2014 Is The Year Of Social Metrics

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If you’ve been paying attention to the rise of social media in the past few years, then you know that Facebook has risen to be the No. Facebook is a big traffic referral source for a lot of websites – especially business-to-consumer sites. Tumblr. I believe 2014 is going to be a banner year for social media traffic and social media metrics.

Making Data Relevant: The New Metrics for Social Marketing


Integrating listening data with internal web behavior metrics captured by JavaScript tags, customer care logs, brand surveys and transactional data can enable a business to get a 360 degree view of the activities of customers across all of the purchase touchpoints.

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23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides

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Which metrics are most valuable in evaluating tactical success? Keri Jaehnig details two dozen tips and tools for planning, productivity, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, image editing (e.g., Guides to Social Media Metrics and Measures. ” what’s the right metric?

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Social Networks: Winners and Losers [Infographic]


the big kid on the social media block is Facebook. Some Takeaways: Facebook is more popular among women. Tumblr is the fastest-growing platform, while MySpace is declining the most rapidly. Here in the U.S.,

47 Superb Social Media Marketing Stats and Facts

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For all the bashing of “vanity metrics” in social marketing, those likes and shares (“engagement”) remain the most commonly used measure for evaluating social media success. 9 Stats About Social Media Metrics and Measurement.

Are Brands Confusing Advertising With Marketing?

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It turns out that the major advertising networks think that Yahoo made a mistake in the acquisition of Tumblr. That''s the news you get when you read the Business Insider article, Marissa Mayer''s Biggest Problem With Tumblr, Summed Up In A Single Quote. Digital advertising people can''t figure out the social aspects of Tumblr or where to put all of those ads that their clients want to spread out to as many eyeballs as possible. It''s not just Tumblr. facebook.

50 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011 (So Far)

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As social media monitoring and integration with CRM systems improves, marketers will have the metrics and analytical tools to more accurately assess the value of various social media efforts and continually improve them. Social Media Metrics and ROI.

How to Fix Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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The best social media strategic plans are tools-agnostic , and set forth objectives and metrics that supersede any particular social venue. Step 4: Select Success Metrics.

What Keeps The Chief Marketing Officer Awake At Night? - Part 2

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How could Facebook buy Instagram for close to a billion dollars? What was Yahoo thinking when they acquired Tumblr for nearly the same amount? The idea is that most brands have a tremendous amount of (what I call) "linear data" (this can anything from traditional advertising metrics to email capture to customer service information). The data and analytics allows for these types of definitive metrics today. facebook. tumblr.

The Value Of Blog Comments

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Forget the popularity of platforms like Twitter , Facebook , Google+ , LinkedIn and more. They can share the link on Facebook. They can comment on the link that they shared on Facebook. It's going to be hard to generate comments and community going forward as more disruptions and tools to share (look at Tumblr , etc.) tumblr. twitter facebook. In the beginning God created the Blogs and the RSS. And it was good.

The Basics of B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Start conversations with your followers by sharing great content; mentioning specific individuals in your social media posts (using “@” before their name on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, and “+” on Google+); and asking questions.

The Marketing Agency Of The Future

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How do agencies ensure their future by being able to help brands sell more and build stronger loyalty in such a disrupted and disintermediated world where every individual is consuming so much media in so many different channels and, in the same breath, are their own media channels (look no further than Facebook , YouTube , tumblr , Twitter and more)? facebook. tumblr. Is there a future for the advertising agency as we have known it to date?

The Small Wins From Social Media

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There is an arm''s race - of sorts - for brands to reach a million fans (or more) on Facebook. It''s not just Facebook. While billions of people are connected, the vast majority of these individuals keep their social graphs to a manageable number of connections (recently, Facebook reveled that the average user has about 200 connections ). You could look at other individual channels (like Facebook, Google + , Instagram , Tumblr , LinkedIn , etc.) facebook.

