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One of those changes could be Tumblr , a microblogging program developed a mere four years ago and which has recently taken over WordPress.com as the blogger’s favorite platform, according to Mashable. What Makes Tumblr So Different. More Tumblr Perks. With Tumblr, Less Is More.

70+ Resources on How to Start a WordPress Blog


While there are many platforms to choose from, I always suggest that if your purpose for blogging is anything related to branding, business, or making money online, then you want to go with WordPress on your own domain. Installing WordPress. Choosing a Great WordPress Theme.

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This Blog Is Dead

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If an editor didn''t like a story pitch, I could just copy and paste that same text into WordPress , hit "publish" and see if the story had legs. Let''s forgo the irony that this piece was published on a blog and read this: "Instead of blogging, people are posting to Tumblr , tweeting, pinning things to their board, posting to Reddit , Snapchat ting, updating Facebook statuses, Instagram ming, and publishing on Medium. Tumblr? Facebook? facebook.

How to Be a Problogger on Tumblr


I noticed this in a big way; my blog, called I Love Tumblr , which focuses on Tumblr tips and tutorials, had a huge influx of new traffic (especially to my Tumblr vs Posterous article—no surprise there). I also started to receive a ton of emails from former Posterous users asking me if the Tumblr platform was right for them (or whether WordPress or Blogger was a better choice). Being a problogger on Tumblr. Mastering the Tumblr platform.

How To Start A Blog In 2012

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Afterall, you can Blog on your Facebook page, you can micro-Blog with Twitter or video Blog on YouTube. You can even Blog using tumblr - which is a hybrid online social network and Blogging platform - or you can Blog for an existing online publisher like The Huffington Post. The default choice for a great Blogging platform is WordPress. While we do live in a world of RSS feeds and links tossed around via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, the best Blogs are designed well.

Choosing a blogging service: Blogger, Tumblr or Wordpress


If you wanna try it out for the first time, you can go for one of the free services, but if you are a company or a brand, you should go for the selfhosted Wordpress option. Tumblr Tumblr is a form of micro-blogging and you can say that its simplicity is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

All your best content may now be considered fake news


In order to protect their readers, Facebook and others are considering filtering out the fake from the real in order to slow down or even stop a proliferation of willful and wanton deceit. When I finally port Gerris over to something, it’ll probably either be to Drupal or WordPress.

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Newsweek on Tumblr: Good Effort, Needs More Engagement

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Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Newsweek on Tumblr: Good Effort, Needs More Engagement by Adam Sherk on January 6, 2010 Awareness of Newsweek’s Tumblr site has been increasing of late. Facebook Pages: Which News Sites Get the Most Engagement?

How to Squeeze the Most out of Your Facebook Posts


Facebook is an unbelievably potent marketing tool when used correctly. Squeezing The Most out of Your Facebook Posts. Many of these people spend more than an hour a day on Facebook – more than any other social network. Facebook is an extremely fleeting stimulus source.

35 Stupendous Social Networking Facts and Stats

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Though “social media” broadly encompasses a variety of platforms including blogs (WordPress, Medium, Tumblr), content sharing (YouTube, SlideShare, Instagram), and content curation (Scoop.It, Triberr, Paper.li), the term is nearly synonymous to many for the big social networks.

3 Tips for Maximizing Engagement With Facebook Likes and Shares


Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Advertise Network Blippr iPhone App Mashable France MashDeck Twitter App Mobile Site Social Media Events Twitter Guide Book Facebook Guide Book Partners App Development WordPress Experts MaxCDN Content Delivery Dynect Managed DNS Rackspace Hosting Intridea About Us Submit a Tip! If the user is already logged into Facebook, this is a one-click process. Dont Drink and Facebook: New Plugin.

101 Vital Social Media and Digital Marketing Statistics for (the Rest of) 2013

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What are the best days and times for Facebook updates? WordPress Hosting SEO ). Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the most popular social networks with search engine marketers. The least popular major networks are Flickr, Tumblr and StumbleUpon. ( WordPress Hosting SEO ).

