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Dr. Houzz Reveals a Widget-Flawed Google Algorithm

Viper Chill

In that post I showed in great detail how Godaddy were utilising customers who are using their SSL services and getting top search rankings by adding anchor-text-rich backlinks in the widgets that clients place on their websites. As you can see, they’re not some small website that has managed to take over Google. The Google Paranoia Train Keeps Running. And on it goes.

As one widget goes, another appears

The Way of the Web

Following the decision by Google to shutter Google Friend Connect , that widget will have disappeared, along with the 82 lovely people who chose to support the site via that method. And I’ve already included the Google+ icon in the sidebar to hopefully allow the site to benefit from direct search and anything else Google decides to roll out.

Creating Google Plus Business Pages

Janet Fouts

Everybody’s been arguing over the value of Google Plus lately. Well, Google just changed the conversation in a big way and just in time. The announcement of Google pages for business came just in time to turn the whole argument on it’s head. As I scanned my Google Plus stream it quickly became clear that it was way more than that. How could we resist?

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API Widget Economy: Social Media Business Podcast

Laurel Papworth

Episode 3 focusses on monetizing APIs and looking at revenue streams from widgets. Companies that open their business databases and stream that data out, can have an army of hundreds of thousands (mostly) unpaid developers creating Facebook apps, iPhone apps and blog widgets to help sell their products and services. Web 3.0 An overview of social media monetization revenues. Ebay API.

8 Basic Yet Necessary Tools or Plugins for your Site


First, let’s see how effective a good widget or app can be. If you’re looking for a way to have added functionality or control over your site, consider these: PayPal Donations Button : Mighty Widgets created this great little tool to make including a donation option on your website or social media page easy. This handy widget makes embedding a form simple and intuitive.

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3 Reasons Why Pinterest May Succeed Where Google+ Has Failed

SocMed Sean

Through the use of a custom browser widget, Pinterest members can capture media from any public Web site or blog and “pin” it to a virtual pinboard, usually organized around a specific topic (e.g “cool shoes”, “food I’d like to try”, or “my art”). And what about Google+? So what does Pinterest have that Google+ doesn’t?

How to View Google Offers Near You


Last week, Google sort-of confirmed to Mashable about the existence of Google Offers by reporting that: Google is communicating with small businesses to enlist their support and participation in a test of a pre-paid offers/vouchers program. Today (01/27/11), Google Offers had a soft launch. Learn the trick to view the Google Offers in your area! Tweet This!

How to Build a Dominant Google+ Presence


Google+ is the hottest game in town when it comes search engine placement gains—at least for the time being. We’ve run multiple tests and so have a few other agencies we know, almost with unanimous consent that preferring Google+ for the hours you dedicate to social media offers the greatest ranking benefit. They are: Google+ shares. Google +1 counter.

Why I’ll Keep Growing My Private Link Network After Google’s “Crackdown”

Viper Chill

In the last 72 hours the SEO world has gone crazy about the news that PBN’s (Private Blog Networks) are being hit by Google. In fact the first person I saw talking about PBN’s being hit by Google was Greg over at No Hat Digital. I was quick to announce on Facebook that only around 5% of our websites were ‘hit’ and deindexed by Google. PBN’s? P.P.S.

Google+ Growing With The Times – Are You Badged Yet?

Small Business Mavericks

There are some marketers that are quite sensitive when it comes to any foray into social media by Google. Google doesn’t have a great record for long term support of projects if they don’t grab everyone’s attention immediately, so there is a little resistance to Google+. Whilst I understand their feelings, I don’t think they are right this time; in fact, I think Google+ is here for the long haul. changing the background color of a widget to match your page’s color. Social Media google website badges widgets

2 Million Backlinks and 15 SEO Answers from Google’s Matt Cutts

Viper Chill

Though at times it may seem like I’m being a bit harsh on Google, I have acknowledged that the job their staff have must be one of the hardest in the world. Google should not be getting tricked by people simply changing the date on a blog post and thinking that it’s suddenly fresh and deserves better rankings. 15 SEO Answers Directly from Google’s Matt Cutts.

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Google Reader Alternatives: 3 Web Based RSS Readers to Manage Your Subscriptions


If you follow my writing, you probably know how much I love Google Reader. On July 1st, Google Reader says goodbye. The Learn More takes you to a page that tells you what you can export using their Google Takeout tool, but nothing in the way of alternatives. A Little About How I Use(d) Google Reader. I also use(d) the search in Google Reader for curating content.

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Measuring Social Media ROI & Goal Conversions with Google Analytics 5

When you complete these, you will be able to: Track goal conversions for your website in Google Analytics , a plus regardless of whether you care about social media conversions or not. Tracking Social Media Conversions in Google Analytics 5 The Google Analytics you have grown to love is changing with the new version , currently in beta mode. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Thanks!

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Micro Persuasion: Become a Knowledge Management Ninja with Google Reader

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Become a Knowledge Management Ninja with Google Reader. However, none matches the power of Google Reader. Some of these may work with RSS readers from Newsgator, Bloglines and others but they are written with Google in mind.). The Core Philosophy: Google Reader is a database and a feed reader. The Core Philosophy: Google Reader is a database and a feed reader.