Social Networking Stats: LinkedIn Is Most Important Social Network for B2B Marketers, #RLTM Scoreboard

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Facebook: 955 million active users. Tumblr: 69 million blogs. via Tumblr. Facebook followed with 19%, Twitter with 16%. However, when asked which channels they use most often, B2B marketers named LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter almost equally.

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10 Questions You Should Ask Your Social Media “Expert”, “Guru” or “Wizard”

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Believe it or not, online social networking didn’t start with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. IMHO, they should be able to give you insight on the way your competitors are using the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Blogging Is Dead (Again)

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Why go through that, when you can tweet your life away in 140-characters (or less) on Twitter , update your Facebook status, shoot a quick video with your webcam and upload it to YouTube or just post whatever is going on in your life to a tumblr lifestream? Reading, research, critical thinking, writing, editing and publishing isn't like posting a picture to tumblr or texting off a tweet. They're different beasts and they deserve different forms of metrics and comparison.

101 Vital Social Media and Digital Marketing Statistics for (the Rest of) 2013

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What are the best days and times for Facebook updates? Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the most popular social networks with search engine marketers. The least popular major networks are Flickr, Tumblr and StumbleUpon. ( But…20% of all divorces are blamed on Facebook.

Social Networking Stats: Instagram Has 90 Million Active Monthly Users, #RLTM Scoreboard

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Facebook: 1 billion active users. via Facebook. Tumblr: 90 million blogs. via Tumblr. Related Stories Teens Prefer Tumblr Over Facebook Instagram Users Share Over 200 Photos Per Second On Thanksgiving 84% Say Company Leaders on Social Media Provide A Competitive Edge.

The Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Publishers

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Social Crawlytics allows you to crawl a domain to drill down on social metrics by URL and author. Curalate is a great option for image-focused content on Pinterest, Instagram and now Tumblr. Facebook is the primary emphasis for Shareablee.

33 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Resoures of 2012 So Far

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Social Media Metrics and ROI. The Social Media Metrics That Truly Matter by iMedia Connection. ” Tumblr and Google+ Tips & Tactics. How to (Properly) Use Tumblr to Market Your Brand by Search Engine Journal.

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Klout Now Measures 10 Social Media Websites For Influence

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I recently noticed that the service has added several other social media services to its metrics, which increases its value a hundred-fold (though I’d still say it’s overly weighted toward Twitter). Among the services that Klout now tracks are: Tumblr – A blogging platform somewhat like a cross between Twitter and Blogger. It’s been measuring the activity on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for some time now. Social Media Klout social media metrics

103 Compelling Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)

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7% of the American population has never heard of Facebook, and 41% say they haven’t heard of LinkedIn. There are, on average, 700 YouTube video links shared on Twitter every minute, and 500 years worth of YouTube videos watched on Facebook every day. Why Tumblr?

This Week in Social Media – 5/29/2013

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Of note: Slide 5 showing the disparity between time spent and ad spend on print, Internet and mobile; and Slide 27 showing that Facebook was the only platform whose usage dropped from 2011 to 2012. Metrics/Measurement/Big Data Philip Sheldrake asks " What, exactly, is the value of social?

This Week in Social Media – 6/5/2013

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While Facebook and Twitter receive the bulk of attention, other networks such as Pinterest, Google+ and Foursquare also rank well. Now, with a special Chrome browser extension, you can avoid seeing TV spoilers on Facebook and Twitter. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

39 More (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011

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Facebook is the largest social network and is unlikely to fall to any “Facebook killer” application anytime soon; Google is going to keep trying to build its own social network until it manages to create one that attracts more users than lawsuits), many practices are still evolving.

45 Marketing Tools to Consider for 2017

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Hotjar is a tool that offers some interesting metrics that you cannot get from Google Analytics. It’s also an excellent Google Keyword Planner alternative as it provides exact monthly search volumes along with many other useful metrics.

The Rise of Micro-Influencers: How to Run a Micro-Influencer Campaign

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Set your goals and metrics. The first step is to set your goals and the metrics you’ll use to measure success. And your selected metrics will help you assess the success of your campaign at the end of it. For videos, maybe YouTube or Facebook.

