Joomla! Surpasses 15 Million Downloads

Bill Hartzer

OSM), the not-for-profit organization that supports the Joomla! Project , today announced that Joomla!, “February has been an exciting month for OSM and the Joomla! reached 15 million downloads,&# said Elin Waring, President of Open Source Maters, part of the Joomla! “Back in June 2009, Joomla! Joomla! Joomla! Other notable JoomlaCode downloads surrounding the Joomla! million downloads), Joomla! Days and other Joomla!

Donations as Revenue: Social Media Business Podcast

Laurel Papworth

Drupal , Joomla , and LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python are also mentioned as examples of donation social economies. Pligg donation drives – I donated a few bucks to the PHPBB bulletin board (creating a forum plugin) drive they had.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & a Viral Video


Top 15 SEO extensions for Joomla CMS. I’m giving the people bloggers despise the most an open forum to defend themselves! This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, an effective viral video, and what’s coming up on

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5 Things You Can’t Blog Successfully Without

Writtent Blog

Open source content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are good options. Are you guest posting, commenting on other blogs, and getting involved in forum discussions? Blog successfully and you cam smile all the way to the bank.

70+ Resources on How to Start a WordPress Blog


text chat, 24-hour phone support, or forums). If you have blog content on other platforms, including, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla, or others, then you might want to consider importing it into your new WordPress site. After that, you can try the WordPress support forums.

Enterprise 2.0: social scorecard and social media karma

Laurel Papworth

ZevenSeas and Sharepoint: What Dan showed us, in prototype was a module – or whatever Sharepoint calls plugins (Wordpress) and components (Joomla!) – which allowed Leaders to set badge names and criteria for meeting that badge. Joomla! Buddypress forum karma points.

45 Marketing Tools to Consider for 2017

Razor Social

Brand24 is a social media monitoring tool that allows you to track mentions about your brand, or your competition, across social media channels, blogs, forums, photo sites, etc. integrates with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.

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Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, ASW11 & Productivity Systems


16 great websites and feeds for WordPress enthusiasts – Do freelancers do best on WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla ? Thanks to Deborah of ABCsPlus affiliate and monetization forum , I won a gold pass to the Affiliate Summit West conference in held at the Wynn in Vegas from January 9-11.

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70+ Resources on How to Start a WordPress Blog


Have the best customer support options (do you prefer text chat, 24 hour phone support, or forums). After that, you can try the WordPress support forums. You can use the search to see if your issue has already been discussed or add your issue to one of the forum categories.

Is Social Media Becoming Boring?

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

You can’t only write comments on forums. I’ve never been egotistical enough to call myself an “expert&# at social media or seo or Joomla despite others raving that I am.

7 Steps to Creating Million-Dollar Web Apps (And a Big Announcement)

Viper Chill

To cut a long story short, what I learned here is that people rarely want to have to learn a new system, and they would rather use what they’re used to like Joomla, WordPress or even building static HTML sites if they can.

The State of the Blog Sales Market: Interview with Andrew Knibbe of Flippa


I’ve seen in forums, where people who are active in forums who aren’t necessarily the owners of the forums, feel a sense of ownership over the forum so if the forum sells, they’re not so happy about it.