[Engineering] You Can't Always Blame The Business Model When It Comes To Marketing
    That having to manage and deliver against the street's expectations makes it increasingly hard for companies to "change the engine, while the plane is in mid-flight." "Stop crying and get to work on changing your business model!". When I started off in the agency world (early 2000s), this is how I used to think.
    [Engineering] 5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with Pixlee
    This feature allows you to quickly publish fully designed and hosted campaign landing pages to drive website traffic to key product pages without needing to tap into engineering resources. Pixlee’s industry-leading UGC platform is known for its extensive content creation, curation, and multi-channel publishing capabilities.
    [Engineering] How to Edit Your Blog Posts Like a Pro
    And not just for the potential search engine benefits. It’s every blogger’s worst nightmare. Your latest post gets shared by a big-name blogger, and you start getting lots of traffic. Hurrah! But then someone sends you an email (or worse, leaves a comment) pointing out a glaring mistake in the first paragraph. Mistakes can knock your reader’s confidence in you. A study in the UK a few years ago suggested that spelling mistakes might be costing businesses millions of dollars.
    [Engineering] 217: 4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name
    sends the right message to Google and the search engine bots. Choosing the right domain is going to help you with your blogging, it’s going to help you with your Search Engine Optimization and your branding and all of that type of stuff. It also gives you some other added bonuses, it can help you with search engine optimization to have it on your own. The third perspective you wanna think about is SEO, Search Engine Optimization.
    [Engineering] 6 Noteworthy Reasons to Outsource Web Development
    You will need to adopt strategies such as search engine optimization, paid search marketing and social media marketing etc. Are you in a dilemma whether to outsource web development or get your in-house team (if you have one) to work on your website? Given the amount of appreciation and criticism you hear of this web development model your concerns aren’t unfounded.
    [Engineering] I Read More Than 20 Instagram Studies so You Don’t Have to. Here’s What I Found.
    SumAll also compiled findings from a few sources (Visual.ly, Search Engine Watch, and Social Media Today) and suggested this: 5 to 6 pm on weekdays and 8 pm on Mondays with a sweet spot at 6 pm. At Buffer, we’re big fans of using data and research to guide our social media strategy. So when it came to finding the best Instagram strategy, I turned to social media studies.
    [Engineering] Creating an Equality Culture in STEM
    Women earn 57% of bachelor’s degrees today, but only 18% of computer science degrees and 19% of engineering degrees. workforce, but only 25% of technology jobs and 12% of engineering jobs. It was a true privilege to take part in a panel discussion on equality during Day 1 of Dreamforce today. The annual pilgrimage of 170K+ people to San Francisco brings an intense focus to innovation in software, applications.
    [Engineering] Insights from The Equality Lounge at Dreamforce
    Women earn 57% of bachelor’s degrees today, but only 18% of computer science degrees and 19% of engineering degrees. workforce, but only 25% of technology jobs and 12% of engineering jobs. In true Salesforce fashion, this year’s Dreamforce includes a strong focus on equality.
    [Engineering] How to Create an Efficient Contact Page That Boosts Your Productivity
    The extra content on your blog could even help with search engine traffic. As you know, most blogs have a contact page. It’s one of the first pages we create when we’re building a new blog. We want people to be able to shower us in praise, offer us lucrative advertising and book deals, and beg us to create wonderful products for them, right? Okay, so that might be stretching things a little. But we do want people to be able to get in touch with us.
    [Engineering] Make Your Website a Tool to Grow Your Business
    Do you need to do more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so you get more traffic from search? There are 28.8 million small businesses in the US, which account for 99.7% of US businesses. Source: SBA Gov 2016 ) Just over half of them (54%) have a website. Hard to imagine why the other half don’t!) There are thousands of web design companies out there offering to make or update your site.
    [Engineering] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #383
    How I Socially Engineer Myself Into High Security Facilities - Motherboard. "I Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see?
    [Engineering] Help – My Boss Wants My Facebook Strategy!
    Improve search engine rankings. If it hasn’t happened to you yet then it probably will. That moment when your boss suddenly becomes aware of the budget being spent on social media and demands a Facebook strategy. While social media has become more data driven, only 32% of marketers having a documented strategy. If this is you right now, don’t panic.
    [Engineering] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #382
    And it turns out that the recommendation engines of Pinterest (which decide what you'll like based on what others with similar interests have liked) may have accidentally revealed a smoking gun. recommendation engine. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see?
    [Engineering] Best Practices for Holiday Content on Pinterest
    Think of Pinterest as a giant search engine. The holidays and Pinterest … name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait. But really, there are few things that go together so well. Pinterest is a platform that ignites inspiration and discovery, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that searches and pins turns into purchases — 55% of users who use the platform to find/shop for products.