Google vs Facebook Does It Really Matter?

Shift Digital

With the ongoing war between Facebook and Google it may leave you confused about what your business does and does not need. Google and Facebook used to work and play in separate worlds. Google was the search engine of choice. Google’s new social network, Google+ , and the new Facebook Gowalla purchase has caused their two worlds to collide in a colossal way.

How to Use Google+ to Update All Major Social Networks


Widgets and apps can help pull a Twitter feed to a website, or a blog RSS feed to a LinkedIn profile or Facebook profile. Google+, however, does not allow Twitter feeds, Facebook activity streams or RSS feeds to be imported. This reflects Google’s effort to ensure that the content on Google+ is always unique. Working with Google+. How does it look?

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What TV Is And What Will Never Be

Twist Image

You can tell us how exciting Google ''s new Chromecast is (and, yes, it''s very exciting), and you can even convince me that more and more people are using their smartphones as companion devices to television. Will TV screens become the next iteration of Google Glass , whereby we don''t need the glasses but all of our screens can be interacted with through voice commands or heard via bone conduction devices? Apple , Google, Twitter and others are looking to (or have already begun to) disrupt it. google. google glass. widgets. We like to watch. ahhhh.

Official Google Docs Blog: Live blogging with Docs

Buzz Marketing for Technology

This tutorial will show you how to use Google Docs word processor for blogging a live event – it could be a keynote address or a conference call with media or someone speaking at a local BarCamp in your city. To get started you would need a laptop computer, a free Google account and few inches of free space to sit (or stand) in the conference room. Create a new document in Google Docs and give it some descriptive name (like “Launch of Blue Widgets Version 2&# ) - this will later become the title of our blog post. Google Docs Home. Permalink. said.

BrainDump: 101+ Things You MUST Know About Social Media For Business

SocMed Sean

YouTube 37) YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet (only second to Google). I have talked to Facebook reps and Google/YouTube reps. 47) Understand how Google’s Adwords tool works. 50) Spend time learning about plugins, themes and widgets. 68) Google is reshaping YouTube to look a lot more like Google+. So, here they are. Cheers!

The Art of Persuasion, or PR, Cannot Be Automated

Spin Sucks

In a product business, if you want more widgets, you just make them. Sure, there needs to be a person to run the machine to make the widgets. You might even need to hire two or three more people—and buy two or three more machines—to create 100,000 more widgets. Ad agencies, SEO services, Facebook, Google, Twitter, know how to scale their promotional work through technology.

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Google Confirms Quality Update

Proactive Report

Google has acknowledged and confirmed that the “Phantom Update” many publishers suspected had occurred in May is real. The update is about how Google assesses content quality and there were changes to its core ranking algorithm in terms of how it processes quality signals. This is direct from Google as to what they regard as quality content. Excessive amount of ads.

Writing Around the Web – Social Media SEO, Google Analytics, and Social Proof


This post will guide you to the right fields to optimize for the best possible search optimization of your social media profiles on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more! How to Set Up Google Analytics on Your Website – This post will help you set up Google Analytics in a few simple steps. Featured Post – How to Optimize Social Media Profiles for SEO.

5 Ways to Improve Your Online Shareability


Here are a few ways to do it: Add a “share this” widget. Make it really easy for readers and viewers to share your content by having a widget installed that allows a single click to post to their social media accounts. Blog Internet marketing Social Media advertising facebook Google Instagram linkedin Search engine optimization social media twitter Web search engineProducing content online is a really smart way to garner attention for your personal brand and your small business. Most people, however, won’t go through all that trouble and will just move on.

Are Blog Subscribers the Only Success Metric?

Spin Sucks

Some of what transpired on that roadway to earn a katrillion subscribers may have included these mile markers: Deploying the latest bells, whistles, widgets, and plugins to spiff up the house and make it attractive and enticing. Today’s guest post is by Jayme Soulati . If your blog was ranked (how does that even happen?) Would you love every minute of it and revel in your success?

Google+ Is Going Mobile

Small Business Mavericks

Google announced last week that several improvements were rolled out to the Google+ platform. Here are a few of the improvements that Google+ announced: On-the-go profile editing. Mobile notifications from your favorite Google+ circles. Better interaction with Google+ Communities for the mobile phone and tablet. Low-bandwidth options for Google+ Hangouts. Upgrades to Google+ Hangouts On Air. Birthday reminders in Google Now for Android. and a lock screen widget for the Android. Google+ is constantly being improved.

Spring Cleaning For Your Blog – How A Little Work Can Drive Search Engine And Social Media Traffic

SocMed Sean

7 Tips For Cleaning Up Your Blog And Improving Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Clean up those plugins – If you have been trying out new plugins or widgets for your blog, be sure to delete them if you’re not using them. The data provided to you by Google can be a goldmine in finding and fixing 404 errors. Do you have too many widgets? Ahhhh Spring! Cheers!