“Growth Hacking” – Ignore the Hype

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Image: daryjeki via Tumblr, CC 4.0. Growth hacking” comes from a combination of the “faster is always better” and “newer is always better” mentality – contrasting Internet products like Facebook and Dropbox with tangible products like shampoo and couches.

28 of the Best Marketing Campaigns and Experiments of 2016 (and the People Behind Them)

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But Sreenivasan,, former chief digital officer at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, wasn’t—he shared the news far and wide on Facebook, and asked for advice on what he should do next, even linking to a form inviting friends to give advice. The videos taking over Facebook.

5 Free Social Media Analytics Tools – With Recommendations from Experts

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While there are paid plans for enterprise size customers, Klear’s free tools not only give you social media analytics for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you can also get a fresh perspective on your influencers.

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Did You Miss? 22 MUST READS of 2013


“We often associate social networks with hyper-growth, a perception largely fostered by growth infographics of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest that get shared all around. 3 improved social media metrics to implement in 2014 (SBOSM).

Nielsen Report: Blogs Still on the Rise | ClickZ


Latest Facebook Cannes Sports Politics & Advocacy UK & Europe. Ad Industry Metrics. While Facebook continues to be the social media juggernaut, dont count blogging out. Facebook had 139.1 NM Incite did not separate blog readers from writers; its numbers include all unique visitors to Blogger, Wordpress and Tumblr. Facebook Marketing Conference: Whats On Tap? Coca-Colas New Tumblr Shares Happiness. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook.

How to Keep Up With Social Media News in Just 10 Minutes a Day

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Did you know for example that Facebook now allows you to upload GIFs ? Or that Facebook has also changed the News Feed to encourage high-quality links to be shared ? But if it’s a tiny update (such as tweaks to the Facebook algorithm , new objectives for Instagram Stories ads , or Pinterest removing its Like button), we might not hear about it until a few days or weeks later. Jon Loomer : Jon Loomer writes about advanced Facebook marketing and advertising tips.

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This Week in Social Media – 5/22/2013

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Women are more likely to use Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook Men are more likely to use Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube Marketwired determined that people under the age of 40 are increasingly using social media to inform investment decisions. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

24 Full Service Tools to Manage B2B Social Media


Networks Supported: Facebook, Twitter. Networks Supported : Twitter, Facebook, LInkedIn, Foursquare, Wordpress. MediaFunnel is the Business Social Media (BSM) platform that will put you firmly in control of your organization’s Twitter and Facebook use. Networks Supported : Facebook, Twitter. Networks Supported: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Wordpress, Blogger. Networks Supported: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Networks Supported : Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.

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Interview with Social Media Influencer: Robin Fray Carey

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Recent studies have shown that Facebook ads don’t have a lot more traction that traditional online advertising, but peer recommendations and brand advocacy, or “word-of-mouth” is the single most critical marketing tool that exists today.

The 10 Golden Rules Successful Social Media Managers Live By

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What works for Instagram may not work for Facebook and vice versa. Start with the “ Big 4 ” when measuring marketing results: Social media metrics (followers, reach etc) , channel (how people arrived at your website) , consumption (page views, time on page, etc) , conversion.

106 More Amazing Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 and 2015

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What type of posts generate the most engagement on Facebook? Just 18% of consumers trust posts by brands or companies on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. You’ve likely seen the statistic that if Facebook were a country, it would be the third-most populous on earth.

Social Pros 6 – Instagram Lessons from a Giant B2B Company

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My thought of the week is all about this new Facebook thing. It requires some additional management of your Facebook presence as well as some additional aptitude with photos and uploading and things like that. I’ll tell you, my perspective on a lot of the Facebook changes.

HOW TO: Properly Use Badges to Engage Customers


Sign in with Facebook or Twitter to get started! Based on a performance scale of objective metrics, doctors are awarded a series of simple badges. The metrics measure a doctor’s number of returning patients, speed of response and scheduling flexibility.

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