Using Wordpress Like a Pro


New Spice – Study like a Scholar, Scholar The Facts, The Stats And The Story About Youtube » Using Wordpress Like a Pro Posted by Tehneyat Waseem Jul 28th, 2010 Tweet I came across a brilliant article by Mashable about 11 Ways to Speed Up WordPress.

Aggregate your online activity using Tumblr [Tutorial]


Subscribe to 8824 RSS Subscribers 321 Aggregate your online activity using Tumblr [Tutorial] October 19, 2008 | In Tutorials , WebApp | View Comments Friendfeed is a great site. Tumblr is the answer.   To aggregate your activities you will need to use RSS import function in Tumblr.

The 17 Best Social Media Management Tools

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Create image posts with graphics pre-sized for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Listen and engage more than 650 million sources, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.” Listen and engage more than 650 million sources, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.”

As Tumblr Changes From Platform To Network


While reading the SayYeah blog as they went over some of their gripes with Tumblr, I started thinking about how evolving user seem to be causing stress on the platform. A few years ago Tumblr was the easiest way to start a blog compared to Blogger or Wordpress. They were the ones people went to when they wanted a well designed system, and much lower overhead to use and manage than than Wordpress. Each of these types of activities brings people to Tumblr.

Heartbleed Bug Creates Need for Businesses to Change Passwords

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Here is a list of places that businesses should change their passwords immediately if they partake online: Facebook. Tumblr. If you have yet to hear about the Heartbleed bug , it could easily be called one of the largest security threats to the Internet ever!

It’s Not About the Platform

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Now that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr are out ahead as the major social networks, it becomes harder to debate social platforms, though it definitely still occurs, especially with location-based platforms.

The Many Ways To Link Your Social Accounts

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Send Facebook to Twitter. Send Tumblr to Twitter. Send your WordPress blog posts to Twitter. Send Google+ to Facebook. Send Twitter to Facebook. Send Tumblr to Facebook. Send your WordPress blog posts to Facebook. Send Twitter messages to your WordPress blog. Send Facebook messages to your WordPress blog. Send Google+ to your WordPress blog. Send Tumblr to your WordPress blog.

33 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Resoures of 2012 So Far

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How to Train Employees to Manage Social Media [infographic] by WordPress Hosting SEO. ” Tumblr and Google+ Tips & Tactics. How to (Properly) Use Tumblr to Market Your Brand by Search Engine Journal. The amount of time that visitors spend on Tumblr averages around 2.4

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The New Dilemma: Social Media Exposes Us to Too Much, Too Often

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The introduction of social feeds by Facebook, Twitter and other social networks changed the way that people discovered content. Another new form of spam which many are familiar with is how Facebook applications constantly push triggers and notifications to us through our friends.

Social Media in the Industry: Customization is the Key to Success

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Over the past couple years, one of the most common questions from business owners has been, “Do I need to be on Facebook and/or Twitter?&# To Facebook or Not to Facebook? With that said, be sure not to abandon your Facebook page. This is a guest post by Angela Denby.

45 Marketing Tools to Consider for 2017

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Social Warfare is a very popular social sharing WordPress plugin. It also allows you to share links via Buffer, Facebook, Twitter and Email. YoastSEO is a WordPress SEO plugin that helps you easily optimize your website to perform better in search results.

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WordPress Plugins that Make Your Blog Comments Social


Have you noticed a decrease in the number of blog comments you get and an increase in Facebook likes and Twitter tweets about your posts? It’s more public and gives better results to share on Twitter or Facebook than it is leave a comment. This post will focus on these plugins—specifically I will be focusing on WordPress plugins (sorry Joomla, Drupal and Tumblr people! Some of these pugins will work with your platform but I’m focusing on WordPress today).

SEO vs SMO and how to TURN OFF Google Social Media Optimization

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When you do a search now on Google, Google checks your history and your friends’ histories and gives your results based on what you’ve looked at before and what your friends have shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, and so on.

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47 Social Media Ideas, Formulas And Shortcuts for Instant Improvement

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Facebook. Are they still the same as when you started your Facebook Page? Add your Facebook badge to your website and/or blog to allow visitors an easy way to connect with your page. Wendy McClelland is a great example of Facebook cover photo designed to convert.

