Facebook Is About To Explode (In A Good Way)

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It allows Facebook to track trends and what is being shared in new and dynamic ways but, ultimately, the easier Facebook makes the content that is being produced on the channel as shareable and findable as possible, the harder it becomes for Facebook users to not use and increase their usage of this service. It''s not just about hashtags and embeddable posts. hashtag. hashtag marketing. Facebook is just getting started. That may come as a shock to some.

10 Content Marketing Tricks That Will Help Your Brand Stand Out

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Don’t create custom hashtags. Unless you have a very well-known, established brand with a large following, don’t bother using hashtags on Twitter or Instagram that are specific to your brand. People won’t use them, and therefore they won’t be used enough to make your content findable.

28 Qualities of Amazing Content Marketing

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Findable – If your target audience can't find it, it's all for nothin'! Related Stories Influencer Marketing 101: How to Partner with Influencers to Co-Create Content that Activates Your Ideal Customer Social Media Hashtags in a Nutshell Get Down with the OPC!

Are You Ready to Listen Differently in Social Media?

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Geofeedia research found that 74% of location-tagged posts don’t include a keyword or hashtag. It was only findable because he had location-tagged the Mall. Image via BigStockPhoto.com.

UTM Tracking: The Major Key of Social ROI

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If you wanted to target a specific term when sharing a link, test the creative that was used with the link or even analyze the hashtag you used in the post, you just tack on more UTM parameters. What if we told you there’s a free way to prove the value of the links you share on social?

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