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Main | Jakes Take: Comcast Cares & You Can Too » May 27, 2010 BP Facebook Sentiment I spent some time evaluating sentiment towards BP on Facebook based on the number of 'pro' and 'con' pages. Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « YouTube Tuesday: Im A Social Media Guru! These numbers are constantly changing. Your comment has not yet been posted.

Social media metrics: why, what and how to measure according to Jim Sterne

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Social media management Social media metrics and measurement Social media ROI blogging bookmarking consumer-generated content customer satisfaction David Berkowitz Delicious Digg Facebook Flickr Forums and message boards Jim Sterne key performance indicator KPI LinkedIn lower costs Marketers Studio marketing mix media sharing micro-blogging Ning raise revenue roi sentiment social media marketing Social Media Metrics social networks StumbleUpon YouTubeIn his book ‘Social Media Metrics’, Jim Sterne says: “The Internet has always been a social medium”.

Tone or Sentiment — The New PR Standards

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Tone and Sentiment Measures how a target audience is likely to feel about the individual, company, product, or topic after reading/viewing/listening to the item. Image courtesy Flickr Ktow. If you are still wading through a sea of analytics and wondering if it is really possible to measure social media and digital PR, you should be reading Katie Paine’s Measurement Standard.

Social Media Success is About The Customers, Stupid

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…having more positive than negative sentiment from a social media monitoring tool. …seeing the sentiment from a social media monitoring tool improve over time. Photo credit: cayusa via flickr. How do you define success with leveraging social media? Being first to market doesn’t guarantee success, nor is it a requirement to gain success. Most Commented.

The Social Media Monitoring Lighthouse – A Guide on What and How to Monitor

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Sentiment Analysis. Here’s the Wikipedia explanation of sentiment analysis: “ Sentiment analysis (also known as opinion mining) refers to the use of natural language processing, text analysis and computational linguistics to identify and extract subjective information in source materials.” How: Sentiment analysis on the mentions. Who is monitoring you?

Harnessing the Power of Big Data for Public Relations

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Image: The IBM Curiosity Shop via Flickr, CC 2.0. The algorithm also accounted for people with positive sentiment scores and those who avoided “foul” language. Each light color represented the sentiment coming from a different social channel. Guest post by Jim Delaney. The sheer volume of social intelligence on the Internet is exploding. So, what is big data ?

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Good Customer Service Starts at Your Front Door

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They are actively monitoring customer sentiment, on the alert for both positive and negative conversations and feedback… positive so that they know what’s working right; negative so they can alert the appropriate parties and respond quickly and positively. Image: Infrogmation of New Orleans via Flickr, CC2.0. True to my abysmally disorganized self, I showed up early. Yeah, it is.

Timehop Helps You Build Community with Nostalgia

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A wonderful little sentimentality called nostalgia. Defined as “a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time,” nostalgia can be evoked through any and all five senses. By Laura Petrolino. A big reason the holidays are so special to me is because the memories that surround them. Why do these memories mean so much to us? Timehop Builds Community around Nostalgia.

Turning Marketing Measurement on its Head

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On specific PR measurement processes marketing pros can implement: How to best mine social media content for customer sentiment & messages. Don’t rely just on sentiment; look for messages and message accuracy. Image: Lynae Zebest via Flickr, CC 2.0. Pretty radical, eh? So that’s what we talked about. It was really interesting. Tools like Radian6, Netbase, etc.,

What Marketing Can Learn From Public Relations Analytics

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“Even web analytics tools are getting into the content analysis business and now include sentiment and other media metrics that really started in communication measurement programs.&#. Image: Angelo Juan Ramos via Flickr, CC 2.0. We PR pros often talk about what Public Relations can learn from Marketing. How to be more analytical. Focusing on the numbers. And so on.


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” I have never, and probably will never, forget that sentiment. Image: Richard Elzey via Flickr, CC 2.0. When I was still fairly new to drama school, I was going through a rough patch. This was bound to happen; I was in a new (and, in some respects, completely alien) environment, and I didn’t have the cocoon of my family and friends around me. It was my choice, you see.”

38+ Cool Social Media and Web Tools and Reviews

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A users can post to his/her Facebook wall, send a Tweet, share photos to Flickr and TwitPic, upload a video to YouTube, post a blog entry and manage other social accounts all from a single login and tool. ” 4 Great (free) Tools to Measure Social Sentiment and 4 Important Stats by Social Media Today. How can you quickly find out how far a link has spread on Twitter? PingTags.

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Weekly Roundup: The Spin Sucks Edition

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And I echo her sentiments. Image: chooyutshing via Flickr, CC 2.0. I don’t think I’ve ever done this before. Devoted an entire Weekly Roundup to posts from one – yes, one! – blog. But that’s what you get for Gini Dietrich and her guest bloggers writing such smart posts that had me go, “Dammit, why didn’t I write that first?!&#.

Choices and Lessons

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I wholeheartedly agree with Chris’ sentiment. Image: Flickr, via CrazyFast ). Tweet. Chris Brogan ‘s latest weekly newsletter was around the subject of choice. You can read it over on his site , too, if you like. I also think we can go a step further and apply this beyond a single moment. We can ask, “What choices did we make that led us here, now?”