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Nielsen Report: Blogs Still on the Rise | ClickZ


Latest Facebook Cannes Sports Politics & Advocacy UK & Europe. While Facebook continues to be the social media juggernaut, dont count blogging out. Combined, the three major blogging platforms -- Blogger, Wordpress and Tumbler, in that order -- account for 80.5 Facebook had 139.1 NM Incite did not separate blog readers from writers; its numbers include all unique visitors to Blogger, Wordpress and Tumblr. Coca-Colas New Tumblr Shares Happiness.

24 Full Service Tools to Manage B2B Social Media


Networks Supported: Facebook, Twitter. Networks Supported : Twitter, Facebook, LInkedIn, Foursquare, Wordpress. MediaFunnel is the Business Social Media (BSM) platform that will put you firmly in control of your organization’s Twitter and Facebook use. Networks Supported : Facebook, Twitter. Networks Supported: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Wordpress, Blogger. Networks Supported: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Networks Supported : Facebook.

5 Tips for Great Content Curation


Top Stories Photo & Video Galleries Top Lists Trending Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video More Topics. World Featured in US & World Videos Featured: Pinterest Apple Facebook. How to Maximize Your Facebook Engagement. Facebook Lists. Tumblr Lists.

The 11 Top Social Media Management Tools I Can’t Live Without

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I’m starting off with an All Rounder tool because it is the tool I use for Social Media Engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also use Agorapulse to check comments on Facebook and Instagram ads. You can also use it for Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook. #7

22 Expert Guides and Reviews of 200+ Social Media Tools

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You can also post to Tumblr. It converts Google+ into a social media management tool”) and Agorapulse , a social media management tool that integrates with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. does for Twitter and carries it across LinkedIn and Facebook”).

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87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012

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This means that more than 250 million tweets and 800 million Facebook status updates are now published every single day. 48% of these consumers responded to a retailer’s offer posted on Facebook or Twitter. 26% are on LinkedIn, 8% have a Facebook page and just 4% use Twitter.

Five-Step Social Media Marketing Plan

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If there is a golden rule to marketing within Facebook , Twitter, and their contemporaries, it is to be yourself. To find this information, they'd likely look for reviews online, ask a friend on Facebook or find a third-party website with blogs about hiking boots or high-heels for bridesmaids whatever it is they are looking for. Most businesses can find a purpose for Facebook , Twitter and Google+.

Use Email to Post to Your WordPress.org Blog


Owners of WordPress.org blogs don’t get the flexibility to post by email through a WordPress service. If you have a blog on Tumblr or Posterous ( which was recently acquired by Twitter ), you know how convenient it is to update your blog using email.

Content vs. Community: How Online Publishers Can Nurture Both


Sign in with Facebook or Twitter to get started! The reason people click a share button is because it takes them to places that better understand how humans want to interact ( Facebook , Twitter , Reddit , Google+ , etc.). I beat WordPress into submission for my choice of CMS.

Blogging On the Go: Are Mobile Apps Up To It?


WordPress. The WordPress app is detailed, with a multitude of features including the accessible dashboard user interface, which gives you one-tap access to every blogging feature you need, from posting and creating new pages, to comments and checking statistics. Tumblr.

We've come a long way - Disqus is Now as big as Youtube

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While there are certainly religious wars between the Wordpresses and Bloggers and Tumblrs out there, Disqus has managed to remain an unbiased layer that crosses all of these properties.

HOW TO: Properly Use Badges to Engage Customers


Sign in with Facebook or Twitter to get started! Join the conversation by adding Mashables Pete Cashmore to your Circles on Google+ Close Welcome to Mashable!

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5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics


Top Stories Photo & Video Galleries Top Lists Trending Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video More Topics. The Future of Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]. Share on Tumblr email share Share on Tumblr email share. Count Facebook Likes and Shares. FacebookLikes script evaluates Facebook user interaction for any given range of URLs. It will display: Facebook like count. Facebook share count. Facebook.

6,595 Words on a Traffic Generation Tactic You’re Not Using (But Should Be)

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It doesn’t require paid advertising campaigns via Facebook or Adwords. We relied so heavily on our RSS feed readership to drive people back to our websites the concern wasn’t to dissimilar to how you would feel today if Facebook announced they were closing down fan pages.