This Instagram Video Contest Offers Fans Chance to Appear in a Horror Film

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One such marketer, Fandango, is joining forces with the new film Ouija to host a “Scare Off” Instagram video contest inspired by popular horror movie moments. To enter, fans are challenged with creating an original Instagram video inspired by a favorite horror movie moment with the hashtag #FandangoScareContest. A chance to win a walk-on role in a 2015 Blumhouse Productions film, the.

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How To: Enjoy SXSW (Without Being at SXSW)

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In the real world, it may not be that big of a deal, to many in the tech, film or music worlds, it is a must place to be to see the latest and coolest things happening and mingle with those making it happen. The festival has three primary tracks: Interactive (Tech/Social Media): March 12- 16 Film: March 12 – 20 Music: March 17 – 21 I’ll be attending Interactive events and will be blogging one of them (my blog posts will end up on the SXSW site, not here).

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Genuine Social Media Activism: A Guide for Going Beyond the Hashtag


Social media and activism have been inseparable since the 2010 Arab Spring demonstrations and since 2013, when the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag was used for the first time. In both events, social media and hashtags played an instrumental role in mobilizing the human rights movement offline.

The Ultimate Guide to TikTok Marketing


Here you’ll find all the Trending hashtags based on your geographical location, as well as a breakdown of popular videos by category. Videos that use trending sounds and hashtags are more likely to be discovered in the TikTok app, and have a better chance for success.

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Twitter March Events Calendar: Hey, Stuff Happens in March!


Film and entertainment buffs will have an entertaining start with the 90th Annual Academy Awards being held on March 4. Twitter hashtag marketing Twitter events calendar twitter for business twitter marketing twitter marketing strategyMarch is all about sports and entertainment. Twitter is helping brands get ready to dive in all the fun with its March Events Calendar. Twitter March events calendar: Are you not entertained?

Is Your Brand Socially Agile?

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Andy was the engineer behind the world’s most successful Twitter campaign , which was centered around the hashtag #WantAnR8. The hashtag was actually originated by a consumer on Twitter, and Audi actually gave her the car for a weekend and filmed it, then ran a promotion on the hashtag. Similarly, the team was able to give a car to the documentary film crew behind Follow Friday the Film so they could drive across country to make their movie.

How to get on the Vimeo Staff Picks List – With Examples!


MAKE A GREAT FILM Yes, a heading in caps lock. Now what sort of great film will get you on the Vimeo Staff Picks list? How could they not select a film like the most recent addition to the list like Waterborne: The image sets you up for the (horrifying) story, they include the name of the video as text for a professional touch, and they neatly organized their awards on it to tell everyone that this video is serious.

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This is How the TikTok Algorithm Works


From the hashtags you use, to the time you post, and even your music choice — they can all influence the TikTok algorithm. From nailing your hashtag strategy to choosing trending songs and sounds, we have everything you need to hack the TikTok algorithm. #1

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How to Streamline Your Workflow as a Social Media Manager


Tip #3: Curate Lists of Hashtags That Align with Your Content Pillars. By filming several videos in one go, you’ll save yourself all the time it takes to set up your tripod, create a backdrop, and prepare to go on camera. ICYMI: Posts with at least one Instagram hashtag average 12.6%

Instagram Best Practices: Info-Packed Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions

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Can you get shadowbanned if you use the same set of hashtags too frequently? She says she uses the same set of hashtags all the time and has never been shadowbanned for it. But the thing is, according to Jenn, Instagram wants you to use hashtags.

How POTUS and XJapan Dominated Social Media at SXSW

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Broken down by film, music, and interactive, it logically was the crowd discussing technology and media that made the most noise over the first half of the festival. In terms of who generated the most mentions, Danny Devriendt held the top spot throughout the first seven days, followed by M S Reed Design and Jordon Brown: And on the hashtag front, it was First Lady Michelle Obama’s keynote advocating education for girls around the world that stole the show. Total Mentions.

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How to Rock TikTok Just Like the Cool Kids Do (and Even Do It Better)

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Hashtag challenges. According to the hashtag’s page on TikTok , that number has since swelled to more than 335M views. Dance challenges are popular on TikTok, with over one billion views for the hashtag #DanceChallenge alone. Piggyback off an existing hashtag.

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TikTok Marketing for Video-Obsessed Marketers


Sure, you might have to spend some time sifting through content that features or mentions your brand, (typically by searching for hashtags that are related to your company) but other than that, there’s no filming or trying to create the perfect clip.