Breaking the Silo: Why Every Department Can and Should Benefit from Social Intelligence

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Image Credits: Michael Coghlan on Flickr and Freepik. For companies of all sizes, sharing knowledge between departments is a challenge. Information that could be of use to multiple departments – from Marketing and Customer Support to PR and Risk – can easily get stuck, preventing businesses from performing at full capacity. Sharing Social Intelligence Breaks the Silo Mentality.

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31+ of the Coolest Social Media, Search and Web Tools of 2010

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In addition to customizable search and sentiment monitoring, the Buzz Tracking feature provides realtime “metrics around how much buzz is out there, how much of it is yours, how much of it is your competitors’, and what’s buzzing industry-wide.&# Looking for an easy way to create a cool graphical email signature with trackable interactive buttons? Create video emails? eSig.

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10 Surefire Ways For A Business To Fail At Social Media

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photo courtesy of anitakhart on Flickr 2) Don’t allow commenting or don’t respond when comments are left – A recent, cross-industry study by socialbakers indicates that 95% of posts left on a Facebook page go unanswered. Have you taken time to analyze what the sentiment is about your products and services? Want to fail at social media? Really? There you have it!

100 Media Monitoring Tools for PR

The Verismo methodology captures the essential elements of successful communications: Visibility, Reputation, Influence and Sentiment. On Actionly you can monitor what people are saying about your brand, products or industry terms on various social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Google Buzz, Blogs, and News. Focus on analytics and sentiment analysis.

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10 Words And Phrases Social Media Pros Should Help Their Clients Understand

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4) Sentiment Measurement – If your client thinks they can accurately measure how humans feel with an online tool, they are sadly mistaken and if you are propagating that myth, STOP! Never walk into a meeting with a chart or graph showing sentiment without having a human double-check the results first. Photo courtesy of EirikSo on Flickr. Feel free to leave a comment!

Making Data Relevant: The New Metrics for Social Marketing

Sentiment Analysis Text mining and sentiment analysis are the flavor of the season for social media analytics and a common complaint is that the current tools are not able to classify a high percentage of the comments about your brand. Getting a 20% sentiment mapping for individual comments is a very high number. Have an account? Social media has come of age. Not many, right?

100+ Social Media Monitoring Tools

Beevolve Track consumer-generated media, understand sentiment, identify emerging trends and use the resulting insights to improve products, marketing, sales and service. Dialogix Dialogix is a social media monitoring tool that shows you exactly what is being said about your brand, industry, and competitors on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, news Web sites, forums, MySpace, and more.

100+ Social Media Monitoring Tools


Track consumer-generated media, understand sentiment, identify emerging trends and use the resulting insights to improve products, marketing, sales and service. $. Buzzcapture monitors places where opinions are exchanged to provide insight into how often companies and their brands, products, and competitors are discussed, what the sentiments are, and where discussions are taking place. $. It enables you to search for keywords on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, Flickr, and more. Businesses also need to measure, analyze, and report on their social media efforts. Alterian.

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Automation in Public Relations Measurement: Yea/Nay?

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Image: Tinkerbots via Flickr , Creative Commons Tools are beginning to do a solid job with the most mind-numbing parts of research (i.e., Tracking sentiment around a brand and its competitors might be important for a product manager. Are you planning on using automated sentiment to alert you to potential crises? Meaningful Sentiment says: November 20, 2010 at 2:30 am [.]

Picking a new social media monitoring service

The metrics that we were producing on our overall sentiment and equated net promoter score were great, problem was that they were in a vacuum. The biggest of these hurdles was adding a sentiment to the competitors was adding a sentiment to the posts. With Radian6, adding sentiment to posts, Tweets, videos, etc. At the end of the day we chose Scout Labs. Enjoy this post?

20 Top Twitter Monitoring and Analytics Tools


Here are a few to help you get you started with sentiment and behavioral analysis so you can maximize Twitter’s benefits: Twazzup : A dashboard program that monitors Twitter, Twazzup will tell you every time your keywords are mentioned in a tweet. How is your brand perceived? What are people saying about you and your products? Wide reach. Direct feedback. How much do they tweet?

Jim Sterne on #MeasurePR: Using Analytics For Better Public Relations

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Image: Nwardez via Flickr, CC 2.0. b) Thinking a lot of noise is good without studying the sentiment of the conversations. In other words] Sentiment Segments… (which he made up on the fly and everyone told him to trademark it) which means groups and feelings shift constantly; we’re not after numbers, but trends.&#. Thanks to Beth Kanter , I did; last year. humans.

The social media strategy series: Metrics and Measurement « The Cube

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youd like to receive a copy of this hot off the press (well hot off the internet), sign up here to receive a shiny new copy once its done Connect elsewhere *Website Delicious Facebook Flavors (everything in one place) Flickr Foursquare LinkedIn Slideshare Twitter You Tube Search ANY CHARACTER HERE Twitter followers Share or bookmark this blog/page Stumble It! Would your sales increase?