    [Engineering] Tools and Technical Tips for Optimizing your Content Marketing Results
    Marketers know this, brands know this, and that’s exactly why the competition for first page search engine rankings is now fiercer than ever before. In the battle for ranking high on search engines, we’re hard pressed to regularly produce high-quality content around our keywords. There’s no better way to drive massive traffic to your website than consistently creating amazing content.
    [Engineering] 13 Fantastic Places to Find Background Music for Your Video Content
    Why we love it: One of the most powerful music search engines online, BeatPick gives users the ability to filter by genre, mood, vocal, instrument, keywords, and much more. Many experts predicted that 2017-2018 would be the “age of video marketing on social media ” and the data is showing that they were overwhelmingly correct. Video has erupted onto the scene with brands and businesses creating more video than ever before – with no signs of slowing down.
    [Engineering] What Happened When We Tested Four Facebook Ad Comment Tools
    Since Agorapulse invested significant engineering efforts to ensure 100% synchronization last year, we were keen to see how the other tools fared in this department. Because the engine behind the scene connects to Facebook’s Marketing and Graph APIs allowing 100% of comments to be synced. And we have reason to believe that none of the other tools presently do it the same way we do – thanks to the 3 months of R&D effort put in by our team of engineers!
    [Engineering] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #379
    The Repressive, Authoritarian Soul of Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends - The New Yorker. thomas the tank engine. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see?
    [Engineering] Take Your Business to Next Level with Inter Marketing
    Have a look at the following online marketing tips for your business: Allow Potential Customers to Find You on Search Engines It is sad that most of the companies don't take benefit of SEO, for their online presence. When you execute a search engine optimization campaign properly, it can fetch thousands of highly targeted consumers to your website.
    [Engineering] 11 Types of Marketing Strategies
    Search engine marketing. The search engine marketing is one of the best marketing strategies. Therefore, this strategy is the reason why search engines are making billions. The search engine marketing is a form of internet marketing which includes paid advertising and search engine optimization both of which are offered by Mississauga SEO. It astonishes the number of marketing strategies out there.
    [Engineering] 9 Tips for Recovering Your Google Rankings After a Site Hack
    Another option is to use a combination of Cloudflare (which hides your site’s actual IP address, making it harder for hackers to find) and a secure host such as WP Engine. That’s why we recommend WP Engine. This is a post by ProBlogger SEO expert Jim Stewart. While WordPress is a relatively secure platform, it can still be hacked. In fact, out of the 11,000 hacked websites Securi analyzed in 2016 , 75 percent of them were running WordPress.
    [Engineering] How to Prevent Social Media Spam from Damaging Your Brand
    Max Greene is the Managing Director of Muffin Marketing , a marketing agency specializing in content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. The following is a guest post by Max Greene of Muffin Marketing. We don’t need to tell you just how powerful social media can be for your small business, but sometimes it can feel as though you’re only talking to robots.
    [Engineering] LinkedIn: What You Need To Learn In Order To Succeed
    There are also specific courses for various other individuals such as artists, musicians, and engineers. Social media has become an important part of life for many as it allows people to connect and communicate no matter where they are. Specific sites have been created for various types of connections. LinkedIn has emerged as the platform of choice for businesses and professionals.
    [Engineering] How to Effectively Manage Your Online Reputation
    Negative SEO is typically a result of a competitor or a hacker intentionally trying to bring down your search engine rankings using black hat tactics. People are talking about you and your brand online. But are you listening? Are you proactively building and managing your reputation? If your answer is NO, now would be a good time to ramp up your efforts and take control over how people perceive your company, products, and services in the online world.
    [Engineering] New PR Measurement Tactics
    Just recognize that most media now gets found and consumed either on search engines or social platforms. September is Measurement Month. The Barcelona Principles of Measurement for PR clearly indicate that we need new PR measurement tactics to show results. Although reach and impressions are important – the customer journey does start with awareness – we have to move beyond those initial numbers and look for behaviors in our audiences that happen as a result of the reach.
    [Engineering] 212: 7 More Evergreen Content Ideas for Your Blog
    We noticed that when we write about the myths of an industry, five ridiculous search engine optimization myths that every blogger should ignore is an article that we published. These are the myths of search engine optimization. Evergreen Content Ideas for Bloggers: Part 2. Today I want to talk about evergreen content, and want to suggest seven more types of evergreen content you might like to try on your blog.
    [Engineering] Strategizing and Putting Together That Online Business Website
    It also eventually affects your search engine results (SERPs) and is counterproductive to any search engine optimization (SEO) efforts that you may be taking. The online world is filled with opportunities for people who are willing to put in the time and effort. Do you have dreams of becoming the next Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and building an online business into a success? If this is the case, you need to learn all of the ins and out of starting an online business.
    [Engineering] How to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy From Scratch
    Perhaps the most helpful (and adorable) infographic I’ve seen about timing comes from SumAll, which compiled timing research from sites like Visual.ly, Search Engine Watch, and Social Media Today to create its awesome visual. This post originally published on July 16, 2014. We’ve updated it here with new research and stats and a cool new infographic. When I went rock climbing for the first time, I had no idea what I was doing.
