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Top 9 LinkedIn Social Media Marketing Groups


Here is a list of my nine favorite LinkedIn social media marketing groups that I think you’ll enjoy too. Description: This is the largest and most active social media marketing group on LinkedIn and it includes 20 subgroups for special interests. Group size: 999,929 members. Group size: 50,858 members. Group size: 182,536 members. Group size: 43,974 members.

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BREAKING: LinkedIn is Shutting off the Jobs Tab for Groups


IMPORTANT: I submitted a ticket to LinkedIn last week, because despite all my best efforts, I was unable to set an organization’s group settings to allow the Jobs tab. So in my total confusion about what is going on I send in a support ticket, where I say, “I’m managing a group and trying to enable the jobs tab and it’s not working properly.” Holy crap!!

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Are LinkedIn Groups Are Out Of Control?

Myrland Marketing

Many LinkedIn groups are out of control. Group members have discovered they can spam the group and get away with it. Many group admins are not doing a good job managing their groups. I’m talking about the oddly-placed comments and updates that include a link or a comment to something that appears to be either: Completely unrelated to the group.

Review of the Online Group Buying Industry


Group buying is a trend that had incredibly growth throughout 2010. Group buying, which refers to social buying or collective buying as well, is the buying an offer which has been significantly reduced, due to the fact that it is only valid if enough buyers are found. Here is a short review of these 2 key players in the online group buying industry. Enter: Google Offers.

How To Make The Best Use of LinkedIn Groups


One of the most efficient and subtle ways of marketing your brand on LinkedIn is to work with LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn has two types of groups, which can be classified as External and Owned Groups. Groups on LinkedIn are the communities of like-minded people where they discuss their topics of interest. Starting a Group on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to do that.

Libya’s Media and Marketing Industries Inching Forward

Waxing UnLyrical

The Tripoli trade fair grounds are hosting an event practically every week, offering businesses from telecoms to fashion, and garden furniture to construction, the opportunity to show off their wares to industry and consumers alike. Libya’s Media and Marketing Industries Inching Forward is a post from: Waxing UnLyrical. Experiences which will surely scar them for life.

5 Great Hashtag Campaigns From The Hospitality Industry

Talkwalker SM

Here are 5 great examples of hashtag campaigns from the hospitality industry that will inspire your social media strategy. SPGLife was another popular hashtag that popped up during our research as part of the outreach strategy of the Starwood Hotels group, with over 4,500 mentions over the last three months. Why should you bother creating your own hashtag campaign ?

Why “The PR Industry is Dead to Me” is Overreaching

Spin Sucks

We had a bit of a debate about it because it’s true you can’t be a thought leader without actually doing the thinking, but at the same time, most executives should not spend their time producing content, even if they have a unique position on something in the industry. The PR Industry is Dead to Me. By Gini Dietrich. During our more than hour long conversation (!!!)

The Pageview Industrial Complex

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It''s admirable to desire that brands do a whole lot more to engage their consumers, rather than disrupt them, but it''s also hard to bucket all brands into one homogenous group. If someone is looking at content and multiple display ads are pushed to them, instead of screaming that pageviews are a wrong metric, perhaps the marketing industry needs to take a greater step back, and ask even more profound questions: are display ads and the pageview model the most compelling way for a brand to create attention online? marketing industry. Eyeballs still matter. Sell something.

Twitter & Industry Experts Share Advice on Social Customer Care

Sprout Social

To help tackle the growing trend, we gathered a group of seasoned experts during our recent Sprout Social Hour in New York City. This post Twitter & Industry Experts Share Advice on Social Customer Care originally appeared on Sprout Social. Customer care is an integral component of any social media marketing strategy but many brands don’t know where to start when it comes to developing a well-rounded approach. 3 Social Customer Care Must-Haves. Our panelists identified three must-haves for any successful social customer care strategy. The statistics were noteworthy.

What Twitter’s Latest Move Says About the Industry Shift from Social to Messaging

Visually SM

After ignoring DMs for years, Twitter has, over the last few months, opened the platform for group messaging, allowed people to upload photos, and reversed its (bizarre) ban on sending URLs. The post What Twitter’s Latest Move Says About the Industry Shift from Social to Messaging appeared first on Visually Blog. By itself, Twitter’s announcement that it would expand its character limit for private messages from 140 characters — the limit applied to tweets — to 10,000 can be interpreted as a simple upgrade to a relatively minor feature. In the U.S.,

MUST WATCH: The state of the internet and group-forming


I pointed last week to the latest Pew Internet research study about internet users and groups which found that the users most engaged with social media are also the most engaged in groups. According to Pew, American adults active in groups were asked about three potential reasons for being active in social or civic groups. Clearly directly relevant to associations.

