What I Like About the New Facebook Timeline Profile, Privacy Settings, and News Feed


So, as a change of pace, here are some gems that have come about from the latest updates that are actually pretty cool from the news feed to the new Facebook Timeline Profile. The Best Facebook News Feed Setting. By far, of all things they have done to the news feed, I love this!

Feed 171

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On today's Diva Marketing Talks Fard Johnmar , Envision Solutions and Steve Woodruff , Impactiviti , join me to explore how social media impacts healthcare, with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry. Follow Fard on Twitter. Follow Steve on Twitter.

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You can also set up various searches from Google, Twitter, etc and run the RSS feeds from each search through Yahoo Pipes and have the resulting feed delivered to your inbox or RSS reader to monitor ongoing. applications like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc. Due to the content discovery constraints of social media sources such as Twitter, the timeframe to access historical data could be significantly less than 6 months.