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Social Media Marketing Goals and How To Achieve Them — Five Tips

Webbiquity SMM

Goal-setting is the foundation of any successful social media (or any other type of) marketing campaign. Having clarity on marketing goals is an important first step, but creating a realistic plan for achieving them is essential. What are the potential benefits, and how will they be measured?

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How to Specialize in Digital Marketing and Why You Should

The Realtime Report

How to Specialize in Digital Marketing. Specialization is a fantastic and fascinating tool to find success in your industry, which is why this article aims to highlight how to engage with specialization, and why you might want to specialize in digital marketing specifically. How You Can Start to Specialize.

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How to Earn Higher-Quality Engagement and Why It Matters

Ignite Social Media

So naturally, you’d think the more engagement you get on a post, the better. It turns out that one key factor in converting social followers to loyal fans is the quality of engagement, not quantity. Why You Should Care About Engagement Quality . How to Improve Engagement Quality . Not necessarily.

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How to use emoji in marketing to drive engagement

Sprout Social

Using images in your marketing campaigns can communicate a lot about what types of emotions you’re trying to convey. Whether your audience is young and hip to the latest internet trends, or are take a more traditional approach, emoji have a place on a variety of marketing channels. Why use emoji in marketing?

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Leveraging Social Data for Better Engagement


Want to hear more from renowned B2B marketing leaders? With less than 25% of leads being sales-ready when they first come in, the question remains: how can we, as marketers, actually know when it’s time for a sales executive to contact them? Hot topics of this episode include: How to leverage social data for better engagement.

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How to Navigate Algorithms and Maximize Engagement on Social Media

The Realtime Report

How to Navigate Algorithms and Maximize Engagement on Social Media By Erica Yang, CEO and Founder of Real Hype THE HOOK: Creating quality, premium content is key. Whether you’re entertaining or educating, your social post should grab attention immediately to increase chances of engagement. CALL TO ACTION! Cross promotion.

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How to Create Facebook Video Engagement Custom Audiences

Jon Loomer

Not only is video popular and engaging, but Facebook prioritizes it in news feeds. If you’re utilizing videos, you need to create Facebook video engagement custom audiences. Let’s discuss… How Video Engagement Custom Audiences Work. Then target or exclude those who engaged with those videos.

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