Track Your #Hashtags More Easily With HashAtIt

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There’s a new social search engine in town: says they can make it easy to combine all the metadata tags (those # symbols followed by a word or unspaced phrase) and look them up. This means any trend you want to follow on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter can be monitored on all sites at once. Social Media hashtags metadata tags metadata tracking platforms

Facebook Ads and Multiple Text Options Feature

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Facebook is rolling out a new ads feature that will make it easier to reach our intended audience with the best combination of primary text, title, and description using Multiple Text Options. Facebook will figure that out for you. Well, it’s Facebook voodoo magic, I guess.

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Facebook Domain Verification: Edit Link Previews

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Back in September, I provided three tips on how you could continue to edit link previews when creating a Facebook post. Let’s take a closer look at how you can once again edit your link previews by using Facebook domain verification.

What Associations Need to Know About Facebook’s API Changes


Ah, Facebook–that social network I love to hate , even though my career kind of depends on using it. Until yesterday, when you shared a link on Facebook via a page, you had the ability to customize the title, link description and image for that link.

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Six Links Worthy of Your Attention #426

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State of image metadata in 2018 - imatag. "We If only there were metadata attached to things we share, so that we could tell where they came from, or if they were real. Of course, images have always had metadata, from the very first digital cameras. Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter , Facebook , in the comments below or wherever you play. facebook. metadata.

How to Create Unpublished Facebook Posts

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More than three years ago now, I wrote an article about how to create a dark or unpublished Facebook post. The truth is that unpublished Facebook posts are still needed, but most advertisers don’t realize they can be created. The Value of Unpublished Facebook Posts.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #314

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Using Metadata To Find Paul Revere - Kieran Healey. "I Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. facebook. metadata. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see?

6 Ways Emerging Technologies Are Set to Change the Use of Social Media

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Maria writes for a variety of blogs and today she shares her thoughts on how a variety of emerging technologies could potentially impact our use of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. But Facebook, which is one of the leading social networks in the digital space, has already launched its own multi-user online virtual reality platform called Spaces. Today’s guest post comes from Maria Jones, an expert consultant on emerging technologies.

Twitter and Facebook Both Quietly Kill RSS, Completely

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The link to the RSS in the profile page metadata (ie. At the same time, Facebook seems to have done the same. Facebook has gone back and forth on this though so it is no surprise on their part. Where can I subscribe, via RSS, to Facebook or Twitter?

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#HashAtIt: Now You Can Search Hashtags Over Multiple Social Platforms

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Enter ; the site bills itself as “the first social media search engine that gives users a way to gather information on any metadata tags (#hashtags) from popular social networks.” Are hashtags part of your brand’s marketing plan?

Cool B2B Marketing Tools for Marketo Users


Here are some of the cool fellow partner products and services we learned more about in August: Metadata. Metadata has created an ABM platform that consistently and reliably delivers marketing KPIs with minimum time and effort. Here at Oktopost, we love Marketo.

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Stop Your Smartphone From Telling Burglars Where You Live

Ari Herzog

Did you know that every photo and video you take — and share on Facebook, Instagram, and other apps — from your smartphone is also sharing the exact latitude and longitude of the location where the photo was taken, enabling hackers, burglars, and pedophiles from knowing where you live?

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Bloggers Are Not Journalists – But They Are Abducted, Imprisoned Tortured and Assassinated the Same #HowManyMore

Laurel Papworth

It’s probably worth investigating the number of bloggers killed in the “Line of Duty”… Today, George Brandis Attorney General for Australia stated that “ bloggers are not journalists ” in regard to the #metadata debate (Government accessing Big Data vs Privacy debate). Bloggers speak for their community, Facebook updates herald shifts in opinions, twitter tweets represent the Will of the People.

Is Twitter Media Studio Twitter’s Best Kept Secret?

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Add Metadata to your videos and images, this adds a description below your media when you Tweet it. You can add metadata to your media without Tweeting. To do this, click on a photo or video, this allows you to add metadata and save it for use later on.

