Social Media is Affecting Our Communication Patterns Online

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Social media websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Digg, and others have realized that you can’t make someone visit your site. Syndicate all your news content in feeds. Follow me on Twitter.

Content Sharing: How, When, Where and Why [infographic]


In order to understand when people share content on the web, when do they click on content, the sharing pattern, the bookmarking and sharing service AddThis have on the occasion of their fifth birthday examined this. Content Sharing Pattern on Social Media [Study].

28 (of the) Best Twitter Tips, Tools and Tactics of 2012 (So Far)

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Twitter isn’t just for the birds anymore. According to recent social media research , Twitter now has more than 165 million users, and is attracting nearly a million new users each day. Twitterers collectively post a billion tweets every three days. How can you stand out among all the chirping, build your Twitter presence, grow your following, and get your content promoted? Twitter Tips for Newbies. How to Grow Your Twitter Following.

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Meet 7 Twitter Influencers Who Follow Millions

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How do you know if you are following one too many people on Twitter? What Twitter tools do you use to manage your relationships; and does the tool matter? I asked these questions to seven Twitter users who collectively follow 2.3 Twitter lists are like Google+ circles.

Is Twitter really working for you? 10 questions

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How much, was I shaping my Twitter feed, and how much was Twitter shaping me? Does this mean that although we talk about Twitter being about quality, it is truly driven by quantity to be effective? Since joining Twitter what have you gotten out of it?

Four tools to revamp your marketing efficiency on Twitter


Twitter is possibly the most powerful marketing platform out there, specifically for brands targeting global audiences. Although Twitter’s speedy pace can help you connect faster and respond to your customers faster, staying on top of rapidly moving streams can be a real challenge.

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33 Phenomenal Content Marketing and Copywriting Guides and Tips

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Feeding The Content Marketing Beast – 7 Places to Find Cheap Content by Heidi Cohen. Parker Roger Dooley Shelley Pringle Sherri Liebo Slavik Volinsky Steam Feed Steven Van Belleghem

Everything You Need to Import and Display RSS Feeds with WordPress


Just as other people are displaying and reading your feed in their apps and devices, you can use external RSS feeds to supplement and strengthen your site’s primary content. Feeding external RSS content to WordPress: adds relevant, useful content for your readers to enjoy.

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Why Social Media Advertising Is On The Rise

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Business Insider recently observed that both Facebook and Twitter have surpassed the 50% revenue mark from mobile users. It allows advertisers the ability to target specific demographics of potential customers who are important to them based on buying patterns and affinities. That could account for the increase in advertising revenues for the two social media giants Twitter and Facebook. Social media advertising is a sweet blend of pay per click advertising and social media.

Twitter's Supposed Lack of Loyalty: It's “too” easy

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I think one reason is because they don’t fully understand the depth and breadth of usefulness Twitter can offer. Currently, more than 60 percent of Twitter users fail to return the following month, or in other words, Twitter’s audience retention rate, or the percentage of a given month’s users who come back the following month, is currently about 40 percent. For most of the past 12 months, pre-Oprah, Twitter has languished below 30 percent retention.

Holy Twit – Increased Tweet Volume Drives Results

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One of my favorite Twitter add-ons is Buffer , an easy-to-use service that allows you to quickly queue up many tweets at one time, with those missives and bon mots then automatically parceled out one at a time on a schedule you determine.(Buffer

Mind the Most Important Influencer: You

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As Dr. Habib Sadeghi , physician and co-founder of Be Hive of Healing Medical Center explains, “Each one of us internalizes and feeds negative thought patterns about ourselves and others. Look at your relationships for these patterns. Guest Post by Heathere Evans-Keenan.

10 of the Best Customer Data Platforms to Power Cross-Channel Marketing


Think of it as a CRM on steroids, in the cloud; connected to and feeding your customer or lead acquisition platforms with data in real-time. . DMPs collect anonymous data from the web and other digital sources to show the big-picture patterns and demographics driving customer decisions.

How I Got 24 Times More Views on LinkedIn

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Before this experiment, I’d start spreading the word the same way as everyone else would — I’d share it on my personal profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. How does this study on social media usage patterns from Pew work for you? ;P.

Looking Back at 6 Months of Tweeting

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The 440 people and organizations I am following on Twitter today is progressively growing. Check my Twitter profile tomorrow and the number will likely be increased. Hours or days may go by without my looking at Twitter. Media Twitter

3 New Apps You Should Use for Social Content Creation

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Official Description: Best graphic design editor to create art add patterns, shapes, and text on your images. It has a large array of shapes, graphics, patterns and fonts that you can overlay and intertwine within your image.

Blogging Tip: Increase Your Traffic By Solving Problems

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For instance, a while back I wanted to view on my iPad, but Safari kept sending me to the Twitter mobile site, which was NOT the view I wanted. I spent some time Googling terms like: viewing Twitter on a tablet in desktop view. desktop view of Twitter on ipad.

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Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared: How to Manage a Social Media Crisis

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This saves time and prevents misinterpretation of your responses (especially on Twitter). Use Twitter threads to connect new posts to old posts and use hashtags consistently to spread the messages broadly. Use Instagram Stories rather than the main feed to show progress over time.

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Facebook Strategies: Content Over Creative

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In an age of Twitter streams and Facebook news feeds, it’s no longer enough to post the right content in the right place. To maximize our effectiveness, we need to take data like this and optimize our timing even further to reflect the activity pattern of our own community.

8 Different Ways to Post to LinkedIn Using Agorapulse

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But what if you just want content to slot into a publishing pattern that works for your company? Simply type in the source URL, and Agorapulse will autopopulate the RSS feed. You guessed it: You can re-queue or republish content from an RSS feed to give your LinkedIn posts added reach.

The One Marketing Technique that’s Best for Your Launch

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Thanks to some deft management by Brian, we were able to also be on the twitter trending topics for about 13-15 minutes. There were 5 primary patterns that we noticed a week after launch: Techcrunch (TC) dominated pageviews and registrations. This is a guest post from Mukund Mohan.

Are Blog Comments Dead? | Justin Levy

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Written on July 30, 2010 by Justin Levy in blog , community , facebook , interactions , social media , twitter 23 Comments - Leave a comment! If youre new here or just an old friend, Id love it if you subscribed via RSS feed.

RSS Reading Habits

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I use a RSS reader and read feeds because it is part of my writing process. My feeds are organized into folders and the folders ordered by priority. This scan, capture, analyze patterns, and write a blog post is a part of my routine. Photo by Lynetter.

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How to Create Engaging Social Media Ads


While Twitter and Pinterest’s “Promoted” ad formats are a little basic compared to Instagram and Facebook, you can still optimize your content to best suit the platform and format! . And if you’re promoting your posts on Twitter too, video is another awesome route.

7 Mental Health Tips for Social Media Managers


Tip #2: Control Your Social Media Feeds. Just like it’s okay to take social media breaks, it’s okay to keep your feeds as positive and happy as they can be, if that’s what you need. Remember, you’re in control of your feed!

Meetings Are Broken

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Merlin recently publicly rolled out this new presentation during a session at Twitter HQ. In case you missed it during the presentation, Merlin shares 10 patterns for improving meetings. 10 Patterns to Improve Meetings. In most companies meetings are broken.

How to Meet Your Consumers’ Social Media Expectations


Already on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest? Despite this demand for direct interaction and customer care on the social networks, the Zendesk survey participants also drew a pattern of fans being very easily satisfied in terms of brand effort.

How to utilize Ad Retargeting on Social Media

You must have come across Facebook ads on your feed showcasing the footwear you almost ordered online the other day or a sponsored post on your Instagram of the residential buildings that you looked at three weeks ago.

5 Strategies for Success with Real Time Marketing


Wendy’s created the RTM event but it quickly ballooned beyond the confines of Wendy’s news feed and their followers. In fact, “remarketing” is an excellent way to go deeper with your potential customer because you can discover buying patterns.

