Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Exercising with Cats


26 Mobile Apps to Improve Your Business and Networking – Here are 26 apps to help you network, stay connected with your social communities and conduct business while on the go. Exercise with Cats. Exercise with Cats.

A Powerful Exercise inside Google Analytics to Set You Up for a Successful Year of Blogging


Today I wanted to share with you an exercise that I do on my blogs at the end of every year that helps me to grow my blogs in the year that follows. But bear with me – the numbers are just the starting point for this exercise and not the main thing! Mobile vs Desktop.

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Top Five: Tidal Wave of New Social Media Features

Sherrilynne Starkie

Instagram has introduced mute in feed, a new way to control what posts users see on Instagram. The new feature lets people hide posts in feed from certain accounts, without unfollowing them. With this change, users can make their feeds even more personalized to what matters to them.

Facebook Credit: Zuckerberg next Treasurer of the Internet App2User

Laurel Papworth

Stupid puppy needs feeding all the time. Expect to see everyone from Nike (rewarding you for uploading your nutrition/exercise program) to TV Stations (rewarding you for becoming a Fan/Like of Lost or Big Brother page) jumping in.

The Best Time to Post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn


In 2019, Facebook changed its News Feed algorithm to prioritize “meaningful interactions” from family and friends over content from brands. 88% of Facebook users access the site via mobile device. 57% of LinkedIn use is on mobile.

12 Apps & Tools to Help Protect Your Mental Health at Work


From never fully switching off from our work and constant ping notifications on our mobiles to receiving hurtful comments on our Instagram accounts, it can be difficult to protect our mental health each day. Go Grey on Mobile to Focus on Your Tasks.

Tools 114

The Definitive Guide to Instagram Stories


Instagram stories occupy the entire mobile screen, offering you a distraction-less canvas to showcase your creativity, create brand awareness, generate leads, or drive traffic, amongst other things.

Inside the Facebook Ads of Your Competitors: How to Research, What to Learn

Buffer Social

For instance, Lululemon’s ads for a ventilated shirt show a man exercising while wearing the shirt — and looking cool and ventilated while he does it. The one thing to keep in mind is that it’s mobile-only for now.

BrainDump: 101+ Things You MUST Know About Social Media For Business

SocMed Sean

Since the whole purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts and experiences, I thought it might be a good exercise to just dump out the items that come to mind first on certain topics. If you doubt that, read my Twitter feed …not an oatmeal tweet to be found.

How Teachers can Manage Student Contact on Facebook

Laurel Papworth

Creating a Newsfeed for students to follow and create exercises from. Are you concerned about Privacy and Facebook with students and teachers? Looking to see if Social Media Privacy can be managed?

Breaking Down The Cambridge Analytica Kerfuffle

Ignite Social Media

Instead of hiding privacy settings and ads explainers the platform should put a clear call-out at the top of the news feed or at the top of the left or right columns, leading users to information regarding their privacy settings and how their data is used.

Data 110

Judging A Blog Post By Its Cover

Waxing UnLyrical

As you continue to hone your craft (as I try to do), here are some of the exercises I put my writing (and those of my guest bloggers) through on a daily basis, to see if it looks as attractively as it (I think) reads. I just get kicks out of mobile blogging w/ multimedia.

Class 246

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & The Phoenix Haboob


20 fantastic psuedo-Flash websites – because Flash just won’t do (on mobile, iPads, search engines, etc.). Be sure to catch the weekly roundups by subscribing to Kikolani’s full feed via RSS or email.

Mashup 149

Tips For Dealing With Information Overload

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Andy Baio , Waxy.org: «In Google Reader, I separate feeds into “mustread,&# “maybe,&# and “everything else&# piles with tags, so that I make sure I don’t miss my essential reads. I’ve started exercising in the morning and I do email while I exercise.

Tips 185

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Best Week Ever & Timelapse


Making WordPress mobile friendly. How to add a RSS feed to a post or page using WordPress shortcode. Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Week in Review & Getting Off Your Computer To Exercise.

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The Marketing Of Things

Twist Image

Now the Internet is being plugged into phones, tablets, watches, refrigerators, barbeque thermometers, exercise monitoring wristbands, farming equipment, cameras and beyond (welcome to The Internet of Things ). It raised some eyebrows this past week when Google announced that the upcoming version of their Android mobile operating system will be named KitKat (the seminal chocolate bar from from Nestle ). mobile operating system. mobile phones. mobile world congress.

Yet Another SXSW Post (And, No, I Don't Know If You Should Go Next.

Almost Savvy

Keeping up-to-date on which parties are where and when, which are invitation-only, open to anyone with a SXSW badge or open to anyone period, is an exercise unto itself. Brand new laptops, mobile devices, and cameras of every variety.

How Businesses like Sylvan Learning Center and Computer Explorers.

Saying It Social

Foursquare awards points and badges when users check-in at locations (check-ins can be done via a mobile phone with internet access or a computer). This exercise could be particularly fitting for a Computer Explorers program that is already focusing on implementing technology!

Badge 124

Your Streaming Live Brand

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Meerkat and Periscope push this new way that consumers are connecting with media by making the experience both live, and that much more portable (or mobile). From there, the exercise of figuring out what you brand can do in the live streaming place, to put some semblance of a flag in the ground is a worthwhile exercise. Your blog post, your podcast, your Twitter feed, whatever. Mobile and live is a whole other species. twitter feed.

Social Media Guide for Political Campaigns

Sprout Social

This is why political candidates, particularly during widely visible elections, are smart to embrace what makes their supporters love them and make waves right from the social feeds. Your audience is more digitally savvy than you know, especially when it comes to political campaigns and candidates on social, so you should be exercising the sort of strategic skill, creative content and innovative engagement that they expect. Mobilizing your following to take action.