On Research, Measurement’s Oft-Forgotten Sibling

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Image: Mike Kline via Flickr, CC 2.0. Image: TimberWolf_qx via Flickr, CC 2.0. Tools to use for sentiment analysis and social media monitoring: Steve said they use a lot of the free tools (Google, Twitter Search, etc.), I know it’s been a while since we’ve chatted about measurement on #measurePR, and for that, I’m truly sorry. Right. So far so good, right?

Top 10 Reputation Tracking Tools Worth Paying For

Also, paid services help you analyze and understand the magnitude and sentiment of conversations around your brand, which would take you even longer if you did it manually. Sentiment Metrics Sentiment Metrics has a reputation management tool that, just like the other services mentioned, helps you monitor what is being said about you, your brand and your products across blogs, forums and news sites. The reports you’ll receive by using this software focus on sentiment (it’s in the name), which tells you if the mention is positive, negative or neutral.

How Much Listening Does Social Media Listening Really Offer?

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Image: daniel duende via Flickr, CC 2.0. Offering an all-in-one option to consolidate your social media accounts and create campaigns, videos and promotions, as well as track success and brand sentiment, JugnooMe aims to make the social web simple, accessible and monetizable for all. Guest post by Danny Brown. Social media listening. Social media monitoring. Social media tracking.

WOM: What's Really Behind The Buzz

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Image: betsyjean79 via Flickr , Creative Commons Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism, Design, Digital, TV, Radio, Podcasts, Blogging, Social Networks, Newsfeeds, Affiliate Marketing, Web TV, SEO… Creative industries have evolved just as the environments, mediums, consumers and needs of our clients have evolved over time. How many heads? That’s what we do.&# Results?

Social Media for the Boardroom

Buzz Marketing for Technology

They identified around 60 Million conversations (per year) across blogs, microblogs such as Twitter, discussion forums and social networks like Facebook and other enabling technologies such as YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr relating to Energy. Then they detailed a taxonomy of trigger words that signaled whether the post was positive or negative in sentiment. Email this to a friend?

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Lessons From a Very Public Break-Up

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Positive sentiment doubled. #1 We categorized these messages based on sentiment (i.e. Title image: smemon , via FlickR, CC 2.0. Earlier this year, National Australia Bank got Australia and the world talking with its very public ‘Break-Up’ campaign. Below are a few words he was kind enough to share from behind-the-scenes of NAB’s Break-Up. Share of Voice reached 55%.

Blogging for Grasshoppers: The Most Numerous Steps To Do The.

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Image: jim crossley via Flickr, CC 2.0 Image: BES Photos via Flickr, CC 2.0 An article published on Edutopia titled Lead, Don’t Lecture , outlines teachers’ insights that are in line with these sentiments. Image: Stuart Caie via Flickr, CC 2.0 Sorry, I won’t be telling you in this post. Or “Turn your articles into downloadable reports/ebooks.&#

Why Suing Old Navy Is Bad News For Kim Kardashian

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Image: Powerhouse Museum Collection via Flickr, Creative Commons. Can Kim survive the wave of negative sentiment heading her way? Heard of the Kim Kardashian-Old Navy controversy? Kardashian is suing Old Navy because it aired an ad in February starring a model who, she claims, looks like her. You can see the ad here. Her identity and persona are valuable. ’&#. He also blogs.

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Killer Social Media Strategy

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

The best thing about social media is that the conversations are natural occurring real time so the methods like survey lag far behind in providing the right information, bet we don’t need more to understand a consumer as we can measure sentiments now. Digg Diigo Disqus Dopplr Facebook Fetch Flickr FriendFeed gdgt Google Reader Why do businesses need social media?

What to Consider When Building an In-House Social Media Team

Engagement levels, buzz and sentiment or an increase in the number of sales — or perhaps both?&# Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Small business Business Advertise Network Blippr iPhone App Mashable France MashDeck Twitter App Mobile Site Social Media Events Twitter Guide Book Facebook Guide Book Partners App Development WordPress Experts MaxCDN Content Delivery Dynect Managed DNS Rackspace Hosting Intridea About Us Submit a Tip! Learn more about it here or keep up with all Webtrends Social products by following its blog. 4 iOS 4.2

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Content Curation versus Content Aggregation

I would disagree with that sentiment, having discussed this for years. Sentiment, branding, and time frame issues: a raw aggregating apparatus is blind to them all. Curation is, in part, a manual task Starts with sources to parse Evaluates content individually based on established editorial criteria Weights content based on context, current events, branding, sentiment, etc.

Best Web Presence Optimization Guides and Tips of 2011

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Claim your profiles (on sites like LinkedIn, Google+, SlideShare, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter) and make sure they consistently describe you and your company.” ” Online Sentiment and Link Building by Search Engine Journal. Krista LaRiviere (see below), a co-founder of gShift Labs , is one of the few bloggers who have embraced the term. Videos, Images & Google!

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The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Marketing , Opinion , Social Media > The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook by Tamar Weinberg on December 10, 2008 Share Social media mimics real relationships — in many cases. Would you do the following within real face-to-face relationships?