The Science Of Viral


What we decide to click on seemingly has no pattern: or does it? Buzzsumo, a content analytics company, discovered that posts with images get twice as many shares on Facebook and Twitter as compared to those that don’t have any images.

Social Media Crisis Management -Infographic

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If the whole thing blew up on Twitter first, find the source and address them directly in a positive manner. Creating a Facebook campaign to deal with a crisis that started on Twitter is not going to be nearly as effective. Don’t feed the trolls!

24 More of the Best Facebook Guides, Stats and Rants of 2012

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” How to Add A Twitter Tab to Your Facebook Page [Quicktip] by Hongkiat. Mustaza Mustafa presents a richly illustrated, step-by-step process for using the CertifiedSeller app to add a Twitter profile link to your tab on Facebook timeline.

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How to View & Measure Your Tweet Activity

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If Twitter is a big part of your social media marketing strategy, you need to get familiar with the analytics dashboard. In this post we’ll break down how to view your Tweet activity and how to use the data to improve your Twitter marketing strategy. Tweet activity lives in the Twitter Analytics dashboard. Learn more about promoted Tweets in our Twitter Advertising guide. The specific metrics Twitter gives you are: Link clicks. Analytics Twitter

The Science Of Viral


What we decide to click on seemingly has no pattern: or does it? Buzzsumo, a content analytics company, discovered that posts with images get twice as many shares on Facebook and Twitter as compared to those that don’t have any images.

17 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Top Tips, Tricks, and Tools

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Jason’s Little Known Social Media Secret : I don’t really let most people in on the fact that I use (editor’s note: read my Tweet Spinner review , aff links included) to help me manage my Twitter followers. With Twitter, however, you can use Refollow.

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The Science Of Viral


What we decide to click on seemingly has no pattern: or does it? Buzzsumo, a content analytics company, discovered that posts with images get twice as many shares on Facebook and Twitter as compared to those that don’t have any images. If you feel like you don’t have the time to go through the entire world wide web and hunt down the perfect articles, apps like Feedly and DrumUp can do the job for you.

Social Media Automation Is Bad, and Other Marketing Lies

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They outsourced the campaign to a contractor, who then outsourced the Tweets to a robot, who then spammed the crap out of thousands of Twitter users. When you don’t, you’re stuck in an unscalable pattern. But within a few hours, your post evaporates from people’s feeds.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #349

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But that design is guided by patterns humans know, and by tools at our disposal. What happens when you feed those constraints into a machine and let it explore possibilities? Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter , Facebook , in the comments below or wherever you play. twitter. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see?

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20 Instagram Apps to Take Graphics From Good to GREAT

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Tangent is a great app for those that want to remove the monotony from their Instagram feed and instead use numerous patterns and shapes to create one of a kind images. You have 44 unique shapes to choose from and a 66 patterns to add as overlays.

Get Your Social Media Inbox To Zero

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Another quarter are emails from Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter which go into my Social tab. From Twitter mentions and direct messages, to Facebook and Instagram comments, and everything in between. The mobile app supports Facebook and Twitter. Twitter Mentions.

How to Measure Your Social Media Performance

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When was the last time you clicked over to Facebook or Instagram and scrolled through your feed? Make note of the channel performing best and what patterns from the data above begin to emerge. 4 Ways to Boost Your #Twitter Engagement.

How Social Selling Will Dominate the Future of E-Commerce

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Twitter growth grinds to a halt”. Those numbers are why Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have not only invested heavily in creating robust advertising features but native shops and “buy now” options as well that allow users to purchase products without ever leaving their favorite platform.

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7 Steps to Take When Your Audience Stops Growing


Users are going crazy for visual content right now , and with ample new tools—like embedded videos in Facebook and Twitter feeds—it’s easier than ever to create it from scratch. What’s important isn’t following a formula or trying to trick your way back into a healthy growth pattern; all that really matters is that you start taking action. Start making changes, one at a time, until you’ve found a pattern that can take you to the next level.