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Extend the Life of Your Event with Post-Event Planning

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To make sure you get maximum return on your event, keep these tasks top priority during the pre- and post-event planning stages and beyond: #Hashtag: Using an event hashtag gives attendees the option to share content in real-time and engage with each other, and if there are enough people using the hashtag, there is the possibility of it trending on Twitter. Tip: If you’re hosting a speaker, film their session and edit it down to quick, digestible takeaways post-event.

A Beginner’s Guide to Using TikTok


The “For You” page is algorithmically curated based on the videos you interact with, the accounts and hashtags you follow, your location and language preferences, and the type of content you create. Here, you’ll see popular hashtags, sounds, and effects.

Case Study of @TheAcademy vs @TheGrammys

Ari Herzog

Film critic Roger Ebert tweeted it best about the 83rd annual Academy Awards broadcast February 27, 2011: He may as well have tweeted about @TheAcademy’s official Twitter messages which were equally dull. Kudos to the social media team to include the #Oscars hashtag so people could click it and watch what else people tweeted with the tag, but otherwise these official tweets were unsocial and boring.

Instagram Reels vs TikTok: What You Need to Know

The videos can be filmed directly with the IG Reels camera or you can upload them from your camera roll instead. Once you’re done filming, you’ll spot two arrows on either side of the shutter button (the left one serves to replay the clip you’ve just finished filming).

6 Influencer KPIs to Track for Every Campaign

Brand name & Hashtag Mentions – How many times was your brand name or campaign hashtag mentioned during the campaign period? For real-time tracking of hashtags and mentions, you can use Keyhole. .

13 Useful social media tools to try

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Graphics and media editing : Film better videos, create Instagram Story templates and make prettier gallery posts. Whether you’re filming with a professional camera or relying on your smartphone features, content creation tools help make your posts more attractive.

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How Being Specific about Social Strategy can Increase Social Influence

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The Tribeca Film Festival and AT&T are teaming up this year to find out which film every New Yorker should see. The Film for All campaign’s mission is to connect more people to the power of film, and they’re asking for input from the viewers. New Yorkers were asked to tweet their selection @ATTNYC with the hashtag #FilmForAll. Tweetable Moments Social media has become so important that it’s integrated into everything we do.

TikTok Takeover Continues: How Brands Can Be Successful on TikTok

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Well, the right content and hashtag strategy could help you get some of the views you’re looking for. Whether you film your content in the app itself or produce it elsewhere, it absolutely must be in a vertical format, and under either the 15-second or 60-second limit.

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Instagram Live Collaborations: Tips and Examples to Inspire You

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During New York Fashion Week , fashion designers filmed behind the scenes, interviewing top models, collaborators and influencers. It also worked thanks to the use of tagging, collaborative sharing, and hashtag #NYFW that drew in event followers.

How to edit TikTok videos


Editing in the TikTok app When it comes to making TikToks straight from within the app, you should know that the filming and editing processes are kind of merged together in a similar way to Vine. With TikTok, most of the editing happens as you're filming your video.

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How Instagram Influencers Use the Paid Partnership Feature

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Hashtags Might Not be Enough. Some influencers started adding in hashtags such as #sponsored, #sponsoredpost, and #ad to keep themselves out of trouble with the FTC, but sometimes hashtags aren’t considered a transparent enough declaration of a relationship. Later in the post, she thanks Dell for inviting her to the premiere and notes that Dell’s G5 15 gaming laptop has a cameo in the film. She also includes the hashtag #ad below the main text.

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing in 2017 – Sunny Lenarduzzi [SSM029]

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We had the pleasure of chatting with Sunny all about how marketers can get started with video – including what to film, how to film it, and how to make sure that people see your videos online. Essential video marketing gear for filming. Cowboy Studios Filming Accessories. The 5 must-haves for filming videos on your iPhone are: framing, stability, audio, lighting, set. Video marketing is one of the most-talked about subjects in social media right now.

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Last month on social: Pop culture, piggybacking, and…pee?


The month ended on a comical note, with the hashtag #Pray_For_Neasamani trending first in India and then worldwide. Neasamani, however, is a fictional character from a 2001 Indian film who gets wounded after his employee drops a hammer on his head. Noticing meme accounts blowing up with this hashtag, brands were quick to piggyback on this trend. Keep an eye on the hashtag—you just might find inspiration for your next tweet there!

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How to Use TikTok: Beginners Start Here


Users can make videos that range between 5 seconds and 3 minutes long, and use a massive music library and fun effects to quickly edit together bite-sized digital films. Okay, it’s official: you can’t ignore TikTok anymore.

