How You Can Use Twitter As a Visual Marketing Platform


Twitter has gone from being a fun microblogging platform to taking on a life of its own. Allowing gifs to play in feed, Twitter Video, full sized images that take up less space and still allow you to type in characters… these are improvements we can all appreciate.

14 of the Best Content Marketing Tips, Tactics and Techniques of 2013

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Tom Edwards recommends ways to use Flipboard, an application that “visualizes your social feeds such as Facebook & Twitter as well as providing access to curated topical magazines all while allowing the user flexibility in how they consume their content of choice.”

The 23 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

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Sample reviews: “We have so much information and media available at our fingertips that it can be pretty tough to resist the urge to check our email, take a ‘quick’ look at Twitter, or see what’s happening over on Facebook. Post to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The Art of Saying Thank-You on Facebook | Almost Savvy

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This is the first time I’ve used this new screencasting software. If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed ! 4 Tales of Accidental Twitter Friends) Shopping Cart Your shopping cart is empty Visit the shop ? I think your cat wants to do a screencast too.

The 6 Things Marketers Expect from Social Media Management Tools (but don’t have yet)

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Tools like Hootsuite and TweetDeck have set a trend in the social media management tools industry: feeds. Following that trend, an awful lot of tools are offering a feed view of your incoming social messages and mentions.

LinkedIn Tips and Tweaks: Do More with your LinkedIn Account

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Enable Network Feeds in LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides an RSS feed for your network updates so you may know when people add new connections or switch jobs in your RSS reader itself. To get a feed of your own network, click here. You may want to keep this RSS feed a secret because it contains information about your other LinkedIn contacts. In case the feed gets public, just reset and re-subscribe. Add Your Blog RSS Feeds to LinkedIn. RSS Feeds.

29 Content Strategy Offers Ideas You’ve Never Dreamed Of

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You know that running document on your computer of the best industry publications, blogs, websites, Twitter feeds and Pinterest boards? Create a Screencast. Pssst. Your lead generation strategy isn’t going to be very effective unless you’re willing to give back.

Micro Persuasion: Become a Knowledge Management Ninja with Google Reader

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The Core Philosophy: Google Reader is a database and a feed reader. Continually add tons of feeds in organized, methodical way. The Core Philosophy: Google Reader is a database and a feed reader. This philosophy is key - Google Reader = news aggregator + custom feed database.

Micro Persuasion: Three Little Tips for Capturing Info Bits Quickly

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You can star items and even subscribe to either your history or these bookmarks as a feed. Annotate Bookmarks and Feeds with a Private Friendfeed Room. The second way to use this is to start importing RSS feeds into a private room. Blog RSS Feed. Comment Feed.

7 Traits of Highly Effective Viral Videos

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Informational Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. Kirtsy Likaholix LinkedIn Mahalo Mento Mixx MyBlogLog MySpace Plurk Pownce Propeller Reddit SEOmoz Sphinn StumbleUpon Technorati Toluu Twitter Wikipedia Yahoo!

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Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media - ReadWriteWeb

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Whether youre socializing on Facebook , updating Twitter , or just adding a new bookmark to Ma.gnolia , social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. Lesson #7 Learn to Twitter. One of the topics was microblogging, and Twitter was discussed. twitter.

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Starting a Blog: 20 Attainable Steps to Epic Success

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There’s nothing sketchier than a Twitter account without a profile picture, or a Facebook page that’s never been filled out. Avoid feeding trolls making controversial attacks, but professionally defend your position when questioned. Screencasts.

Micro Persuasion: Turn Gmail Into Your Personal Nerve Center

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How to get real-time news updates in Gmail (Gmail+ Google Talk + Twitter). I scan 275 RSS feeds in Google Reader and I use dozens of bookmarklets and shortcuts to help me manage it all. The Toolbar then automatically feeds it into a new message. Further, I have become a fan of Twitter - a micro blogging tool which you can control using Google Talk and other IM clients. Some enterprising folks have taken data feeds from the BBC and CNN and ported them to Twitter.

Online Video For Business: Strut Your Stuff

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Here are the other speakers: Organized by Kelly Mitchell, aka @HawaiiRealty on Twitter and featuring Chris Pirillo , Geoff Livingston , Andrew Hyde , Aaron Brazell , and Jesse Stay. Today on Beach Walks with Rox Testimonials from Twitter aaavious @kierantong Yes it was good!

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Stop the Posturing About Government 2.0 and Do It Already

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Had a higher up pinhead trot around a recent ABC News article about how terrorists use Twitter. Had a higher up pinhead trot around a recent ABC News article about how terrorists use Twitter. Trot out reports of all the good things that Twitter is doing.

4 WordPress Alternatives: the What, Where, and Why


The Habari project screencast linked below gives a great introduction to the CMS. Twitter. custom RSS feeds and statistics. automatic Twitter updates. This guest post is by Matt Setter of

203: How to Approach Influencers in Your Niche


I just looked at his Twitter account. He replied to over 100 people today in the last 24 hours on Twitter so he’s interacted a lot there. Even if it’s your Twitter account, does your Twitter account look good? When they look at your Twitter account, are they going to see you complaining all the time about things? They might have a Twitter account but do they engage on their Twitter account or are they using it more to broadcast?