Developing an Effective Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy

Katie Lance

In order for real estate agents to succeed online, it’s essential to develop a strong online presence and produce content that’s informative, engaging, and fully optimized for search. The post Developing an Effective Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy appeared first on Katie Lance.

12 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Move Up In Search Results

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How To SEO facebook for real estate agents real estate search real estate seo search engine optimization for real estate agentsYou’ve probably figured this out by now: “homes for sale” in your city is one of the most competitive search queries on Google. If you’ve accepted the fact that your website will only get up to the 10th page – … Continued.

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Are You Getting Bad Real Estate SEO Advice?

Small Business Mavericks

» Are You Getting Bad Real Estate SEO Advice? Hat tip to Matt McGee for bringing this to my attention, but I have long thought that real estate agents and brokers were getting bad SEO advice. And I’ve seen real estate websites that do that.

[Webinar Replay] Content for Real Estate: Build Your Brand, Your Audience and Your Business

Katie Lance

Do you have a content strategy in place to move your real estate business forward in 2017? Search engine optimization (SEO) basics. The post [Webinar Replay] Content for Real Estate: Build Your Brand, Your Audience and Your Business appeared first on Katie Lance.

New Search Engine Launched: Only Searches New gTLD Domain Names

Bill Hartzer

There’s a new search engine out there that apparently has ditched the legacy.COM,NET and.ORG TLDs (Top Level Domains) and only show New gTLDs in its search results. Newgle is a new search engine using Google Custom Search that takes the legacy TLDs out of the search results.

The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask Prospective Facebook Ads Clients

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” People tend to think of Facebook as demand fulfillment when it is more about demand generation.They ask, “How can I find someone looking to hire a search-engine-optimization firm?,”

25 of the Best Web Presence Optimization Guides of 2012

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PR, social media, and the production of fresh, high-quality content are vital for maximizing search engine visibility. The Real Relationship between Social Media and SEO by SocialMouths. internet users used search engines either daily or fairly often.

Here’s how you make marketing people love

Convince & Convert

One such industry is real estate, where we often think of Realtors and property managers as homogenous entities that all do, act, and say similar things. That’s why I co-wrote Youtility for Real Estate: Why Smart Real Estate Marketing is About Help, Not Hype.

5 Must Have Social Media & Productivity Chrome Extensions

Jason Yormark

With my increased usage, I’ve come across a variety of social media themed extensions that I have tried out, and the following 5 are the ones I find the most useful and worthy of my screen real estate.

Google+ for Your Business


Your Google+ posts allow you to capture real estate on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) as they appear on Google search page results. So Google+ means better search engine results for your business! Tips: How to increase Search Engine Optimization with Google+.

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Has Google’s ‘Fred’ Update Left Your Rankings Dead?


Fear not, however, because you might have been targeted due to your display advertisements that are taking up too much screen real estate. Search Engine OptimizationRecently, Google’s ‘Fred’ ranking update hit the search pages.

Google Plus SEO: The Business Benefits


Google+ places a heavy emphasis on search engine optimization (SEO), which differentiates it from other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. . Social networks are used by real people who reveal what they genuinely like and think is important via sharing, liking, retweeting, and +1?ing,

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Creating Google Plus Business Pages

Janet Fouts

CJ Brasiel created a page for questions about San Jose real estate and she plans to use it as a Q&A channel as well as a place to post news and information about real estate in the south bay. According to reports from the Google engineers they’re working on this.

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Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

20 Real Tips for Hiring a Social Media Consultant (Pam Moore): Looking for a consultant? The Perfect Social Media Measurement Plan (Search Engine Land): Brian Massey illustrates a system that gives reliable conversion data to a spreadsheet automatically.

PPC Specialist Job Opening: Dallas Texas

Bill Hartzer

Standing Dog specializes in the hospitality, real estate and entertainment industries and is seeking a PPC Specialist to assist with the day-to-day management and support of the e-marketing initiatives for our clients.

Linkedin Update: Linkedin Products & Services Page To Be Removed


Key features of a Showcase Page: Cover photo or top image banner is larger than the Home Page image (fabulous real estate!). Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Showcase Pages. Yes, that’s right.

Using SocialCentiv Twitter Marketing Software for Lead Generation

Bill Hartzer

For example, someone might ask their followers about real estate agents in the area. If you were a commercial real estate agent, then this would be a perfect opportunity–especially if you are in the same area as Janice.

Three Ways to Get the Most From Your Brand’s Blog


Whether you’re new to the blogging game or you’re simply wondering how to squeeze your blog for whatever value it can bring your organization, it’s no secret that there are about a million dos and don’ts when it comes to effectively harnessing your own little patch of online real estate.

33 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Resoures of 2012 So Far

Webbiquity SMM

Erick Mott walks through the definitions of and process of creating owned, paid and earned media followed by seven tips for developing and implementing a social plan, among them “Staff up your social media roles with a distributed workforce that can collaborate and perform in real time.

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The Top 100 Blogs to Curate for Social Media Power Users

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Search Engine Land – 551. Forbes Real Time – 512. Search Engine Journal – 340. Forbes – Real Estate –162. Looking for some fresh content to curate and share on social media? It’s out there — in spades! Almost too many spades, right?

Best Facebook Marketing Tips, Techniques and Tools of 2011, Part 1

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How To Make a Facebook List (& 6 Ways To Use Them) by Search Engine People. Writing that “With the new layout providing so much screen real estate for visual branding, it has raised the bar for a Page’s visual branding on Facebook.

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Social Media and Village Crisis Comms – Local Gov Councils and Emergency Services #NSWFires

Laurel Papworth

There’s no fire engines here, no one to ask” our community came alive. It was much higher than that during the original emergency when everyone was scrambling on the ground for the most real time information possible.

Writing Around the Web – Keyword Research, Google+, and Google Analytics


Optimizing Your ActiveRain Profile – ActiveRain is one of the top social networks devoted to Real Estate professionals. What Do Successful Real Estate Agents Have in Common – Interesting insight into the usage of technology, social media, and marketing & advertising strategies between the highest and lowest earning real estate professionals.

The Most Remarkable People on Social Media Today


Keepin' it real and real fun is Joshua motto. DINO DOGAN Founder of TRIBERR , Lousy Martial Artist & recovering Engineer. Real estate. I’m back from my keynote speech for the American Marketing Association – West Michigan where I talked about Influence. In my speech I reinforced my blog assertions that popularity is not influence and influence is not popularity.

6 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Google+

Bill Hartzer

So every time that +1 Button is clicked, it feeds Google’s advertising engine, allowing them to match more targeted ads to you and everyone connected with you through your Google account. Acquisition of Online Real Estate on Google+.

20 Killer Web Copywriting Tips

Writtent Blog

Your readers want them because they make your copy real, concrete, and trustworthy. They’re still important for search engine optimization, but the goal of every search engine update is to improve the algorithm and return the best results.

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5 Ways to Build Online Authority Using Content Marketing - A Guest Post By Paul Chaney

Diva Marketing Blog

Diva Marketing's 12th Birthday celebration continues with a very special post written by the first blogger I met IRW (in the real world) -- Paul Chaney ! I've seen time and time again the benefits blogging can provide from a search engine optimization standpoint.

Social Media Updates: March


Twitter has toyed with a formula to surface the most relevant tweets first — and it has allowed the service to sell prime timeline real estate to advertisers.

5 Surprising Reasons To Reconsider Google+ (That You Can Act On Today)

Buffer Social

Google+ is a powerful search engine marketing tool for companies, influencers, and your own personal branding. giving them even more real estate in a search!

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PIN’s: The Future of Private Link Building

Viper Chill

After all, these local listings take up a large portion of screen real estate. This image is a mockup by Barry Schwartz , though the real thing looks very similar. They have undoubtedly created the world’s most sophisticated search engine.

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What Factors Affect Local Search Rankings? | Small Business Mavericks

Small Business Mavericks

In other words, if you are a local real estate broker, a link from your Chamber of Commerce will likely carry more weight than a link from a national real estate website. Local, then the search engines know your business address and phone number.

Who You Should Be Online

Ari Herzog

In an industry that is centered around building relationships, real estate is a prime candidate for social media success. Be REAL. Be the real you, for better or for worse (hopefully for the better), and customers will respond accordingly. Photograph by Anita Patterson.

16 Social Media Podcasts to Take Your Marketing Skills to the Next Level Today

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Real people doing real work in social media. If you usually listen to podcasts on your computer or prefer to watch the video, you might find the #AskGaryVee Search Engine useful! Recent episodes you might like: Fredrik Eklund, Real Estate Branding & Hudson Yards.

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Pinterest for Business: How to Get Started & Be Successful

Sprout Social

Pinterest is different from other social media platforms in that it acts more like a search engine. As with any other social network, your profile is prime real estate. Again, remember that Pinterest acts as a search engine so SEO and social media optimization are important.

Are You Making These Costly Holiday Mobile Mistakes?

Buzz Marketing for Technology

As we know, with mobile real estate there’s a much smaller surface to play with. If your targeting engine is set up to promote products based on past purchases made in the off-season, you’re wasting your time. Posted in Customer Experience eCommerce Mobile.

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Does Search Engine Optimization Benefit Your Visitors?


These 9 tips are geared toward simple ways to optimize your site for your visitors, not just for search engines, although these techniques might help you get better rankings as well. Kennewick Homes from The Lane Real Estate Team.


21 Social Media Marketing Tips You Can’t Live Without

Sprout Social

For example, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and construction companies. You offer real-time customer service and support on Twitter. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks have search features that operate just like search engines.

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13 Advanced Link Building Strategies You (Probably) Haven’t Used

Viper Chill

The website is featuring a real brand with a logo, Twitter account and Facebook page which has nothing to do with the domain name of the site I see ranking. Wikihow is a website which receives an estimated 86% of it’s traffic from search engines, according to SimilarWeb.

100 Examples of Corporate Social Media Policies

Koka Sexton

Template: Social Media Policy for Associations (Real Estate). Army Corps of Engineers — Jacksonville District.

6,595 Words on a Traffic Generation Tactic You’re Not Using (But Should Be)

Viper Chill

How the Fastest Growing Search Engine Uses Traffic Side Projects. Over the past year search engine DuckDuckGo grew from 5.3 It’s no surprise then that’s Rand Fishkin predicts it will be the fastest growing search engine of 2016.