How to Get More Views on YouTube: 12 Tactics that Actually Work


Take those relevant keywords and use them in your metadata (i.e., Use metadata to get recommended after a popular video. Videos with related or similar metadata (i.e., Pro Tip: Unlike other video metadata like titles and descriptions, YouTube video keywords aren’t listed visibly.

8 Tips for Social Video Storytelling


If you’re planning to use Facebook’s new video tool, you’ll want a silent hook—meaning, a striking image, sequence of images or words that really grab people, since videos play in the Facebook feed without sound until someone clicks.

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The Complete Guide to Social Media Video Specs in 2020


Facebook video specs. Optimizing video content for Facebook is tricky, mainly because of the many different ways it delivers video to its users. Facebook video and to find a delivery format that matches your campaign goals.

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This Week in Social Media – 6/12/2013

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Google Maps get more social, the role of social and television, where traditional media is heading, Facebook gets all #cool, Twitter opens analytics to all, making progress on social metrics, the NSA''s use of big data and more - it''s This Week in Social Media.

How to Craft the Perfect Post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating epic, engaging and beautifully crafted messages for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Tell stories and use more shareable copy on Facebook. Platforms: – Facebook. How to create the perfect Facebook post.

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Building a New Kind of Cruise Community

Waxing UnLyrical

My years in social marketing tell me that, yes, we need to infuse our content with SEO goodness, with keywords and structured data and optimized metadata. Our go-to-market plan consists of a Cruise Ambassadors program , influencer outreach, word of mouth through Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, targeted campaigns, email marketing, growth hacking and guest blogging – like this post. Follow Cruiseable on Facebook and Twitter. Guest Post by J.D. Lasica.

Fluency of Culture, Not Language, Is Key to Winning Big in Global Online Markets

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In fact, Facebook and Twitter interactions can increase by up to one-third during Ramadan. The company replaced this English-language Open Graph metadata with Arabic content. Facebook referral traffic quickly grew by more than 1,410% during Ramadan.

Internet Marketing and SEO Analyst Job Opening

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Experience with onsite search a plus, including knowledge of conventions and infrastructure such as structured metadata, taxonomy, content optimization and late-generation software solutions. Share this on Facebook. CS Creative is seeking an Internet Marketing Analyst, to work client-side with a leading technology company based in Dallas. This position will be responsible for keyword research, optimizing and coding various pages in HTML.

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HubSpot vs. Marketo: Which is Better?


Integrations with such platforms as Metadata and Adroll. Available for Google, Facebook and Instagram ads. Sparta vs Athens: Which was the greatest empire? Back in the day, these two famous city-states were bitter rivals for dominance over the Greek Archipelago. Sparta was known for its military and, well, spartan culture with its fierce warriors and advanced fighting strategy. On the other hand, Athens was inherently different.

With the New Design, Twitter Kills RSS, Literally

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The debate lies with the fact that more and more people are starting to use Twitter, Twitter lists, Facebook, and other social means to just get the news from the streams they follow on these sites rather than typical RSS Readers like Google Reader.

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How to Schedule Instagram Posts: A Step-by-Step Guide


Note that you’ll need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook business Page to do this. Pro tip : be aware that the type of business label you select on your Facebook page is visible on your Instagram profile.

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Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #348

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The hard part was removing metadata and stabilizing images, as this PetaPixel post explains." Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter , Facebook , in the comments below or wherever you play. facebook.

11 best social media listening tools


The mentions tracked via the Synthesio Social Listening Platform are enriched with robust metadata about the content, author, and tone. Synthesio provides engagement data such as tracks views, likes, favorites, replies, retweets, and shares across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Research-Driven Ideas for Social Data


Facebook data was collected from over 60k users and 1.5m The obvious next step would be to detect topical relationships to patterns in different types of postings, and perhaps combine such metadata with other patterns from language and sentiment analysis.

50 Ways Marketers use Social Media to Improve Their Marketing

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Learn how tagging and other metadata improve your ability to search and measure the spread of information. Start a community group on Facebook or Ning or MySpace or LinkedIn around the space where your customer does business. Social media isn’t always the right tool for the job.