18 WordPress Social Media Plugins to Live By

Sprout Social

WordPress Plugins for Google+. WordPress Plugins for Google+. New Google Plus Badge Widget. The New Google Plus Badge Widget makes it easy to show off your Google+ page in your sidebar or other areas of your site. If you’ve been neglecting your Google+ account , this WordPress plugin can jumpstart your efforts. Google for WordPress.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective B2B Websites

PWB Marketing Blog

Use Google Analytics to set up conversion events to track specific actions on your website that are proxy indicators for buyer interest. Use a Facebook widget to embed a live feed from your Wall or include Twitter handles next to each employee’s biography on your “Contact Us” page. Use Google Analytics, Web Trends, or Omniture to measure site traffic and activity.

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Eight Factors to Consider When (Re)Launching a Business Blog

Webbiquity SMM

Three ranking factors that have recently taken on increased importance from Google (and will therefore likely soon become important to other search engines as well) are content quality and authority, social media links and content freshness. Google is also placing increased weight on link quality and diversity; thoughtful, helpful blog posts are more likely to attract such links than typical vendor product and service content. Why are so many companies now embracing blogging? A blog helps on all three fronts much more than a standard corporate website. Location. Author(s). Sassy?

Link Building Tactics for Publishers

Adam Sherk

A good way to investigate this is to review the Crawl Errors report in Google Webmaster Tools, which shows URLs with 404, 500 and other errors that Google encountered while crawling the site. So maintain a decent selection of feeds and don’t let the impending shutdown of Google Reader move you away from RSS. Widgets and badges. Recommended Tactics. Partner links.

Freebase is Shutting Down in March 2015

Bill Hartzer

According to a Google Plus post today , Freebase is shutting down, and will no longer be available after March 2015. I even participated in a Google Hangout about Freebase: But now Freebase is shutting down. Freebase has also supported developer access to the data, so before we retire it, we’ll launch a new API for entity search powered by Google’s Knowledge Graph.

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The 29 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Webbiquity SMM

Google Review Count: 345. Google Review Count: 298. Google Review Count: 290. It aggregates all of the recent posts from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and others that contain that specific hashtag. Google Review Count: 210. Google Review Count: 210. Google Review Count: 188. Google Review Count: 181. 1) Socialbakers.

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Why Social Media Is So Important for Your Business in 2014


Google+ only achieves 15% and Twitter 25%. Google+ is now the second largest social network at just over 50% , with Facebook still dominating at 70%. Keep in mind that a Google+ account is mandatory whenever a person creates a new Gmail account. But no other social network has Google’s web assets leverage. Google+. Online ads (Google Adwords). to 818.4

Is Article Marketing the Way to Build Traffic to Your Blog?

Janet Fouts

In February Google rolled out an update to their algorithms likely directed at sites that duplicate content for article marketing as well as those that “spin&# articles (replacing phrases and words so they aren’t exact duplicates and then posting to article hosting sites). Check your site against Google’s quality guidelines. Maybe not anymore.

The Best Blogging Platform and Plugins

Spin Sucks

Google analytics for WordPress. Most commented widget. Recent comments widget. It’s Facebook question of the week time (clap, clap, clap!). Jeremy Whittaker , my Utah turned Germany friend, asks, “Could you give a rundown of the the best technologies for a corporate blog? I’m looking for the best platforms and plugins that make a blog rock.&#. Sure, Jeremy!

Top 10 WordPress Theme Frameworks in 2016


Packed with page elements: Comes integrated with the basic WordPress page elements such as custom widgets, background, templates, headers and page layouts. Main Ultimatum Features: Drag and Drop Theme Builder: Ultimatum is equipped with a unique layout builder that allows you to drag and drop native WordPress widgets. Genesis Theme Framework. Ultimatum. Divi by ElegantThemes. Avada.

5 Tips to Unleash the Power of Long-Tail SEO

The New Strategist

Google doesn’t arbitrarily change their algorithms just because they ‘feel like it’. The most recent update to Google’s world famous/infamous algorithm (Hummingbird, for those of you keeping track) is mostly about ‘semantic’ search (aka: conversational search). People ain’t searching the way they used to. It’s a fact. Words like best, closest, cheapest, fastest, etc.

Jive 27

The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools

Webbiquity SMM

Google Review Count: 436. Google Review Count: 432. Google Review Count: 420. Google Review Count: 410. Google Review Count: 394. Google Review Count: 370. Google Review Count: 370. Google Review Count: 313. Think of it as Google alerts for Twitter. Google Review Count: 290. Google Review Count: 290. I like it.”

Tools 56

Marketing via Aggregation, Filtering and Curation – Tools and Resources


Widget output? Marshall Kirkpatrick talked about aggregation and filtering several years ago in How to Build an RSS and Blog News Site for Your Project where he had cobbled together a solution using Google Blog Search, dapper, Feed Digest, PostRank, Roller, and others. Google Blog Search. They produce destination pages or widgets or both. Aggregation. Filtering. video?

Five Steps to a Social Listening Program

Spin Sucks

It takes more than a Google alert and a Twitter search but it’s not hard. Use the Google Adwords Keyword tool and determine carefully your listening topics. Follow Blogs and Google Search. Set up Google alerts for your keywords and add them to the same file in your RSS feed. Today’s guest post is written by Lisa Gerber. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore.