How Facebook Could Become Irrelevant

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After surpassing 1 billion users this past month, Facebook has become an institution that appears to have some staying power. But there is a lingering issue that threatens Facebook’s dominance even more than advertising revenue and stockholder discontent.

Customer Satisfaction: Social Media Websites Rank Among The Worst

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Facebook and LinkedIn generated higher satisfaction this year, but according to their own users, these platforms are still worst in the industry. Privacy concerns and an abundance of advertisements are responsible for low user satisfaction in social media, according to ACSI.

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How to Get Your Profile and Data Completely Disconnected from Klout


If you are not satisfied with their response, you have the right to seek help with your Privacy Commissioner in your country. FACEBOOK. TUMBLR. Blog Influence Klout Social Media klout klout score privacy remove klout account social mediaLATES UPDATE.

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How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing

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After all, Facebook could eat the web. In fact, you’re likely spotting the shift; instead of companies posting their URLs on television commercials, they’re asking their followers to join them on Facebook. Don’t use a Facebook Group.

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Once upon a time, I Believed in the Fairytale of Klout


In fact, they reported that Klout is measuring influence on only 4 social media platforms : Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and FourSqure. We’re adding five new networks: Blogger, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram and, allowing you to connect up to 10 networks with Klout.

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Facebook news today

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Facebook Foxes. Facebook is cracking down on violent, sexist content in response to an open letter issued last week by Women, Action & the Media (WAM). The group demanded that Facebook add gender-based hate speech to its list of forbidden content.

The Internet Needs A Morning After Pill

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From the article: "29% of users of Facebook , between the ages of 18 and 34, have posted a photo, comment or other personal information that they fear could someday either cause a prospective employer to turn them down for a job, or a current employer to fire them if they were to see it. The survey covered Facebook, Twitter , Instagram , Pinterest , Tumblr and other popular social media. We''re looking for filters, privacy settings and better technology to solve this.

Google: Plus or Minus?

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Certainly the launch went well with pundits acknowledging the significant improvement over past Google efforts and the serious competition it may offer Facebook. The social network market place is already competitive on the second tier below Facebook. Facebook remains a core community.

Social Networking Stats: Are Social Media Passwords Fair Game for Colleges, Employers? 13 States Say No.

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Facebook: 1.19 via Facebook. Tumblr: 166 million blogs. via Tumblr. Social Media Statistics employers law privacy social media law social media monitoring universities The #RLTM Scoreboard: Social Networking Stats for the Week. billion monthly active users.

Maybe Nobody Knows Nothing

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What about setting up and properly using channels like Facebook , Twitter , tumblr and beyond? According to the news item: "Some 70% of adults online know how to post to a Facebook wall, but only 54% understand how Facebook generates revenue. facebook. online privacy. tumblr. Consumers are fundamentally ahead of brands when it comes to technology and social media. You may have heard this line before.

How I Network on Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn Â?

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That doesn’t typically fly elsewhere (Facebook will kill the account), but Times Square on Friendster required 2 accounts at the time because I maxed out on the initial 500 person limit. The High Point: Facebook In 2004, I joined Facebook and my behavior changed drastically.

Dear Facebook Friends, You're Doing it Wrong

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Facebook, originally known as, was a service that connected college students to their classmates and to friends in other universities. If you do so on Facebook, your account will likely be terminated especially if Facebook receives reports of misrepresentation.

2012 in Recap: The Year of Visual Social Media


Facebook Timeline. Facebook & Instagram: success and turbulences. Photo sharing has gradually moved from Facebook to Instagram during 2012, and at some point Facebook realised the power of this new player and consequently acquired Instagram for no less then 1 billion dollars.

3 Tips for Maximizing Engagement With Facebook Likes and Shares

Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Advertise Network Blippr iPhone App Mashable France MashDeck Twitter App Mobile Site Social Media Events Twitter Guide Book Facebook Guide Book Partners App Development WordPress Experts MaxCDN Content Delivery Dynect Managed DNS Rackspace Hosting Intridea About Us Submit a Tip! If the user is already logged into Facebook, this is a one-click process. Dont Drink and Facebook: New Plugin.

Path: the sequel

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Path, available for iOS and Android devices, also integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Tumblr to allow cross-posting to the social networks. This feature might ruffle some privacy feathers. Related posts: Facebook turns off daily deals. VISIT MY FACEBOOK PAGE.

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Aggregate your online activity using Tumblr [Tutorial]

Subscribe to 8824 RSS Subscribers 321 Aggregate your online activity using Tumblr [Tutorial] October 19, 2008 | In Tutorials , WebApp | View Comments Friendfeed is a great site. Tumblr is the answer.   To aggregate your activities you will need to use RSS import function in Tumblr.

Digg: Your Privacy is an Illusion

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Besides major usability issues , duplicate stories submissions , and ads that literally scream at you , Digg has yet another issue to deal with: privacy. Plus, the privacy is only one way (incoming only). I was responding to Kelly who says that the privacy is still one way.

Dominant Trends That Control the Tumblr User Base

With Myspace came the scene generation, with Twitter came the Beliebers, and with Facebook came the self-indulgent frat boys and sorority girls. And now there’s Tumblr. Female wannabe-indie tweens Tumblr is often referred to as ‘4chan for girls.’ Tumblr is predictable.

Instagram Does the Two Step - And Steps In It

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It didn't seem possible just eight short months ago when Facebook announced that it was acquiring the fledgling hipster photo sharing app for $1 billion. But with yesterday's announcement of pending changes in its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service , Instagram is quickly falling from grace.

Why I Just Deleted All My Pinboards From Pinterest – Hint…It’s Their Terms Of Use

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This Week in Social Media – 6/5/2013

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While Facebook and Twitter receive the bulk of attention, other networks such as Pinterest, Google+ and Foursquare also rank well. Now, with a special Chrome browser extension, you can avoid seeing TV spoilers on Facebook and Twitter. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

This Week in Social Media – 4/24/2013

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Online privacy may be an issue for many, but overall, consumers prefer targeted ads over random ads that have nothing to do with their interests. Platforms Resource for discovering which brands are on social platforms - Vine, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.

Nielsen Report: Blogs Still on the Rise | ClickZ

Latest Facebook Cannes Sports Politics & Advocacy UK & Europe. While Facebook continues to be the social media juggernaut, dont count blogging out. Facebook had 139.1 NM Incite did not separate blog readers from writers; its numbers include all unique visitors to Blogger, Wordpress and Tumblr. Mudd does follow some bloggers, but he does it through Twitter or Facebook, scanning the headlines they post and only occasionally clicking through to the actual blog.

This Week in Social Media – 5/22/2013

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Yahoo gets with the program, Google makes some major overhauls, Nutella goes nuts on a fan, teens know how to use privacy settings (and Twitter!), A big Monday in fact, when the portal announced that it was acquiring social network/blogging hub Tumblr for $1.1

When is the social curation bubble going to burst? — Tech News and Analysis

Social curation exists in a complex space for organization and discovery that overlaps with everything from to-do lists to tagging, from bookmarking to recommendations… and, of course, big sharing platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook.

5 Tips for Great Content Curation

Top Stories Photo & Video Galleries Top Lists Trending Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video More Topics. World Featured in US & World Videos Featured: Pinterest Apple Facebook. How to Maximize Your Facebook Engagement. Facebook Lists. Tumblr Lists.

Content vs. Community: How Online Publishers Can Nurture Both

Sign in with Facebook or Twitter to get started! The reason people click a share button is because it takes them to places that better understand how humans want to interact ( Facebook , Twitter , Reddit , Google+ , etc.).

Why Pinterest Is So Addictive

hours on Tumblr, and 7 hours on Facebook. Long believes that Pinterest, like Facebook , relies on people generating content that interests other users, so once a critical mass of people comment and re-pin, it reinforces others to generate content. In contrast to Facebook, Long believes Pinterest is a refuge from relationship status, check-ins at restaurants, or pictures of kids. “It’s Privacy. ); Copyright 1997-2007 Omniture, Inc.

HOW TO: Properly Use Badges to Engage Customers

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This Week in Social Media

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Image credit: digitaltrends The Platforms Facebook unveiled its new News Feed look, designed for less clutter and more focus on larger images and storytelling. The WSJ provided a Guide to Facebook's Privacy Options , including an annotated graphic.

An Open Letter to Facebook

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While Facebook is introducing new developments, they are losing sight of the old issues that are mostly “broken&# or that have not yet been addressed. Dear Facebook, I’ve been your buddy since you were open to a handful of select universities and were called

5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics

Top Stories Photo & Video Galleries Top Lists Trending Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video More Topics. The Future of Sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC]. Share on Tumblr email share Share on Tumblr email share. Count Facebook Likes and Shares. FacebookLikes script evaluates Facebook user interaction for any given range of URLs. It will display: Facebook like count. Facebook share count. Facebook.

6,595 Words on a Traffic Generation Tactic You’re Not Using (But Should Be)

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It doesn’t require paid advertising campaigns via Facebook or Adwords. We relied so heavily on our RSS feed readership to drive people back to our websites the concern wasn’t to dissimilar to how you would feel today if Facebook announced they were closing down fan pages.

The Secret, Selfish Side Of Social-Curation Sites

As much as Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest promise a way to connect, they’ve also promoted a disconnect--sharing on different platforms, proving a fragmented sense of keeping tabs on any social network. We can track our connections’ job promotions on LinkedIn, photos from their new office on Facebook, and hear their celebratory music on Spotify--but what about how these all link together? Privacy. ); Copyright 1997-2007 Omniture, Inc. More info available at [link] -->.

Should You Outsource Your Social Media Efforts?

View Comments Gap Between Apple & Android Tablet Market Shares To Decrease by 2015 [REPORT] View Comments Twilight Game Scam Spreading on Facebook [WARNING] View Comments Should You Outsource Your Social Media Efforts?

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The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook

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Facebook Adding users as friends without proper introductions. And if they don’t accept, don’t send the group request more than once by asking them to join via email, wall post, or Facebook message. Using a fake name as your Facebook name.

Create a World-Class Online Community for Your Business

Business Resources from Mashable: – HOW TO: Create a World-Class Online Community for Your Business – How Social Data & Mobile Tech Can Improve the Retail Experience – 5 Creative Facebook [.]

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How PR Pros Are Using Social Media for Real Results

Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Small business Mobile 2.0 Advertise Network Blippr iPhone App Mashable France MashDeck Twitter App Mobile Site Social Media Events Twitter Guide Book Facebook Guide Book Partners App Development WordPress Experts MaxCDN Content Delivery Dynect Managed DNS Rackspace Hosting Intridea About Us Submit a Tip! However, as the Senator explained in her Tumblr Tumblr blog, she doesn’t follow anyone.

Everyone’s a curator now…

The Way of the Web

We’ve already seen that to some extent with the rise of simpler tools such as Tumblr, or the amount of video and photo content which is being shared on Facebook every day, along with the immense volume of videos on Youtube.

Why Curation Is Just as Important as Creation [OPINION]

Top Stories Photo & Video Galleries Top Lists Trending Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video More Topics. World Featured in US & World Videos Featured: iPad YouTube Facebook. How to Allow Subscribers on Facebook. Become a fan on Facebook. Facebook User.