Tracking Images Across the Social Web

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Without image analysis, monitoring depends on keywords in posts and photo descriptions, filenames, tags, and other metadata. We already have identity tagging in Facebook, and big money is going toward advancing facial recognition. Asking a computer to make sense of everyone''s written opinions is a big challenge, but it''s not the last one that social media will impose on anyone who wants to analyze it.

8 Fun Things to Try on Instagram You Probably Haven’t Thought of Before

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It will take a bit of heavy lifting to create, but the team at Facebook and Instagram have provided the tools. Alt text is metadata that helps computers recognize what an image is all about. One of the things we love about social media is how quickly it evolves.

10 Things Google will Love About Your Website you Probably Don’t Have


XML sitemaps also give the spiders metadata about your pages such as the last time a page was updated and how important one page is to the rest of the website. Google believes that social signals like sharing a post in G+ or talking about it on Facebook is a sign that the information is relevant and useful. Be sure to stop by and grab a copy of my free 8,000+ word guide to guest blogging and become a fan on Facebook.

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The Four Locations of Social Media

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Location of the account Look at an account on Twitter, Facebook, or other social network. When they post pictures, the photos may include location metadata from the camera. It's another stormy day in the middle of America, and someone posts a picture of a damaged building on Facebook.

Here’s what you need to know about the Google+ shut down

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While most social strategies focus on major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, some marketers also include Google+ as well. If you own or moderate an engaged community on the platform, make sure you download your community metadata using the instructions given previously. See if you can recreate the same community in the form of Facebook or LinkedIn groups to maintain your connections.

Toward a New Knowledge Society

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content author, publisher, classifier) Distributed metadata â?? metadata models â?? analogy: personal information [link] Slide 36: Metadata Slide 37: What Will We See? Facebook App. (beta). My Slidespace. Upload. Community. Widgets. Latest. |. Most Viewed. |. Most Embedded. |. Featured. |. Most Favorited. |. Most Downloaded. |. Slidecasts. Uploading. Download not available The user has chosen not to allow download of this file.

How to Promote Your Content Across Owned, Earned, and Paid Media

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Most companies have: Some sort of social media presence (be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.). Incidentally, it’s a good idea to add Twitter Card and Facebook OGP metadata to that page.

How to Optimize Your Content for Authorship Success


Much like the Facebook design, the new Twitter profile boosts a larger header image and profile photo. Metadata on Twitter. Twitter Cards enable you to attach media to Tweets that link your content: It’s social’s all-important metadata.

6 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Blog


Use Snappy Social Metadata . It’s really important that you include OpenGraph tags in the metadata of all your posts. I use Facebook advertising to promote different articles on my website, often asking a question or inviting users to comment on the post within the advert.

5 Basics to Having Your Post go Viral


We all know Facebook is making it difficult to be seen in newsfeeds, and evidence is showing Twitter doesn’t drive traffic like it once did – so think outside the box. Have you checked the metadata? Mention sharing in your Facebook update.

How to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO: an Easy-Peasy Guide

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Add Metadata. Publish your work to your brand’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest, and maintain an active presence on these networks to thank anyone who shares your article. Great SEO isn’t really a standalone practice anymore.

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Measuring Engagement

Proactive Report

Install widget (on a blog page, Facebook, etc). Social media sharing / participation (activity on key social media sites, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc). Tagging (user-generated metadata). Put the widget on their blog or Facebook, etc).

Social Media Image Sizes: A Quick Reference Guide for Each Network


It doesn’t help that information about official dimensions and image sizes are harder to find than a civil discussion on politics on Facebook. Facebook image sizes. Facebook image sizes. Facebook profile photo size: 170 x 170 pixels (on most computers).

Measuring Engagement

Proactive Report

Install widget (on a blog page, Facebook, etc). Social media sharing / participation (activity on key social media sites, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc). Tagging (user-generated metadata). Put the widget on their blog or Facebook, etc).