    [Engineering] Why you need to be using MonsterInsights for analytics
    Focus Keyword tracking to see which of your content is doing well in search engines. Are you using Google Analytics to check your content marketing efforts? I hope so. It’s an amazing and powerful free tool. The trouble is it can be overwhelming. Google even has a dedicated Analytics Academy to help you understand it. Previously on Razor Social, we’ve covered the most important terms and reporting in Google Analytics.
    [Engineering] 211: Creating a Successful Podcast – Advice from Pat Flynn
    Advice from Pat Flynn on How to Create a Successful Podcast. Today I have a treat for anyone who has ever considered starting a podcast (or already has one), because I’ve just finished a Skype call with Pat Flynn about the art of podcasting. As I’ve mentioned in the past, Pat’s teaching on podcasting is the number one thing that helped me as I was starting the ProBlogger podcast two years ago. If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t have started at all.
    [Engineering] Blog Metrics: Why You Need to Stop Focusing on ‘Vanity’ Stats
    These days he’s happy sharing his experiences running teams of amazing content creators, marketers and engineers at 99designs. In a recent ProBlogger Mastermind , I shared a slide that seemed to hit a nerve with the group. While having lots of page views, sessions, fans, followers and even email subscribers may feel good, they don’t actually tell you anything about the health of your blog.
    [Engineering] Never Run Out of Content to Share: 70+ Places to Curate Great Content
    First, I set up my feed by finding popular sites with Feedly’s search engine. Curating top content from around the web is a great strategy to increase your social media reach. For example, we grew our Facebook reach tremendously with high-quality content from third-party sources. But where do you start with curation? There are many great websites on all sorts of topics.
    [Engineering] Should You Disable Comments on Your Blog?
    This post digs deep into whether comments benefit your blog in terms of search engine traffic, and concludes that they have a small impact. They can even potentially help with search engine traffic by providing extra content. This is a post by ProBlogger expert Ali Luke. When you started out blogging, you were probably thrilled when you got a comment. People were reading your posts, and cared enough to leave their own thoughts.
    [Engineering] Paid or Organic Social Media Marketing? Do You Know Which to Use. And Why?
    Source: Search Engine Land. Quick, answer these questions. Which is better, a hammer or a screwdriver? Is a sauce pan better than a skillet? Should you use paid or organic social media marketing? The answer to all three questions is the same in every case: It depends. The tool you use depends on the task at hand, the results you want, and how you want to achieve those results. If you have an online business presence, social media marketing is mandatory.
    [Engineering] How to Shop for the Right Social Media Agency
    This can be a tedious process which involves far more than just typing in “social media agency” and contacting the first ones on the search engine page results. Search Engine Page Results. It’s finally reached the point where your brand can no longer manage your social media channels in house. You want to grow your social media engagement or your pages have been neglected for a long time but you don’t have the knowledge or resources to manage them. .
    [Engineering] 209: 7 Types of Evergreen Content You Can Create On Your Blog
    It often does well in search engines. Two years later, it was getting 700 views a day because by this stage, it began to rank in search engines. 17 Types of Evergreen Content for Your Blog. Today I want to talk about Evergreen content, and suggest seven types of evergreen content you might like to try on your blog. I’ve got loads of advice for you today, and in today’s show notes I have a lot of examples you’ll want to check out.
    [Engineering] Commanding Excellence With Gary Morton - This Week's Six Pixels Of Separation Podcast
    Gary completed a master's degree, also with honors, from the University of Southern California , and transitioned out of the Army to medical-device manufacturer Stryker , where he held positions of increasing responsibility in project management, engineering, R&D, operations, and leadership, including twelve years as vice president and general manager of the EMS equipment business. engineering.
    [Engineering] 7 Ways to Repurpose Your Video Content
    Video can add value to your blog posts but search engines and some of your readers still like written content. Let’s face it, creating video content for social media can be unrewarding. It’s time-consuming to make, particularly long form video. Even something seemingly off the cuff like live video takes time to prep. Then once you’ve finished planning, shooting and editing it has a short lifespan. Don’t despair.
    [Engineering] Maximizing the Return on Marketing Investment in Your Niche
    On his dental SEO course page, he says, “If you’d like to attract 30+ new patients per month through search engines… If you’re confused about how SEO works… Then you’re in the right place.” I have a search engine site (an SEO site) but probably half of the content is social media marketing articles. I know you hear it all the time, don’t you? It is almost to a point where some of us may feel like, “Enough already!”
    [Engineering] 5 Compelling Reasons You Should Republish Old Blog Content
    They labeled the posts that didn’t get a single visit from search engines in the last 90 days as “stinky content,” and removed almost 900 posts from their blog! Are you sending potential new customers to old content on your blog that is out of date? Or… … do you have old content on your site that never gets any traffic? Both of these things are bad for your site, so you need to do something about them. And here’s why.
    [Engineering] Strategizing How to Get Those 40k Visitors (Without Guest Blogging)
    Since it is generally the articles that get the most attention that are showing up well in the search enginer results page (SERPs) you are likely able to find some blogs owned by influencers by doing a simple Google search. You have been trying to get visitors to your site. You have seen all of these claims by others who have magnificent growth in traffic in your site. You have even seen the graphics and screenshots that “prove” this traffic growth!
    [Engineering] How to Increase eCommerce Sales with Content Marketing
    If you’re using images, make sure to include keyword-rich alt tags and title tags so search engines can “see” your content. 1024 512 It’s becoming more challenging to promote your eCommerce business. The Internet is noisy, and consumers are skeptical. They probably run the other way if you try to sell them stuff too frequently or overtly. How do you stay top of mind without turning people off? That’s where content marketing comes in.
    [Engineering] 208: 5 Actionable Tips You Can Use to Get Better Results on Your Facebook Page
    You want to use Facebook like it’s a search engine. Facebook’s an algorithm, it’s like a search engine, it’s a computer. Get Better Facebook Page Results With These 5 Actionable Tips. Today, I want to present you with five actionable things you can do to increase the effectiveness of what you do to build your business on Facebook – particularly from Facebook pages. I know there’s a lot of pain and frustration among bloggers when it comes to Facebook pages.
  • KIKOLANI  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 27, 2017
    [Engineering] 70+ Resources on How to Start a WordPress Blog
    WP Engine – a WordPress hosting solution used by major brands like Foursquare, HTC, Williams-Sonoma, and others. Google XML Sitemaps – This plugin creates a simple sitemap for your website and keeps it updated, notifying search engines of additions and changes to your posts and pages. One question we hear quite a bit is how to start a blog. Yes, even in this day and age, that question is still asked. But, that is good, isn’t it?!
    [Engineering] Is The Chief Marketing Officer The Toughest Job To Have?
    This week, I discussed this topic along with Farrah Bostic ( The Difference Engine ), Lisa Laporte ( Twit ), Tom Wesbter ( Edison Research ) and host Bob Knorpp on the very excellent BeanCast Podcast (which I've been fortunate to be a guest on in the past). the difference engine. Let's face it, the role of the Chief Marketing Officer is tougher than many suspected. Have you looked at any job descriptions for the CMO recently? It's all over the place.
    [Engineering] Here’s What to Expect with the New Agorapulse
    Every single pixel of the app has been rethought, re-engineered, and recoded with a new framework. New Publishing Engine. The current version of Agorapulse was released in November 2013. As you can imagine with a 4-year-old SaaS product in a fast moving industry, the backend needed a revamp to help us move faster. The user interface was in need of a serious makeover.
    [Engineering] Social Media Roundup: CEOs on Twitter Best in Class
    Often comes as a surprise when people learn that 80% of my time is on engineering/design and just 20% on other stuff [link]. Adoption of Twitter by CEOs may not have been the shortest timeline in social media. However, many CEOs from companies of all sizes are seeing the benefits of maintaining a personal presence on Twitter. As is the case with any slice of Twitter users, some get it right, and some could certainly use a better understanding of the channel.
    [Engineering] Key Metrics for Every Social Media Role
    Do you handle your company’s digital marketing tasks, such as search engine optimization or conversation rate optimization? You have keywords that you want to rank for on the search engines. Are you doing a good job or is there room for improvement? Everyone involved in marketing asks that question, from the content marketer all the way to the customer marketing manager. Fortunately, it is easy to find out the answer.
    [Engineering] Inman Connect San Francisco 2017 Top Take-Aways #ICSF
    Dan Siegler: An engineer from Google said the BIG deal is machine learning – artificial intelligence. Inman Connect San Francisco is always an incredible week for me. It’s a family reunion to reconnect with some of my dearest friends, it’s a place to meet. Love my annual #ICSF family reunion! the “who’s who” in real estate and technology and it’s a place to grow my business.
  • DEVUMI  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 2017
    [Engineering] Marketers Welcome Pinterest’s New Pinch To Zoom Feature
    Pinterest has kept on improving on their functionalities even as they continue to grow into one of the most popular image search engines. A recent addition to the mobile app improves it even further: the ability to pinch zoom on pins. See more with Pinch to Zoom The new feature is pretty straightforward – users […]. The post Marketers Welcome Pinterest’s New Pinch To Zoom Feature appeared first on Devumi.
    [Engineering] How Do You Get Paid To Speak?
    So, if you're interested in understanding how public speaking can drive business, become a new business engine of growth and establish your brand, please do take a listen here: The Speaker Lab - How to Charge a $20K Public Speaking Fee With Mitch Joel. It's a question I get asked multiple times a week: How do you get paid to speak? It's like anything else. The journey is not linear (for those familiar with my second business book, CTRL ALT Delete , it's a very squiggly journey ).
    [Engineering] How to Get Social Media Engagement From Your Brick and Mortar Store
    Since plenty of customers use social media search engines (especially Facebook) to look up information like store hours or reviews, you want your entire page to be a good representative of your business. Subscribe to The 6 Minute Social Media podcast via iTunes | Stitcher. Plenty of brick-and-mortar businesses develop strong personal relationships with regular customers.
    [Engineering] Improve your Google search results today
    Because so many people presumably make so much money “doing SEO,” there’s a lot of confusion as to what search engine optimization is and all the little things that you can do right now, today, to improve your the results on your SERP — search engine results page. According to Moz , “Meta descriptions can be any length, but search engines generally truncate snippets longer than 160 characters. By the way, here is how a search engine sees your website.
    [Engineering] Stop the Lazy Content Marketing Madness! Are You Guilty of These 8 Bad Habits?
    Are you sick and tired of spinning your social wheels in the content marketing engine feeling as if you are creating, creating, creating loads and mounds of content yet getting nowhere? ROI is not something you have seen in a long, long time? Have you ever thought that maybe you have lost your mojo? Maybe, just maybe you have been shot down one too many times? Maybe you are falling to some lazy content marketing tactics without even knowing it? Or could it be you are stuck in a rut?
    [Engineering] Diversity In Silicon Valley, Facebook Goes After TV And More On This Week's CTRL ALT Delete Segment On CHOM 97.7 FM
    Last Friday, a 3300-word memo penned by Google engineer James Damore went viral among employees. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio out of Montreal (home base). It's not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. The good folks at CHOM 97.7
    [Engineering] 206: Personal Brands vs Business Brands for Blogs
    It can also have an impact upon your search engine optimization, certainly having keywords in your business name, in your domain, can help. Of course it has the advantage of helping with search engine optimization as well. Is There a Right Way to Brand Your Blog? I’m just back from our Aussie Problogger training events where we ran masterminds with around 40 bloggers per city.
    [Engineering] Content Curation Tools: A Curated List of Content Curation Tools
    ContentGems is a content discovery engine packed full of some really powerful features. Finding, curating, and sharing valuable content is a very time-consuming process. Unless you have the right tools to help you out, you’ll lose a lot of time on social media that you could’ve invested in other important work. Content curation is the process of filtering through huge amounts of content from different online outlets to find the best content to share with your social media audience.
    [Engineering] The 25 Top Social Media Management Tools for Businesses of All Sizes
    Unique value: On top of the common features (such as scheduling, monitoring, and reporting), MavSocial has a digital library where you can manage, use, and edit your multimedia for your social media posts and a search engine where you can browse through millions of stock photos. How do you stay on top of all your social media marketing tasks?
    [Engineering] How to Incorporate SEO into Your Content Marketing Strategy
    Check out this Facebook Live interview I did with Melanie Rembrandt, CEO of Rembrandt Communications for the inside scoop on what you really need with search engine optimization to help your business succeed. Why do business owners need to use search engine optimization (SEO) as part of their content marketing strategy? The search engines basically look at a site and decide what it’s about overall. Are you wondering how to incorporate SEO into your content marketing strategy?
  • PIXLEE  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 2017
    [Engineering] How to Measure the ROI of User-Generated Content
    From search engine optimization (SEO ) to increased conversion rates , user-generated content can play a role in everything from product discovery to average order value. User-generated content (UGC) images take the power of word-of-mouth to a new level, articulating the value of a product or service through a more authentic, visual lens. In today’s day and age, consumers can share their experiences with your company in a matter of seconds.
    [Engineering] How Content Makes Loyal Fans: Part One
    To get on her radar at this crucial first step on the stakeholder journey, your content should rank well in search engines for all the generic terms people might search related to your brand. Optimize every piece of content so it is perfectly formatted for search engines. Every person that has an interaction with your brand – whether it’s good, bad or indifferent – forms a perception about your brand.
    [Engineering] 5 Essential Blog Foundations for Strong SEO
    WordPress also utilises search engine friendly code that not only makes it appealing to Google, but also easy to adjust your SEO with a multitude of plugins. For that, WP Engine (aff) is unbeatable. That is why WP Engine is the trusted hosting name for the platform. This is a post by ProBlogger's SEO expert, Jim Stewart. Many bloggers start a blog with gusto, rushing to establish a blogging website and share their opinions and knowledge with the world.
    [Engineering] How We Increased the Readership of Buffer’s Blog to Over 1.5 Million Visits
    A great headline can bring people to a blog post from RSS feeds, social media, and search engines. Every company is a media company these days, and Buffer is no different. We started the Buffer Social blog in January 2011 and since then it has been a key component in the success of the company. We have published more than 1,000 posts—and we’re honored to receive more than 1.5 million visits every month. It’s been a long, challenging journey, though.
    [Engineering] Building a video content engine
    The post Building a video content engine appeared first on Koka Sexton. I am fully aware that video content has been around for a while and it’s probably one of the hottest. Blog Content Marketing Social Media Tips
    [Engineering] Awesome Association Marcomm Jobs – Week of July 24
    Digital Content Coordinator , Association for Healthcare Philanthropy – Under the supervision of the Director of Content Marketing, the Digital Content Coordinator independently leads development and execution of online communication strategies, including AHP website properties, online marketing, search engine optimization, and social media programs. Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board !
    [Engineering] Top 8 SEO Plugins For WordPress Website
    Search Engine Optimization can help your website to be on the top of major search engines if done properly. The Broken Link Checker plugin one of the powerful and very simple to use tool help your blog to enhance performance on a search engine. These WordPress SEO plugins will help you to aid the process of Search Engine Optimization on your website/blog. WordPress is always the first choice when it comes to creating blog or website- one of the easy to use platforms.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017
    [Engineering] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #372
    A former Microsoft engineer, he spends a lot of time thinking about the future, but basing those speculations on the present. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see?
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017
    [Engineering] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #370
    It proves that the ancient Greeks had tremendously advanced engineering and knowledge of math and astronomy, but that knowledge was lost when the Romans and the church destroyed it all (along with things like the library of Alexandria). Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see?
    [Engineering] 5 Ways to Improve Your Content Strategy
    They use search engines and social media to find it. Optimized for search engine algorithms. A new report from BrightEdge reveals that although marketers at B2C and B2B Fortune 500 brands recognize the AI, voice and hyper-local revolution is here, most are not yet planning to adapt their marketing strategies to these new ideas. The wheels do tend to grind slowly in large corporations. Like biting the tail of a dinosaur – it takes a while for the message to reach the brain.
    [Engineering] Book review: ‘Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups’
    The jobpocalypse is coming [and] it includes the elimination of most white-collar jobs we were told were careers, like being a lawyer, doctor, teacher, accountant, pilot, journalist, or—wait for it—a software engineer.” (No, JD Lasica , founder of Socialmedia.biz, is now co-founder of the cruise discovery engine Cruiseable.
  • KIKOLANI  |  SUNDAY, JULY 16, 2017
    [Engineering] 3 Tips to Recreate Your Website and Drive Traffic to Your Corner of Success
    With all of the changes in search engine optimization (SEO) logic, presenting us with varying algorithms from competing major search engines, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the website and what one is supposed to do to keep it at the top of the rankings. In addition to the exposure and branding (including linking) benefits, many of the search engines track how long readers stay on your website. You look around and you see that times are different.
  • KIKOLANI  |  SUNDAY, JULY 16, 2017
    [Engineering] 3 Tips to Recreate Your Website and Drive Traffic to Your Corner of Success
    With all of the changes in search engine optimization (SEO) logic, presenting us with varying algorithms from competing major search engines, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the website and what one is supposed to do to keep it at the top of the rankings. In addition to the exposure and branding (including linking) benefits, many of the search engines track how long readers stay on your website. You look around and you see that times are different.
  • PIXLEE  |  MONDAY, JULY 10, 2017
    [Engineering] SEO Ideas: How to Improve SEO with User Generated Content
    Search engines such as Google and Bing rank websites based on whether the sites’ content is relevant and useful. More than 1/3 of shoppers begin online shopping through a search engine, not by directly visiting a company website. Since search engines prioritize fresh and relevant content in search results, the steady flow of user-generated content that customers are posting about your brand online improves your search rankings.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  MONDAY, JULY 10, 2017
    [Engineering] 201: The Secret to Building a Blog with Big Traffic and Profit
    I was able to bring some readers across from that, I was ranking relatively well in search engines already, and I was bringing in that kind of traffic from search. How to Build Traffic and Profit into Your Blog. On today’s episode I want to talk about a key to creating a blog with lots of traffic and profit.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017
    [Engineering] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #367
    But the audacity of building a sports car -- with a 30HP engine, no less! -- is awesome." Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see?
    [Engineering] Why Quality Content is the Foundation of SEO
    Other studies show that if the website lacks good content, it simply ends up in oblivion due to the Search Engine algorithms preference for great content. It always surprises me that a company will happily pay for design and programming, but not for content. Take a look at the ads for writers and content creators. On average, the pay scale is dismal compared with design and programming. Don’t get me wrong, you definitely need good design and programming.
    [Engineering] Creating A Local SEO Strategy For Multiple Locations
    People use search engines to find all manner of local services, and you want to make sure that your business gets found. Creating A Local SEO Strategy F or Multiple Locations. Local SEO is important for any business that wants to attract local customers. But what should you do if your business has multiple locations? This requires a specific SEO approach. Do you create a separate website for each location? How do you optimize your pages?