The PR Industry Can’t Help Itself

Geoff Livingston

Of all the professional skill groups that can be included in the marketing toolkit, public relations is the most ridiculous (PR is also used for public affairs and other non-marketing activities). Filled with backwards unethical and untrained professionals that consistently spam people and promote attention metrics instead of actual outcomes, the PR profession can’t help [.]. Rants Reality Agency attention Congress ethics klout marketing Obama pr PRSA salvageable Senate Social Media

How LinkedIn Groups can Explode your Blog Traffic


So what other options are out there for bloggers wanting to increase their blog traffic and gravitas in their industry, without breaking the bank? The answer is LinkedIn Groups. What is a LinkedIn Group? LinkedIn defines LinkedIn Groups as “a great way for organisations to keep in touch with their members about current events and to discuss issues of common interest.”.

Is the Financial Services Industry Poised for Market Disruption?


If the financial services industry is to keep up, it needs to: embrace and acquiesce to the new customer mindset. Digital is Turning the Industry on its Head. This requires the banking industry to heed these market triggers and begin to determine how to implement a more customer-focused strategy. I come from the financial industry. This industry understands data.

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools

Webbiquity SMM

Showcase reviews: Marketing Insider Group (Curation), Maximize Social Business (Drive), Online Marketing Institute, Perception System, SnapApp. Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and industry news by saving content to read later. Showcase reviews: Marketing Insider Group (Curation), Online Marketing Institute. Showcase reviews: Marketing Insider Group (Curation), SnapApp.

Why This Successful Solopreneur Uses Facebook Groups to Grow His Business – Daniel DiPiazza [SSM011]

Buffer Social

How many Facebook Groups have you joined that you don’t check regularly? Imagine my surprise when I joined the Rich20Something Facebook Group and was constantly excited to see all of the new, value-packed content being shared by both the founder, Daniel Di Piazza , and all of the other group members (now nearly 15,000.). Entrepreneur Lifestyle Group on Facebook.

MarketingSherpa Recognizes 13 Best Marketing Industry Blogs for 2012

Blue Focus Marketing

This group has been on the cutting edge for quite a while now, and we are looking forward to teaming up with them for our guest blog in the near future. As Burstein wrote in his winners announcement, “While trade pubs are certainly still valuable, many marketers now also turn to industry blogs to help them do their jobs better.” Thanks again to everyone for your support.

How to Use Industry Insights to Improve Your Content Strategy

Convince & Convert

As CEO of the Tite Group, Ron leads a unique team of 25 people at his Toronto-based social media content agency, boasting such clients as Microsoft, Evian, Hershey, Intel, and Johnson & Johnson. The Tite Group. Leading With Imperfections. Originally from the world of stand-up comedy, Ron Tite was named one of the “Top Ten Creative Canadians” by Marketing Magazine.

MarketingSherpa Recognizes 13 Best Marketing Industry Blogs for 2012

Blue Focus Marketing

This group has been on the cutting edge for quite a while now, and we are looking forward to teaming up with them for our guest blog in the near future. As Burstein wrote in his winners announcement, “While trade pubs are certainly still valuable, many marketers now also turn to industry blogs to help them do their jobs better.” Thanks again to everyone for your support.

Workplace (Formerly Facebook at Work) Officially Launches Worldwide

SocialTimes Facebook

Workplace brings traditional Facebook features such as News Feed , groups , messaging , Facebook Live livestreaming, Reactions , search and Trending to company networks that are kept separate from Facebook users’ personal profiles. We wanted to see how it would work in very conservative industries and government agencies. Norway. France. We feel we are ready for primetime now.

Social Media in the Industry: Customization is the Key to Success

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Here are some simple tips that should be kept in mind regardless of your business or industry. In my professional opinion, most companies, industries and organizations can benefit from a Facebook page. Example Social Media / Online Marketing Strategies Based on Industry. Join relevant groups and join in the conversation. This is a guest post by Angela Denby. Web 2.0

Dear Bloggers, I Apologise. Regards, the SEO Industry


And one of the most vocal groups of this negativity is from you guys—the blogging community. That it is an industry full of scammers who are trying to use your site for nefarious and dastardly reasons. Every single person within the SEO industry will fit into one of these no matter who they are. Regards, the SEO Industry. What is that?”. “Oh I’m an SEO. The scammer SEO.

How the “Shark Tank” of Podcasts is Changing the Start Up Game


The Pitch is a simple concept: hopeful founders come on the podcast and pitch their dream to a group of investors, industry experts and the hosts. Zanoon is not only an investor and industry expert, but a potential (and huge!) It’s a simple but brilliant way to get connected to a growing and engaged group of listeners and potential customers. By Kristen Matthews.

The 12 Best Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking Tools

Webbiquity SMM

Showcase reviews: Anders Pink, BuzzBlogger, Blogging Wizard, Perception System, Katie Lance, MarketingLand, Cent Muruganandam, Visually, Catherine Pham/SlideShare, Marketing Insider Group, Comms Axis, StoreYa Blog, Express Writers, Rebekah Radice, Mention, SnapApp, Robbie Richards. Marketing Insider Group. increasing social engagement, website traffic over time, etc.) 1) Alexa.

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Content Strategy for Associations


Related Posts How to Lead Your Way to a Social Organization Community Management Fundamentals BREAKING: LinkedIn is Shutting off the Jobs Tab for Groups Awesome Nonprofit Social Media Decks from #14NTC ePatient 2015: Healthcare Associations, Are You Ready? Content Strategy Featured Industry Insider Another MUST READ (must view??) Creating a great content strategy from Content Company.

An Introduction to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


However, you’re not tapping into your supporters’ networks–their friends, parents, aunts, cousins, colleagues, or alumni groups. He is the founder of DonorCommunity, an online fundraising Saas software company, which is exclusive to the nonprofit industry. Cool Social Tools Implementation Industry InsiderFriends of your supporters: your untapped resources.

So did you GO to #ASAE15?


By Adele Cehrs, CEO of Epic PR Group and Author of SPIKE Your Brand ROI. From the Trenches Industry Insider———— You’re here, you went, you made sure you didn’t.

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Leveraging Social Identity


Webinar] Leveraging Social Identity, by Altimeter Group from Altimeter Group Network on SlideShare. Content Strategy for Associations What to measure in social media BREAKING: LinkedIn is Shutting off the Jobs Tab for Groups ePatient 2015: Healthcare Associations, Are You Ready? Debunking the Hype Featured Industry Insider Watched this over the weekend. More like this.

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Do You Know the Value of Your Website?


If everyone in an organization knows what the website is worth to them – yes, it has different worth to different groups – then the web team is the group that helps them meet their goals. Content Strategy Debunking the Hype Industry InsiderThis post originally appeared on the Tanzen Blog. carriehd value=importance, surely? Tracy Playle (@tracyplayle) February 15, 2017.

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8 Tips for Social Video Storytelling


But wait—if your audience is willing to hang in there for 5 mins, there’s a solid group you can keep engaged. Featured Implementation Industry InsiderAmy DeLouise is a video director-producer who specializes in telling real people stories that help nonprofits and companies tell their brand story. Her new book is The Producer’s Playbook: Real People on Camera (Focal Press).

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Infographic: Changes To The Social Media Industry In 2016 and Early 2017

SocMed Sean

In an effort to capture some of these highlights and changes in the digital industry specific to the various social networks, the team at The Website Group has pulled together this great infographic. While it isn’t a complete documentation of every single change that has happened in recent months, it’s a solid overview of how quickly things are changing in our industry. Throughout 2016 and into the early months of 2017 there have been some noteworthy headlines surrounding social media. Cheers –Sean.

How to Use Snapchat for Lobbying and Public Affairs


This post by Mike Panetta originally appeared on the Beekeeper Group blog here and is reposted here with permission. Savvy groups are already taking advantage of Snapchat to provide immediate, disposable, behind-the-scenes, and exclusive content to their followers and give them snap-friendly assets to use to help amplify the organization’s message on the platform. Seriously.

The Most Important Post-event Engagement Tool

Spin Sucks

Whether it was a trade show, industry event, or conference, chances are you started engaging with participants via social media weeks before you ever did in person. Perhaps you joined a LinkedIn Group to get the dialogue rolling, or maybe you used hashtags in your tweets in anticipation of the event. By Steve Randazzo. Post-event Engagement Tool. Get hashtag heavy.

Four Untrue Myths of Association Innovation that Stop Us in Our Tracks


They had a group of highly enthused people trying a bunch of different things but not successfully completing much at all. Culture That Works Industry Insider Nimble Nonprofit Useful DataMyths are stories that are intended to teach us. Don’t fly too high but also don’t fly too low, said Icarus’s dad. But there are also stories that keep us stuck. Innovation Myth #1: Size Matters.

The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Samantha McCain

Spin Sucks

What Industry Advice or Practice Would You Most Like to Cry Foul On? You can also find her working on—and upgrading— The Focus Group blog. FollowFriday follow Social Media leaders eat last pr up-and-comer samantha mccain the focus group By Gini Dietrich Like many people featured here, I met Samantha McCain on the Interwebz. I love that. I don’t say that to be mean. Ooops!

The Lego Model: How to Build Your Social Brand

SocialTimes Twitter

From @Starbucks to @Samsung Mobile and even @LEGO_Group, they all use audience segmentation to break their potential followers up into smaller accounts, which all feed up to the main account. For example, there is the main @LEGO_Group account. While that account is at a respectable, but far from industry leading, 362,000 followers, that account isn’t all Lego has up its sleeve.

A Millennial Approach to Mentoring


This is a generation used to doing things in groups. So as you develop your online community, are you creating space for this new kind of ‘group mentoring’? Are there places where Millennials can ask mentoring questions to a group of more experienced members, rather than forcing them into one-on-one mentoring relationships? Contact me for details! photo credit ).

Convergence is the Name of the Game for PR Pros of Tomorrow

Spin Sucks

Before that, the industry was working with a definition that was 40 years old. Social media has turned the industry on its head. The Altimeter Group just released ” The Converged Media Imperative: How Brands Must Combine Paid, Owned and Earned Media ,” which talks about how all three not only integrate, but how the affect the role of the PR professional.

A Strategic Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits


That said, nonprofit organizations have never been a group to back down from a challenge. You can create multiple personas that represent supporters in different groups: Consider the makeup of your volunteer base, your board and junior board, your donors and more. Start a Private Group. Content Strategy Featured From the Trenches Industry Insider Nimble Nonprofit