15 Wasteful Habits of Unproductive (and Unsuccessful) Part-Time Bloggers


I also use a Mobile app called EverNote to take more extensive notes about blogging ideas. Here are just a few ways that technology can make the part time blogger more productive and successful: Using RSS feeds to keep up with your competitors and provide ideas for future content. This means getting enough sleep, eating well and getting physical exercise on a regular basis. This is a guest post by Dr. Bob Clarke.

The Hot Mess Dumpster Fire That Is Corporate Content

Twist Image

Check out the Twitter feed. It's a simple exercise. mobile app. twitter feed. How many brands are creating content that you just can't wait for? . Go ahead. Make a list. I'll wait. You're done, aren't you? Are there any brands on your list? Stop for just a second and think about that. We've been looking at this content marketing space for some time now. My blog, Six Pixels of Separation , started back in 2003. It wasn't the first corporate blog. It won't be the last.

How To Create A Know-It-All Company - CIO.com - Business Technology Leadership

Buzz Marketing for Technology

RSS Feeds. Mobile. RSS Feeds » LEADERSHIP. The KM exercise must be rooted in pressing business issues (and there should be plenty of those to go around, given the business climate). Best BlackBerry Shortcuts: Aflacs Mobile Guru Shares Tips. Mobile Security. Business Mobility And The Agile Organization. Demonstrating the Business Value of Mobile Device Management. Extending PCI Compliance to the Mobile Workforce.

Why Google Has the Hammer To Make Businesses Use Google Plus

Convince & Convert

Publishing your status updates, photos, videos, et al to one or more of these Circles is a one-click exercise in simplicity. NOTE: Since I posted this on July 3, I learned that Google has acknowledged their special feed from Twitter expired July 2. (Happy Holidays!

Google 143

Why Google Has the Hammer To Make Businesses Use Google Plus

Convince & Convert

Publishing your status updates, photos, videos, et al to one or more of these Circles is a one-click exercise in simplicity. NOTE: Since I posted this on July 3, I learned that Google has acknowledged their special feed from Twitter expired July 2.

Google 136

The Bamboo Project Blog

Buzz Marketing for Technology

If you do the exercise, please let me know, either in comments or by blogging about it and tagging it with "web2.0wednesday" and "workliteracy." And I also think that women probably feed into it. Week 4-- Aggregators and RSS Feeds. The Bamboo Project Blog.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2011

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

The Ultimate Guide to the Facebook Edgerank Algorithm : News feed optimization is important if you want to pull in decent traffic from Facebook. When do updates disappear from news feeds? It’s my birthday and I have some great news!

The Full Blog Monetization Menu – 60+ Ways to Make Money With Your Blog


Appear in the RSS feed of a blog. Pros: A great way to make money from your RSS feed. Cons: With the decline of RSS feeds, these have become less popular; that doesn’t necessarily make them bad. Mobile Advertising. You provide lessons, exercises, feedback, and mentoring.

Video On Instagram: Best Practices For ROI-Driven Ecommerce Brands


It’s convenient, mobile-friendly, and gives you the space to get creative with your message. While you should exercise caution with your in-video text, using captions is a good way to boost your video’s ROI by adding value. This is especially true for mobile-first design — short and concise is the name of the game. Data shows that attention drops off rapidly for Story videos, while feed videos hold it for longer.

ROI 40

Fetching Friday – Resources, Blog World Expo & Akismet


45 mobile web designs to show future trends – great designs to view on your smartphones. HTML 5 showcase – 48 potential flash-killing demos that are hopefully more SEO advanced than Flash as well as mobile friendly. Client feedback exercise to kick off a SEO project – great way to get to know your client and their goals. Ways to optimize your WordPress RSS feeds – simple tips for images, videos, and more.

Productivity 2.0: How the New Rules of Work Are Changing the Game | Zen Habits

Buzz Marketing for Technology

And we would like to know they are served by people who know and exercise their trade. Zen Habits. About. Links. Uncopyright. Forum. Subscribe ( RSS | Email ). 73,800 People Subscribed. Photo courtesy of Joshua Hoffman. Productivity 2.0: How the New Rules of Work Are Changing the Game.

Social Pros 30 – Eric Schwartzman, Social Media Boot Camp

Convince & Convert

The RSS feed is: [link]. We also did screencasts, and then we also did phonecasts as well, so screen captures of mobile apps. I did the best I could to try to get the basic techniques, the fundamental knowledge and hands-on training exercises into small, digestible, bite-sized chunks.

233: Tools We’re Using to Get More Subscribers and Customers in 2018


They give you little exercises to do that take you a step closer to your goal. You can then further customize them, so you get them looking exactly how you want them to look on tablets and mobile as well. This is what it will look like on mobile.”. You can really make sure that whatever it is that you’re trying to present, if doesn’t work on mobile, take that out, and it won’t impact the other views of your page or your sign-up box for example.

Tools 41

How Ford Can Ramp Up It's Social Media Turnaround Story of 2009.

Bare Feet Studios

There were many days when I could not exercise outdoors because of the dangerous levels of air pollution, for which auto exhaust was the main contributor. Host the videos on your site, so you have your own video RSS feed, not just text. All it takes is a Nokia N95 and you have your own mobile narrowcast setup. Now is a good time to sign up to receive new articles by email as soon as they are published or subscribe to our RSS feed.

211: Creating a Successful Podcast – Advice from Pat Flynn


Your audience knows what feeds are. Podcasts work with feeds and you give iTunes, you give Stitcher, you give Google Play your feed. Every time that feed updates, those directories automatically update and then everybody who’s subscribed to your show will automatically see it in their device the next time that show comes out after they subscribe. It’s mobile. Advice from Pat Flynn on How to Create a Successful Podcast.