entire competitive landscape for a group of keywords, what percentage of the keywords in the group they rank for, and the number of keywords for which they rank. This patented capability helps companies discover new competitors and create winning competitive SEO strategies.

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25 Guest Posts on Blogging, SEO and Social Media


Earlier this week, I shared the top 25 blogging and social media posts on Kikolani. This year, I have had the fortune of being a regular contributor and guest blogger on a lot of awesome sites, including Social Media Examiner , Search Engine Journal , Search Engine Watch , Stay on Search , Vertical Measures , Famous Bloggers , and many others. Top 100+ Link Building Resources – A huge collection of link building blogs, forums, groups, Twitterers, videos, and more.

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Search Engine Optimization THEN Blogging THEN Social Media Marketing

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They’ve adapted to using online social networks (namely LinkedIn) to identify passive candidates in the last few years and it’s serving them well. Nonetheless, as I was identifying their needs; talking about where they are now; and what they’re goals and challenges are, one of the partners was skeptical about search engine optimization (SEO). The nice thing about SEO, blogging and social media marketing, is that the results are cumulative and compounding.

Nuggets from Social Media workshops as of late. : Community Group Therapy

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Nuggets from Social Media workshops as of late… posted in Uncategorized |. I’ve done a number of workshops the past few months with clients designed to do two primary things: Land a common understanding across the teams involved around what social media, communities and influencer programs really are and more importantly why it matters to a business. The answer is NOT always social media/community - that would be another warning sign if it was. Social Degree.

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Conquering Big Industries: My Bulletproof SEO Strategy

Viper Chill

You are here: ViperChill » SEO » Conquering Big Industries: My Bulletproof SEO Strategy Conquering Big Industries: My Bulletproof SEO Strategy Written by Glen, this post has 126 Comments Generally speaking, the more traffic you can get to a website the more money you can make. Because you can make so much money in the large niches there’s a lot more people trying to take a slice of that traffic and many of them are focusing on SEO in order to do so.

SEO Your YouTube Videos in 10 Steps


If you upload a bunch of videos to a channel and never touch it for years, then those videos may not have as much SEO power as the videos in the channel which are updated regularly. YouTube has a feature called Playlists that allows users to group videos spread across YouTube into a single list or collection. If your video is added to a Playlist, it can increase the SEO power of your video. Encourage other social signals. SEO Your YouTube Videos in 10 Steps.

How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Time Online: A Look at.

Saying It Social

Saying It Social Your Social Media Marketing Resource Home About Polls Our Services Testimonials How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Time Online: A Look at Efficient Ways to Effectively Social Network When You Have Limited Time I recently posed the following question to the members of the LinkedIn Group, Social Networking & Social Media Marketing for Franchisees , “If you are not currently implementing a social media marketing program for your business, why not?

Eight Factors to Consider When (Re)Launching a Business Blog

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Three ranking factors that have recently taken on increased importance from Google (and will therefore likely soon become important to other search engines as well) are content quality and authority, social media links and content freshness. What’s more, blogs are a central component of web presence optimization , and the core of a productive social media strategy.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Blogging , Business , Google , Industry News , Internet , Interviews , Marketing , Search Engine Optimization , Social Media , Viral Marketing , Web Design > Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009 Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009 by Tamar Weinberg on January 5, 2010 Share It’s my birthday! The article has examples of how social media worked too.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Here’s how I do it : I read and review hundreds — thousands — of articles yearly, on all Internet Marketing topics from SEO to social media to general entrepreneurship (new for 2010!), also gathering intelligence via their rankings on top social sites and by stumbling upon new items in my feed reader. Quick Jump: Social Media: Getting Started, Implementation, and Execution. Social Media (and Beyond): Small Business. Social Media: General.

Which Social Media Channels Should I Use For My Business?


In order to help you decide, I have compiled a list of the most popular and effective social media channels at your disposal today. I will be following up with an in-depth detailed blog about each social media channel in the coming weeks. Sorry it’s a little long, but I hope this will help you… A few tips: Tip #1: Look into each social media channel and determine which will work best for your business. Social media may be free, but think about the value of your time!

What Content People Share And Why They Do It


Tweet Written by J-P De Clerck , who is an experienced content, conversion and social media consultant. Like Mindjumpers, he is associated with Social Marketing Forum. However, in trying to answering it, one can find a lot of value for his business and “target groups” in this integrated social media and cross-channel marketing age. From the user viewpoint this is a valid argument, for businesses and especially SEO it is not.