    [Engineering] 200: What I’ve Learned About Podcasting in My First 200 Episodes
    The other thing to know about iTunes is that it’s a search engine. Lessons Learned in 200 Episodes of Podcasting. Today’s episode is #200, and while it’s a podcast about blogging, today I want to talk about podcasting and share some of the big lessons I’ve learned about this medium since starting this podcast 2 years ago. I want to present with you my biggest lessons in podcasting, some tips on launching, recording, producing and promoting a podcast.
    [Engineering] How to Leverage Social Media to Build a Prosperous Brand
    The tool features various marketing, selling, and upselling elements and also allows for users to craft customizable, search-engine-accessible websites. Post by Adi Englander. In the current business ecosystem, one of the single most vital things a brand leader can do is learn to harness the immense and near immeasurable power of social media.This is the key to nurturing an idea and transforming it into a legitimate brand.
  • IDACONCPTS  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 2017
    [Engineering] How to Harness the Power of the Internet for Branding
    Take a look at the top ten from list of top 500 sites from Alexa and you will find that search engines, including Google (#1), Baidu (#4), Yahoo (#6), and Google India (#7), and social media sites, including YouTube (#2), Facebook (#3), Reddit (#8), and Twitter (#12), dominate this list most of the time around the world. Branding is essential to keep a sustainable business operation but very few business owners have the time to work on branding efforts.
    [Engineering] Top 10 Powerful Moments That Shaped Social Media History Over the Last 20 Years
    Moments later, both engines were lost and Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, along with his co-pilot, Jeff Skiles, were asked to pull off the miraculous landing. Do you remember your first social media profile? Or, how about your first social media post? My first profile was on Myspace , my first friend was “Tom from Myspace,” and my first post was something like, “Myspace is awesome!” ” The rest is history.
  • AGORA PULSE  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2017
    [Engineering] How to Get Your LinkedIn Articles Read by More People
    LinkedIn is really both another social media platform, as well as its own search engine. If you have started to use LinkedIn Publishing , you may be wondering how to get your articles read by more people. More views with your LinkedIn articles means that you have the ability to build more credibility and recognition, make new connections, and get additional proposal requests and clients. If this sounds tempting, read on for this simple, step-by-step guide on how to make it all happen.
    [Engineering] Content, Links & Influencers
    One of the places you need visibility is in the search engines – Google in particular. Creating content is one thing, getting it seen is another. It’s that ‘tree in the forest’ question: If you create the perfect piece of content and nobody sees it, does it matter? Distribution and amplification of your content is a vital part of your content strategy. So every piece of content – written or visual – you create must be optimized for search.
    [Engineering] 100+ free USA Business Listing/Citation sites & Benefits of Local Listing
    Adding business in these citation sites is one of the best way to get ranked on Google, Bing searches; means the number of quality business listing links higher the probability to rank well on search engine. Adding the business to a local citations site means increasing the possibility that search engine index your website, web address, local address and phone numbers etc.
  • SOCMED SEAN  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 2017
    [Engineering] 5 Easy Ways to Organically Increase Your App Downloads and Lift Rankings
    The second aspect of the optimization is optimizing the app for the search engine results. These reviews and rankings are one of the more important criteria that search engines use to identify positions in search results. The idea is to signal the search engine that your download page has a high priority over other internal web pages, and hence, the greater chances of appearing your profile page in SERPs which will result in high apps ranking.
    [Engineering] Evaluating Your Blog’s First Year: 12 Great Questions to Ask
    For instance, pick a post that’s already getting lots of search engine traffic and update it to link to some of your other best posts. F irstly … congratulations on making it through your first year. A lot of bloggers don’t get that far. During this evaluation, we’ll take a look at key metrics for your blog, but we’ll also be thinking about what you’ve learned and accomplished over the past year. Don’t get discouraged if the numbers aren’t – yet – quite where you want them to be.
    [Engineering] 3 Facebook Search Tips You Might Not Know About
    Back in 2013, Facebook released a natural language search engine called Graph Search. Recruiters could try a string like “software engineers who live in Boston, graduated MIT, and like Python.” Can Facebook search really help you reach your social media marketing goals? Unlike Twitter , Facebook doesn’t have a separate advanced search function. All we’ve got is the “Search Facebook” bar in the top left hand corner.
    [Engineering] Avoid These Mobile Marketing Mistakes At All Costs
    Next, it was a matter of having a good website and gaming the search engines. Avoid These Mobile Marketing Mistakes At All Costs. It’s been said that if you build it, they will come. But that simply isn’t true, and never was. That’s why companies of all sizes hire sales people, and pay large commissions for sales. You can’t just wait until people discover and start flocking to your good idea all on their own. You have to go out and get them.
