3 Reasons Why Pinterest May Succeed Where Google+ Has Failed

SocMed Sean

The terms “pinned” or “pinning” are no longer accompanied by the details of a fraternity dating ritual, but instead are followed by dialog about recipes, shoes, arts and crafts, or wardrobe ensembles. Unless you have been living under a rock or on an island populated primarily by men, you have likely heard a slight shift in the vocabulary of the women around you.

Google 196

7 Things to think about when launching a Newsletter

Josh S Peters

Has a robe been added to the ensemble yet? :) Jo @brandguardian Josh Peters Haha, i will in fact be wearing the slippers since I'll be writing it in my basement (where my office is), but the shades might make it diffucult to see down there.

How My Old Blog Post Got Half a Million Pinterest Views [Case Study]


Nor did it have trendy ensemble suggestions for a fashionista or bare-chested Ryan Gosling wannabe. I use the Pin it extension or widget from my bookmark bar. There’s a lot of information on the web, including ProBlogger, on how to maximize Pinterest to get traffic to your site.