30 Awesome Blogging Guides, Tips and Resources

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Despite the occasional “death of blogging” pronouncements (often made, ironically, in blog posts), blogs remain the core of a robust social media strategy. Particularly with Google’s emphasis in its recent Panda and Penguin algorithm updates on content that is fresh, compelling, unique, social, and naturally linked to, blogs have become even more essential to SEO strategies. 5 Tips to Becoming a Top Blog in Your Industry by Social Media Examiner.

Best Internet Marketing Blog Posts of 2007 » Techipedia | Tamar.

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Sites: General The Big Boys of Social Bookmarking: The Top 20 Sites (10e20): Chris Winfield ranks the top 20 social bookmarking sites by their Alexa rankings and gives a short description of what each does — in case you haven’t ventured beyond Digg. 24 Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Sites that Actually Work (Caroline Middlebrook): Get some powerful links on some of these lesser-known social sites.

Maximize Your Online Visibility: The Web Presence Optimization (WPO) Framework

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It also requires an active presence and network of relationships in social media, coverage in industry press, and carefully targeted online advertising to be where your prospective buyers are looking, when they are looking. Optimizing online visibility then requires the coordination of public relations (PR), content development, social networking, SEO, digital advertising and marketing communications efforts. What groups do they belong to?)

Two results for December already!

The Way of the Web

And a big part of that has been down to the fantastic response by a group of wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with over the years – your assistance continues to be invaluable, and without naming you individually, I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your support and more! So you really can go from nothing to a complete website, social media presence, and have content supplied whilst only ever dealing with one person!

12 Reasons Your Business Needs a Social Media Marketing Program.

Saying It Social

Saying It Social Your Social Media Marketing Resource Home About Polls Our Services Testimonials 12 Reasons Your Business Needs a Social Media Marketing Program YESTERDAY 1. Own your brand’s social presence: If you don’t create official channels online, it’s only a matter of time before your customers/clients do it for you and create their own profiles and communities around your brand. Are you using social media to grow your business?

How Much of Your Traffic “Should” Come from Search?

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Several factors impact the share of traffic that any marketer can expect to generate from organic search, including: Having an ongoing SEO program (including a blog). It’s hardly surprising, but maintaining regular SEO efforts, even if only a few hours per month, has a strong positive correlation with increased organic search results. Even more noteworthy, sites with active content and SEO programs increased their total website traffic, on average, by 25% in the past year.

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Successful Blogging for Small and Medium Businesses

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Blogs for business are an outstanding tool for business, they can build community, be the backbone of your social media program, and drive traffic to your website, just for starters. Are you hoping to help along your SEO efforts? Make each post remarkable and SEO friendly. Photos especially are great SEO tools…so allow your photos to be your Google’s Marilyn Monroe, while your writing is the classy Jackie O. What’s your social currency?

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Jack Welch supports events and their business uses.

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What’s your social currency? Social Media Complainers – your new BFF’s Successful Blogging for Small and Medium Businesses A Thousand Little Cuts of Social Media – A Kaizen Approach I recommend.

Social Media Affecting BtoB Buying Behavior

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BtoB buyers are actively using social media in many steps along the path of the purchase-making decision. Companies involved in BtoB sales need to implement a social media strategy along with other marketing and sales tactics. 44% conducted anonymous research of a select group of vendors. 37% posted questions on social networking sites looking for suggestions/feedback. More than 20% connected directly with potential solution providers via social networking channels.

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Tool Tuesday: SocialOomph

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This is a discussion in social media circles today, and everyone has their opinion. The ability to AutoFollow is perhaps my favorite feature of Social Oomph. I think, at least initially, its a good way to keep fresh conversations going; particularly if you are a business new to the social sphere, you should consider each new follow an opportunity to create engagement. What’s your social currency?

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Social Media Weekly Roundup 1/11-1/15


Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « 4 Ways To Celebrate MLK Day With Social Media | Main | Youtube Tuesday: ESCP Europe Human Experience » January 15, 2010 Social Media Weekly Roundup 1/11-1/15 Theres a lot going on in the social media space and so much can get lost or overlooked in your RSS feed reader. So good companies are starting to listen to what is being said in the “social sphere” and adjusting their products/services accordingly.

What the ComScore Digital Year in Review means for small biz marketers

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While the report doesn’t directly address much about social media, it does make a case for some strategic choices that may impact your social media campaigns. While this crowd is hardly the “early adopters&# crowd, if you are marketing to boomers or anyone in retirement age, this data suggests that increasing your visibility on social networks is increasingly important. This age range is not a group used to unknowningly sharing data with marketers.

Social Media Complainers – your new BFF's

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My favorite tidbit of info: 68% of consumers who posted a complaint or negative review on a social networking or ratings/reviews site got a response. The quicker the response, the happier the complainer and the more impressed the social media listeners are. Give them a private way to stay in touch (so they can voice their concerns to their new friend on the inside as opposed to using social media). What’s your social currency?