    [Engineering] Tips to Improve YouTube Marketing Strategy
    Educational videos YouTube has become the second largest social platform on the search engine on the internet. Instead of looking up blogs and podcasts, internet users are preferred to use Youtube search engine for videos to find answers to their questions. There are a lot of tips to improve Youtube Marketing strategy but getting started with YouTube marketing can be difficult if you don't know where to start.
    [Engineering] Avoid These Mobile Marketing Mistakes At All Costs
    Next, it was a matter of having a good website and gaming the search engines. Avoid These Mobile Marketing Mistakes At All Costs. It’s been said that if you build it, they will come. But that simply isn’t true, and never was. That’s why companies of all sizes hire sales people, and pay large commissions for sales. You can’t just wait until people discover and start flocking to your good idea all on their own. You have to go out and get them.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2017
    [Engineering] 198: 6 First Income Streams Recommended for Bloggers
    Traffic coming in from search engines might do better with Google AdSense but traffic coming in from social media might do better with affiliates. If you have a lot traffic coming in from search engines, for example, and they’re people who just come in once and then never come back again, they’re less likely to buy from you because they don’t trust you as much. 6 Recommendations to Monetize Your Blog. In today’s episode I want to talk about making money blogging.
    [Engineering] What is the Link between Social Signals and Your Search Ranking?
    This is mainly because there are several limitations that prevent the search engine from crawling and indexing social media content effectively. Impact on Domain Authority – A high Domain Authority (DA) can also result in higher visibility in the search engines. This is a guest post from Shane Barker. We all know that factors like backlinks, keywords, and bounce rates are important search ranking factors.
    [Engineering] Why Social Media Automation Will Eventually Kill Social Media (Unless We Do Something About It)
    When we launched our requeue feature, we engineered it to repeat the piece a limited number of times (3 times, 10 times and so on). Let me take you back in time — to May 2017. I popped into my Agorapulse dashboard and saw this tweet. Tools to Help Your Business Succeed In 2016…” followed by a list of tools. Did I mention that it was May *2017*? And one of the tools mentioned in that tweet, Instagress , was shut down a month prior.
  • PIXLEE  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017
    [Engineering] A Message from Pixlee’s CEO
    Product Manager, Product Designer, Engineering: Most PMs or designers fall into a bucket of “B2B or B2C.” Dear Pixlee Friends & Family, Today I’m writing to ask for your help: Pixlee is looking for a few outstanding individuals to join our team. While our job postings are accessible on our careers page, I wanted to take this moment to share, in my own words, some of the integral positions that we’re hiring for and what makes these roles unique and essential to our team.
    [Engineering] A Marketer’s Guide to Starting Out on YouTube
    So how do you ensure that your videos are well-optimized for search engines? Lastly, if you can get a good deal, then consider paying for keyword advertising through Google, Bing, and the other big search engines. YouTube has over a billion users (almost one-third of all people on the internet) and, according to Hubspot , reaches more 18+ year-olds during prime time TV hours than any cable TV network.
  • STAY N' ALIVE  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 2017
    [Engineering] There’s A Natural Need For Approval On Social Media, Here’s How to Utilize It For Your Strategy
    In today’s virtual world, the first thing customers do when hearing about a new product is plug it into a search engine and see if others approve of it as well. Humans have a natural need for approval, and this is most evident on social media. People don’t spend hours on these social networks posting both personal and public status updates, pictures, videos, etc. for the heck of it. They do it for the attention!
  • STAY N' ALIVE  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 2017
    [Engineering] 3 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Google Search Ranking
    The more popular your content becomes, the more hits your website will get, and the higher up the google search engine ladder you’ll get! Although Google has always been reserved about how its search ranking algorithm works, there is no doubt that it takes social media into account! One example of how this is in top-ranking websites. These websites always have a strong social media presence.
    [Engineering] 4 Keys to Raising Your Content Marketing Game
    As Google and other search engines continue to refine their algorithms, businesses need to quickly step up their game when it comes to content marketing. Content marketing has been, and will likely continue as, one of the most effective tools for businesses of any size to drive brand awareness. Are you sure that you are doing enough to stand out from the increasing competition? The steps below will help keep you on your game when it comes to content marketing. Quality vs. quantity.
    [Engineering] Graduates- Think about Your Brand
    Stay focused on what you decided your brand focus is, and let the search engines fill up on content you write, curate or comment on. As Universities release students into the “real world” many are underprepared for today’s job market. Most students have a social media presence of some sort, but thinking about a professional brand hasn’t been high on their priority list.
    [Engineering] The “Traveler” Rules of WordPress Plugin Management
    As a Software Engineer, that has been working for over twelve years in the field, I'm no stranger to this problem. We get asked a LOT about what plugins to use, how to use them, how to fix them. We also get asked how you can make your blog look better, load faster, perform better. We’ll be answering these questions in our upcoming “Top 7 plugins for.” series.
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