How to Batch Content for Social Media


Film Video Content. If you posted a YouTube video about social media tips that got a lot of engagement, you could film an Instagram Reel a few weeks later leveraging that content: View this post on Instagram. Content Batching Step #6: Film & Edit Videos.

What Marketers Need to Know About TikTok

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Whether you film your content in the app itself or produce it elsewhere, it absolutely must be in a vertical format, and under either the 15-second or 60-second limit. including In-Feed Native Video, Branded Takeovers, TopView, Branded Hashtag Challenges, and Branded Effects.

Instagram Gets Reel(s) About Going After TikTok

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Users who participate in a specific hashtag challenge create their own variations on videos with the same song or audio. Use relevant hashtags that your audience is searching for. Look out, TikTok. Instagram Reels is ready to one-up you.

Top Social Media Case Studies of 2012

The Realtime Report

While Adidas had presence on all official signage, Nike stole the show by outfitting hundreds of individual athletes, and using relevant messaging through commercials and the #findyourgreatness Twitter hashtag. Lessons From the #McDStories Promoted Trend Controversy (Jan 24): An interview with Rick Wion, McDonald’s Director of Social Media, looks at whether the #McDStories hashtag really spiraled out of control with negative backlash.

Volkswagen UK Caters to Dog Lovers with New #woofwagen Campaign

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To bring the campaign to social media, Volkswagen UK introduced the hashtag #woofwagen on Facebook and Twitter to bring dog lovers into the campaign. The use of the hashtag has proved effective on Twitter , while the hashtag on Facebook offers an interesting look at the suggested post copy the company is giving to its dealership network to activate the campaign on a hyper local level.

3 Live Event Marketing Tips from Gucci’s Social Dominance at Oscars 2016

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million uses of the hashtag #Oscars , proving that brands need to take advantage of this massive moment on television. It is a moment when film, fashion , and the arts collaborate for a night of entertainment. JaredLeto is among the most used hashtags on the night because of another Gucci social strategy – having the Academy Award winning actor take over their Snapchat account for the evening.

Lessons from luxury: What brands can learn from standout Chinese New Year campaigns

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The fashion house teased its Lunar New Year short-film, A New Awakening, on Weibo. million views while the accompanying hashtag generated over 89.5 Burberry has since released the short film on YouTube globally, but it currently only has 405,000 views since its January 18 premier.

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What is TikTok?

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This will allow you to film videos without continuously holding down the record button. If you are jumping on a trend, make sure it is timely and use the appropriate hashtag to make sure your content is seen.

How #StarWarsDay Dominated Social Media

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The date was chosen as a pun on the film’s catchphrase, “May the Force be with you.” Star Wars , of course: Not only was the franchise title found front and center among May 4th-related headlines, but it also dominated the top hashtags used across social media: Overall, May the Fourth proved to assemble fans into a fun and playful Star Wars social cocktail party. May the Fourth Be With You.

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You Only Need One Hero to Change the World—But What If You Had 60?


Led by the World Woman Foundation , the socially enabled movement aims to mentor one million women by 2030 and will feature inspiring stories from 60 women, told in 60 seconds—presented together in a powerful 60 minutes of film. You can share your hero using the #ShesMyHero hashtag. The world is full of inspiring, fearless women. They’ve changed the course of history. They’ve ruled kingdoms (and brought them down). They’ve started global movements to save the planet and humanity.

5 Ways to Tell Your Brand Story with Instagram Stories

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Filming a thirty-second promo video? From budding photographers to AV junkies, Delta has a lot of fans who’d love to nab that real estate for 24 hours, and knowing they might be featured by Delta keeps them sharing content under this branded hashtag. 3) Covert Hashtagging and Geotagging. By now, you’ve discovered that Instagram lets you add hashtags and locations to your Stories.

Flashback: What Social Was Like in 2010 vs. 2020

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The Social Network film comes out and is met with widespread critical acclaim and commercial success, though it is considered largely inaccurate by Mark Zuckerberg. Hashtags don’t exist for the first few months (they don’t make their debut on Instagram until 2011).

How Calvin Klein Has Created Dialogue With Customers


Stine studies Film and Media science at Copenhagen University. >> Check out the #MyCalvins hashtag on Instagram. This post is written by Stine Haarløv, who has applied for an internship at Mindjumpers. In 1981, Brooke Shields starrred a Calvin Klein commercial: “You wanna know what comes between me and my Calvins ? Nothing.” ” In 1992, Kate Moss was wearing the iconic Calvin Klein underwear in a provocative campaign flashing the waistband-logo.

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