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How to Promote Blog Posts: 200+ Ideas from Eight Experts

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In addition to their SEO benefits and role in maximizing web presence for brands , blogs produce sales and leads. But creating and maintaining a successful blog takes more than just producing helpful and original content; as social media expert Heidi Cohen recently wrote , “The most epic content will FAIL without content distribution. How I promote my new blog posts by The Social Media Hat.

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4 Ways To Celebrate MLK Day With Social Media


Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « We Interrupt This Lifecast: Syndication Overload (Part 1) | Main | Social Media Weekly Roundup 1/11-1/15 » January 14, 2010 4 Ways To Celebrate MLK Day With Social Media Originally posted on January 16, 2009. Below are 4 ways you can celebrate his legacy with social media. Flickr : There is a great Flickr group called MLK BLVD that contains images of Martin Luther King, Jr.

5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read This Week


Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « Firebelly Work: J.C. Hart "Show The Love" Facebook Sweepstakes | Main | YouTube Tuesday: Digital Ethnography » February 26, 2010 5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read This Week Theres a lot going on in the social media space and so much can get lost or overlooked in your RSS feed reader. The world’s largest social network now own the patent for the news feed.

5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read This Week


Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « The Battle (and Blending) of Social and Search Rages On | Main | Toyotas "Sienna Family" YouTube Campaign » February 12, 2010 5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read This Week Theres a lot going on in the social media space and so much can get lost or overlooked in your RSS feed reader. Mobile social networks will reach 223 million people around the world.

Social Media & The Super Bowl


Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « 5 Social Marketing Stories You Need To Read | Main | Teens & Young Adults Prefer Facebook Over Blogs » February 02, 2010 Social Media & The Super Bowl Companies love to entertain us with their 30 second spots during the Super Bowl. Marketers and companies know this and are hoping to extend their 30 seconds with consumers into longer lasting relationships on social networks.

Tool Tuesday: Qwitter

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We should never sit on our laurels in social media. Share and Enjoy: Tags: social media , Tool , Twitter 4 Comments Kalin Dudley Posted March 18, 2011 at 5:40 PM Tara, This is an interesting subject as I was actually experiencing something from my personal twitter account last Friday. What’s your social currency?

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Social Media Citizens Hate BP + 4 Other Social Media News Items


Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « United Way of Central Indiana Recognized for their Social Media Efforts | Main | Wendys "Treat it Forward" on Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare for Fathers Day Frosty Weekend » June 11, 2010 Social Media Citizens Hate BP + 4 Other Social Media News Items Do social media citizens hate BP for more than just the oil spill? What are the 5 biggest risks for businesses in the social media space?

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Objectified: Our Relationship with Manufactured Objects and, by.


Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « Don’t try to fight it. Social media is here to stay. Main | social media marketing might be for you (and it might not) » October 21, 2009 Objectified: Our Relationship with Manufactured Objects and, by Extension, the People who Design Them.

What's your social currency?

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By taracoomans – April 4, 2011 Posted in: Content , Featured , social media Photo credit: BaronBrian 97 Million people use Twitter. Now, adults ( who make up the largest segment of social media users ) accept brand presence as part of the social media experience, but here’s some bad news: According to a recent study by Forrester Research, just 6 percent of 12-17-year-olds who use the Web desire to be friends with a brand on Facebook.

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Book Review Wednesday: Wikibrands: Reinventing your company in.

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There are so many layers to this topic that entire (worthy) books have been written on social media philosophy, content creation or audience engagement. With all the dynamics elements to creating a successful social media presence, its sometimes hard to know where to start or even what books are worth the time investment. But WikiBrands by Mike Dover and Sean Moffit ties all the necessary components into a social media strategy together with some helpful tactics.

31+ of the Coolest Social Media, Search and Web Tools of 2010

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Supplement your email list with your contacts’ social network info? Find out if the username or vanity URL you want is still available across dozens of social sites? Display a feed of brand-related comments from a variety of social networks on your website? Search for a brand name or keyword across all of the most popular social networks at once? Monitor social media discussions of your company or product in real time? Promote events through social media?

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The Connectbeam Social Computing Blog: Five Moves of Power Users in Enterprise 2.0

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The Connectbeam Social Computing Blog. A resource and viewpoint from Connectbeam on how social computing is changing the way we work. The post examines the idea of applying ratings to workers based on their activity with social software applications. SEO your social profile. The power users will be unusually good at building their Connectbeam Social Profiles with key words, along the lines of search engine optimization techniques. Social Bookmarking.

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